Is the pendulem swinging from Arsenal to Spurs?

On the goonerforum we have a few non Arsenal fans that regularly post there footballing views and its nice to see what other fans have to say about the Arsenal. We now have a comedian Spurs fan who thinks that the shift of power has turned from Arsenal to spurs. Please see the following thread and try not to wet yourself laughter.

Quote “anti-vermin” from the thread The pendulem is swinging from Arsenal to Spurs

Is the writing on the wall?
First Woodgate snubs the arsoles & then Modric, who’s next?
Backed by the vast wealth of ENIC Juande Ramos has shown that he has a magic touch in the tranfer market & that THFC have the reputation & the where with all to attract top players.
Next month Spurs will annouce there plans to expand WHL to 55,000.
It will be done in stages so as not to strap the club financially.
Meanwhile down at the effeminates, there is no big money to spend on new faces, The older experianced players have been shipped out to cut the wage bill, not cos they are passed there best & AFC continue to scour the african continent looking for CHEAP alternatives.
The likes of flamini & hleb may leave cos of your clubs reluctance (or is it inability?) to pay the going rate.
IMO 15 years of pain, abuse & p!ss taking are coming to an end.
The 2 players iv’e mentioned are just the first. More quality players will be ramping up at WHL very soon.
Time’s, they are a changing.

62 Responses to Is the pendulem swinging from Arsenal to Spurs?

  1. gdfsgf says:

    one word……..ha

  2. Martin says:



    where are you in the league again

    yea when you can reach the TOP HALF…………you might hold weight in your stupid comments……………=D

  3. cescy says:

    deluded as usual

  4. looneygooner says:

    If I remember right we turned down Moderic and Woodgate injury prone, besides Ramos has a reputation for cups not league, so this is exactly the bullshit we heard last season and where did they finish.

    50 million for the CC well done Spuds loads of ambition, what a joke they really are, so Spuds get excited AGAIN and then watch your pathetic dreams disappear as they have done for many years.

    Terrible blinkered fools they really are.

  5. Rob Moir says:

    Times might well be a-changing but it’s a bit thin to assume so based on a couple of signings and nothing special actually happening on the pitch.

    What is actually funnier than the content is the semi-literate style of the post.

  6. evo says:

    no chance of that ever happening. not in this lifetime anyway. Check out on why i havent yet given up on the title. share views.

  7. justin says:

    more signings like 16 million dollar darren bent and i think i will just crap my pants laughing.

    times are changing indeed hahahahahahaha cunts

  8. dave chiltern says:

    its true.

    how the hell have spurs landed woodgate and modjric.

    its disgusting. wenger is NOT on his game. he has had better days.

    sack him.

  9. Kane99 says:

    Yea. I agree.

    SACK WENGER! no other manager in the big 4 would have let woodgate slip through his fingers given Arsenals poor defense mid-season.

    its one blunder after another.

  10. Goughy says:

    Rikaard for Arsenal 08/09
    and bring Henry with yer……

  11. Lionel jones says:

    Can wenger start pissing some money around Europe and stop being such a tight-arsed fool. He has let the side down yet again.

    Shame on the fella.

  12. henry 66 says:

    I agree we need Henry back desperately. Our strikers are cack to say the least.
    Ade is poor and VP is just frail.

  13. dan says:

    spurs wont come above us but he does have a point, spurs can afford top players and we cnt. We were supposively tryin 2 get him nd so were chelsea. the independent today published the 100 richest people in england, alisher usmanov is worth 5.7 billion. With his investment we could buy quality players and have more depth in our squad. This would meen that players would not burn out bcz we cud rest them

  14. Gooner Ali says:

    n17 are an absolute shower. Good old Arsenal.

  15. Grant K says:

    a revolution is undeniable. Wenger for the last 3 years has failed to maintain his dominanace in English football but has also failed to conquer Europe.

    Its time for a change. All fans know that his time has come to an end and we need someone new with fresh ideas. ie spending money where it matters… through the core fo the team.

    we need a new central def (Gallas and Toure are poor).
    we need a new holding mid (Gilbetro and flam will both leave in summer)
    we need a new winger
    we need a new strike (Ade is poor, VP is injury prone and Eduardo is iunjred)
    most of all we need a NEW CAPTAIN!!!!!!!

    for god’s sake wenger…. please buy!!!!!

