Flamini, Just Go Already!

by natsteel

I have three words for Mathieu Flamini… just go already!

He obviously doesn’t want to stay or he would’ve signed the deal already. He won’t look half the player he did this season without Cesc next to him. Milan don’t play like Arsenal and he will have to adapt. Remember how long it took him to adapt here – THREE YEARS!! Does he think the Milan board, coaching staff, and especially the fans will be as patient with him as Arsenal was? They should boo the shit out of him if Wenger puts him on the bench on Sunday or especially if he gets in the game. We don’t need an ungrateful, greedy player who thinks he’s bigger than the club.

If he was committed to the club he would sign the deal and put in another good year (he’s only had ONE!!) and then look to ask for a wage increase after next season. But no, he wants the money and he wants it NOW!!! He’d rather play for a lesser team who may not even be in the CL next year for an extra 5-10k a week. Is that really the kind of player we want at Arsenal. It shows that for Flamini winning trophies and playing good football are nowhere near as important as money. I mean, he’s had one good season!! And he’s let this hang over the club since before January while we were in the middle of our first title run-in in 3 years.

Look at Kolo Toure… a true Arsenal professional. He’s been here for over five years won the league, the FA Cup, and been to the Champions League final. He’s got the most seniority on the team aside from Gilberto and he’s not one of the top paid players. Do you hear him complaining?? No. He’s in the press talking about how he wants to become an Arsenal legend which doesn’t come with a price tag. The fact is he’s quibbling over 5-10k pounds a week when right now he makes more in a week than most people in England make all year. All the players at the club make a bit of a sacrifice when it comes to wages due to the club’s wage structure but they are willing to do it because Arsene and the club brought them through as youngsters and we are trying to achieve something that people seem to think can’t be done.

This team has a chance to do what no other Arsenal team ever has… win the European Cup. They would forever be Arsenal legends and more players should be like Cesc and Kolo who have both said that that is the most important thing. Cesc and Kolo could leave and make WAY more money tomorrow if they wanted but they’re dedicated to the club. At this point, it’s not even a matter of waiting for him to make a decision… I want the club to take the offer off the table and say you’re not the kind of player and person we want at Arsenal. This club has values and traditions that mean a lot to the supporters and everyone at the club, and Flamini’s behavior has shown that he does not hold those values or want to share in those traditions. At this point, for me, he can’t leave quick enough. Flamini’s behavior has been like saying “Fuck You1!!” to the club and the supporters… now it’s time for us to say it back.

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21 Responses to Flamini, Just Go Already!

  1. bhallster says:

    Well said! I’m sick of this guy acting like he’s a legend. He’s a money hawk. He just so happens to play his best season the final year of his contract. He’s playing everyone for money. This is not someone we want on our team. He’s showing his true colors. Gunners!

  2. joe says:

    well said//

  3. Hansen says:

    myeh, I’d rather remember the great things he has done for us, his wonderful form at left back a couple of seasons ago and his countless tackles and several important goals. He has done well for us and i wish him best of luck elsewhere, you can’t force everyone to want to play for Arsenal, if he wants AC then let him go, of course the Arsenal curse will surely strike him like it strikes every ex arsenal player thinking the grass is greener on the other side

  4. G4L says:

    Well said mate.

  5. Matt says:

    Coludnt agree more! Like Modric, fuck all ambition, its all about the money!! Greedy twats! He wont be half the player he was at Arsenal, Cesc made him the player he has been this season… No Arsenal player is the same once they leave, just look at Henry, Ljungberg, Viera, Cashley, Reyes. Yes, he has been fantastic this season but he will never again be the player he has been this season… and thats what he deserves… not a true Arsenal player, he did the same to Marseille!!

  6. Kriiiiish says:

    You are being a little too harsh on flamster. whenever he has played for us, he is committed and never fusses about, encourages everyone, we are definitely going to miss it next season. he has family in italy too and so may be this is a reason. although you are right about his adaptation time in italy and whether the coach and fans would give him the time to do so. we will see what happens, i am sure arsene will have a plan and no one is bigger than the club.

  7. Ashburton Gooner says:

    How is going to AC Milan lacking ambition? So they might not qualify for the CL next season although that isn’t definate, but you can gurantee their president will do everything in his power to bring success back to the club. Arsenal on the other hand will look at the bargain basement for players & spend another 3-4 year waiting for the kids to grow up.

