Wenger’s lack of spending

Why? Why? WHY?!!!

Does Wenger not like spending money? It’s all well when we don’t need players but at the moment we do and any thick soul can see we do.

We need a bit of quality injected in the squad and we have 70m lying around. It’s ok to do a bit of bargaining when we’re in dept and have a new stadium coming up on the horizon but the point of a transfer budget is to invest it. Transfer budget is money the club can afford to lose, because it’s making money in other areas so that money is left for Arsene to spend?

So why the f**k will the tight git not spend? The money will just be left there to rot. It’s alright when the squad spirit is fine but if we miss out on the title next season I think a top quality player will really improve morale in the dressing room. Will give the players a bit of a boost and be beneficial to the club.

I’m not saying we go out and do a Ferguson and do a Veron. No, that would be pointless spending and Arsene is actually quite a good judge of talent so I want to see him couple that with money to spend. And if he gives me that bullshit of there not being a player he thinks will suit Arsenal or that we don’t need anyone then I will high a top quality, professional hitman to be done with the tight git. It’s quite clear that neither statements are true.

We are dying for some depth and quality. Upfront, Ade is on and off and we need some quality on the left. I refuse to put my faith in Tomas and Diaby is shite. If we move Hleb to the left, I never want to see Theo on the wings again when he quite clearly better up front and once again, Eboue is shit.

So, when it’s clear to pretty much everyone that we are gasping for some real quality why does it fail to penetrate the skull of that thick man? Why? Does he gain some sort of satisfaction in seeing the club suffer whilst he checks if his gambles are paying off? Does he not care about the club? Does he have some aversion to spending money? Does he not enjoy spending money? I honestly think there’s some sort of mental block and Wenger go see a shrink.

It’s not about spending money aimlessly, it’s about spending money on the right people. If Wenger can’t do it, then I’m worried. United spend money on Carrick. They won the league. United spent money on Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves and Tevez and they’re going to win the league.

Jeffers and Reyes have been flops, so Wenger needs to put his magical scouting skills and shift his sights. I realize everything Arsene says needs to be taken with a pinch of salt but if he really thinks that our squad does not need strengthening in the summer then there is something wrong with his head.

I personally, will blame Arsene if we f**k up the title. Yes, you can say we can blame the players but can we really? They have worked their bollocks off all season and need the occasional breather to perform at their best. Problem is, we have no one of sufficient quality to replace them with. And that is Arsene’s fault. He let one of our most versatile players go and then did not strengthen.

Look at United and Chelsea. At RB they have cover in Ferreira, Essien and Brown. We have Hoyte and Eboue….

So once again, can someone just please explain to me why Arsene refuses to spend money? If they can give me a rational, logical explanation then I will gladly withdraw the majority of my criticisms.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what Arsene has done for us and how good a manager he is but he has had a lot of luck and we have had to see the same mistakes being made again and again and it really frustrates me.

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28 Responses to Wenger’s lack of spending

  1. David says:

    I agree, and i hope we do spend some dosh in the summer, we need 3-4 new players. If i was a director at the club I was say what’s the point in having a 60’000 stadium and not use the money in a correct way, also don’t let the taxman have our dosh, let Wenger have it. Their is money put aside for him, i would not expect for him to use 70k but at least most of it anyway.

  2. Ole Gunner says:

    Arsene has not refused to spend money. He has bought a lot of players since 2005.

    He won’t waste money like Chelsea and I consider that very wise since not even they can afford that.

    We have cover in areas United have no cover in. Their central defence has no replacements, and neither does Evra.

    I find the tone of your article really annoying and the thrust of your argument silly and half-baked.

  3. Anon says:

    Why wont Arsene spend money?

    “Jeffers and Reyes have been flops…”

    Answered your own question, didnt you?

    Personally, I dont think Reyes was a flop, he just didnt want to play in England, but regardless, everytime he has spent big(ger) money it hasnt really worked out. Wiltord? Richard Wright?

    On the other hand, players like Cesc, Toure and Clichy cost very little and have turned into great players. World class in Cec’s case. Its easy to see why he is reluctant to spend money on players when his youth policy clearly works.

