Gooners Need To Fall In Love With Arsenal Again

Sunday is D day for our young team, the final chance to hit back at the doubters and get themselves back in to the title race, but there is something else to be won on Sunday afternoon, something more important than the three points, more important that the Premiership title, the love of Gooners.

Recent months, results and incidents have led to frustration, anger and disappointment for many followers of the greatest club in the world, lets be honest its been pretty crap with questions raised over the manager and the playing squad, many fans need a win, to kick start the love for the club and get good momentum going for the final run in and for next season.

Luck and bad decisions have been blamed for our poor form as well as the squad, but whilst those play a small part, the final buck rests with the manager, and despite the best efforts it seems like the team have been allowed to get away with drawing games, and that cannot happen.

There is no shame in wanting/expecting to win things, a winning mentality is a culture and it should be embodied by the fans and the players and more importantly the management, now i am not having ago at Wenger, because everybody makes mistakes, even the boss

AW “Of course, I’m not pretentious enough to say I didn’t make mistakes. Even if I managed for 150 years I would still make mistakes. In this job, you can never prove afterwards that you were right and nobody can prove you were wrong. Only results prove that. I’m humble enough to accept I make mistakes and I will every year. But I don’t know if I made a big mistake this season.”

Man United are the old rivals, we all love to get one over on them and going in to the game the confidence of fans is low, meaning a win would not only get us into the title race, it would not only give us a massive lift, but it would restore the pride and the belief of fans in our management and players and more than anything make Gooners feel proud about their team game.

So C’mon Arsenal, Make Us Proud !!

By – Sanderson

10 Responses to Gooners Need To Fall In Love With Arsenal Again

  1. Tor says:

    spot on….

  2. Passenal says:

    Of course we want to win, but I think we should still stand behind our team even when they don’t win, rather than join in with the media in slagging them off. I hate to see Arsenal fans turning on the team or the manager and playing into the media’s agenda.

  3. kashifn says:

    AW would restore my faith in him with one simple action: drop that useless Eboue to the bench!

  4. Paul N says:

    I never lost pride or love for the team. win, loose or draw i will always be full of pride and love for the GUNNERS! The manager cannot change the refs calls, we must understand that if the calls did not go against us many of his decisions would not be scrutenized as much. Please dont 4get the host od injured players. I believe this season was messed up by bad calls even though the team has not been up to par. which team is always at best. We should ask have Man U and Chelsea had these dodgy calls go against them and if so would they be in the same position!

    I love the Gunners, regardless!!!!

    God Bless!

  5. One of them says:

    Usmanov’s takeover will have to wait much longer if Arsenal managed to win either or both major targets this season. It is unfair to accuse or even suspect anyone with such a feat, but Dein’s timely reminders on the importance of Usmanov’s cash could easily have evoked conspiracy theories from certain supporters still with a grudge.

  6. naga gunner says:

    We wont win, but I am proud of the team

  7. Orson says:


  8. Orson says:


  9. josh says:

    brilliant article sanderson you summed it up perfectly. GO YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!

  10. J.Sanderson says:

    thank you mate, i will try and add more articles to this blog, cheers for your support lads

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