With One Fixture Left, Arsene Has Some Signing to Do

Flamini: Gone

So it has finally come down to one game. Arsenal will come in 3rd place this season, with the final day of the season to decide who will win the title, Chelsea or Manchester United. So, as a club, we have some reflection to do. What was the decisive moment? What players held the team back this year? What additions need to be made? 

Well here’s how I see it: Arsenal’s title chances ended in late February against Birmingham City, where Eduardo broke his leg. Our season went downhill from there. There have been several players to blame for our lack of success, and for me, the main culprits and Eboue and Senderos. They need to be the first to leave. First of all, they are not good enough to play at Arsenal, and they have better players behind them in the pecking order in Song and Walcott. The next three players who have to leave have been caught between Generations, and those players are Lehmann, Gilberto, Gallas and J. Hoyte. So, with these six exits, plus that of Flamini, who signed for Milan today, these two teams will be the first and second squads:

—-Adebayor—van Persie—


—–Fabregas–New Signing—


—–Toure—New Signing—-





Traore——————New Signing



Bench: Mannone, Nordtveit, Merida, Gibbs, Barazite/Sunu

So those are the signings we need to make. A defensive midfielder, similar to Flamini, a big, huge, towering, stronger center-back, and a back-up right back. 

1. Defensive Midfielder Options

  • Jean Makoun- He is a Cameroonian defensive midfielder, and is a ball-winner, very aggressive, and strong in the tackle. He also has a similar ability to Flamini with “ghosting” in to the box. 
  • Loic Perrin- The St. Etienne man is another defensive midfielder, who is very good at going on sudden bursts forward, and is also very strong in the tackle aswell. 
  • Stephane Sessegnon- the Frenchman cn be read about by clicking here. 
  • Alex Song- This boy really has emerged this season, especially for Cameroon. I think we have all been impressed with him, and could become a great center midfielder alongside Cesc, and we wouldn’t have to pay anything. 
  • Abou Diaby- Although most of us haven’t been impressed with him on the left wing, that is not his natural position, and I can definitely see potential for him in the center midfield position. He has a great passing range and skill on the ball, and is more than willing to get stuck in. 
  • Gilberto Silva- He is an option, and Wenger has said that he wants him to stay. I think that he has been fine when he has started, but he has gotten to old to be able to adapt to the game when he comes on after 70 minutes. 
  1. Center Back 
  • Per Mertesacker- The German 6’6 man is idle for Arsenal’s current team in my opinion, and is my preference. He is a no nonsense 23-year-old, and gets the occasional goal for Werder Bremen. He has five years of experience in the Bundesliga with Hannover and Bremen. He was brilliant for Germany in the 2006 World Cup, and would be an ideal signing. 
  • Ron Vlaar- He captained the Dutch u-21’s to victory in the European Championships of 2007. He has been playing for Rotterdam for two years, and has made two appearances for Holland. He looks like he will be a great player, especially if he gets in the hands of Arsene Wenger.
  • Cristian Zapata- The Columbian man is my least preferred of the three. I think he is a great player, especially to be starting as a defender in Italy at 21 is a great achievement. However, I think he is too attacking minded to partner Toure, and would be Gallas and Toure all over again. However, he is a great player, and would be more than willing to give him a chance. 
  1. Right Back
  • I really have no idea who would be a good back up right back, and it seems like all the boys from the Reserves are average (Paul Rodgers, Abu Ogogo, Kerrea Gilbert, Anton Blackwood). If you have any ideas for a good right back, dont post a reply, join the Forum, and start a thread. 
By K-PO, proud hardcore member of the Gooner Forum, and main man of the blog

26 Responses to With One Fixture Left, Arsene Has Some Signing to Do

  1. Nice article and I think we need a striker too with good finishing.

  2. ola says:

    wenger aint selling all those players. this is crap.

  3. del boy says:

    wats your opinion on lorik cana? u sound like u watch a bit of french footy. the little iv seen of him looks very good- appears to have a flamini-esque stamina and mobility plus, a monster tackler

  4. Sid says:

    EXACTLY how I read it, congratulations! Birmingham was the turning point, and Eboue and Senderos are definitely the weak links while for Lehmann, Gilberto and Gallas it’s time to move on – with our sincere thanks.

