Another depressing summer ahead for Arsenal fans

Why is there always so much uncertainty with Arsenal every summer? For the last five years Gooners have had to deal with depressing times over the summer break. We’ve had it all from takeovers to is Wenger leaving all the talk about Henry leaving, Ashley Cole, Vieria every summer for years.

Over the past few seasons we have been linked with countless players like Ribery all summer and then sit back and watch them move to a different club after all getting our hopes up. Now with Spurs signing Modric after it was seemed for along time he was Arsenal bound I feel its going to be yet another long depressing summer ahead.

Now there is doubt about the players at the club. Hleb and Flamini look likely to leave. Jens and Gilberto with there best days past them. And with the big clubs like AC Milan and Real Madrid sniffing around Adebayor and Fabregas no doubt there agents will get the press talking about a summer move away from Arsenal.Wenger has said that he will maybe sign 1 or 2 players in the summer? Is that going to be enough? Personally I don’t think so. If we were to lose both Hleb and Flamini then we would need 4 or 5 new signings. Its going to be a very long stressful summer for all Arsenal fans with all the transfer rumors, No doubt our rivals will all go out and spend big as we just sit back and sign a few more kids or unknown players per usual. I remember the summer when we signed Sol Campbell I was so looking forward to the start of that season with high hopes and it proved to be a great season.

I pray that Wenger breaks the bank and signed world class players that can do a job for the club today and not in 2015. But I doubt it…… A frustrated gooner

33 Responses to Another depressing summer ahead for Arsenal fans

  1. Passenal says:

    It doesn’t have to be depressing if you ignore the paper talk. When something concrete happens either way just read and you will know what is going on.

    Papers have to come up with something to get the sales or hits, so they will speculate wildly, so why continue to fall for it? Just because a player is linked with us by the papers, doesn’t make it so.

  2. Farrukh says:

    Bring back Mr Arsenal is what I say. Adams is out of contract this summer and he is what we need to toughen up our defence and instill a proper attitude into the Arsenal players.

  3. gee says:

    What makes it depressing is fans listen and believing everything they see and hear in the papers and pundits.

    If they said the sky was literally to fall on the emirates staidum – then fans would moan and post blogs about how its wengers fault or the board or Ade fault for not scoring enough goals and completely take it in.

    Its pathetic, honestly. even fans from other teams are really shocked at the pathetic-ness of our fans moaning. and think we are all fair weather.

  4. thegoonerforum says:

    Farrukh agree with you mate.

  5. mike says:

    Our signings last summer weren’t that bad. Sagna and Eduardo proved their worth, and Diarra showed promise, but we should have loaned him out instead of selling, as we could afford to let Flamini go if he was coming back.

    My predictions…

    To leave: Lehmann, Hleb, Flamini, Hoyte

    To sign: Thuram, Barry, Kranjcar and some unknown 3rd choice keeper.

    And then obviously the likes of Vela, Merida, Lansbury, Barazite will hope to play a part.

  6. Lifelong gooner says:

    There is only one reason why we suffer like this- there is not enough money at the club. Flamini and Hleb will go – and others will follow. A disastrous time ahead for Arsenal. It is time to spend big- but Wenger cannot- because partly he has a misplaced and unrealistic faith in his youth and partly he cannot because Arsenal have a huge millstone round their necks- the capital repayments on the stadium. Just look at their accounts.

    These are bad years for Arsenal fans.

  7. Farrukh says:

    goonerforum: I think we need Adams so he can tell the players what is it about to play for Arsenal. Then these f*ckers like Hleb and Flamini won’t be going for Ice Creams and talks with other clubs.

  8. Lifelong gooner says:

    I like Farrukh- you are right mate. We need Adams because we can’t win on skill alone.

  9. Seb says:

    i was completley depressed when i looked on to see modric go to spurs. another decent player we have let slide. Just as i am writing this i see that man u have equalised. totally undeserved like usual and i am thinking that both united and chelsea will strengthen and so will liverpool. we will buy some 15 year old peasant from lens or something ridiculous. The “experienced” player that we will be signing i am interested in hearing who but not idea who it will be and my guess it will be a centre back or a centre mid due to flamini leaving and we having almost no cover at the back to toure and gallas. Does anyone know which rumours are more reliable than others ?