  16. mike gooner says:

    SACK HIM if he doesnt buy anyone.

  17. joseph beam says:

    fans need to start a rebellion.

  18. GoonerDave says:

    These sack Wenger nutters are crazy, why is it any kind of deal that we missed Woodgate? An injury-prone defender who’s hardly exactly made the spuds watertight at the back. As for Modric, seems clear him and Zagreb were in it for the money, and money they’ve got but success, sadly not. As for pissing money around, whats the point. People look at United’s spending, but f you analyze it properly then Hargreaves has been a bit part player all year, and Nani was so bad in yesterdays game it was laughable.

    As for the article, ho hum, summers coming again.

  19. John W says:

    You can buy all you want and still be in te Spuds situation. Team harmony is the key, and its what Arsene is trying to buid. Should the Flamster stay, all we will need are a few experienced heads and everything will turn out fine.

  20. SlipperyWhenWet says:

    What always lightens up the season is the faith and hope that deluded Spuds have every year that the balance of power is swinging their way and that they are only on 17 year old Brazilian or a lasagne away from becoming a World Superpower. You hear all the s*** and then you enjoy them eating their words when they win the Shortest Season Ever Trophy 🙂

    55k stadium – there will be an echo problem in their midtable battles vs the likes of Reading and Boro. You will be able to hear the players shouting to each other all round the ground 🙂

    Modrica is a good player – hats off there. Now you just need to buy another ten World Class players and you will have a team 🙂

  21. gilz says:

    hu de hell sed sack wenger ,, u deserve a dig

  22. tricky says:

    all those calling for Wenger’s head need their own heads examined or have forgotten what AFC football was like pre Wenger. Having successfully moved to the best stadium in europe he has embarked on a strategy of developing the best young talent around. This year,probably a year ahead of his own plans we have narrowly missed out and only with bad luck, bad refereeing decisions and injuries to key players at key times. So having embarked on this strategy it would be madness to block the way of the emerging talent. We now need to let that talent flourish and enjoy the best football in the world for the next few seasons in which silverware will certainly come. We need a bit of tweeking but not alot is wrong!!

  23. Ruzz says:

    Seem to remember hearing this same pile of horse sh*t exactly a year ago. Arsenal would end up 7th, Spurs will make the top 4 and possibly 3. Our gates would fall, we wouldnt be able to pay off the stadium + attract big players. Another Leeds Utd Blah blah blah. And the cretin who wrote that article is flattering himself somewhat. 15 years of pain? More like 25 years mate. Bar the odd result (5-1 this season & 3-1 in 91) Spurs haven’t consistantly dominated Arsenal for a very long time now. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they’ve only finished above us 4-5 times in the past 25 years. We’ve had a much better season than expected and but for a bit of bad luck may have still been in the hunt for the title and champs league. Remember, Arsene Knows and I’m sure he’ll address the issues this summer. I know a few spurs fans and they are already grumbling about Ramos and the dreadful Spurs performances of late. Winning the tin pot league cup won’t paper over their cracks…..

  24. John says:

    No way to sack Arsene Wenger, didnt we do well this year. Wenger has built a team that are able to challenge for top honors. Long we have forgotten that these young team has done great in europe when even the Henry, Pires, Vieira generation fail to achieve further than Q-Final and many times fail to even reach the knockout stage. Unlike the current generation, they have consistenly reach the knock out stages of the competition. What we lack probably is confidence and depth. A few experience heads in the summer will do good for us especially in Defence.

  25. Oneman says:

    Firstly, Ramos has done a great job, The Tots are back in the mid table where they somehow fit. It was just TOO wierd with them finishing in the top five in the previous two seasons.
    Secondly, the ‘sack Wenger crew’ are a bunch of idiotic Johnny Come Latelies. How long have these f**k wit smeg for brains supported Arsenal exactly ? We would never atract ANY talent the likes of Fabregas if Wenger left and we certainly would not be playing the breathtaking football we have become famous for. Trust The Boss, there is European domination in the air.

