Is Wenger Un-sackable?

Should Wenger begin to feel the pressure if he doesn’t win a trophy again next season? I think the problem is that Wenger thinks he is unsackable at Arsenal, and I think he is right. There is no way would the tight ass money mad members of our board really sack the man that has made them more money then any other manager in our history.

Wenger must be a chairman’s dream. He hardly spends big money, sells the best players and makes a profit for the club ever year. What more could the board want? Personally, I think that Wenger and the board are happy to keep going they way we have been since 2005; not winning anything and just making it into the Champions League while they sit back and watch the money rolling in.

Wenger has not won anything at Arsenal since 2005. Jens Lehmann recently said that if Wenger were manager of a big club in Germany he would have been sacked by now. And think if Real Madrid or Barcelona went that amount of time without winning anything, do you think they would stand by their manager? I doubt it very much! Look at Chelsea, Grant has finished 2nd in the league and reached a Champions League Final but still there is doubt over his future? It’s the same with Rafa at Liverpool. He’s been to two Champions League Finals and won the FA Cup, but, yet, his job is on the line. Why is Wenger so safe at Arsenal? How long do we allow this to continue? Every summer it’s the same thing.

The Arsenal Summer Diary Since 2005:

Wenger makes a statement saying, “ I want to bring in 2 or 3 world class players “ (Maybe this is just a plot to make you renewal season tickets for the following season). We are then linked with some great players like Ribery, Babel. Robinho all summer only for them to sign for somebody else (Now Nasri & Ben Arfa) and end up signing kids and cheap 2nd rate players from Africa or the French lower league. Our best players are linked with a move away all summer, Vieira, Henry (now Cesc, Hleb, and Adebayor). We lose a few players on a free Bosman transfer or just give them away… Pires, Edu, Campbell, Wiltord, Cole, and now Flamini. Its becoming so predictable.

No doubt the other clubs like Spurs Liverpool United and Chelsea will all go out and invest in brings better players to the club and sign some talented world class players as us goners sit around praying that the dream of signing a player like Robinho comes true.

Its now or never for Wenger. If, next season, we don’t win anything, I will be calling for his head!! You may ask who is a possible replacement… how about Slaven Bilic with Tony Adams? Maybe a new face with fresh ideas is just what we need?

Morty, The Gooner Forum

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91 Responses to Is Wenger Un-sackable?

  1. Someone with a Memory says:

    yes he is unsackable.

  2. Ole Gunner says:

    He is unsackable. He’s done extra-ordinarily well and continues to do so. He’s increased the club’s shareholder wealth many fold. He’s exactly as you say: Unsackable.

  3. jON pOWELL says:


  4. Gunner4ever says:

    What makes arsenal special is our love for football.Silver ware is not everything. Arsenal is blessed with the best fans in the world.Dont bring us all to disrepute by your jerky article.Please join man u or chelsea if you want glory.Bye

  5. ginder says:

    Wenger is un-sackable because he revolutionised our dearly beloved club into a European elite. That is why he is un-sackable, just because he hasn’t won anything for the last 3 years. You cannot forget what he’s done for this club. Also our glory days will come again, we were close this season. And certain events stopped us from winning something this year. For example the ref calls favours Liverpool in the champion league.

  6. Tisungeni Makawa says:

    Yes i support your ideas if he dont win anything i think he should be sacked its so boring for the supporters years are going and he is busy selling the best prayers if think pat rice can be a good manager

  7. Kautuk says:

    Hah! The board recieves salary not a share of the profit. The share holders dont get dividends. So where exactly is the money going? Back to the club for reinvestment or repayment of debts. Since the board dosent get any extra money why would they be any happier than if a profit was made or not.

    All they want to do is make the sure the club is well run financially. You are overlooking the fact that the debt for MU and Chelsea is increasing whle the debt on Arsenal is decreasing.. Regarding Wenger, he could very well had left Arsenal back when he knew that things could be tight for some time. We never give him enough credit to him for that do we? For the monet he is unsackable, unless we want managers like Rafa who threaten to leave the club unless they are granted more funds, irrespective of how much debt issues the club already has.

    I would any time sacrifice shortterm trophies for longterm stability and independence.

  8. gaya says:

    simple answer,
    if you sack Wenger today you will be shocked at the amount of big clubs even Real Madrid would imidiately sack their coach.
    Do you really think if this club had loads of money it Wenger wont spend it. i believe this youth policy was borne out ofthe fact that the club do not have as much money as they claim and they are only lucky that they have a manger who is willing to work within his means and still bring out quality.
    Has any other average earning or profit making football club in any league won a trophy above the rich clubs? i doubt.

  9. James says:

    Yeah, sack Wenger and give Tony Adams £100m to spend whilst the club is already £350m in debt. Wenger won 3 titles and 4 FA Cups, without spending massive money, so what makes you think he has to spend massive money now?

    Besides, the big money he has spent has failed – Wiltord, Reyes, Jeffers, whereas a lot of the best players came for nothing or very little, Campbell, Gallas, Lehmann, Toure, Anelka, Vieira, Fabregas I could go on… forever.