  10. gee says:

    Like i said everyone can predict the future through the tabloids. and according to the tabloids we’re all doomed, doomed i tell ya!!

    The fact that we have so many suitors who want to buy the club should tell us something. Also the credit crunch is affecting everyone not just us (property prices from highbury sq down) and who would had thought 2 yrs agoi that if we sold helb and flammini our whole future would crash and burn!!!

    no one can predict the future – who knows we might crash and burn or we might dominate. But i dont believe the sky is falling just cause the paper said so

  11. Charlie7542 says:

    I am pretty convinced that Wenger will add two or three established players to the squad this season. However, with so many talented kids ready to step up to the First Team I don’t think he is going to sign a raft of players who will potentially freeze out the most talented group of kids we’ve ever had. We’d be pretty gutted if the likes of Barazite, Nordtveit, Vela, Lansbury and Merida were all sold on and they turn out to be the next Adams, Vieira, Petit, Pires and Ljungberg. After being dissapointed this season I am ready to give Wenger another chance to prove himself so long as he makes an effort to sign some establish players to compliment and strengthen our team.

  12. tuna says:

    Perhaps we need to listen to David Dein & not Edelman . He has stated for a long time that this club has no money & is unable to compete for the best players. Last week Arsene let it slip that the money that Edelman says is available is inaccurate. Perhaps it is time to invite Usminov or Kronke onto the board. Hillwood & Fizman seem unable/unwilling to release the funds. I for 1 find it frustrating that the club were forced to sell the best team this club has ever had to finance the new stadium….Screw the stadium i want trophies.

  13. raif says:

    i hate all this.

    people leaving EVERY GOD DAMN summer, people coming in only to see them sign for some other club. it makes me sick and i cant help but let it depress me most of the times.

    we dont know the real story for why we dont spend. is it Wenger? the Board? the Stadium depts? or we just dont have any money. it could be all of them.

    and what drives me up the bloody wall is that our business handaling with players is RUBBISH. how the hell can we start to hand out contracts to players when they only have 1 year left. its stupid as we will lose them for NOTHING like all them other players we have let go for nothing. i like what Man utd do. they get there players to sign 2 or 3 years till there contract is up. if not there sold so they can get some value back on the player. we should do the same.

    is this what season ticket holders pay for. 900+ of half a decent season with pritty football with no end product and then seeing ur players wave goodbye on a bosman. only to see them replaced by some unkown kid. and thats if they get replaced in the first place.

  14. Israeli Gooner says:

    This has nothing to do with lack of finances! We don’t need that criminal Usmanov. It’s all down to Arsene Wenger and his unwillingness to strengthen the team with more than promising kids. He wasn’t ready to spend last time (Sagna and Eduardo came as replacements, not as additions), he opted not to spend during January and now he’s stalling again. Now he can’t even keep his best players. Wenger has done marvels at Arsenal, but it’s time to face the critics: It is time for Arsenal to strengthen the squad, to get a world class defender, a top striker and useful winger. These things cost, but that’s why fans pay the money.

    It is going to be a very frustrating summer, but not because we’re incapable. It’s because we’re unwilling. Not ready to acknowledge the fact that the transfer market is much more competitive, and that we show absolutely no ambition if we let Sp*rs steal our targets.

    We are one of the most profitable clubs in the world, fans pay the most expensive prices for season tickets in Europe (just look at Arsenal’s matchday revenues) and the Highbury project should inject more income in the next two years. What we repay for debt because of the stadium is much less than what Manchester United are paying for their ever growing debt (and our interest is fixed! How important is that in such economic turmoil…). For god’s sake, Sp*rs and Newcastle are splashing out much more money than we do! We play Champions League football every season, but we spend as much as Blackburn. When Bayern Munich had a couple of disastrous seasons, they went big in the transfer market, and now they’re back at their best. Here at Arsenal we simply “build” for the future. Well, if we lose Flamini and Hleb, looks like we’ll get back to building again.

  15. raif says:

    one more thing having Usminov on the board will only see him try to take money from out of the club. without putting much back in. the russian is sneeky.

    Kronke could be ok but only god knows. there business plans could be somthing miles away from the clubs plans. just take a look at liverpool.

