Sign Shaun Wright-Phillips and ditch 4-5-1

Manchester United have shown Arsenal the way to success! Doing the double playing with natural wingers in Ronaldo and Nani. In both they have players who can score goals and create something out of nothing. Something Arsenal have not had since Pires. Credit to United for playing 4-4-2 last night and really going for it in the final, At times over the years Wenger has been far too negative in big games and played 4-5-1.

Last season he seemed to uses 4-5-1 in most of our games after Van Persie got injured. Even when Eduardo took his chances and started to score goals as a striker AW still continued to play him out wide on the left of a 4-5-1. I really hope that Wenger started to play with natural wingers again. Eboue, Diaby, Denilson are not wingers, Remember when we use to have Overmars,Freddy and Bobby on the wings scoring 15 goals EACH a season? Eboue played most of last season as a winger and didnt score a single goal! When we went 49 games unbeaten we played every game 4-4-2 being positive and having a good go at teams from the start. I dont see why we have to play 4-5-1 at home to teams like Everton or Wigan or Birmingham? If we have a go at them teams from the start and score and early goal then they have to open up and attack us. Then we can hit them on the counter and score the 2nd and kill the game off.

I think Wenger has to go out and sign a natural winger this summer and for me Shaun Wright-Phillips would be perfect. It would be great to see Wright ( 8 ) again at Arsenal!

Lets get back to basics, Man Utd have shown us how its done, its now down to Wenger to do this rest!

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34 Responses to Sign Shaun Wright-Phillips and ditch 4-5-1

  1. Steve says:

    We’ll Ronaldo hardly plays as a natural winger considering he drifts so much. Nani is very average.

    But I agree with your point. We need some width back, Hleb and Rosicknote cut in too much and Eboue is pretty useless. 442 is the way forward

  2. Steve says:

    Ben Arfa would be a decent option for the left imo

  3. CaribKid says:

    Yes, we do need a goal scoring winger.

    The good thing is we have two potential winger threats in Walcott and Vela which should solidify us at that position for a few years to come. Ultimately they may be supporting strikers, but in the interim will provide us the width we need in attack on both the left and right wings.

    We also have Barazite and Wilshere coming through the Academy who will be our reinforcements later on down the road.

    As my son would say, “No problem there”.

  4. thegoonerforum says:

    potential YES!! We have had loads of potential since 2005, Its now time for that potential to come good. We need players for now and not 2012 mate

  5. Harris says:

    I agree with this but u have to remeber how wenger prefers to start his strikers off out wide, I think wenger is already a step ahed mate with possible signings of naturally excellent wingers ben arfa and samir nasri two of which are amazing and i hope we get them both!!!

  6. natsteel says:

    There’s no reason you can’t play with “wingers” in a 4-5-1. If van Persie goes down injured we will play 4-5-1 again. We don’t play a traditional defensive minded 4-5-1. Ours is far more offensive than the traditional model. We don’t play it like Wigan play a 4-5-1. If we bring in a player like Nasri who is at his best just behind the striker then 4-5-1 is the ideal formation to use when he plays. Formations don’t win championships… players do. We all know that Arsenal’s “formation” is only a starting point because our players are free to roam where they feel their best – no one is chained down by their “position” in the “formation” anyway so to argue that formation has some kind of huge effect on the team doesn’t make sense. Besides we won 2-0 in Milan playing 4-5-1.

  7. thegoonerforum says:

    Nat, I cant understand why the team shape has to change if Van Persie is injured? Just replace him like for like with Eduardo! Adebayor plays better in a 4-4-2. Wenger even said himself after the Man Utd game that the 4-5-1 was not working and Adebayor was left isolated

  8. flash says:

    vela should provide us with some natural width next season this boy is mustard. Swp for me will never live upto expectations over rated because of his dad (who is a god to me by the way) and way overpriced!! I personally would like to see ricardo quaresma at arsenal but dont think it would happen. Also cant help but think that if jose reyes had the right attitude towards professional football we would not be discussing this (could have been one of the best in the world).

  9. thegoonerforum says:

    Flash, Wenger said Vela we be a striker

  10. jondagoona says:

    you go on as if we were a mile away from Utd this season let’s not forget that we lost the title by no more than 3 points and had by far the worst injury stricken season rosicky, eduado, diaby all out for large parts of the season also sagna one of our most important players not to mention rvp our most talented player. now imagine man Utd without ronaldo, tevez, carick, and hargreaves for best part of season.

  11. Howard says:

    Don’t we rather fix the centre back first. I believe its the poverty of our centre back and its inability to hold on to leads that lost us the title. Players like Senderos, Djourou and Gallas have failed us and its surprising Arsene continue to keep them around.

    If you watched yesterday game; both teams were saved by their centre backs.

  12. TH says:

    Vela is NOT a natural winger either. He only started playing in that position really for Osasuna. He’s more deadly in a central role like what Wenger said. If you’ve seen him play his natural position this kid is a beast!