    He needs to spend some money – but not for the sake of it. We need an experienced head at the back, a replacement for Flamini and a creative winger.

  10. G4L_Harry says:

    Yeah he is unsackable, thats a given. And you can say possibly the board are happy to tick along as we are, but to say wenger is, thats off the mark. He is a winner and it hurt him as much as us, he is a gooner through and through now.

    I think wenger will walkaway when he thinks he cannot take us any further.

  11. Tom Mac says:

    You make a good point, but I’ve been wondering a lot recently how much the tight purse strings at Arsenal are Wenger’s responsibility. I’ve always taken pride in his ability to do amazing things on a shoestring budget, and his background in economics goes some way to explaining his refusal to pay over the odds. But is it all his choice? How much do the board really offer him over the summer? If our lack of expenditure each season is due to a tight board, I would dread to see any other manager take Wenger’s job on the same budget, whether Arsene brings us a trophy next summer or not.

  12. Claude says:

    In brief, Yes. Wenger is unsackable

  13. Paul says:

    yes, of course. and real madrid, barca and probably nearly every other club would also love to have him as manager. and lehmann is almost certainly wrong and just a little bitter about not being number 1 last year.

  14. Jotski says:

    You got it right in the beginning of your article.
    The punk ass board is of course happy with Wenger beacause he hardly spends any money. But what other manager could do what Wenger does with pocket money?? I can`t think of anyone.
    If Wenger was manager of Barca, Real ect, then he wolud get the players he wants, because the money is there. And that would scare any club in the world of football.
    Be glad we have Wenger in our fantastic club, and have a little pacience. Wenger has taken our club to the top top level of Europe, and should be allowed to keep working the way he does.

    Norway gooner.

  15. Mark says:

    Well said, it needs to be said, glad to see that some are thinking and not just following blindly. I think he’s too comfortable now because the fans and board are ever ‘so grateful’ for all he’s done for us. It’s no longer about winning trophies, it’s about spending less, playing pretty football and winning friends along the way. Wenger is much too comfortable because with Arsenal it’s become all about the money now.

  16. Ole Gunner says:

    Wenger is the best Manager in the game. Pure and simple.

  17. Matt says:

    Always moaning i want i want, cant you see the improvement since last season?? I agree we need some decent signings but that wont guarantee success. I think its admirable that the board have patience and i also think it will pay off. Our best players Vieira Henry look at poor Henry now??? pires had one maybe two good seasons left Campbell was our worst player when he left. Dont forget he walked out on us halfway through the West Ham game!! Whilst Man u have spent heavily and seen dividends all the others you mention above who spent more still ended up trophy less unless of course you count the COCA COLA CUP. Watch the improvement again this year if we improve by a mere 15% we are winning something. I personally believe that we will take one maybe two trophies this coming season.

  18. Sue says:

    Dont be an arse, call for his head hahahaha……….I thought that was only for treason!

  19. Hutch says:

    No one wants to nor could they sack him! why would you……?

    Rafa and Grant arent exactly trustworthy/believable people, Wenger is quite the opposite, he represents quality and fans trust him at the head of Arsenal like a big father of the family, a role model that gets most of us playing football managerial games to be just like him!

    Long live Arsenals Wenger.

  20. DeiseGooner says:

    Hes not unsackable ever – but hes unsackable right at this moment. He has to be given time to finish whats hes started.

  21. DON says:

    In as much as DANNY FITZSMAN is on board , Wenger is unsackable .
    In any case . even if you sack him , Real Madrid will take him

  22. rig says:

    in 12 years in charge he’s won us 7 trophies (plus european cup runners up)

    in 24 years before him we won 7 trophies.

    of course he’s unsackable!!

  23. Sam says:

    no other manager could have done so much with such such a small transfer budget. maybe the board are content just to get in the champions league but there is no way wenger is. remember wot he was like in his interview after the chelsea game at the bridge? And especially the Liverpool cl game…..

  24. la sagna says:

    some people need to look at the bigga picture. last season was a disapointment, the season before that we got to the champions league final and there was no way we were gonna hold barca off for 70 odd minutes with 10 men. then this season we were 4 or 5 points off winning the league when no gave us a chance at the beggining. the man was as disappointed as all of us that we didnt win anything this year because we were pretty close and unlucky. all great managers went through this sorta phase even fergie. its only a matter of time before we win something

  25. manmude says:

    I have already said time is up as supporters if u dont sack wenger we are not to renew our season tickets if he does not win anything thi season .This time its real pressure.He is a great manger on paper if he does not sign big players 3 then at his periel including Robinho and Hleb who is injury prone go the other way.Look at Reyes, Pires,and Wiltord now I believe the Arsenal curse is Sendros Sandros should go yesterday.As long as you have Sendros you will never win anything,the Frence connection ie Diaby Gallas respectively should go now I mean now. CURSED SENDROS should GOO!!! FOR FREE if possible

  26. JamJam says:

    Wenger would be the best manager in the world if he got it right in the transfer market but time and time again he doesn’t and then we get loads of injuries and fail yet again

  27. mr arsenal says:

    Just spending big doesn’t guarantee u nothing look at Leeds utd where are they, Barcelona spent big this season finished 10pts behind 2nd place Villarreal and 18 pts from winners real Madrid. the Liverpool’s, man utd, and Chelsea are carrying much larger debit than us but spending a lot more than us how long can they keep this up before their foreign owners cut off pocket money because they are not seeing a return for there money. we are not far off Chelsea and man u we finished 4pts off man u, with a bit more depth in the squad to allow some key players to get the needed rest through out the campaign we can we silverware.