  5. Mo says:

    i think eboue can still make for a good squad player, & lets be honest gallas is still going to be our captain next season! we need a top cb! been too busy recently to follow europe so dont know whos hot & whos not..how about that vincent kompany wasnt he supposed to be alright?

  6. John says:


  7. Reyes says:

    Please next season without:
    1) Adebayore
    2) Eboue
    3) Senderos
    4) Gallas
    5) Hoyote
    and all wil be good

    I agree with you for the need for defensive midfielder and a towering center defender, but you forgot to mention a fantastic forward to replace Adebayore, as he is one of the main culprits for this season failure, and his agent are making nosies as if his player is better than Drogba ot Torres, get real!

    Even with a shitty defense we could have won the title comfortably had Adebayore converted half the chances that he got during the season.

    People say he scored 30 goals but they forget that anyone could have that number if they played for Arsenal regularly, I bet if Bendtner started in Adebayore place he could have reached the 40 mark, and in Eduardo the 50 and if Benzema 60, although nothing is for sure but you got my point.

    I have 12 years old twin brothers that support Arsenal with me and every time the watch Arsenal they see Adebayore wasting ball after ball then they tell me why is he in our team? Can he do anything by him self? Like going on Messi or Henry or Walcot’s run and beat several defenders then score?
    I suddenly can’t say anything to them, just remind them that before a few years we had the likes of Kanu, Bergkamp, Anelka, Henry, Pires and Ljungberg destroying teams in the first 15 minutes, and that Arsenal will get better once they got rid of those players who don’t know the weight of the shirt that they are wearing.

  8. Irish Gooner says:

    EH? 30 goals this season……. shut the fuck up!

  9. slim says:

    i dont think we really need a striker.as much as i agree that we maybe somehow short in that area,i really think after the departure of flamini,there is that place neede to fill,also as most will will agree with me,we need a centreback,n probably a winger.

  10. gooner paul says:

    Reyes: Adebayor should leave??? Maybe you should go buy a chavs shirt instead, or a R*naldo duvet and poster set for your bedroom. What were you and your brothers doing when he knocked in his 30 goals this season??? How many goals should a main striker score, in order to be worthy of the Arsenal you claim to support?

    Oh, and Gallas is one of the few truly experienced star players with leadership qualities we have in the squad right now. You know, just the kind of player some folks put on lists of names we “must sign” in the summer, then post on their blog.

    What this Arsenal team really needs is some loyal supporters, not the type who get up and leave at the 85 minute mark or think buying players = trophies.

  11. Grimandi says:

    Hey guys I’ve got a great idea, lets sell our thirty goal a season striker because there is loads of them flying around! He misses some chances, so. Everyone does, but they also don’t score 30 goals! Numbers don’t lie, he has been influential this season and has given Arsenal different options with his ability on the floor and in the air. He is strong and skillful and scored more goals this season than kanu or anelka ever did in one year. If people can’t recognise the ability of a player who is only 23/24 they really don’t know football. And to suggest he is a culprit for our failures is ridiculous! He scored in the San Siro, he scored at Old Trafford he scored the 2nd at Anfield. When we needed a goal he was there, our inability to shut out teams has cost us. And granted you may say but how many did he miss before?! But he came back for more, and SCORED. I seem to remember Henry (for all his greatness) being unable to do this in Paris 2 years ago. Adebayor is a top top player and deserves recognition for his showing this season, because WITHOUT his goals we would be struggling for a champions league spot. NOT challenging for the title as Reyes suggests.

    Also good shout on Mertesacker i think he would be an ideal option, and my first choice. As impressive as Song has been at CB in the last couple of games i dont think he can be considered a 3rd choice CB for a club like Arsenal.