  16. UPYOURARSEnal says:

    Every time a good player goes to another club we moan that we should have signed them, im reading lots of negative talk about the squad. We can go 4 points behind what could be the best team in Europe on monday. 4 points is nothing. A goal could change that. Rooneys goal at Arsenal this year for example. That is how close it has been. After the two previous seasons im very happy. Of course i want the league and Champions league, its not to be (i have not given up yet). This team could go on to win the league for the next three years i think. COME ON THE GUNNERS.

  17. Charlie7542 says:

    If Wenger buys two out of Quersma, Benzema, Ben Arfa, Villa, Huntelaar, Mertesacker, Richards, Barry and anyone else you care to throw in there, then most fans won’t give two hoots about Modric going to Sp*rs for an over inflated fee. For crying out loud, there are three games left in the season and the transfer window doesn’t even open until the end of July so people need to calm down and relax. And, to the fella who said bring in Usmanov, go wash your mouth out! To even wish such a thing to happen to the Arse shows you know nothing about football and have no loyality to your team.

  18. useroz says:

    hleb and flamini could go; it’s not the end of the world but that also depends on who, and how many, would be coming in…

    naturally we could promote promising reserves but we cannot expect them to play every game; not everyone could be like fabregas at 16!

    one thing people haven’t really talked about is that though directors have been saying we all got to be patient and think long term blah, blah, blah… their shares have rocketed in value in the tune of 5 to 10 times in the past several years… well, while the club did not score trophies, they did and that didn;t take long either.

    We got to send messages to the club and not put up with self pity, and semi-self destruct for too long (reckon 3 years would be enough and time’s up). If the club really couldn;t afford several more decent (not star!) players, directors could surely afford to chip in 5-10 m each, after all the 10s of millions of appreciated capital they now own.

  19. A says:

    quaresma and barry arent good enough. One or two players is enough if the current squad is kept together, if not then wenger will sign more to replace those that go

  20. JC says:

    Im just getting realy fed up the way this club is disrespecting the very people that keep it afloat! I mean why cant they just be honest with us, The board tell us the money is there to spend, the manager tells us it isnt, well which one is it, do we or dont we? and how much? I think the time has come to start letting them know that they are reliant on us not the other way round!

  21. damian says:

    There is no money 30m tops And wont be 4 possible 2 more y ears Red & White please Dein working the deals with Usminov money no tapping up Arsenal players, money wont be an issue pluss KGB u think Wengers a fool u don,t think he wouldn,t preffer Hleb Anasri ,Rosicky Arfa than Eboue Diaby

  22. The Man says:

    I’m sick and tired of all the old farts harping on about Tony Adams. He’s had his day, it is a different world now. He wouldn’t be so good in today’s game, that’s for sure. And he’s never proved anything on a managerial level. Respect to tony, but forget him.

    We never sign anyone! Should be ok though.

  23. One_Touch_Genius says:

    No way are we going to spend silly amounts in the transfer window. Personally i think we are Arsenal football club and should we let our players hold us to ransom, hell fuckin no if they want to flirt with other teams fuck them off i say. Hleb for all his dribbling can’t fuckin hit a barn door! Flamini will be a great loss no doubt but i think it’s time to play Diaby alongside Fabregas in his more natural position and train him to be Vieira like. He is not a fuckin winger! I don’t think they’ll be many signings if any let me tell you why:

    Rosicky/Theo Cesc/Denilson Diaby/Song Vela/? (maybe Traore)

    That is what the situation looks like without Hleb and Flamini, so maybe a promotion from the reserves, we do have Gibbs coming back from a loan spell aswell. Recently Troare has played some reserve games on the left side of mid field, he has the pace, power, shot and skill to play there no doubt. Merida will be back from loan aswell.

    In defence we have enough cover apparently:

    Sagna/Eboue Toure/Djourou Gallas/Senderos Clichy/Traore

    If Traore goes to left mid field then we have a problem although Clichy does not seem to get injured much. So maybe cover there could be needed. Again Nordviet has made some noises about being drafted into the first team, whats the chances eh?

    Up front we have ample player :


    Also the young english lad we have on loan to Millwall may come back to make a claim also.

    Overall i don’t think Wenger will make big signings as he cannot abandon a project that is half way there. If Diaby can go centre mid. Vela and Theo can actually be our players that go past opposing players at pace this leaves us with a excellent team……in theory! P.S we will still win the league this year COME ON YOU GOONERS!