    Have faith its not easy winning silverware.

  28. RSA Gunner says:

    Hes great – fine no trophies but Arsenal are becoming financially sound and soon able to up wages as well as splash big bucks.

  29. Larry says:

    ‘Ole Gunner Wenger is the best Manager in the game. Pure and simple’

    Wake up and stop taking those drugs, I’ve been a gooner since 1970 and Wenger is nowhere near the best Manger in the game.

    He is a guy who has become one dimensional, always been stubborn to the point of stupidity and has no pressure to perform. I hate to say it BUT, only Arsenal failing to qualify for the Champions League would put the well deserved rocket up Arsense’s arse that is required to get him to start acting like the Manager he was when he came to Arsenal rather than some pussy with ZERO man managment skills.

  30. benji-mon says:

    sack wenger… must be joking! we play the most attractive football in the world and next season there will be trophies to match. wengers has achieved remarkable things for a club that wasnt that big when he took over, look at us now, 60000 seater stadium, state of the art training facilities, the best world wide scouting system in the business, players like fabregas n van persie on show, and all this on arguably a shoe string budget. the man is a god. we would be nowhere without him

  31. Fred says:

    Is this guy an Arsenal fun!! Wenger is the founding father of modern Arsenal that we all suport. If you want a team that spends big money move over to Chelsea, Real Madrid or Even Man U. The reason why we all love our team is because we play beautiful football that other team dream of playing (ask Roman Abramovich). Arsen makes ordinary players into great players. It is not the money you pay for a player that make him great but what a player does does for the team. All we need is two players who will bag in 10 goals in 2009 and 3 payers who can score at least 8 goals from the mid field and the wings. If we have that we shall win 3 cups next year. Mark my word…

  32. jacobs says:




  33. Bloomsbury Gooner says:


    End of story.

  34. AshGoon says:

    the problem with this article – and indeed people like you – is that you forget how exactly it is that Arsenal became a “big club” – thankyou AW. Before he came, we were on a downward spiral, going nowhere. Thanks to AW, we are now considered one of the top 8 clubs in Europe, if not higher. I blame AW for making us punch well above our weight and having to deal with morons like you.

    Lehman’s only talking about 1 team in Germany – Bayern Munich. How many other “big teams” are there in Germany?? Do you think Werder Bremen sack their manager cos they don’t win the bundesliga every yr – exactly. And thanks to AW, pillocks like you can mention Arsenal as a big team in the same breath as RM/Barcelona – again, cast your tiny little mind back to the mid 90’s – see if anyone was thinking of us as a “big club” to compare with the likes of the spanish giants – I think not!!

    “Cheap 2nd rate players from Africa or the French lower league” – you idiot. What, you mean like Clichy and Toure?? Yeah, they’ve been a disaster for us haven’t they??

    “We’ll end up signing kids” – what, like Fabregas??

    Had you heard of Cesc, Ade, RVP, Toure, Sagna, Clichy, Hleb before AW brought them over. In fact, has any team built something so special out of so little, the way we have? And by the way, these are just the existing players – I am old enough to remember AW getting a hard time for spending £10m+ on a very young winger who couldn’t even get a game at Juve..

    Anyone who’s been around and who’s supported Arsenal for longer than the AW years feels blessed by the last 10 yrs. What he’s done for the good of this club is beyond question, and yet he has to suffer morons like you questioning what he does. He isn’t perfect, neither is any manager – Red nose has spent a fortune building this new team of his, which includes 2 30m players and numerous 15-20m players, and yet they finished 4 points ahead of us. And we aren’t even peaking yet – what would we have done if one of RVP/Eduardo had been fit? What would Manure have done if they’d lost just Rooney for months – remember, people were talking about how poor they were when he was out for just a few weeks!! We lost our MAIN striker for pretty much the whole season, and then our 3rd choice for 1/2 a season!

    So get real, or get lost.