  12. Ben says:

    Looks like there could be a very interesting summer for Arsenal fans.
    Flamini is gone and I’d say it’s more than 90% likely that Hleb is going too. Rumours that Bendtner will be sold have dampened now that he appears to get on better with the team, at least superficially. I doubt Gilberto will want to stay unless Wenger guarantees him games which I don’t think he will. Lehmann is off and Senderos’ substitution in the Everton game suggests he might be too. Hoyte’s lack of involvement since Sagna’s injury reveals what Wenger thinks of him so he’s probably off but no way is Gallas. Gallas has proved he can play full back positions, yet Toure clearly can’t. However, Wenger played Toure at RB in important matches keeping Gallas at CB. That shows that Wenger definitely thinks Gallas is a better CB than Toure but it might also show that Wenger thinks their pairing doesn’t work. When we still had Hleb, and Walcott was on fire, Wenger played Hleb left and Eboue right. Why didn’t he play Hleb and Theo on the wings with Eboue at right back and Gallas & Toure at CB? I think it’s more to do with them than Eboue.
    Wenger is a stats guy, he loves them, and the stats clearly show that Eboue is useless on the wing, even if he does have some good link play in the middle thrid. I reckon if there wern’t so much outflux this summer he’d be out the door too! Wenger will want to minimise changes so he’ll probably stay.

    So that’s my reckoning, Lehmann, Senderos, Hoyte, Gilberto, Flamini and Hleb all off.

    Wenger will want to give both Vela and Traore games on the left and I think he’s expecting Rosicky to finally play more than half a season next year so although I’d love him to buy a left winger I doubt he will. I reckon a right winger who can play left is far more likely, literally a direct Hleb replacement although hopefully someone who can shoot! This is especially likely if Theo is to get more games upfront. I doubt Arsene would have kept Gilberto had he acquired Diarra earlier so don’t expect 3 defensive midfielders coming in, 2 at the most but more likey just 1! I think Wenger views Denilson as more defensive than creative. Merida might get a few games too and help bare Cesc’s brunt along with Diaby and Song. Wenger rates Randall as premier ready too I hear.
    I reckon a big centre back is finally very likely and I’m very excited. Either Toure or Gallas would work well with a Campbell type (as proved so previously). A goalie is coming but don’t expect a serious no.1. It will either be an old fart, a young kid or more hopefully a decent keeper intended to challenge Almunia for no.1. I can’t understand how Almunia can have the Arsenal no. 1 shirt. I don’t think he’s a clown, I just don’t think he’s a top ten Premier league keeper, so why is he at Arsenal???
    So that’s four, a defensive midfielder, a right winger, a centre back and a goalie. If we had more money I reckon we’d see a striker or left winger come in as well as a defender that can play full back on either side. Apparently once again Wenger is strapped for cash so getting both is unlikely, but maybe one!
    It does annoy me though, Arsenal charge more for their tickets than any other club. They are raking in the cash and paying off the debt rapidly. Who benefits from that, the shareholders…they may not be taking cash out of the club but paying off the debt increases the value of their shares so it’s as good as. The current supporters are paying for the debt whilst their team wins nothing and the shareholders plump us their investment. Kinda pisses me off when you see ManU and Liverpool and even Spurs making big name signings. Who would say that Torres and Ronaldo wern’t worth their price tags? (both players Arsenal were in a position to sign first but wouldn’t pony up the money).

  13. nlfgooner says:

    idiots, u no nothing about arsenal. wengers said retention is his aim so why would 6 players leave. i see a DM coming in, although not a well known one and a similar 3rd choice CB and GK. ade wont leave, hes been good this season but needs a clinical partner, he missed eduaro and vp. expect a winger to if hleb goes to inter , and only then will eboue be allowed to leave. finally , gillberts been realeased and wenger said he doesnt want hoyte to go so no RB. learn that we wil never sign these wel known guys

  14. Pete J says:

    Senderos is NOT to blame for our season. He has had a number of outstanding performances. How many times can you say that about Toure? We are out of the Champions Lge because of Toure – he dreadful defending for the 1st goal at the Emirates, his stupid challenge on Babel at Anfield. He has been poor for 2 seasons now and was one of the worst players at the African Nations. He does not win ANY headers!!!! A CentreBack who doesn’t win headers is like a Striker who doesn’t score goals. He’s got a big heart, but he no longer should command a starting place.