  26. aj says:

    In a way, you give stupidity like this an air of credibility by commenting on. Spurs fans have suffered from this delusion for years. Remember, 2007/08 was the season where they would displace Arsenal and launch their Champions League career! Where are they now? 27 points off that 4th place spot!

    Tottenham would be well advised to stop boasting about their achievements until they actually happen.

    Last year, we were all supposed to be afraid because they bought a player for £17 million who most people thought was worth no more than £5 million (Darren Bent) and this year they have paid £15 million for a player most turned away from when £8 million was mentioned. Wasting money does not make a club a big club!

  27. Steve says:

    Ramos never did any transfers. The likes of Baptista, Alves, Adriano, Fabiano and Kanoute were bought buy the Sporting Director of Seville, whose name escapes me for the moment. Its the same with Rafa at Liverpool-his transfers have been below average overall.

    15.8m for a 22 year old with no Champions League experience and no experience in a top league is a ridiculous amount of money. The only reason Spurs paid so much was to blow the other clubs out of the water- just as Newcastle did with Owen. But then again, Champions League and top league experience is hardly a necessity when you sign for Spurs.

  28. Larsporsenna says:

    The pendulum will only start to swing when the spuds stop their “this is going to be the season when we pass the Arsenal” and get a grip of reality. Fortunately this seems as remote a possibility as in previous years. Remember at the start of this season? Spurs were tipped to be the team to break into the top 4 while Arsenal were on the way down. As we approach the end of the season Arsenal have improved their position while Spurs are where?
    Still there’s always next season and the season after that and so on, ad infinitum.

  29. joseph beam says:


    If any other big 4 manager performed as poorly as him for three seasons in a row… he would be shafted.

    Why should there be exceptions for Arsene.

    Yes… he made Arsenal what they are.
    Yes… he has won us trophies.
    Yes… he is propabably one of the premierships best.


    He has failed in his task to win silverware. Instead he makes a profit on the transfer market every year… which is not his job… and this keeps the board happy.

    He has failed in his task…, simple as that. Nobody wants his stuuupid young gunns to play ‘attractive’ football at the expense of trophies.

    He is to blame. His transfer policy is ridiculous. He just wont part with money.

    Also, he fails to recognise weak links in the team ie. Eboue… when we have Walcott waiting. And Gallas as captain… give me a break!

    SACK WENGER i say.

  30. Kayo Burgess says:

    i agree. sack wenger. He just does not want superstars on his team.

    Why is it every superstar we ever made has left us. Think carefully. Pires, Vieira, Henry. Soon it will be Cesc, falmini and Hleb following in their footsteps.

    Retention is poor and their replacements are even poorer. Its sad to see teams like Spurs blowing 40million a season. At least they won the carling cup because we couldnt even do that.

    If Wenger does not get in some talented players this year, and fails to win silverware, he should be sacked. No exceptions. No excuses.

  31. Harry says:

    He lies to the fans. He always talks about acquiring stars and then does F all.

    Deserves to be givenj the chop in my book.

    Have it.

  32. Yardie says:

    Oh Dear, here we go again. Another closed season of bullshite talk about who’s gonna finish where. I say let the results do the talking. Up the mighty Arsenal!

  33. paul K says:




    AW’s crap policy to play inexperienced youngsters.
    AW’s choice for Galls as Captain just to shut him up and stop him chattin crap to the press.
    AW’s inability to replace Henry, Viera, Pires, Campbell, reyes, Baptista. the list goes on.


    Arsene Wenger.


    Sack him.
    Replace with Ancelotti or Rjikaard.

  34. rico says:

    Sack Wenger……………….

    All who think the above, you need certifing!!!!!

  35. Goughy says:

    I agree. Sack the fool. Put us out our misery and get us someone who is willing to spend a litte cash where it needs to be spent.

    Wenger was blind last summer. he didn’t spend wisely where he needed to. Sanga and Eduardo have been excellent but we needed to bolster our wings and attack more wisely as well as central defense.

    If he doesn’t perfom next season he should be chucked. Three seasons without silverware is a long wait given that there are 4 trophies available each year to us.

    Its a shame we cant win any of them. Not even the Carling Cup or the FA.

    Disgusting. I spit at the AW worshipping fans who cannot see the truth behind this.