  35. mike - gunner fan79 says:

    Yes its true we dont spend big and many of our names have been sold or let go. But lets look at a few facts here. Chelsea spent £345 million since 2000 – we spent considerably less and won as much. Liverpool bought Babel and spent huge on other names – they are in 4th with roughly 10 points between us and them. We were on course to win except for the Eduardo incident – just think could you stomach seeing a friend’s leg being broken and carry on at that age?; True Utd bought big but even they are facing a fight to hold onto Ronaldo.You mentioned Campbell – he wanted away for personal reasons so why force him to stay. you say we buy from cheap regions – hey if he can buy cheap henrys everyday keep penny pinching. Finally look at Chelsea – full of big money names such as SchevchWho , drogba , ballack shaun wright-phillips all big names who are disgruntled at the situation they face with each new summer big names being brought in to replace them and the lack of football chances. And where do you put in a Big name and keep the balance and the dressing room? Yes its a transition time. Would you like also to see us in the ownership of a “Fan” from Azerbaijan with gizillions allegedly in the bank only to find out that you as a fan has to pay him to buy your club?(no offence to Azerbaijan it just rhymed). Look at liverpool , If it keeps going on there they will drop out of the top 4.

  36. Fred says:

    and one last thing, Adebayor to start scoring at least half of the chances he has. He should spend most of his training time in the 18 yard box and learn how to turn and shoot without looking where the goal is. We need an English poacher like player – any ideas where we can get one…

  37. Gooner_Jet says:

    Definately unsackable and should be so.
    I cannot imagine life at the club without him to the extent that I’m fearful about what will happen when the day comes.

    Arsene is so magnificent, he does things for the future of the club, unlike other managers who moan about the here and now and want money to fund their own legacies. Arsene know that to keep the club floating along financially now means that in a few years time we will be the richest club in the world. As soon as the Highbury redevelopment starts bearing fruit and Emirates is paid off, the club will be absolutely laughing.
    Can you imagine a new manager caring so much about the long-term of the club instead of establishing himself as successful, and establishing a long-term future.

    Arsene, for me, is one of a kind and he deserves to still be at the club when today’s policy of keeping the money tight bears fruit. The fact he has kept us so competetive in the meantime proves he is the only manager for us, hopefully for 20 more years.

  38. Costy says:

    “If, next season, we don’t win anything, I will be calling for his head!!”

    I’m sure Arsene’s quaking in his boots. You, sir, are a fool of the highest order. People like you are wanting to put pressure on Wenger because he hasn’t won a trophy in 3 years. You have been spoiled. Wenger has delivered sensational success to a medium sized club and the least he deserves is support. Yes, we can question his methods and yes, we can disagree with his decisions but for the love of Bob, the man has won more Premierships than anyone bar SAF.

    If you were around back then, I suspect you were calling Wenger an idiot for selling Anelka. I’d put money on you being extremely angry and upset at the loss of Henry, and yet we finished this season with the highest points total of any team not wining the league except Chelsea- also this year-. 83 points is a huge total and when you consider that we can’t compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man United, despite what bollocks the tabloids put out, it becomes nothing short of a miracle.

    Our time will come, but even if it doesn’t Wenger has done so much to earn your gratitude. You repay that by declaring he should be replaced with Bilic (a young manager who has never managed anything except his own national team) and Adams, a worthy assistant at Pompy and club legend but not, in any way shape or form, a better manager than Arsene Wenger.

    49 Unbeaten. He said it, people like you laughed and he did it.

  39. Chippy says:

    I salute you the most sensible post ive read in ages

  40. butterfingers says:

    Ashgoon you are a true gooner mate hat is off to my son but there is a point i do like and thats have adams as the next arsenal manager when wenger moves on to the board or director of football (transfers like wise and keegan) adams was around with wenger and will be a great asset but then isn’t bould our reserve coach? even red nose has bodged signings stamm comes to mind.

  41. mike - gunner fan79 says:

    Now ashGon I think you are a little unfair to the originator of this truly enlightening post. I think that he made enough outlandish statements that stand on their own without you pointing out to the readres of the article that he is a pillock. I would , as a member of the Support Pillocks Club , would rather you refer to such people in the future as a Dead Parrott, nailed to his e-perch in case he tries to fly out of the cage he is in that does not allow a full view of the AW years. Oh you also forgot to mention a young lad recently brought in , at the behest of his father that he join Arsenal because he would learn more from his tutulage. That player was unfairly taken away to the World Cup , in case he’d be given a chance to play for Arsenal. Southampton were really glad to sell young Walcott , on the cheap. But sure he was all we could afford at the time. I think it was 2shillings and 6pence.

  42. dino says:

    they too tight ,arsenal have become a selling club . its a joke . no name players with talent are in 2nd league or crap team ,go arsenal ,then arsenal become a stepping stone for milan ,inter ,real madrid ,barca… its bullshit mate .why dont chelsea do this why dont liverpool do this ?? look at manchester utd they got 2-3 players who have lost thier pace over the years and they still thier , why give viera why give henry why give pires ..all i know somwhere down the line they couldve helped .. think about it ,all our beloved arsenal think about is money money money ,then the team ,then us .nothing else .people are realising this now .when are we gonna have ambition ???????? when all these players we got become 30 ? ? ?