    That being said, the team does need strengthening but thats an issue to be dealt with in the summer, not now. The squad we have now can still win something this season. Thats quite optomistic i know, but the team and Arsene have all spoken very positively in recent weeks, so why shouldnt the fans?

  4. Breezy says:

    Teah, gotta agree with Ole Gunner, this is a very poor article, not to mention very disrespectful. I’m not one of “Arsene Knows” brigade but I do believe that he needed 3 years to build a new squad. We are now coming to the end of that 3 year period & I believe next season will be ours. We’ve had a bit of bad luck with injuries this season, mainly to goalscorers, so we’re probably short of 40 or so goals at the moment. Had that not been the case, I firmly believe we would have picked up at least 2 cups this year.

  5. Josh says:

    Good article, i thoroughly agree. First things first, ole gunner shut the fuk up u clueless twat. Ok now that out my system, i just hav 2 commend u on stating again how shit eboue is, he is so bad im embarassed 2 watch arsenal when he plays.

    the article is correct, we lack strength in depth and too many players at arsenal shouldnt be. Gilberto eboue senderos bendther are all not good enough, and we let diarra go who is better than all of them. not signin any1 in january was criminal 2 say the least, we need a world class striker, 2 quality wingers as rosicky is injury prone and hleb is better central. we need backup in defence and a new style 2 our play. We started the season brilliantly becos we changed our style, cesc was takin long shots, we were crossin the ball a lot while playin our fancy football. As the season has dragged on we hav slowly but surely gone back 2 our triein 2 walk the ball into the net style and it is just 2 obvious and without our first 11 we dont hav the players than can pull it off. We wont win anything this season again and i believe next year should be wengers final chance or shud i say after the summer transfer window if he hasnt invested again i shall not b renewin my season tiket

  6. TA6 says:

    fuck off pal, slagging Arsene off, what planet are you on…shame on you

  7. Edy says:

    As cynical as it may seem I sometimes get the feeling that he doesn’t spend money because then the club doesn’t put pressure him to win anything. As long as he continues to finish in the top 4 and come out of every transfer window in the black he’ll get the shareholders backing. He clearly needs to combine his young talent with already established and skilled players.

  8. sam says:

    Arsenal is like a beautiful barren women so good to look at but cant bear kids just like the brazilian team of 1990,the dutch team, and argeantina lately.i appreciate what Arsene has done for Arsenal but i feel thats the best he can do considering that teams like spurs,portsmouth,mancity,everton are getting stronger too.All Arsene needs to do is get quality players, start teaching the mental aspect of the game like fergie, get rid of Diaby, Bendtner,Eboue,Vanpersie, get a natural left winger, a calm central defender and a sub for fabregas and flamini if he stays at the emirates.

  9. Romford Pele says:

    Whoever wrote this article is a complete tw*t. You’re gonna ‘blame’ Wenger for creating a great team form virtually nothing in two years? Yes, the squad is light and Ive no doubt AW will bolster it in the summer. But to get on your high horse and start moaning, despite watching far better football than most football fans get from their teams, is ridiculous.

    The problem is not with Wenger, it’s with idiotic ‘fans’ like you, who start booing players when they misplace a pass. A lot of Arsenal fans have beocme spoilt and get pissed off if we don’t win 4-0 every time. Get real and get behind the team.

  10. hammmerhead says:

    Aw wants to prove that he can be successful without spending big on the transfer fee and big wages as well. I’m afraid it would be another trophyless season.had he gone to acquire a few players Arsenal could have a very good chance of winning the title.
    Anyway when the season ends we will know whether heis going to buy players. The signs are obvious that the gunners need strenghtening and if h carries as per normal it would be a dereliction of duty.
    My gut feeling is he would spend similarly to 2001.

  11. jayden says:

    BUY WENGER!!!!!

  12. aminurasyid says:

    I agree on both opinion which are Mr Wenger must spend money in the summer and in the same time we now must focus on present season. Yes, i have faith in the current squad can win something (UCL) but we need to build a stronger team next season. For the signing of a new player, i realy2 want to see Ben Arfa and Diego in action for the gunners. These 2 players is a great signing for us. Hopefully Mr Wenger will sign them.

