We never did replace Pires

And if he was still at the club he would be a key player for us still.

Look how many players have filled in at left wing this season.


and none of them have been as good as Pires. Le bobby is having a wonderful season in spain and i still think he could of done a job for us as cover for Rosicky and even Cesc.

All this allowing players to leave based on there age is crazy. We need players like this to win the title and not players who can do a job but nothing more. We need players who can win games and Pires was that type of player.

We miss his goals from the wings. Both Rosicky and Hleb are not goal scores.

We never did replace him.

This is what we have been missing

Full name Robert Emmanuel Pirès
Date of birth October 29, 1973 (1973-10-29) (age 34)
Place of birth Reims, France
Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Playing position Attacking midfielder, Winger
Club information
Current club Villarreal
Number 7
Youth clubs
FC Metz
Senior clubs1
Years Club App (Gls)*
FC Metz
Olympique Marseille
162 (43)
066 0(8)
189 (62)
030 0(5)
National team2
1996–2004 France 079 (14)

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31 Responses to We never did replace Pires

  1. noel reynolds says:

    couldnt agree more with this. look at the amount of goals and assists that he scored and created and you will realise that there is a huge hole in our team which he created when he left for spain. even when he was having an anonymous game he could always step up and score a goal or create one. maybe vela will step up to the plate next season but then again it took bobby virtually half a season to find his feet, and he was a man of relative maturity and experience, and not a callow mexican fresh from la liga.

  2. Scott says:

    Totally and utterly agree 100%. I’m just surprised it has taken this long for someone to mention it.

    I have been saying for the past few weeks that if Arsenal had a 29 year old Pires (or jungberg at that) in our team we would have won the league. His 15 or so goals would have turned draws into wins. Wenger needs to rectify the non-goalscoring midfielders problem we have with some signings in the summer.


  3. zs says:

    now i want to cry.

  4. clockendjim says:

    This is an opinion I have posted on the web on more than one occasion.
    Not only would Pires be bolstering up the squad today, but last season would not have been the disaster it was, had he been there to encourage the youngsters and they would have been further developed for this season.
    An interesting scenario would have been if Henry at arrived at the end of his contract at the age of 30 – would he have just been offered a 1 year extension?
    I am getting a bit tired of the ‘Arsene Wenger knows’ brigade who blindly agree with everything he does. He is undoubtedly a genius, but he has also got a lot wrong, starting with letting Robert Pires go.

  5. rexes says:

    That’s not “gunner” solve the problem is it? He is in the past end of.What is the difference?,pires playing all season ,we winning matches,and suddenly….crack,he breaks a leg and we start drawing games….
    A mixture of poor luck in officiating,injuries,and **JUST** a small measure of inexperience brought us to this point(we have improved a bit concerning killing off smaller teams) we can only improve.Theo will come of age next season as he is joined by carlos,Eduardo will be back and hopefully(9fingers crossed we can have rosciky and van-persie injury free for a full season) together with bendtner the PREM will be hard to deny us.THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT >>AND IT IS RED AND WHITE.

  6. Fawaz says:

    True legend. great article! agree 100%. The cole-pires-henry combination on the left was the best ever to grace the premier league. wengers needs to snap back to reality. with all clubs spending i think he needs to realise that instead of potential players we need proven players. gallas i respect but he should be dropped no offense but all of his mistakes cost us games. wenger should get ben arfa only person close enough to fill pires’ boots but not even he will. not many will!

  7. Akbar says:

    Spot on!
    Another stupidity by Wenger, thrash out those who reach 28 – 29 on the bench and finally let them go IF they are still with Arsenal. Its complete idiotic I swear! Players like Giggs, Scholes and others do still play for United and now have class but not the same speed. We have no freakin experienced players, we leave them on a year basis after 30 which is so disrespectful! I swear Arsenal has become a freakin youth academy where experienced players dont want to warm the bench and the youth just get developed to be stolen by other major clubs when they reach their peak. Its justified though as every players dreams of trophies and not waste their time on their team mates who are 18 – 19 yr olds, also to note how they get chucked to the bench when they reach 28+. Utter rubbish!

  8. Akbar says:

    Forgot to add, Bobby I rate you equal to Henry. You are a true class, I swear your goals were sensational (from acute angles to long range crackers to chips to stunners). You were a great, your last few performances especially at highbury against Juventus at home was class! Love ya!

  9. I AM DISGUSTED... says:

    I truly am disgusted when I saw the above clip….

    Our beautiful Arsenal has been reduced to tatters…
    The free-flowing attractive ballet-like football ceases to exist.

    Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Ljungberg… all the tactitians that blessed us have departed and have not been adequately replaced by Wenger.

    Instead we have a bunch of kids… who although have plenty of stamina, have a greater appetite for talking crap in the press about how they will win everything, rather than beating wigan, birmingham or middlesborough.

    Wenger is to blame. Is he is not willing to spend and it is costing us dearly.

    We are on the verge again of now losing our best players this season… Cesc along with Flimin who has doen an outstanding job. Yet, if they go I fear they will be replaced with guys already in our camp ie. Diaby…

    Wengers job is not to make money on the tranfer market… it is to bring the best players to Arsenal and win trophies. As he has done neither ovber the last three years I feel it is time for a change.

    Everey day i read the sports news and see clubs recruiting… even Man Utd who have a huge squad never rest and are always expressing interest elsewhere. We get nothing from Wenger. he has got it so wrong this year and costs us another season.

  10. pooner says:

    what a player.

  11. Adam K says:

    Wenger should buy some players

  12. JoJo says:

    Wenger is too tight fisted. Always has been

    Gilberto for captain… Gallas is rubbish!

