The Importance of Alex Hleb

I wake up every morning at about 10 in the morning and the first thing I do is check to mornings football news. Who is in and who is out? Lately there have been a lot of rumors linking Arsenal midfield ace Alex Hleb to a number of European clubs, most notably Barcelona and Inter Milan. These rumors really started to materialize with the now infamous Gelato meeting that took place between Hleb, his agent and Inter officials while Arsenal were in Milan for the first leg of the knock out stage for the Champions League. Since then, rumors regarding the player’s future have been circulating quite regularly, even prompting Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger to comment that the club’s potential should be enough to keep the highly rated midfielder at the Emirates.

As with any highly skilled player, rumors are bound to surface regarding transfers to new clubs. However, Arsenal must do all that they can to make sure these rumors stay just that, rumors. To lose Alex Hleb after the season both he and the club have had could prove to be tricky at best. Alex has been an integral part of Arsenal’s attack this season, providing precision passing and even showing an eye towards goal (only on a few occasions, as most Gooners will tell you). Many bring up the winger’s lack of goals and assists as reasons to why Arsenal might not miss the player. However, Hleb’s 11 assists and 4 goals in all competitions have not told the whole story.

Alex Hleb’s contribution to Arsenal lies outside the numbers. Anyone who has seen the 26 year old Belorussian play this season has been witness to the intangibility of his value to the club. Darting runs, unmatched ball control, precision passing and a wicked shot all combine to make this player indispensable. While the numbers might not be there, Gooners must focus on his possession, his ability to beat defenders and his talent that puts him in places that gets other involves. I wonder, if one where to count, how many goal chance Arsenal have had due to a pass by Hleb, or from his ability to force the second defender. Alex Hleb is finally finding his footing in our side and in the Premier League. He has become a vital part of our team, and, with some off season training, could develop into a more productive goal score.

With the Boss’s desire to keep the team together coupled with the draw out episode concerning Mathieu Flamini’s future, the last thing the team would need is a further shake up in the center of the pitch, where we have been so good this season. Alex understands out system and has turned into a true Arsenal player. To lose him now could be a huge setback towards success next season. Hanging on the the player is key, and Wenger seems to agrees.

Credit to triplec1988

22 Responses to The Importance of Alex Hleb

  1. Gunfire says:

    wicked shot? did i miss something?

  2. Harry Barracuda says:

    I’m sorry but you are so wide of the mark it is unbelievable. His contribution to our team’s performances IS tangible, and it is simply not good enough!

    And the reason he is considering leaving is because thanks to the cretins at CAS, he can buy out the remainder of his contract and piss off tomorrow if he feels like it, thus trousering a large wad of cash from Inter or whoever.

    If that’s his attitude then he can go and fuck himself, and we can get a winger who can score goals or at least contribute, instead of fucking around with the ball until he loses it, which most of the time is all that “Pretty Boy” Hleb actually does. I keep hearing a lot of very unintelligent people going on about his “breathtaking football”, etc.; well if you can call dribbling past three men on the halfway line and then giving the ball away breathtaking, then you are very easily pleased.

  3. Badcock says:

    “I wake up every morning at about 10 in the morning”!

    Get a job you waster!

  4. Dave says:

    I agree with the GOONER FORUM comments. We should do all that we can to keep Hleb (and, for that matter, Flamini).

  5. herdee string says:

    What a bunch of shit – an eye for goal? Bobby Pires had an eye for goal. And he had way more assists than Pleb. Freddie also had an eye for goal. Overmars had an eye for goal.

    Pleb can fuck off and take Flamini with him – they can go to an inferior league if they want and play under shithead coaches. If they want more bucks, then fuck them and let the cunts ply their trade elsewhere.

    There are some decent widemen out there besides Pleb.

  6. Skis says:

    “A wicked shot”? I’ve been watching the lad week in, week out for 3 seasons, and I’m yet to see said “wicked shot”. He is undoubtedly one of the most skilful players around, but his end product is lacking. And his Chavley-type meeting with Inter shows a distinct lack of respect for the Arsenal, so f*ck him, he can go. It will be the biggest mistake of his life, but that’s his lookout. He’s certainly replaceable, and it’s no coincidence that we only win trophies when we have a regular goalscoring wide man – think Marwood, Limpar, Overmars, Pires, Ljungberg for evidence of the fact. Hleb is not this man.

  7. prsq says:

    flamini leaving most likely, hleb could also leave – all no thanks to wenger. he had great players but very poor tactics. wants to keep team together -with eboue? adbayor? senderos? toure? what a big joke!! NOt forgetting his refusal to buy.

