Is Flamini worth £70k a week (Podcast)

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A weekly podcast with all the latest news from Arsenal. This week Natsteel will give you all the updates with the First team news. The youth team review will be brought to you by Sanderson including news on our new signing Ignasi Miquel ,Plus the debate “is Flamini worth £70k a week

This is just a test and not a real episode and your feedback will be well appreciated. The podcast will last 6mins, enjoy Click Here for the TGF Podcast

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16 Responses to Is Flamini worth £70k a week (Podcast)

  1. J.Sanderson says:

    Wiked, Sanderson sounds sexy 😉


  2. Jimmy says:

    it depends how much our other players are paid. If it makes him top earner then no he is not.

  3. supagoona says:

    YES, YES, YES!

    Recently he’s clearly been tired but look before the Birmingham game. Almost every game that we lost and most that we drew, he wasn’t playing.

    Coincidence? I don’t think so

  4. king gooner says:

    is hargreaves worth that salary or carrick or park ji sung -no!but i bet they get it-cough up!he’s worth it for the effort alone he put’s in!!!!!!!

  5. john says:

    70k a week. Yes he is. Cesc plays better when flamini is playing, Flamini has the most stamina in the team, he’s quick, great at tackling, is very versatile if needed, has the odd goal in him, now has good technique and is an excellent team player to have around. i.e the complete player and not only that, he still has his best years ahead of him. Hence 70k a week is about right. Max of 75k a week though

  6. Passenal says:

    No, he is not – he has had one good season, he has not proven himself over several seasons as Cesc has. I’m sure if we win some silverware he could earn significant bonuses and the opportunity to re-negotiate his weekly salary. He is not irreplaceable and no player is bigger than the club.

  7. dilly says:

    No way, Wenger should had sold him b4 dec – sign up or leave, e ould kept diarra

  8. Kayo Burgess says:

    70k a week… no way!

    55k… sure! he runs a lot and his work rate is good… but contribution has recently been poorer.

    He is still not what Gilberto was 2 seasons ago….

  9. abadinho says:

    first of all,it’s not bad to bring a new fresh blood to arsenal club…. let me remind you of a fact,defensively we have struggled this season and the previous one as well.. we need a strong good defenders 2 central defenders specially english ones… i’m a foreigner but i see we need a strong bound of english players like richard from man city or lescott from everton … in modern football is essential to have to wingers and since pires and lungberg been sold we dont have genuine ones…so we need 2 wingers ….we need a striker who can take the burden out of adebayor a genuine one then we can think of winning the premiership back to back … i’m very hopeful for the future but we dont need few of our players because they are not in arsenal cause… like gallas,diaby,eboue and others got injured all the time rosicky,van persie ,so what they will do for the team? never mind if we keep them but gallas ,diaby and eboue are bad influence for the youngsters…

  10. Johnny Red says:

    Not enough goals or assists and as someone else said he has only proven himself for one season so far, 70k is for near superstars. Puts in a lot of effort great team player but not worth more than 50k until he proves it over a couple of seasons.

  11. arsenal paul says:

    Kayo Burgess , thank G-d hes not what Gilberto was two years ago or we should be gladly rid of him. Gilbrto shite always was, Viera made him look good, the so called invisible wall was a liability, just like Eboue is this year.
    Flamini goes in where other players don’t, he is a rare commodity and I have never seen an Arsenal player covering the ground he does, give the guy what he wants and build a team around him and Cesc.

  12. future boy says:

    without him the team is weaker we need an adequate backup with all the money that arsenal are earning..they dont need to go wild .cesc is going to get a new deal woth 100 grand but he cant play without the other ten players can he

  13. str8goon says:

    Is Flamini worth 70K a week? Is that a rhetorical question? Of course he is. Look at how well Cesc plays when Flamini plays well and is happy. Now I know Wenger’s job isn’t to concede to his players and drop to his knees at their every whim, but happy players play better. He is a pivotal cog in the Arsenal wheel-along with Cesc they’re the Arsenal engine room. Look how many miles they rack up each game…with Flamini leading the stats. He deserves the contract extension and bumper in pay-look how hard he’s worked to increase his stamina, drive, technique, and mental strength and stability. He deserves to be rewarded. Hell you can even think about it this way….Flamini is a poor man’s Gerrard. Think about it, minus the scoring ability (including free/spot kicks) and occasional cut throat pass what characteristics does he have over Matthieu? The answer…not many. So give the man his due, its only fair. Not only for himself, but to the team as a whole.

  14. Zero Zero says:

    The question for me aint what is he worth a week? But what will it cost us to replace him, if he goes?

    We have to find the player, he needs to settle in to a new team, city and language too probably. Can’t believe we are still on this one! For gawd’s sake, sort it out Arsenal & Flamini!

    BTW; Wes Brown is after £80K a week at ManU!!!

  15. Theo says:

    How many times have we moaned about a player collecting loads of money without seemingly trying his best in a game? There’s no way that Flamini can ever be accused of that! We’ve never had a player who’s covered as much ground in a game as he does, week in & week out! He’s never shirked a tackle or a lung busting run in his Arsenal life, in my mind, that makes him worth every penny we offer him……I just hope he signs on the dotted line and accepts it!

  16. El Tel says:

    Flamini is our player of the year. Its not his only good season either, he was outstanding playing left back and helped get us to CL final before. Poor mans Gerrard I don’t think so. Gerrard is a good player and would link up well with the Flamster but apart from scoring more goals Gerrad is not a better player. Mancscum paid a fortune for Hargreaves last year and he isn’t a patch on the Flamster. We must keep him unless anyone knows a better player that we can purchase (Pool won’t let Gerrard go). Anyone else ?

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