    The only reason gooners are getting so annoyed with Flamini is due to the fact we all know he won’t be replaced properly. If Arsene went out & bought a ready made replacement everyone would soon forget Flamini, but we know it won’t happen, the truth is its more likely to be this Australian bloke Milligan.

    Flamini’s probably leaving because he actually has ambition. Why does everyone think we have more players depart every summer than any other top club? Its because our better players don’t believe in Wenger’s vision & want success, whether they get it or not is another matter.

  8. Chris says:

    I have to agree. Flamini is what he is today thanks to Arsenal and may I add one thing? He is leaving for a side who is not yet certain of a champions league spot. Is he maybe waiting for this?

    And also, if he thinks he’ll be playing in the same style of Arsenal he’s so wrong, he’ll just stare at Kaka’ with the ball at his feet not passing to his teammates.

    Good luck, if so.

  9. ssy says:

    i wasnt seein g this side of the story and surely who is he??? If henry cud be left to go then surely so can he and i believe given the chance, players like denilson and diaby let alone song cud sttep up their games…..
    but we need hleb tostay for sure…..
    long live the loyal gunners(fab, toure,cliche,…..

  10. Viking says:

    This is the French decease all over again…..and again. Greedy players that think they are bigger than the team. Flamini, Diarra, Pires, Petit, Vieira, Grimandi, Le Sulk Anelka, Aliadiere and HENRY. When will Arsenal/Wenger ever learn!? They all left and FAILED! The grass is NOT greener on San Siro/Giuseppe Meazza or Nou Camp. They leave as soon as these grease ball teams are waiving their check books on in their faces.
    Who do they think we are? A farmer team??

    Good F****** RIDDANCE ALL YALL!!

  11. Passenal says:

    I must say I’m starting to agree with you. I really do not like how he has behaved over this business. Maybe he is waiting until the season is over so that the announcement of his departure is not disruptive to the team, but it has put me off him as a person and I now have serious reservations about him. I’m sure though that he will miss us more than we miss him. We may not have a like-for-like replacement for him, but Cesc can play with anyone and will make a new, effective but different partnership in the middle with someone else.

  12. Viking says:

    This is the French desease all over again…..and again. Greedy players that think they are bigger than the team. Flamini, Diarra, Pires, Petit, Vieira, Grimandi, Le Sulk Anelka, Aliadiere and HENRY. When will Arsenal ever learn!? They all left and FAILED! The grass is NOT greener on San Siro or Nou Camp. They leave as soon as these grease ball teams are waiving their check books on in their faces.
    Who do they think we are? A farmer team??

    Good F****** RIDDANCE ALL YALL!!

  13. James says:

    You’re talking shit. The fact is Arsenal did not believe in Flamini for 2 years before they put him in the team, they weren’t even going to give him a new contract and were prepared to let him go for nothing at the end of this season.

    How do you know what the sums are? Clubs do not have to pay a transfer fee, I would assume he’s being offered an extra £20k a week – TAX FREE. That’s over £1 million a year – over a 4 year contract is £4 million.

    Football is a short career, he could be Eduardo tomorrow – if you’re telling me you would not think about that sort of money you’re a liar.

    If he’s so useless why are you getting upset? To say Cesc does everything for him is sour grapes, Flamini has had a brilliant season and it’s more likely that Cesc could not do what HE does best without Flamini.

    Besides, Flamini has always given his best and never criticised the club, even when they did not believe in him – so perhaps you should say thanks for what he did instead of being an arsehole about it.

  14. TonyS says:

    Chill out people, if someone offered you a job with a huge pay hike, you’d do the same. And don’t forget how “loyal” were Arsenal when Diarra was signed at the start of the season with every inention of being ahead of Flamini in the pecking order…..do you think he’s forgotten that?

  15. natsteel says:

    TonyS, Diarra was bought on August 31st which is after the season started and it was NEVER with the intention of him starting over Flamini. The boss intended to give him a chance to win the role but he blew it. He was mediocre at best in all but one measly Carling Cup match. And he played enough games including in the Champions League to show what he could do. He got his chance and didn’t take it the same way that Flamini took his when Gilberto needed a break after Copa America.