  43. welshboy gonner says:

    You are spot on with what you said AW is unsackable.The board would never sack AW coz he spends a lot less than the club makes making share prices soar year on year, thus making the muppets on the board richer and richer year on year.Every year we are linked with about 25 world class players only to end up with 3 or 4 17 year olds that nobody has everheard of.i am not saying they wont be world class players in about 5 years time coz they usualy do turn out to be when AW works is magic on them,but we need world class players know so we dont end up falling even further behind the likes of Chelskie a Manyo Utd.Chelskie when out and spent millions and won league Manyo did it last year maybe it should be our turn to do it this year before its to late.Coz at the end of the day how long will the natives keep paying one of the dearest ticket prices in the world to watch ARSENAL and not win anything before they decide to say sod it and the ground starts to lose money when its not full.Its a vicious circle so be weary the ARSENAL board(muppets).

  44. Pompano Pires says:

    I completely agree with ASHGOON. Between 1997 and 2006, Wenger has spent (net) £5 million less per year than Spurs and has many more trophies and 2 European finals to show for it. The man is a genius. His finances may be constrained by the re-building of our stadium, so players wages are tighter, but you only have to see how much losing hurts him to realise he is a born winner who hates second best. I have every confidence in AW and feel privileged that he manges our team

  45. Ed says:

    This is a useless analysis based on emotionalism.

  46. dino says:

    “Cheap 2nd rate players from Africa or the French lower league” – you idiot. What, you mean like Clichy and Toure?? Yeah, they’ve been a disaster for us haven’t they??

    “We’ll end up signing kids” – what, like Fabregas??

    Had you heard of Cesc, Ade, RVP, Toure, Sagna, Clichy, Hleb before AW brought them over. In fact, has any team built something so special out of so little, the way we have? And by the way, these are just the existing players – I am old enough to remember AW getting a hard time for spending £10m+ on a very young winger who couldn’t even get a game at Juve..

    buy the age of 26 – 28 they all gonna get sold before we see thier real talent
    so does it matter ????????

  47. arsim says:

    dont mix things with real and barcelona. real and barca board can give money for every single player. just example real is ready for 100 milion for Ronaldo . What if Wenger ask for that money? if board give 100 milion for players they are totaly right to sack the Manager. And just simple QUESTION Who realy can replace ARSENE WENGER? —- NOBODY IN THIS WORLD

  48. alanc says:

    ashgoon: this is to you i have 2 season tickets had to buy in club level like lots of other fans no just corporate people and it costs £5k a year to renew.
    and i agree with some of the pionts made above but the club is in the comfort zone a manager that makes them profit in transfers each summer and we get in the champions league each year and this season ticket prices went up, yes he is great manager but we need an edge from all the staff and manager or he should go

  49. Clarkyboyy says:

    I have to admit that I am with AshGoon, I mean seriously if you look at how much man utd, chelsea and liverpool have spent and are we miles behind as your article implies? The Champions League final was a good game but it contained two teams with £1billion plus debt!! Do you think that when all these football clubs were formed they would envision £1billion debts? Think back to when Chelsea got a huge £500million investment from a crooked russian, who had won the league and would have dominated? Arsenal. We had Man U on the back foot and I seriously believe that we would have owed the league for many seasons. We haven’t sold out and that makes us different as villa and man city have sold out and they aren’t bigger than us so investment doesn’t always get you success.

    I am liking what Wenger is doing. Ok he has to get rid of a few players like ebou and senderos and has to revert to 442 again but as a club, Arsenal are going in the right direction. We have an amazing stadium which is full every game and wow what a great team to watch. As AshGoon said, who had ever thought that toure, sagna, cesc, clichy, hleb, flamini etc would be as good as they were?

    In my opinion I would like to see Joe Hart and ricah richards come in as well as nasri, ben afra and wright phillips. Realistically I expect either nasri or ben afra but I seriously think that Joe Hart has to be bought. He has showed that he is a great player and as with David Seaman and Paul Robinson, they played for team at a young age that were fighting for the league and europe and have been hugely successful.

    Nasri and Afra could slot into the middle or on the wings and wright phillips would be that natural winger for us. Strikers I think Wenger has it just right at the mo and I do not think we need to buy anyone as then it would be to conjested. Maybe take a striker on loan until january so it gives eduardo and van persie the cushion to get better and hit the team running.

    In conclusion, Wenger should never be sacked as the future is so bright for our brilliant club.

  50. George says:

    Reading blogs are just a lunchtime activity at work. A little bit of entertainment. Why am I bothering with responding to this pathetic article when it is clearly trying to be provocative? Can the author really be so uninformed about Arsenal Football Club finances? Arsene Wenger has won things with Arsenal in the recent past, gave us the ‘untouchables’, has developed a team that is universally acknowledged as playing the finest football ever seen in the Premiership and will win things again… season! Arsene Wenger is the greatest manager Arsenal have ever had. Once Arsenal consolidate the business on a sound footing they will be able to spend like the others. That’s when it will cease to be as exciting as it is now. Any future Arsenal manager will be able to manage like the other top club managers by spending big. The purist philosophy that is Wenger’s is unlikely to survive and Arsenal will be an elite team that probably will not be distinguishable from Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool etc. Then all the ‘real Arsenal fans’ will be happy because Arsenal will be winning everything, every season. Beautiful, stylish football is not essential, neither is the need to entertain. It is the winning of trophies that all costs. Who remembers the runners up? Well I remember our last FA Cup triumph over Man Utd, that’s true. I recall that we were battered, we were fortunate to win and that it was a boring, unentertaining game…but we won…and that’s what matters! Lads, cherish Wenger, cherish the time we have him as our manager and hope that he leaves a legacy that is powerful and lingers for a long time after he goes….long enough for me to take leave of this world before some other numpty dismantles it to take Arsenal back to the pre-Wenger era!