  13. Hus says:

    i give u a reason why wenger dont spend big.

    because if he spends big and the player is a flop and arsenal arent doing well, it makes him look bad

    Clever man if you ask me, i respect him alot, but he is clever

    I just urge him to make some big name signings

  14. Paul says:

    A great read i could not agree more.

    To sum up it is completely Arsenes fault if we win nothing – no one elses

  15. Ole Gunner says:

    Josh, take a chill pill. The clueless person here wrote this article. You’re cheering it on. What are you?

    I mean your points are quite silly.

    1. January spending: I challenge you to find me one title-winning team that was pushed over the top by a January recruit. If no player was available-and few usually are in January, what was he to do? Buy a player he didn’t need? What if he bought 2 Sean-Wright Philips’ in January for £40 m, and in June a Thierry Henry was available for £16 m. Would that have made sense? What if he bought an Eduardo in January, only to get his leg chopped off in February?

    Get real. I know we’re fans, and that makes us emotional by definition, but it’s high time people became more rational and more realistic about how the world actually works.

    Only in football is buying quality at good value, a sign that the manager is not doing well. I run an import business. When one of my buyers buys a consignment of good wine at half price, I have NEVER EVER heard anyone say anything but GOOD BUY!

    Our squad does have a lot of quality. How do you measure the depth of a squad, and the quality of a squad? I ask because I hear people talk a lot about that?

    If you enlighten me I can maybe show you how to recognise that we do have a very high quality squad.

  16. Goonerbeall says:

    You took it out of me mouth. The team is crying out for QUALITY STRENGTHENING. Defence is a place to start and another midfielder in the mauld of Modric who can also venture forward. Upfront, we need quality strengthening not to mention wingers. As we are getting back Vela, we need to complement that with Quaresma because Van Persie and Rossicky are as good as done by recurring injuries. Get rid of Hojte and bring a more solid defender coz Eboue is’nt what we need. Flamini is well covered by Song who is becoming more steadier since AFC. We have limited creativity that stand and fall with Fabregas and Hleb and that is not enough for a club like ours.

  17. gooner777 says:

    not happy with this article, you may be right in some aspects about strenghtening our squad but I don’t appreciate the comments about AW. He is a legend, you probably only started supporting this club when he joined and won trophies! What he is doing at Arsenal is something special and if didn’t have injuries to our “key” players we would still be at the top.

  18. JC says:

    Gooner777, everybody gets injuries, the difference is all the others have got a big enough squad to replace those players, we havent!

  19. Maximus says:

    I think it’s only justified and quite right to question Wenger’s motives.

    If the buck doesn’t stop with him, then who does it stop with?

    Pat Rice?

    Not that long ago, Wenger was considering walking away from the game after his last contract.

    Then, out of nowhere, he says he wouldn’t mind coaching for another 10 years.

    That is why this team is a long term commitment for him.

    But his reasons are ego-driven and, the way the man’s carried on lately, bordering on megalomania.

    If Wenger won’t uproot deadwood which only fervent supporters can clearly see, invest funds which manifestely exist (or is Ken Friars a liar?), and, moreover, if he chooses not to come out of his spin-doctoring dreamworld (bad-luck, injuries, referees, we can still win the league, etc, etc), why would supporters not ask a question or two.

    The problem with most people, and they know who they are, is that they treat the man as if he were a deity.

    Well, quite clearly, he is not.

    Artifice and boardroom back-slapping, and let’s not forget the bulk of the 98 team which he inherited (the others he built, but they were mature men and good men at that), is no pre-requisite to carry on as if untouchable.

    The buck must stop with Wenger.

    To say otherwise is asinine in the extreme.

  20. tOPGUn says:

    Let’s be realistic guys.

    We’re not going to win anything this season (unless our luck changes) but that’s down to bad luck and injuries which have hampered us greatly this season. I do think though that Arsene.V should stop treating the club like a profit making business and more like a football club that we Gooners love! Yes money is important but so a tropheys – people look at achievements and although Arsenal have achieved more than we expected this season, unfortunately, the young kids have little experience at this level and need more leadership from the club, manager and more high profile players. Who would’nt like to see Berbatov at Arsenal? I know what your thinking but he is goos. We will be better next season, but so will the other top clubs!