  36. yeovil's finest says:


    AW needs to go. He has made some other errors as well as all those already listed by others.

    He hasnt sold Van Persie yet who is an injury prone idiot.
    He could have sorted Famini’s situation ages ago by just offerring him extra cash earlier instead of a week before his deadline and leaving us all in suspense.
    He plays Eboue instead of Walcott.
    He didn’t bring back Vela this year, even though we were short of fire-power on the wings.
    He failed to gain Modric’s signature.
    He choose Galls as Captain.
    He played Flamini all season instead of Gilberto. But Gilberto has been ace in the last few games and would have been an excellent level headed captain.

    So regretfully I also think we need a change in management.

  37. wbnd says:

    Rico your wrong. Sack him

  38. Gooner pal says:

    get henry back.

    ben arfa

    flamini (moaning french cashley)

  39. Kenny J says:

    Sack wenger. I agree. He’s too tight for my liking.

  40. Ollo says:

    Whoever said that Wenger must be sacked are idiots. No one in Europe plays more beautiful football than Arsenal. I wasn’t born into a family that was football mad, I kinda made my own choice and Arsenal won my loyalty due to their beautiful style of play. Anyway, Wenger has proved himself again and again that big signings don’t necessarily mean league wins or cups. Look at AC Milan, Liverpool etc. We really had bad luck this season with things like obvious vital penalties, the Eduardo incident which was the start of our slump. I would agree that Wenger was a bit stupid not bulking up on the defense in the Jan transfer season and the depth of the squad was also a problem. However, I am really excited about the new season. And just think about it, if we do win the season now, which is not likely but possible, then what will all you pessimists say then, about Wenger and the player? Think about that? Sometimes, you have everything going for you but for some reason you are just unlucky.

  41. Dave says:

    In relation to Josephs comments above,

    He (wenger) hasn’t failed in his job because he has got Arsenal to where they are now.

    5 years ago he agreed with the board to dismantle the invincibles …bring through a new team and not spend any money doing it.
    Now I remember Hill Wood saying that as long as we finished top four for four-five years he would be happy with that because we were in transition.
    Thats happened …two years ago we nearly didn’t make it but for a dodgy lasagne…but the facts are there for all to see. In addition a champs league final that I am sure no one expected.

    The point I am trying to make is that the past 4-5 years have been irrelevant, they didn’tmatter to the board becasue all the board needed was CLeague football and the cash cow it brings. Everything else would have been a bonus to the board.
    The fans don’t matter at Arsenal that much anymore …it’s not like 1980 these days where a bit of abuse would get the manager sacked…what matters is the pounds that the club generates.

    Ive been a season ticket holder and fan since 1971 and ill be buying another two tickets next year because it’s in my blood to go every week just like my best friend who is a spud season ticket holder and goes whatever happens…it’s been worse for him than for me I would have to admit….

    The key Joseph is not what Wenger has done over the past 4-5 years ….its what he does now he has a team that needs players… quality players and not unknowns. Can Wenger spend the resources he has at his disposal and if he doesn’t get it right… will he cope with a home crowd in mid January 09 that will not be happy with what has gone on.

    Somehow I think he is ruthless enough to get rid of the rubbish and incorporate the new…. but sacking him now would be grossly unfair.

  42. Matt says:

    You fucking idiot…. lets look at what you’ve said…

    First of all Woodgate never had the oppotunity to snab the mighty Arsenal as Wenger knows he is so fucking injury-prone, he isnt that good and Wenger actully has some faith in our players…

    Magic Touch…?? Is that ‘magic touch’ himself or is it money… ??? HE CANT EVEN FUCKING SPEAK ENGLISH!!
    Attrating ‘top’ players… are ‘top’ players Alan Hutton, Jonothan Woodgate, Gilberto?? NO, they arnt…

    If Spurs were a rich club they would would find a site to build an entirely new stadium, not pussy-foot around and extend your piece of shit ground…
    If they were a top club they would be able to splash out and build a top class stadium, Spurs simply cant afford it…

    No big money at the Emirates… We built a stadium costing 340 odd million quid… And there is 70Mil avalible for transfers and wenger chooses not to spend it becuase he has a plan and he is gonna fucking follow that plan through…

    Older players being shipped out…?? No, they want to leave as they cant get any minutes as our youngsters have taken their places in the side.

