Gallas and His Negative Vibes


A second season goes by Arsenal and Gallas are still trophy less while he is left to think if he made the right choice joining Arsenal last season … Gallas isn’t the only one having second thoughts about being at Arsenal, I for one now that these last few weeks or so have given me a lot of things to think about regarding his presence at Arsenal,His Captaincy for a starter.
I Don’t see how a player can become a captain in his second season here only .He is a player who came here from Chelsea and that isn’t the best asset any player coming to Arsenal would want to highlight. He isn’t in the best relations with most of the players. He is older than most of them by 5 or 6 years the least, doesn’t enjoy the same things they enjoy and the young players don’t necessarily relate to him. Before a match what has Gallas to speak about ?? What memories can Gallas bring back when most of the players he is captaining (actually all of them except Sagna) have been here longer than he has … He can speak about games from history books but he can’t speak about a game or a memory this team can relate to … even if he did … he couldn’t speak about it like an Arsenal player would cause he just simply wasn’t until last season.
Being a captain has put him under the spotlight and its something he particularly enjoys. He loves to talks and sometimes talk things that are either untrue or shouldn’t be said at all. His comments a few weeks ago about Walcott were twisted and turned to remove the sarcasm out of them but at the end of the day the words are still out here for people to read and no matter how you add it up it will still point out to the fact that he is putting a young and promising asset down by telling Theo he still has to learn and is predictable in matches. Now that’s not the sweetest thing to say. And now today for anyone of you who has surfed the web this early on the morning you will see Gallas making the headlines again with this quote “What is positive compared to last season is that maybe we will finish third and we got to the Champions League quarter-finals”. Quite a de-motivator for a captain isn’t he and quite a quite for a fighter …
In the last few weeks Gallas just seems to have given up and it shows in his defense … he is a shadow of his former self .. While Toure might have his own problems and conclusions to why his form has dropped I think its obvious with Gallas . He is not a fighter anymore . For him it seems the fight was over almost a month ago ever since the Chelsea game … Its just over for him and it should be over for us as well with him … His Negative vibes, his unnecessary comments . He doesn’t seem to get along very well with the team and now that things are as bad as they are it is starting to show and maybe the bold move would be to let him go this summer and degrade him of his captaincy.

6 Responses to Gallas and His Negative Vibes

  1. C-J says:

    Question is though, who would we promote to captaincy instead? If Gilberto and Lehmann leaves in the summer, we’ll only have young, relatively inexperienced players left. Suppose we could give it to Flamini (if he stays, which seems like a big IF at the moment), or maybe be Fabregas or Touré. Those are the ones that I can think of from the top of my head anyway.

    But I agree fully that while Gallas seemed to do a good job as a captain earlier in the season, he seems to have given up at the first sign of trouble, and frankly a captain doesn’t do that. Wish we had Tony Adams back in defense again. 🙂

    Speaking of Adams, wonder if we’ll ever get another captain like him? Don’t really see one in the reserves so far at least. But then again I admit I haven’t got much insight into the reserves other than what can be read online.

  2. Fab4 says:

    Didn’t Gallas take all the young players to see 50 Cent earlier in the season? While some might argue that this might not be the most positive influence, it does show that he does at least try to relate to the younger players.

  3. Foon says:

    The Gunners Fantastic Season Ends Trophyless

    I can sum up the Gunners fruitless season in two ways.

    1. Not buying a left-winger when there was only a reliance of Thomas Rosisky. If Arsenal had bought Babel we would have been talking of facing Chelsea next week.

    2. Big games did not go well this season. If we had only had results like last season in the big games we would have been champions.

    An established Center half, left winger and Defensive/offensive midfielder who can make an impact like the way Theo does when he comes on from the bench.

    Go Gooners

  4. GUNNERville says:

    Gallas is a FABULOUS captain.

    The thing with all Arsenal fans is that we spend more time knocking our own players and agreeing with all the HATERS out there.

    William Gallas is currently the best candidate for Captain and over the season he has been a FAR better captain that TH14 was last year yet he is knocked more.

    Everyone is getting all worked about the Birmingham gamme when he sat on the field and that same week Chelsea’s captain was in a bust up with his Asst. Manager and he always curse the referee, but you dont hear any media or chelsea fan knocking thier captain.

    I wish if we would appreciate one of our most passionate player ina long time. Gallas is teaching these young players PASSION and he hates to lose, SO WHAT!!!! so does Arsene.


  5. Abnet arsenal says:

    Ther was one thin that arsen have to ansewer to all gnooor fans why in the hell he seported and let him keep his capitency i thik that wes the turning point for Arsenal this season Gallas after that bermingham mach why why why why why Arsen

  6. Paul N says:

    Now that things have gone bad i really dont see where Gallas has been a good leader, can someone show me where he has recently. Where are the group hugs after the losses? or is that just for wins? To me he has not held the team together as the elder of the squad, which is most needed in the hard times! anyone can rally the troups when u have won or winning. Flamini, Toure or Fab for captain. I think Toure would do a great job and actually played better apart from Gallas. Gallas just doesnt do it for me as he never took responsibilty for his mistakes but does not seem to make public comments about the youth of the team and their lack of grit or talk crap about Walcott! could he please explain publicly his misses header against chelsea and his handball on Sunday? lets here that from you Gallas!

    Hes a good player but needs to stop all the public talking and talk more to his players on and off the field!!

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