  21. Maximus says:

    Ole Gunner,

    So what you are saying is no player should ever be bought on account of the fact that they may do themselves a serious injury, a la Eduardo.

    When the player came in wouldn’t really be an issue, would it, because that same player may suffer a serious injury?

    If managers held that same view, then they would by paralysed with fear. No buying would ever get done. And no transfer market would exist.

    And, while I’m at it, let’s not forget some of Wenger’s doozies of late.

    As for personnel, Eboue, Diaby, Gilberto and Hoyte would not be in Chelsea or Man U’s top 22 players. What have they contributed so far this year?

    His substitutions have brought us undone, esp. against Chelsea.

    He threw away the games against Spurs and Man U in the respective cups, leaving us emptyhanded and weakening our hitherto winning mentality.

    He makes excuses when we lose or do not play well, masking the real problems which exist inside our club. To most people, he comes off as a seriously sore loser.

    No people, God’s scion he is not.

  22. ignatz says:

    There’s too much in this article that’s embarassing, stupid, inconsistent or just so bad it’s funny. I love that you’re attacking Wenger already for something he hasn’t even done yet. You have no more idea than I do how he plans to strengthen the squad in the summer. But my favourite bit is:

    “And if he gives me that bullshit of there not being a player he thinks will suit Arsenal…”

    Yep, Wenger directs his press comments solely at you, mate. Because he’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes: secretly he understands that you know better than he does.

    “Lack of depth? Sacre Bleu!” le Boss will be saying to himself as he reads this blog, “I had no idea.”

    He just can’t see the things that you can. He doesn’t have your insight. I’m a little in awe too – I mean, this management game is easy for you, isn’t it – buy great players, simple as that. I only wish us mere mortals could have your vision.

    Remember Harry Enfield? Loadsamoney? You basically want Wenger to wave your club’s cash about in everyone else’s face because you think it will compensate for your lack of manhood.

  23. Orson says:

    its all shit. fucking spend some cash. (still love you though wenger).

  24. AK47 says:

    MAXIMUS u are clearly a glory hunter who decided to support arsenal when this ignorant useless brainless stubborn man who i call GOD the deity ARSENE WENGER put together a team which went UNBEATEN i would remind u , in modern competitive top-flight football. In one or i dare say two years i will come to your house grab your nuts and shove them in your fucking face. Wenger is a genius rivalled by noother manager in the world. Anyone can spend a 100 million and win (Chelsea scum/ Fergies Fags). When this team comestogether as it wil with a few smart adjustments no one will touch us with a billion. So remember MAXIMUS next summer watch ur back. WENGER is a GOD. I dont believe in god i believe in wenger.

  25. JC says:

    Is it really that hard to see that players like Senderos are just to slow, he has cost us dearly in sooooo many important matches, but yet AW keeps his faith in him, he just stands there watching as forwards beat him for pace time and time again, like a pile of shite. Gilberto your hearts just not with us anymore, Eboue Fuckoff no-one likes you, Almunia great at stopping forty yard shots but not a good keeper (remember paris), i mean how many of us turned round and said ‘hell save this penalty’, Adebayor your not the superstar that you think you are, if my nan had that many chances she would have got the golden boot, your first touch is diabolical.
    AW we pay the most expensive ticket prices in the country so that you and the club we love can have the funds to strengthen this great team of ours in order to win trophys which is the ultimate aim of this great sport.
    PS season ticket holder since 1974 so dont tell me im a plastic gunner, and that i have no right to comment.

  26. baltrino says:

    agree with jc,

  27. Syd says:

    Wenger is secretly salting the money away to buy a resort hotel in Monte Carlo when he retires.

  28. GM says:

    JC is spot on… Sanderos looks like he has a caravan permenenatly attached to him! Love Ade i feel he has exceeded expectations this year but his 1st touch is lacking and can’t do it himself. Eboue!!! turns the ball over every time and is a brain explosion boy… I feel Almunia has grown into a quality keeper since Paris even though he hasn’t proved himself with pernalties.

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