    Hleb and the flamster to leave as we are unable to play them what they want… ?? Again NO, we can pay them… and we stick to our wage structure!!

    15 years of pain comming to an end… think its gonna carry on as your overhyped manager cant get your shit team to win 2 games in a row, Spurs are amoung the most inconsistant teams in the league and Ramos has failed to lift them into the top half… OVER-RATED!


    You think Ramos is God… you fucking idiots… he won your 1st trophy in 9 years and it was the fucking CARLING CUP… a trophy no big team cares about and plays their reserves in to save their top players.

    Spurs are still in the BOTTOM HALF!!! FUCK ME… you think hes amazing…
    And Modric… he obviously has fuck-all ambition and doesnt give half a fuck about winning anything, the money grabbing twat…



  43. GoonerDave says:

    If fans want silverware we have the Emirates Cup and Amsterdam Trophy from this season! They’ve got to be worth just as much as the milk cup, though admittedly the LC does carry a chance to shoot for the heights of the UEFA cup, course we don’t need that cos we haven’t had to play in Europe’s second competition for many years. No ones saying Wenger doesn’t make mistakes, but his genius far outways his mishaps, and as for 3 years being a long time without trophies…. well I suppose if your 12 it is a quarter of your life.

  44. Oz The Yido says:

    Hail Hail anti-vermin, What a great post. This man knows his football.

    anti-vermin for president. Fuck all you pikey gooner cunts

  45. Hadley says:

    For the benefit of all these complete morons who have been calling for Wenger to be sacked, consider this (if you are capable.) In the decade that Wenger has been the Arsenal manager Fergie has a net transfer deficit of over 300 million, Liverpool have a transfer deficit of over 200 million and god knows how much Chelsea have spent, yet during this time Wenger has actually made a slight PROFIT for the club and its long term interests. The assumption that some idiots make that Wenger is somehow being selfish or egoic is ludicrous . The decision not to spend as much as the others Wenger made in order to safeguard the long term interests of the club while the stadium was being built and the Highbury property investment completed and, as a consequence, yes, it does make it harder to be successful now, but Wenger took this decision for the future benefit of the club, fully realising that it would make his job a lot harder and may well deprive him of silverwear. In taking this unselfish decision for the future benefit of our club
    he knew that he may be sacrificing short term glory for himself. If he can make that kind of sacrifice (and still compete on the field, as we so admirably HAVE this season) and not complain, then the least any so called Arsenal supporter can do is keep their mouth shut the next time they feel like whinging when we havent met their over inflated expectations. Any club in the world would want him, how many times has he said no to Madrid, Munich etc. Sack Wenger, use that rapists Usmanovs money??! I can’t believe I am even reasoning with such people, when I hear this nonsense you truly make me feel ashamed to associate myself with the same club as you. Debating about the team is one thing, but you are acting like a bunch of spoiled children throwing your toys out of the pram just because you can’t say your club won the title. Disappointment is part of life. Take it on the chin and fucking well get on with it. Supporting a football club isn’t simply about having bragging rights. Its not about the players, the manager, the chairman or even the supporters. It is everyone associated with the club believing in the ideals that the club represent. Spending 300 million dirty money to buy the title means nothing. If you would rather do this then fuck off and go support chelsea. Arsenal is my tribe and I consider it an honor to be able to say that I support such a fine club. And support them I will though thick and thin until I breathe my last breath.

    P.S. Modric is an interesting prospect but the only reason he is being sold for so much is because Wenger was being linked with him last year.