  51. Stynet says:

    Another crap piece written by a late-coming gloryhunter who knows sweet FA about football.

    Yes why go for reltively young cheap and unproven talent like Viera, Henry and Fabregas when you could have signed expensive world class players like Veron, Shevchenko or even Bent!!!

    Why buy a young and hungry Anelka for £0.5 mill and then sell him for £23 mill when you can buy him when he is over the hill for £16 mill!

    And why support Arsenal when you can support Spurs or Chelski!

  52. HateMe says:

    I’m 100% agrees with u AshGoon. This guy is talking rubbish like he knows everything on managing a great club like Arsenal. You should questioning AW if he had won nothing in the past ten years. If u think buying big names could solves Arsenal problem, go and fuck yourself man. Football is not mathematics. I don’t see any manager in this world can manage a club by not buying any big names but very successful like what AW have done. If u’re a real Arsenal supporter, why must u questioning the manager. Even Rafa and Avram received full supports of their fans at the moment but u are the one who questioning AW and that’s ridiculous!!

  53. Irish gooner says:

    Wenger, maybe the best coach in football but he is not the best mamager. A manager should be rated by his performance and although I we play the best football in any league we are not winning a lot.

    One of the bosses stengths is build a fantastic team ( team of 12 or 13 players ) but to win anything we need a bigger squad or an injury free year. thats what a great manager would give us. For all the great things Wenger does his biggest fault is not developing a bigg enough squad to deal with 4 competitions.

    Finally the man’s ( AW ) is a genius when it comes to spoting tallent and bringing on players we play the best football but beating Man U, chelsea, liverpool to the league and champions league would be nice.

  54. Chippy says:

    Do you not realise we are paying off a huge stadium debt hence why we cannot throw money around like confetti and even if we did we would still be out spent by chelsea and United, Not having a dig mate but loook at other clubs that have built new grounds for most it cost them there place in the premier league and they are not looking like getting back in a hurry ! Spending money on big names although helps dosent gurantee success give me the Toures 250,000 Clichy the same over 30 mill defenders everytime also Van Persie 2.5mill against 31 mill shevchenko also you moan about the price of tickets et want us to go a blow hundreds of millions in transfers and wages who do you think will pick up the tab for that yep you guessed it us FANS !!! In 10 years Arsenal will have hardly any debt and will be the best funded club in the country especially when United and Chelsea start drowning in there debts and then they will be able to compete with any club id rather secure our long term future under Wenger than risk it all to keep up with the jones

  55. Spike says:

    Yes he probaly is for the moment.
    We’ll win a trophy next year and he will be for even longer.

    If you sack him, you can say goodbye to all the young good players that HE convinced to come (Fab, Clichy, Ade, Bentdner, Denilson…

    And AshGoon as a good point.

    And could our fans stop moaning when we buy 17 years old kids !!!
    We will (and we need) to do that every year to increase the level of the reserves and academy and it has NOTHING to do with what is needed (new signings) for the 1st team.

  56. Russ says:

    Good comments AshGoon.

    As an Arsenal fan for 30 years now I can honestly say this is the best squad of players I’ve ever seen. Arsenal fans who have supported the club for longer than the AW years know and understand what a privilage it is to have such a fantastic coach and a team playing brilliant football. Arsenal have not had dark days for a good 13 years now and long may it continue. I think a lot of credit has to go to the board for keeping Arsenal the stable club that they are. Just look at Spurs and other clubs who constantly change the board and consequently the managers too.

    As much as I’d love to see Arsenal winning trophys every year it can’t always happen and it’s not always about that anyway. People were writing Ferguson off a couple of seasons ago when he didn’t win the league for a few seasons and look what the rewards are for them now.

    Lets stick with wenger, wait until the stadium is paid off (these were always going to be lean years that require some patience from the fans) and then judge him when he has a decent transfer budget.

    I would rather see us challenge for the league, play the cream of Europe and witness fantastic football every season than win the poxy league cup and finish 11th, 37 points behind your nearest vivals!

    And to every any ‘new’ Arsenal fan who wants to see us win stuff every year and moans about the manager + players when it doesn’t happen….I suggest you go and support the phoney russian franchise or one of the northern yank clubs as you simply don’t have a clue.

  57. Ole Gunner says:

    Larry—-I stand by my view. I’m a business owner and I judge him from that perspective. I simply don’t see any manager who gives a more balanced performance. In every front…footballing, club building, scouting, finances, tactical, Wenger does the job and gets an A. He’s brilliant. Fact.