  24. Al says:

    Trust Wenger guys.

    All of us non-Arsenal fans know he’s the best manager in the league by a mile.

    He took a team of kids and unknowns so close to doing a double, have faith.

    The way you guys play football is just breathtaking,

  25. trope says:

    Every summer the story at arsenal fc will be like this:

    1. Wenger says he’s not spending or buying a lot.
    2. Speculations of big stars interested in arsenal will not materialise. Reason, if he buys, it’ll be “cheap sale” policy, some unknown players or raw talents needing time to develop – “for the future”.
    3. Wenger complains about other clubs wanting arsenal’s star players.
    4. Wenger will continue to say “I believe in the current players’ potentials or abilities”, and (ironically too), “Winning the CL is a must”.

  26. jay t says:

    portsmouth have had the most clean sheets this season so to say adams is yesterdays man is so wrong !!! we dont want him for sentimental reasons,we need him to sort out our defence.

  27. One_Touch_Genius says:

    In with everyone on that, maybe we should get George Graham over to help our back four master the offside trap using his string technique! All jokes aside i really think Adams is needed, he can organise, teach them a few tricks and give them the sort of attitude that the famous back four used to have!

  28. aminurasyid says:

    Totally agree with u jay t…we realy2 need Tony Adams right now…our defense is to sloppy conceding goals especially in set piece..

  29. chengiskhan says:

    You guys spend a little too much time playing video games and have no real idea how club management actually works. You wish it was as simple as you make it out to be. Thank God Arsene is running things and not you! You sound like such whingy little biatches! Just think about how close we’ve been this year with a fraction of the funds. We are right there. Trust Arsene. He knows what he is doing, better than anyone else out there.

  30. El Tel says:

    Yes we were close but expectations get higher when you get close. AW made too many mistakes in the last 3 months. We should be 6 points clear instead of 7 behind. TA could be the answer with teaching our defence but will he have a say in matchplay. NO he won’t so what he would bring would be worthless when it matters.

  31. michael says:

    Actually, The most depressing thing of all are these type of blogs and the comments made on them. Some of our fans are truly embarrassing

  32. skender says:

    please the coach it is prefect. but we need for victory and the best plkayers which can be in arsenal fc, are diego from verder, amauri from palermo and bentley from blacburn and there are enougph to win a title in arsenal and about Flamini he can go because it is not the end of the world, it can be beter if kraincar and quaresam bring in arsenal

  33. robson says:

    I for one will be quite glad to see Flamini and Hleb leaving Arsenal. Who do they think they are? Flamini has one decent season and decides to hold the club to ransom! I was pulling my hair out when we sold Diarra! It didnt take a genius to work out that he is a far better player than the limited Flamini will ever be, to add to the fact that Flamini’s future was in doubt anyway then Mr.Wenger should’ve put Diarra into the team and made Flamini sit on the bench until he decided his future. They always think the grass is greener but i dont know many players who leave Arsenal and better their careers especially to join an ageing side who Arsenal passed off the park over two legs recently and to a season of Italian football where his main attributes (running, tackling) arent really needed. Fair play to the lad this season, i appreciate his efforts but i think it’s time for Diaby to be put in there now even if he had stayed, you need physical presence in there in this league and i think Diaby has enough promise do it.

    As for Hleb, well he is undoubtably a skillful player but where is his end product? 4 goals this season is pitiful. Great teams who win leagues have midfielders/wingers who score 15+ goals a season. Arsenal have 1 player who has over 15 goals this season- Adebayor, i know Fabregas has contributed but he cant do everything!!!. In past years whilst winning trophies Arsenal always had 3 or 4 players with at least this amount eg. Pires, Ljungberg, Overmars & Wiltord. Rosicky (8) is the same, we need more from these players or they have to be replaced, dont even get me started on Eboue. I really think Arsenal should brake the bank in the summer and bring in 2 or 3 players of world class ability. We all know it wont happen because it never really has before, we know Mr.Wenger doesnt like putting pressure on himself by spending lots of money. Below is what i would like to happen.

    Outs: Hleb, Flamini, Bendtner, Eboue, Lehmann. Denilson (on loan)

    Ins: Kaka, Richards, Buffon, Ben Arfa.

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