  15. Neamman says:

    I say sell Gallas and get a replacment, keep Senderos as a back up. He’s a good player as a number 3 especially if he rebuilds his confidence. We need a dominant ball winner in the middle to partner Cesc. It could have been Diarra if he had shown the right attitude. Would also like to see a new goalie, Almunia is very good.. but we need a “great” keeper who will win us games we dont deserve to win. Jaskallinin?

  16. K-PO says:

    Reyes, Adebayor scored 30 goals this season. For you to say that Benzema would have scored 60 goals is just fucking ridiculous. How many goals has he scored in the French League this season? It’s not like he will become the God of Football if he comes to Arsenal. Eduardo can finish every chance he’s given in the box but he wouldn’t reach 50 goals. And Bendtner WOULD NOT HAVE SCORED 40 GOALS! Did Kaka scored 40 goals for Milan this season? Did Messi score 40 goals for Barcelona this season? Yes Cristiano is getting close, but still. Some of you comments are quiet frankly utter bullshit.

  17. Trevor says:

    Reyes, you can’t be serious. Adebayor cost us the title? His contribution was one of the strongest, of any Arsenal player, and he was arguably the best striker in the Premiership this campaign.

    Our defense is the main disappointment. We need to sign Mertesacker, and perhaps even a goalkeeper (Frey?). To replace Flamini, Lorik Cana, and to replace Hleb, Andrei Arshavin.

  18. Laosgooner says:

    Eboue should be sent back to Belgium and not holding up our progress any more. I say that as someone who thought at the start of the season that it was a great Idea moving him out of defence but he has been a disaster the final straw was when he failed to accept the goal Theo gave him at Derby. Yes to the positions we need to strengthen and no doubt Arsene will do the biz. I wait with baited breath

  19. Sachin says:

    K-PO, Reyes may have exaggerated slightly but you must understand where he is coming from when he states, that what the rest of the Arsenal team created for Adebayor this season where literally sitters in most situations and he missed the majority of them. However if you put anyone of those other strikers mentioned in those positions then you know you would bet your house on them being out away.

  20. Sachin says:

    i meant being PUT away, sorry.

  21. Jits says:

    Great post mate. Agree with most of the things. There’s no need to sell senderos. He’ll be a good 3rd choice CB n a good captain for our carling cup squad next season. He along with nordtveit can be the most solid cb partnership in the tournament. I think we should splash the cash for veloso next season. He’s the real super utility player. Tough tackling, ball winning box to box player. Can play anywhere in defence n the DM too. He’s the captain of sporting lisbon. He reads the game really well. Imagine a young (hargreaves+vieira)type of player. i’ve seen this guy play against manu. He’s no nonsense. Ronaldo could only do with a freekick. He didn even have a clear chance. This player is an aggressive marker n a good freekick taker too. Worth every single pound. I would like to have this player n one experienced player at CB. As for the striker problem, we’ll most probably have a technically gifted player in yoan gouffran next season. This guy comes at 5m pounds n is a better header n finisher than ade. Blessed with pace n really good first touch.Twofooted(theoretically left) n can play on either wings too. Three signings with only flams n lehman going. All other average players will make us a big squad. Hoping the professor reads this one.

  22. UPYOURARSEnal says:

    Do you know of Arsenals current situation sell 6 players and buy 4? I think Bringing in 3 players for the squad/first team is enough (sell no one). I might be dejected by Flamini’s departure but im worried about Hleb, the two would be too much to deal with and win the title next year. 4 points off man u and chelsea means we can compete. The team were unlucky to say the least in europe, but how many times do you say that about scouse opposistion. Maybe we should go out of the title race by Jan and go for Europe at least we would get some applaud. Im sure that a couple of good players is all we need. COME ON THE GUNNERS

  23. wafula says:

    plis we need makoun for 4 flamini departure

  24. Danish Gooner says:

    We are skint.Wenger will sign one central defender and that is it.

  25. K-PO says:

    Jits, I agree with you about Veloso, he is my preferred option, but I think that his price tag will frighten Wenger away, that’s why I didn’t put him on my list.

  26. nocommentcoyote says:

    I just thought I”d share a new website:
    Arsenal art! Take a look. It’s exciting.

    <3ing Cesc, btw.

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