  46. Dave says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what you have said here.
    There are times when I get upset when players have there shirts outside there shorts…..WHY! because our club…and when I say our Club I refer to all the people who go week in and week out …who pay hard earned money to watch away games on a Monday night …who turn up when theres nothing to play for because they always have…who never change their allegance just because they are not winning …who want tickets for all the games not just Man Utd at home….who just really bloody care when things are after the Liverpool CL game…OUR CLUB is different…it has had history… it has had integrity… and above all it’s got fans who have a little more savvy than other fans.
    OK …we don’t sing the loudest …we don’t always create the best atmosphere etc. etc. but we also don’t boo youngsters when things are not going well, we don’t like cheats…(The real reason why the Emirates Crowd don’t like Eboue) and above all else when things are not happening on the pitch in the way we think they should do we don’t shout out “you don’t know what your’e doing” like the Chelsea Glory Hunting rabble at the Bridge.
    I get upset …of course I do …everyone who sits around me does at some point …but to a man we know that Wenger has to be evaluated in a different light. At the moment he’s getting slaughtered by the press and some twats on here for not spending big money on the press associations next big thing….Well..for me over the next couple of years will decide if we look back on the Wenger years as perfect…or slightly tarnished due to him doing a fantastic job for decades..(.yes decades..not two years ala the perfect one at the bridge..) and then not being able to spend big on big players when the time came.

    Incidentally ..pendulem swinging to Spurs …please ..they are always two players away from success every year and probably one of these days they might just buy someone for the right transfer fee..15.8 million for a player that could have been bought at xmas for 10.0 is a real bargain…not.

  47. GOONERS says:

    Totenham fans always expect too much whenever they sign a player, all of the players they sign never really shine. Totenham fans were over the moon when they signed Chimbonda, Bale, Zakora, Bent etc, however none of them really showed anything. They just proved to be decent players for mid-table teams.

    Wenger shouldnt be sacked, he is still capable of bring trophies.

  48. Kenneth Green says:

    oh you fu(knuts…

    you really have no fu(king idea.

    Wenger only has a job because he makes money for the shareholders. Not through dividends… but long-term via bonus and rights issues which they will all, i am sure, one day sell.

    That is why they love him. That is why they have a job. He makes a profit every year on the transfer market and fills their pockets. And while their pockets grow deeper and deeper the comprimise is a group of ‘kids’ who do not have the experience or the talent to go all the way.

    Wenger is sly. He likes the fans to think that he will spend big every summer, yet in September we are left to analyse why our acquisitions have not met our expectations.

    people talk about Liverpool and Spurs buying,. but noit playing ‘attractive’ football. What they fail to realise is that Spurs won the carling cup thei year by knocking our ‘kids’ out… Spurs 5 Arsenal 1

    Liverpool knocked us out of the Champions league. Liverpool 5 arsenal 3.

    So, bearing that in mind, these two clubs have not failed. Thier manager has not failed them. Wenger has failed us because he b1tches about not spending a lot of money and therefore we cant be compared to other teams. However, it is him and the fat-cat board that decide not to spend.

    Its sickening to think our poorer North London neighbours (Spurs) can afford players we cant. That they can make good acquisitions as and when required. While we struggle.

    That is why Wenger either needs to change or chould be sacked.

  49. Joe Kane says:

    Some excellent thoughts their Kenneth.

    I totally agree with you. Wenger needs to revise his tranfer policy. He has let down the fans. Another season without silverware is unacceptable.


  50. Nick says:

    and wheres this money the jids are spending coming from? Berbatov, their best player will be sold. WHL to be expanded? my arse! maybe their knocking the trophy cabnit down to make extra seating, they dont use it anymore!

  51. isaac says:

    unlike arsenal we spend fuking money and win fuking trophies.

    pity you cant do the smae.

    no doubt we’ll pip you to 4th spot in 08/09.

    tight arsed french fukers.

  52. benjy says:





    losers. a bunch of losers. you realyy should SACK WENGER. hes rubbish.

    JUANDE RAMOS and AVRAM GRANT have both done better than him in their first seasons.

    Ramos won the Carling Cup
    Grant came from behind to clinch whats looks to be 2nd in Prem and possibly a Champions league final ticket.


  53. jacobs says:

    I agree about the sacking of AW.

    Although he did well to begin with he has slowly lost the plot. Eboue instead of Walcott. Thats a joke.

    Gallas for captain. Another joke at our expense. What was he thinking.

    He needs to buy some players this year or some harcorde fans will revolt. He will start to be taunted next year if he doesn’t fix-up and get us the results we need.

    Benjy’s comments say it all. A loos to all the other 3 of the big 4 and spurs in the carling cup. Its appalling.

    Sack him if it persists.