  8. arsim says:

    im sorry Barracuda i dont know how you can say that. for everyone who have clu about football hleb is fantastick. he is like bulet whu went insaide he open the defenders and then our players score golas

  9. Satnam says:

    Well said Harry Barracuda, couldn’t agree more tbh. and people will think that I am of those who want us to sell van Persie, Rosicky, Gallas etc and get Villa, Ben Arfa, Benzema etc but I am not I think far more realistically than them, But like Harry said if someone shows that kind of attitude, slaps players without reason and has never done it before of shows other signs of disrespect toward Arsene or club then he need to fcuk off!

  10. V says:

    Barracuda…….you are a twat! Do you go to the matches, or just watch MOTD? Anybody who knows anything about Arsenal will tell you he is an integral part of our team. its not always his place to score goals but the approach play and understanding of the ARSENAL way of football IS breathtaking. Hleb & Cesc create so many chances for the people who should finish them off as it is their job, the STRIKERS!!! Get a life or die you w**ker!!

  11. V says:

    Satnam fuk off!

  12. G10 says:

    I will be delighted to see the back of the hapless Belorussian.

    He is infuriating. He is a handbrake on our play. He constantly tries to funnel the ball through the same 10 yard area in the middle of the penalty area because he is incapable of providing width or penetration.


  13. G10 says:

    Also, he scores a minimal amount of goals. It’s pathetic. His contribution simply isn’t good enough.

    No width and no goals.

    This from a winger.

    He is pointless.

  14. secret squirrel says:

    V do you go to matches? Well I do and have been going before you were even swimming in your dad’s sack.

    Like Harry Baracuda I believe Hleb is just a show pony who does everything except deliver. Yes he’s got quick feet, dribbles, turns defenders inside out but then nothing. His contribution to the attack is minimal as he often slows the play down to beat the same defender a second or third time before trying the impossible eye-of-the needle passing ball. He is also guilty of messing around with the ball in defensive areas which forces the defence to work harder.

    He is definately not up to Pires or Ljunberg quality and last scored against Reading back in November to notch up his record breaking tally of 4 goals. If he wants to go, then let him. Everyone vilified Cashley for speaking to Chelsea, why should he be treated any different?

  15. tunadog says:

    Last time i looked the game of football was about scoring goals…something that is beyond Alexander Hleb. He wants to play as the 2nd striker . Who ever heard of a 2nd striker who never scores. What does he do in training ? It certainly isnt shooting practice….happy to see him go & take that twat Eboue with him.

  16. ArsenalArsenal says:

    Sell him!No contest with Pires or Overmars!Rosicky is better ,too(if he had played so many times behind the striker he would have scored plenty)

  17. Paulinho says:

    Barrucada you dumb piece of piss. I bet your one of those stupid english fans who watched open mouthed when they get outclassed by those european teams and can’t understand why. It’s because of technical players like Hleb dumbass.

    For me Hleb is the litmus test of where people’s understanding of football ranks. If they rate him, they understand football. If they don’t they are as thick as anything and would probably prefer Stewart Downing!

  18. Roy Baggio says:

    Hleb is a goos player but if I’m not mistaken he actually had less assists than Walcott last season and has less than Carlton cole this season. I personally like Hleb, even if he doesn’t score more than 5 goals a season, but he drags players out of position can turn on a sixpence etc.

    However I think he will leave, partly because the pyhsical game is bit too much for him in England, and also not playing in his favourite role behind 2 strikers restricts his creativity.

    Maybe he’ll get that (and a massive payrise) elsewhere.

    But he hasn’t been amazing for us, like Fabregas has. So My remit is that I think he’s replaceable (definitey), and there’s no use keeping hold of players who use Arsenal to boost their careers, demand ridiculous wages and then f*** off.

  19. […] The Importance of Alex Hleb [image] I wake up every morning at about 10 in the morning and the first thing I do is check to mornings football news. […] […]

  20. Charlie7542 says:

    Losing Flamini may not be an altogether bad thing considering the players we already have in the club just itching to get their chance in the first team – Song, Denilson, Diaby and Lansbury. I have high hopes for Lansbury, especially, and if he lives up to the hype we’ll all be saying Mathieu who?

    As for Hleb I’ll be disappointed to see him go because I feel we would have a formidable attack next season if he played on the right with Vela or Ben Arfa (hopefully) on the left with Ade and a fit again RvP up front. But if he wants more money then he too can piss off, I’d prefer someone who isn’t at least afraid to try and shoot on goal.

  21. Tom Martin says:

    Triplec1988, what have you been smoking? A wicked shot? The same wicked shot that barely has enough power to get as far as the goal-line? His dribbling round defenders looks pretty (before the attempted ‘killer pass’ that a defender normally intercepts) but the end product is seriously lacking, especially his shooting. I’m not saying we need him to score as many as Ronaldo but a few more would’ve been nice, especially as he is an attacking midfielder and we paid a fair whack for him. The bottom line is (without wanting to sound like Insp. Grim from The Thin Blue Line) that he spends far too much time fannying about, especially in front of goal. If Inter are willing to pay stupid amounts then they’re welcome to him.

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