Stephane Sessegnon to replace Flamini

Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger has reportedly been in contact with French club Le Mans asking about the availability of tough defensive midfielder Stephane Sessegnon.

Giles Grimandi Has been sent to watch the player a number of times this season and has been very impressed with the hard working ball winner.

Le Mans also claim to have had an approach from Newcastle Utd. Sessegnon is an Benin international & had gave a impressive displays at the African Cup of Nations.

Sessegnon, 23, is highly regarded in France as a tough defensive midfielder who has an eye for goals, Scoring 4 goals in 40 games for Le Man including 2 last season in the same game vs Lyon.

He will be the seen by Wenger as the perfect replacement for AC Milan bound Mathieu Flamini, And is valued at around £4m.

Full name Stéphane Sessegnon
Date of birth June 1, 1984 (1984-06-01) (age 23)
Place of birth Allahe, Benin
Height 1.72 m (5 ft 7+12 in)
Playing position Midfielder

27 Responses to Stephane Sessegnon to replace Flamini

  1. One_Touch_Genius says:

    Great another player that is unknown to us maybe he’ll be good i mean who knew about Sagna or Eduardo to a lesser extent eh? Worrying though when ANC comes round he’ll be off……

  2. Gunner4Ever says:

    Benin is a very small African country and the odds of them qualifiying for the ANC every time is very minimal. He looks strong, and right down Wenger’s ally of unknown good players. Who knows.

  3. Franky says:

    Ummm… an eye for goal?? Scores 1 goal in 10 games??

    He’s 5 foot 7?? He’s a midget!!

  4. kunzle says:

    lets wait and see wat baba wants to do…………………………….

  5. ian says:

    i don’t anticipate benin being a perennial ANC contender, nor even a consistent qualifier, so i think we’d be safe.

  6. Gooner Chris says:

    Some of those goals in that video were given to him on a plate, I doubt he’ll come, he’s just another French midfielder to be linked with us.

  7. rakeem says:

    if hes a midget then flamini no different is he? bt i stil want to see ben arfa at the club

  8. Passenal says:

    He’s a bit short, so I don’t think so given what Wenger said recently about needing more height and physical presence defensively.

  9. gunner4life says:

    Have never heard of him, wenger is the master at finding unknown talent .Being valued at 4 million pound that will rocket into double figures when chelsea start throwing money about as they do.a*******S !

  10. TalentScout says:

    Sessengnon is not a defensive midfielder. He plays left wing or a advanced centre midfield role who has low centre of gravity and a thunderous shot.

  11. Adam says:

    Sagna and Eduardo unknowns? Sagna was already an French internationl and Eduardo a regular for Croatia, who beat England. You reckon Phil Neville is an unknown?
    In 2007 he scored 2 vs Lyon, which leave 2 for the remaining 39 games. Not exactly prolific is it. And that goal on the video doesn’t say much.
    And, as pointed out, he’s not an out and out DMF.

  12. nbaroundtable says:

    I thought he was winger or attacking midfielder? Must be pretty versatile. That’ll fit in well for Wenger, he needs some more (attacking) options in midfield.

    Benin has a bunch of Nigerian nationals switching allegiances, is that the right nation? I think it was Benin that made the African Nations Cup with a lot of player’s from foreign countires.

  13. Danish Gooner says:

    could be interesting.

  14. EKoL says:

    i don’t anticipate benin being a perennial ANC contender, nor even a consistent qualifier, so i think we’d be safe.

  15. Jimmy says:

    I don’t think so

  16. sketchredze says:

    Support Arsenal !! Peace!!!

  17. negombye says:

    we have lost only midfielders this season. i wish lassan diarra hadnt gone. yaya toure is the only consolation i can think of

  18. jesswe says:

    who are the people concerned about his goal record?!??! we’re looking for a dm!

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  20. sohbet says:

    Yes Thats is a good idea. Thanks a lot

  21. nakliyat says:

    we’re looking for a dm!

  22. matbaa says:

    my admin thak you. (;

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