  13. JJT says:

    I have heard a whisper that there is a deal being put together between Hleb and Robinho, from a source that gave me Sol Campbell all those years ago, says its 50:50 possibility at the moment, its a part swap with us giving 6m

  14. Man U killa says:

    Wenger is a jerk.he makes the players feel they are inferior with the kind of signings he makes…wtf???Arsenal is a great team but for how long are we going to be underdogs?Man United doing the double is no good luck.what about Chelsea who came and kicked us out of second spot?luck???i don’t think so.its a sign of quality and depth…just a lil bit of luck of course but luck alone dont win u trophies…bcos of this we are in no position to compete with them…they are a better team than us anyday.Lucky is what we were when we beat them in Old Trafford last season but we won the home game bcos of TH14..thats what am talking about(a match winner)…we don’t have anyone now..Wenger has to sit up and open his eyes.if he goes on this way we will not win for the top four we might always make it to fourth place but we will not win anything…But everyone knows that Arsenal is just more than a fourth place team..We are better than that.

  15. Aaron says:

    We certainly need width but we need someone better than Shaun Wright Phillips. He’s not the player people think he is. He had what, one good season at Man City (two at the most), Chelsea pay a shedload of money for him and then cast him into the Reserves.

    Personally, I would love to see us take advantage of Valencia’s situation and sign David Silva. He’s quick, got good feet, can shoot (goal against Chelsea, anyone), he commits his defender and gets good crosses in for the likes of Ade, Bendtner and Eduardo. Most importantly, his NATURAL POSITION is wide left! He’s also got the experience of playing in the world’s second best league plus, he’s played Champions League football and internationally as well.

    In an ideal world I’d love to see us sign Ricardo Quaresma but I don’t think that will happen. Heck, If Bentley wasn’t such an arse, I’d have him back in a second.

    Do people know anymore about Nasri and Ben Arfa? From what I’ve heard already, it seems like both *can* play on the wing but prefer a central role, much like Hleb and Rosicky.

  16. mude says:

    What ever he decides if Wenger does not win anything he is firedmate we are not the team of 2morrow.Time is now weather old or young players deliver the goods

  17. thegoonerforum says:

    Aaron, More news on Ben Arfa and Nasri can be found here mate.

  18. tom says:


  19. Steve says:

    Man U killa makes me laugh. What right do we have to be in the top 4 every year? He obviously started supporting Arsenal post the 98 double because without Arsene we would be where Spurs are now. Arsene is a genius and people are so quick to forget, the last time we went 3 years without a trophy he came back with the Double, Invincibles and 2 FA Cups.

    By the way, the original post is very misguided. Firstly, Man U have a shit record in the Champions League when you consider their budget and turnover. Second, SWP is absolutely awful. He is pitiful. Thirdly, the most successful team in the last 5 years in the Champions League have been Milan who have no wingers and play narrow with full backs bombing on.

  20. vom says:

    I feel that Eboue is a very creative Player and gives us defensive cover on the flanks
    I don’t understand why so many of you can’t see and understand that.
    True, he tends to be over dramatic at times but that’s as much as I can fault him

  21. Arsenalster says:

    I don’t think Shaun Wright Philip would ever sign for gunners cause his adoptive dad Arsenal Legend Ian Wright doesn’t like Wenger. It goes back to when wenger took over arsenal he transfered wright to west ham. Plus he such useless player anyway.

  22. zoran says:

    we should go get Ricordo Quaresme of porto our outside left would be solve

  23. kenyanGunner says:

    Shawn Wright Phillips?????? Just because Wrighty is an arsenal legend doesn’t mean we should sign his son! Please this is Arsenal not a fucking Monarchy!

  24. Karl says:

    Plus, Man U went out and signed 3 world class players last summer

  25. Harry Barracuda says:

    SWP is not an intelligent footballer, and he’s not that good. Why do you think he’s been sat on the bench for most of his Chelsea career?

    No Arsenal ties, no loyalty, he’s just a money grubber.

    Crap idea.

  26. georgesydaust says:

    Wright Phillips? You’re kidding right? He does the same thing as Hleb, only he runs to the corner before he loses the ball!

  27. LusekeloGooner says:

    Don’t make Man U our standard and we will not change the way we play for soon trophies are coming to us. Look closely Man are not better than Arsenal they had lots of luck this season and luck is not something you get in the dressing room. wake up without Arsenal will be a mid table team.

  28. LusekeloGooner says:

    Without Asene Wenger Arsenal will be a mid table team.

  29. Bergs says:

    Bugger off Arsene bashers. Join Liverpool or ManU.

    I said it all year – we need a winger. Period. We lost the title on the strength of Lehmann’s dropped balls in the first 2 games of the season. Pretty good really.

    An excellent winger would have been worth 10 pts easy.


  30. fitree says:

    what Steve said about Milan is right. so moral of the story is… play to your best system. i agree that arsenal is not at its best with 4-5-1 but rather 4-4-2 with that slick passing that brought about so many wonderful goals.

    arsenal has been unlucky this season with eduardo’s injury and the psychological impact it has had on the team. but still i’d say wenger should sign a few players that can perform NOW rather than in 2012.

  31. elzo says:

    arsenal’s problem is that they have alot of quality but no experience. Yet they continue to sign all these kids. They have a bright future but a bleak present.

  32. Bergs says:

    Got another one – Baros is to be returned to Villa. Use him as a winger? His Euro 2004 goals seemed to come from the wings, he’s a dead-set goal getter, he’s premiership experienced…?

  33. sulesh says:

    SWP could easily be the player we need. lightning speed and quick feet. given time he can prove himself

  34. Nirgoon says:

    Why would we buy him? He’s not going to replace anyone at all. Anyway he’s been on the Chelsea bench for 1/2 the season.
    So think about it!!!!

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