SO Where is Denilson?

Missing in acton

Denílson Pereira Neves

What has happened to the young Brazilian? He would be the perfect replacement for Flamini who is now going to be out for 3/4 weeks but he hasn’t even been seen on the bench in recent games, His name was absence on the squad list published by Arsenal in there last few games so what has happened to him. Last season he received great reviews from the manger who described him as “a little bit in between Rosicky and Gilberto

Denilson was Last spotted as an unused substitute against AC Milan over a month ago, he hasn’t been since then. In fact, Arsenals official website have made no reference to the midfielder in over six weeks, let alone provide an explanation for his absence.

just why isn’t anybody in the media asking where Denilson is?

Is he Injured? Has he overnight turned into a crap player? Has he been deported back to Brazil with a fake passport? ( Remember Edu & the way Sylvinho just vanished? )

Denilson has recently signed a new contract at Arsenal and with the uncertain future of flamini still undecided may become a key player for Arsenal (If we knew where he was)

And just in case you forgot who and what this lad can do?

The Search Continues

23 Responses to SO Where is Denilson?

  1. J.Sanderson says:

    Denilson picked up an ankle injury, he returned and featured against Birmingham in the game Eduardo got injured.

    However, he played in the friendly against Colorado Rapids, and his ankle suffered more damage, he is expected to miss the season.

    But good point, Wenger never mentions him.

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    And its not on the official website,
    The only players listed as injured are


  3. betit says:

    I don’t think he is good enough to be the first team … I can say he is just okay in sub

  4. Farrukh says:

    Yeah, why doesn’t Denilson get a mention on the injuries list then?

    What’s that all about?

  5. tony says:

    The injury list comes from what Wenger says… so since Wenger hasn’t said anything about him, it’s not on the site.

  6. Simon says:

    Denilson and Diaby could be the central midfield pairing next season if Flam and Fab4 flee this summer.

  7. Stuart says:

    Just had an email reply from the club. He is in full training but not part of the squad at the moment. That does not account for his absence from the reserves so one assumes that he has not completely recovered his form/fitness yet.

  8. Family Enclosure Man says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing in recent weeks. Although I have to admit he played well the other night, I’m not a fan of Diaby’s, and have been amazed that he’s been consistently preferred to Denilson this season. I think the little Brazilian has true promise: if only he could learn to shoot like a true Brazilian he’d be terrific.

    Love that Sergio Mendes music.

  9. thegoonerforum says:

    Stuart who sent you that email?

  10. coca-gooner says:

    forget denilson if he’s injured.
    the name that i am suprised is not coming up b4 the man u match is ALEX SONG.Yes ALEX SONG,i personally think he should have been brought on instead of berto against liverpool cos we needed speed,power,tackles and controlling the pools attacks.
    after what we saw against blackburn and during the ANC,am quiet sure it’s song that flamini is keeping out not berto.
    we are not going to sign the stars,so the earlier we take certain risks and let the kids learn,the better.let the SONG loose on man u alongside CECS.

    now bring on the mancunian.
    cos sme1 gon pay 4 d pain n who better.

  11. coca-gooner says:

    good question forum.
    we are waiting stuart.

  12. smithy434 says:

    so there we have it, the world and his mother is looking for denilson, but only one bloke with the information

    Arsene knows!

  13. Farrukh says:

    coca-gooner you are in the know!

    Alex Song MUST PLAY!! 🙂

  14. fabflam says:

    coca gooner ur absolutely right

    im abit worried abt gilberto in midfield, i think we’re going to be overrun

    alex song must play and show anderson, scholes, carrick and hargreaves who’s boss..

  15. aminurasyid says:

    Alex song is better than Gilberto nowadays. The game with liverpool is absolutely rubbish. How can Torres can control the ball perfectly between two our defenders in the Torres goal. Look at Toure and Big Phil at that time.rubbish

  16. The Silent Assassin says:

    I have read on an Arsenal forum on Facebook that an Arsenal player is soon going to be exposed in the media as having failed a drugs-test. Apparently the club have tried to cover the story by claiming he has been injured for long periods this season so that really only leaves Denilson and Rosicky as potential suspects. The general consensus among the Gooners on the forum is that it is Denilson.

  17. Bring on Song instead of Gilberto in the Champions League quarter finals? Wow, some people do chat some shit, don’t they?

  18. pooner says:

    I don’t rate him and he is definitely not a suitable replacement for the flamster. That should be Song, he proved in the African Nation’s Cup just how good he can be, give him a chance, it’s certainly less risky than playing Gilberto!

  19. khrisnaresa says:

    Hey, that’s a good topic! “where is Denilson now?” The last thing i remember about him was when Real Betis bought him with the highest transaction at that time. I’m wondering where he is now….

  20. No Hoper says:

    Thanks. I really rate Denilson. He is great and even outplayed Fab when he came on last. He captained Brazil U19s and he is being nurtured at Arsenal so I only see great things. I think he should be an integral part of the team.

    Apparently Song played a great African Cup of Nations tournament and played well when he came on for one or two matches. I also think he is integral.

    With Diaby, Denilson, Song, Merida, Vela and others we have a great midfield.

    What we really need is some strong cynical tough physically imposing and technically gifted centre backs.

  21. ara says:

    finally a sign of denilson
    hes in the squad for tonights game againsy derby reserves

  22. Is beter 4 arsewinger to sign denison before time will runing out.becouse i dont know the problem of winger,despite all the money that we have in the bank.why winger refuse to by big player.or he want us to lose the uefa cup that is coming on.

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