Kompany, Ben Arfa and Yaya! Are we dreaming?

Last night I had a wonderful dream.

Arsenal went out and signed 3 world class players, This morning I woke up made a cup of tea sat down and started to visit a few Arsenal sites to see that we have been linked with Kompany, Ben Arfa and Yaya Toure!

Even some reports in the Sun saying that we had already agreed to sign Ben Arfa for £16m?? After last season with the Sun reporting that we had signed Rodrigo Palacio I wont get my hopes up until I see it on Arsenal.com

Surly this is too good to be true? Its only a matter of time before Wenger comes out on Arsenal.com and says he is not interested in them players? (Cry) Are we at the hands of some pranks again? its very easy to start a rumor online about a player coming to Arsenal, Sinbad (Rodrigo Palacio) showed us last summer what a fake blog and a Wikipedia account can do. The scary thing is every site then jumps on the bandwagon reporting the same false information.

But maybe…Just maybe Le boss will finally do it and crack open that old wallet and sign players who can do a job now and not in 2012.

Back to sleep I go, And I look forward to see who we are going to be linked with in the morning?


17 Responses to Kompany, Ben Arfa and Yaya! Are we dreaming?

  1. Jimmy says:

    I want us to sign Christopher Samba

  2. Goofle says:

    I think those three players would lead us to Premier League glory. Central Defense is debatable about who should come in but those two other players would be brilliant.

  3. brinso-gooner says:

    Christopher Samba ? i dont rate him, i thought the everton man is better (he is a good defender and he has scored loads), shame i forgot his name……jeez i’ve had one too many

  4. thegoonerforum says:

    Christopher Samba ?

    Please god no!! I see some blog has linked us with him.

  5. Sue says:

    I’m with you on this one; dont believe it unless it’s on Arsenal.com or you hear it from Arsene’s mouth

  6. gfdsa says:

    Lesctott m8! is d name ur lookn 4

  7. Redtop says:

    Why would you want Vincent Kompany? He has played 22 games for Hamburg since the summer of 2006. He suffers too many injuries which is the last thing Arsenal need.

    Ben Arfa would be an exciting player but Yaya has also been playing injured all season & has just had groin surgery so I think Arsene would wait to see how that went before he even considered him. Its much more likely that he wants Portsmouths Kranjcar.

  8. Andy says:

    i no what your sayin a about sun for some reason i dont think ben arfa is sealed and dealed but arsene has said that the signed in two to three weeks will ‘reassure’ us

  9. jimmy no2 says:

    Samba? dont think so bud. a better signing would b richards but doubt wenger would pay asking price. arsenal need english players. foreign players arent as loyal as english players. thoughts to sign( richards, johnson(man city), lescott, mayb crouch, barry)

  10. Tony A says:

    I saw Ben Arfa play for Lyon Today when they won 1- 0 and thought he was Exellent Hope we do sign him, It will be nice to see someone up front who can kick with both feet, Also we need a strong Centre half good in the air but think it is going to be hard to find one, maybe a central midfielder to replace Flamini or maybe ure Kolo on that role he is good in the tackle but would have to get better with his passing, dont think we need anyone else dont want to upset the applecart to much and remember we have Vela and merida coming back god help the rest of the premiership next season that is all I say.

  11. i think it could all be too good to be true, but they would be three great signings and them along with vela also coming would keep us all happy and give us massive confidence going into the new season

  12. john jay says:

    kranjcar is no bad deal…but rumours goin round bout obafemi martins…rugged innit?

  13. Buzz3210 says:

    I think a couple of english signings would be nice it would keep the euro vultures away come the end of the season as i feel wehave become a uk academy for Real,Barca,The Milans etc believe it or not i think jimmy bullard,Gareth Barry and micah richards would be good additions what do you guys think

  14. Valentin says:

    Looks like it is 2 out of three: Ben Arfa, Yaya Toure and the third one would be Richard Dunne instead of Vincentg Kompany.

  15. iceman says:

    wikipedia is reporting mario gomez as an arsenal player.
    whats up with that?

  16. RAHEEM OLAWALE.J says:

    arsene wenger should pls and sign good player that would make us praud.

  17. Ant1 says:

    Richard Dunne, not heard a rumour about that one yet but isn’t he out of contract? Could be a good free transfer, we need a Keown type no nonsense defender and he could be it.

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