  54. Harry KOOL says:



  55. liam says:

    A revo-f*****ing-lution are you stupid?! since when has sacking a top class manager who’s team was so close to and deserved success in both premiership and the champions league for a manager who is in charge of a team spiralling downwards a good idea?
    wenger for Rijkaard
    i haven’t heard so much un-called for bull in ages and the fact i’m hearing it now, in what should be a time of optimism for Arsenal fans is what truly annoys me. we need a defender yes, like woodgate yes, but how was Wenger to know that in january, we were on magnificent form.

    Now we know that all we need is to sure up the defence with a player like micah richards who can gradually under strict supervision become a valid replacement for gallas over the season and who can play at right back if sagna gets injured. whether wenger gets richards or a player like him i can’t say but i have faith in him, as he is owed it by all of us.

    I hope any arsenal fans calling for wengers sacking, fall over, bust dere heads and die!!!!

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  57. charlie says:

    Yeah, Stupid! Sack Wenger and appoint O’Leary or someone similar to spend all the money. two years down the line we are relagated. That’s what you fools want. Then go for it. Intellegent assholes.

  58. Rambo says:

    SACK WENGER… OUR BEST MANAGER EVER…??? I would love to hear the so-called ‘fans’ if we had pulled through and won the league. No-one expected us to even challenge for any trophy this season, Spurs were supposed to take 4th from us… now they stuck in the bottom half with the most inconsistent team in the league! As far as i’m concered if you want to see tons of money spent on players by your favorite club, fuck off and support the mancs you fucking two-faced hypocrytes… If we had won the league you would be up there signing wengers praises from the roof-tops but after just 4 consecutive draws you have lost all faith and think tons needs to be spent inorder to win a trophy.. GO ‘SUPPORT’ THE MANCS, THATS WHERE ALL THE GLORY HUNTING KNOW NOTHING INGRATES BELONG!!! AND IF YOU THINK WENGER SHOULD BE SACKED THEN THATS WHERE YOU BELONG!

    You won the carling cup, a trophy that the real big teams play their reserves in. It’s a small trophy for small clubs!

  59. jamo says:

    This young team has made progress, in 2005/06 we finished with 67 pts, last season we finished with 68, think season we already have 74 pts and can still get another 9… and thats without Henry, who was supposedly the only thing keeping arsenal together

    so fuck all the doubters!

  60. Damen says:

    Spurs are looking good. If they do buy Gomes are reported, their team could challenge for the top 4 next year. But this will depend on King staying fit and not selling Berbatov.





    Subs: Gk, Dawson, Boeteng, Malbranqe, Bent.

  61. mygunners says:

    hahahaha…the idiot spuds in the house…

    lets football do the talking… if you talking about the tiny cup… that what you all deserve after 9 years without cup?… at least you got some improvement….

    yet again, people are talking about gunners downfall…. so where arsenal right now? no 7 in the league? where is spuds? struggling to euro….? just let berbatov go… he want a challenge in euro which your team can wait for another 9 years to achieve if you can… hahahahah….

    people are urging to sack wenger, just because they’re jealous with wenger achievement. c’mon… arsenal had gone brilliant this season. yes, we got no trophy, but stay calm and analyze why we lost the game… if all the ref decision are not against us, we should get plus 13 points from we got now. that point can make us champions… and also that man in black decision who sent us out of the champions league quarter final…

    I just want to show a reality point to tell the IDIOT who say we should sack wenger. he already build a competitive team that can last longer at least for 10 years without a STAR status player… was is great? just trust your manager because ARSENE KNOWS!

    I’m sure he also knows where to invest… he is already invest in several players that been loan this year and we can use their service next season. This is what we called PLAN!

    YES we need several establised player in our team next season but leave it to arsene… he’s manage the real team, not the FOOTBALL MANAGER 2008 on your pc!

    So cheer up gunners…. we gonna have something next season…


  62. timao says:

    If Arsene had wanted Modric don’t you think he would have him by now? Either he’s not up to it, or we’ve got other players in that role – ie. Cesc and Denilson. Spurs can keep Modric – like they can keep Berbatov – exactly as long as these players don’t mind playing for the Uefa cup rather than on the biggest stage (has anyone else noticed how sh*t the new format Uefa cup is as well??)

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