  16. natsteel says:

    In reply to James, it’s quite wrong to say Arsenal “didn’t believe in him for two years and were willing to let him go.” First of all, just Arsene buying him shows that he believed in him. He believed in him so much he put up with two years of mediocre performances before he finally came good. And it wasn’t that we were willing to let him go, he wouldn’t sign a new deal last summer because he was busy telling everyone he wanted to leave. Also, the figures are quoted from newspaper reports. Of course, they may not be completely accurate but we’re not talking about a huge difference. I doubt AC are offering 100k/wk. And I never said Flamini was “useless.” You’re arguing with some imaginary post. Flamini has been one of our best and most consistent players this year but he does not care about the club. And if it was me, and I was already making 25k/wk which is more than most people in this world make in a year then yes I would sacrifice a little more money for the chance to play at a special place with my close friends. And what did he do for me to say thanks for… had one good season out of three in which we finished 3rd while he kept his contract situation up in the air from December to May? Please. Who else was clamoring to sign Flamini three years ago at Marseille?? No one. Only Arsene and Arsenal. And I don’t see how I’m being an arsehole about it… I didn’t say nothing that wasn’t based on facts. I didn’t call him names or anything like that. All my points are valid as are some of yours.

    Ashburton Gooner… Once again, I never said he was lacking “ambition.” I said he was lacking loyalty to the club and his friends at the club and the supporters. Arsenal are far closer to winning the Champions League AND their domestic league than AC Milan are. AC Milan are looking at a rebuilding period, something we have just come out of. Are you falling for the “big club hype?” Why goto a team like AC or Real Madrid, who haven’t gotten to the quarterfinals of the CL in 5 years or Barcelona who struggle in the league – while both are models of instability in the board room and the coaching staff. These teams think they can attract players based on their name rather than their current performances or situations… and that won’t last much longer as the new generation of players come up and see them for what they really are. I understand “the modern game” and all but everyone at Arsenal could leave for bigger money RIGHT NOW but they don’t. It’s because they are committed to the club and to Arsene and their teammates who they have “grown up” with and are willing to make a bit less money now because to them it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

    And you talk about all the players that leave every summer… the fact is that we let them go because they were starting to decline and it was the right time to get the best money for them. That’s smart management. None of them have been half the player they were after they left Arsenal. That just shows it was the right time to get rid of them. Or are you one of these people who wishes the Invincibles were all still here? If they were, we wouldn’t even qualify for the Champions League based on their performances with their current clubs. We have to move on. Flamini had a good year but it was only ONE year and hardly deserves a wage increase that none of his teammates have received or even asked for.

  17. Agree with everything you say about this possible one season wonder.Twelve months ago no-body would have batted an eyelid if he had gone so why worry too much if on the strength of one pretty good season he goes.If Wenger is stupid enough to give him a part to play on Sunday then the fans MUST let him know what we think if and when he comes on.I think it would be a shame if he does play a part because the last home game is traditionally a fun,party type occasion to see us through the Summer.

  18. Bele ND says:

    Come on people!

    So he’s screwing over the club is he? We have all the morals do we??


    I didn’t hear anyone complaining when we signed Sol Campbell, after he refused to sign a new deal at Spurs…surely it’s the same behaviour?

    And lets be honest, if Arsenal decide a player is not good enough, they’ll soon get rid of him without a seconds thought!

    Loyalty only goes both ways if you’re good enough it seems…..Is that fair or moral?

    I love Arsenal, we are great. And rest.

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  20. pet rat says:

    Hes only had 1 good season wants more money we should just let him go. Pires, henry wanted a new challenge didnt want more money

  21. Gaz says:

    Who really gives a shit! Im a true gonner, but pissed off with football, its turning into a commerical pantomime, everybody has a price, if barca offered cesc 150k per week like ron at United, he’d be out of the Emirates like speedy gonzales. Wouldn’t you? I agree with this pay structure, but untill it changes were not winning anything. The rest of the clubs are commiting financial suicide, but unfortunatly that seems to be what it takes now! Just go Flam, Arsene will replace you with someone better, then he will go in a couple of years when some club offer more money.
    P.S. I hope im wrong.

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