  13. Chai Kwan says:


  14. Kayo Burgess says:

    Wenger is in an urgent need of new players to bolster the squad.

    Pires was not replaced, nor was Henry, Reyes, Bergkamp, Freddi. The list goes on and on.

    We should buy one striker, a winger, one central midfielder and a centre half. All should be top quality players, playing at international level and with experience in top-flight competeition such as champions league.

  15. Bobby the Best says:

    I agree 100 % with the blogger !

  16. Mark says:

    Pires is a World beater – If we look at what Giggsy did and still does at Man Ure, why couldnt we have offered Pires a new deal. The man is a genius. Man i miss him, if i was manager id be re signing him straight away.

  17. Stone says:

    Do you guys remember how he was playing his last season at the club. Sure he had some good games and scored some goals but he was just too slow and inconsistent. He is playing well now for Villareal but he can’t hold up with the pace of English football. I think it was a good decision to let him go, a brave and right decision.

    Of course I would like to have the good old Pires in the team. I would also like to have Bergkamp and Henry, even good old Campbell. But those kind of players only show up once in a while and you can’t blame Wenger for not directly replacing them. I believe that Vela can become better then Pires ever was. Walcott can be so much better then Ljungberg. Maybe Bendtner and RvP will never be like Henry and Bergkamp but that does not mean we can’t make another Invincible team.

    Who would trade Sagna for Lauren? Clichy for Cole? Even Fabregas for Vieira?

  18. Osse says:

    Call this what u want. But I have an idea. Make Van Persie a right midfielder. He’d do the job Pires did! Add some flair and goalscoring to the midfield.

  19. robert says:

    Players ready start playing rigth away.
    I think we should sign ben arfa or diego capel.
    If enyone is worried about the strikers i think wenger should sign gouffran from caen.

    Pjanic does sound like a typical wenger signing.
    Scannell and bostock from palace would also be great signings.

  20. Pires says:

    Pires decided to leave when Patrick went to Juve. He has admitted that a move involving the 2 of them was blocked by wenger because we lost Edu at the same time. We held on to him as long as we could. When his contract ran out he left. Nothing we could do. Reyes was brought in and was playing just as well as Pires in his last season. Pires is no long an athlete hes legs are gone hes still class. But hes better off where he is and he realized that

  21. str8goon says:


    I totally agree with the article. Spot on, Bobby Pires was a Arsenal legend. A gift if you will. A player who was fantastic in getting forward and link up with teammates oozing class, ease, and excellence. And not to mention the modern commodities of goals and assists he supplied Arsenal.

    No we have not replaced Robert Pires…no we have not. However reluctant I am in saying this, Stone, I agree with you even more. Yes he is a Ledge but I remember the same things you remember about Bobby in his waining Arsenal years. He was simply getting a bit slower and older and it was showing a bit. But I have faith in Vela and young Theo hopefully they can fulfill their destines with the Gooners.

    Sagna. Clichy. Fabergas. Flamini. Van Persie. Look how they have come to take their rights of passage into maturity. To burn their names into the histories of some of football’s greatest players.

  22. Danish Gooner says:

    What a fucking awesome player !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Totally agree.

    You need a well-rounded squad to win anything. Look at Man U / Chelsea. They have a balance of young and old. Our team is missing the age and experience.

    100% AGREE.

  24. MagicHat says:

    I miss Bobby too, but it’s not Arsene’s fault he “let Bobby go”. Pires WANTED to go. Yes Arsene doesn’t offer more than one-year contracts for those over 30… but if Bobby wanted to stay, I’m sure the Boss would have kept him on a Bergkamp style year-to-year deal.

  25. malaysian arsenal fan says:

    agree with most of the post, especially pires has never really been replaced, and he conceivably could have played on for several more years, even with his diminishing pace as he was a very intelligent player

  26. justin says:

    i miss him so much it hurts

  27. nightail says:

    now i wanna cry too..
    Pires7.. what a legend..

  28. Josh says:

    Two words, Matias Fernandez. He is the closest thing I’ve seen to a potential replacement for Pires. They’re even team mates at Villarreal. I also think Aquilani could do a good job there, despite him being a central midfielder.

  29. Orson says:

    You cant replace players with clones of themselves (which is a shame), I tire of hearing “he’s the next Henry……or Pires” etc. look if we could just clone players we’d still have Tony Adams in our back four and as captain (Damn that would be great eh?)
    Bobby was quality. A one off (sadly). I think that we would have kept him if we could, but as has been said already he was off a long time before he actually went. The team play a different way now than the Henry/bergkamp/pires era, and it doesnt suit players at the end of their careers which I guess iss a self fulfilling prophecy……. If you have a bunch of kids they’ll play in a way that suits a bunch of kids…no?
    Im a big BIG Wenger fan. But I do think we finally need to put our hand in our pocket and pull out some of those pound notes we keep hearing about, Lets buy a couple of world class grown ups.
    I also think that Wengers decision to let Diarra go was a disgrace. What the hell was he thinking? We wouldnt have droppeed so many points if we’d had him as quality back up. I also think our current team THINK they are better than they are. About 2 mopnths ago we kept hearing how they were saying the league is in the bag etc……… and some players Ade in particular thinks that a 10 game spell makes him world class and that he can stop trying.

    In conclusion. Woe is me. shame about Le Bob, and were gona win F~&K all AGAIN.

  30. mygunners says:

    100% agreed about this issue…

    next year, vela is the right person who has the capability just like pires.

    and we would conquerer the world…

    mark my word!

  31. dan says:

    Turkish Arda could be even better …please arsene please

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