  58. Steve says:

    I agree with AshGoon. Plus, people have such short memories it is unbelievable. The last time Arsene went 3 years without a trophy he came back with a double, Invincibles and 2 FA Cups to boot. Not to mention that this was the first season this Millenium that Arsene has failed to guide us to a final of a competition. That is an outrageous achievement and glory hunting wankers who jumped on the bandwagon are calling for his head! I really cant get my head around it. What more does a man have to do to earn people’s trust? Is 3 titles, 4 FA Cups and 2 European Finals in 11 years not enough? Amazing football to boot? If it isnt then you obviously no nothing about the history of the club. Ironic because those who know fuck all about our history taunt the lack of Chelsea’s.

  59. Howard says:

    I’m a Spurs fan and I think Wenger is Sackable. Please do so we can have it down the lane. I understand why this article was written and see your point but also have to agree with Ashgoons comments as well.
    From an outsider I just feel that Arsenal have a great side but are just missing out on say 3 big buys to take them to being a major force again or shall I say be able to go the few yards and win the Prem or Cups as they were doing 5 years back. You were quite dominent then.
    I think something is going on with Wenger and David Dein still. The Arsenal board at the moment are comfortable and like their little investment. I think deep down Wenger wants his mate back in control, a russian investor and a pass to push Arsenal on.
    Personally I hope the current board stay as I feel they are holding Arsenal back. You have the stadium now, CL football every year, time to push on.

  60. amakir says:

    wenger is the best manager on earth, but he is not yet lucky has other managers. i he should be given more money to spend.

  61. sameagain dave says:

    Spot on ash goon! we’re reminded time after time in the media , (the scum , talk shite , sky ect…. )how arsenal fans have had enough of AW, how we dont spend enough ,no strengh in deph , how a big club like that deserve better, how SAF is god bla bla bla.
    Wel it turns out that the glazers have borrowed at 14.2% , they cant remorgaged because of the credit crunch, and 85million a year goes just in repayment of their loan which they took against manu assets. not in buying a new stadium , training facilities .they have now debts close to 1 billion, and after doing a chavsky last year are a just 4 points ahead , and even that has got more to do , shall we say with the kindness of Mr dean and bennett who apparently are doing the parade with them this year.
    Sure we didn’t win anything this year, but it’s not all gloom, we’re healthy financialy, play amazing football, a great academy which is copied world wide , a great manager , as oppose to the boom and bust attitude of the glazers and SAF, and believe me the shit will hit the fans sooner or later .

  62. highbury_gunner says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever been to this site, and based on this article I’m pretty sure it will be my last. Reading this reactionary stupidity is frustrating to the point of rage. You reference Grant and Rafa, and ask whether Arsene should be under as much fire as them. I truly hope not! If your goal is to have us follow down the path of Chelsea – selling our souls and dignity to criminals and despots for the sake of purchased results and fleeting glory – then count me out. And shame on any Arsenal fan who thinks otherwise. As to Liverpool, as much as I respect and admire their history, their recent past (one Champions League run aside) has been quite less than impressive, despite several ill-conceived overreactions on both the managerial and squad sides. Which proves what brutish rashness gets you.

    You complain about our players leaving and being replaced by “kids and cheap 2nd rate players from Africa or the French lower league.” And then you continue by referencing Cesc, Alex, Paddy, Titi, and Ade. Are you freaking serious??? So, when they all joined us, you knew they were going to be world beaters? I’ll go one more and doubt that you even knew who they were! Barely anyone did, save Arsene, for whom you are advocating a sacking. I didn’t know that a 16 year old Catalan kid would become one of our all-time greats when he signed. Nor, did I know that Patrick would grow to his greatness out of Milanese obscurity. And I’m sure that when we signed Thierry, and he struggled mightily when he first arrived, that you knew that he would eclipse every Arsenal goalscorer that came before him.

    I hate to see our stars leave, but to criticize Arsene on the basis of signing unknown replacements is insanity. His track record of finding the diamond in the rough is unmatched. I’d love to spend 100 mil on just a couple players like Chelsea and United, but the Arsenal just doesn’t have that luxury. You criticize Arsene’s way of managing the squad and at the same time (completely accidentally and yet still disrespectfully) give him the greatest compliment possible. He has created the modern Arsenal, and done so with great intelligence and prudence. This should be lauded and commended, not chastised.

    I’m as disappointed as any other true Gooner with not winning some silverware recently. I hate seeing Chelsea and United battling for the league and for Europe. But I remember the times before Arsene. I remember Gus Caesar. I remember Smudger. I remember the good and the bad of those teams. At times they were mediocre – at times they were great. Yet, I know that Arsene Wenger has given me higher highs with the Arsenal than I ever thought possible. And to criticize him and a board (to whom every Arsenal fan should hold a personal emotional debt) who has forgone their dividends (completely of their own volition, I might add) for the future betterment of the club borders on heresy. These men and women want success for Arsenal as much as anyone.

    This message will go unnoticed, I’m sure. But for someone to write something such as this – so myopic and indefensible – is sad. For me to know that they also consider themselves an Arsenal fan is even more disappointing. Love your club; want better for it; never be satisfied with being second to anyone. But don’t be so blinded by the desire for glory that you can’t see the greatness that is present already. Arsenal is great for a multitude of reasons – Arsene Wenger and the board constitute a great deal of those reasons.

  63. Chippy says:

    Highbury Gooner.
    Spot on my friend

  64. Stephen says:

    AW, simply the best. He’s more than a football coach but a brilliant business man. He always reduces the cost spending for the transfer market in order to bring down our debt. And the fact that we’re nearly touching the Premier League this season shows that Arsene also care about our success
    If the board sacks Arsene ( I think that’ll never gonna happends ), others giant club will hired him, that for sure. And let’s think about Cesc. Will he stay in Arsenal when his founder is in Real ???
    Well, AW is getting older, and one day, he’ll leave the club. The board can find a better coach , but they can never find a better MANAGER than Wenger

  65. Phobia says:

    Thierry Henry is finish nowhere to go.

  66. Bob says:

    I totally disagree. You say that Grant’s position is in doubt after finishing 2nd and a CL final, Rafa is in jeopardy, German clubs would have sacked AW by now……………and you think these are good points??? I think it is absoloutley shocking that Grant is possibly up for the sack given the succesful season Cheslki have pulled off dispite the disruption they have faced. Thank God we don’t have a sack-happy board like Chelsea, Real, Barca, Liverpool etc etc.

    What has happened to football? What about loyal serveants who are able to build up tradition and values in a club. OK, if they managers are useless they must go, but AW has done wonders. When he arrived we were mid-table no hopers going nowhere. Apart from a couple of great GG years we’d had no real success since the 71 double.

    AW has made us succesful and attractive. Just because we haven’t won silverware for four years does not mean sack him! We’ve got to a CL final, not been outside the top 4 for Christ’s sake! We are not sack-happy Real, Barca, Chelsea and nor do I ever want us to be. The huge over-exposure and glitzing up that football has seen since the Prem (thanks SKY) has led to a generation of football fans who just want instant success and care about nothing else – i.e. glory hunters. I just pray that this crazy attitude does not somehow mean that we do get rid of Wenger because it will be the biggest mistake the club could ever make.

    And your point that we sell our best players – what?! Who, excatly? Cashley – please! Thierry – past it. Vieira – big head who wanted to leave, Cesc proved a far superior replacement. Bobby – ok, I loved Bobby but he was 33. Anyone else? Please don’t say that whinger Diarra.

    a proud Gooner

  67. welshboy gonner says:

    AW is unsackable and to bloody right he his the greatest manager we have ever had and ever will have.But a lot of people who have responded to this article are only showing their frustration with the support he receives from the board(OR LACK OF IT). We all know we have some world class players and quite a few in the pipelines, its just frustrating how every transfer window we have to watch everybody else buying players we would like to buy ourselves but simply cant compete for because of how tight our budget is.Maybe its time for a little cash injection from STAN the YANK so AW can go and compete for 3 or 4 world class players idealy DAVID VILLA,YA YA TOURE,MICAH RICHARDS,SEBASTIAN FREY, because i serously think if AW was offered the money for all these players i dont think he would turn it down do you.I would also like to see DAI DEIN given a roll again as i believe this was when AW was at is most shrudest in the merrygo round which is the transfer market.

  68. r says:

    AshGoon is spot on.

  69. A says:

    “I would be calling for his head” Who the fuck are you? Shut up and do something more useful with your free time like looking for some skirt you little prick and stop your moaning. Munt!

  70. dev says:

    He is sackable. Great talent spotter but thats about it. gets his tactics wrong all the time and has no balls to manage big names.

  71. pay-per-view says:

    Mannn….i realy hope that he’s not unsackable b’cos i feel that he’s a little comfortable right now.

  72. Arab Soul says:

    Well, Arsene ain’t God but very close when it comes to football. i can’t imagine Arsenal having the new stadium (The Emirates) without him around. Arsenal could be something without Arsene, but with Wenger, Arsenal is ensured to flourish to the next century. Thanks to the foundation of Arsene has laid.

    I have never witnessed a sportsman that have so much influence on a game and a club like Wenger does.

    Wengeball has influence many people around the world who now have become Arsenal Fans. i am one of them. From 1996 he catched my eyes. and since then i started to love him and Arsenal.

    While Arsenal are safe with the 40,000 queue Manu are in trouble with zero queue that will come haunt them in the coming future.

    I am bitter to lose the PL & CL, It really hurts. but i can’t forget all the drama and fun of watching WengerBall.

    Thank you Sir, Thank uou Wenger

  73. the bum says:

    u hit the nail on the head mate lol

  74. ggunner says:

    wenger is unsackable and rightly so. the class of football he brings in is amazing. i think this article is written by a spud fan

  75. Lanesra says:

    Today it’s unthinkable. We missed out by so little and lost so much. BUT we had magic moments and I seriously believe with the right signings (Nasri especially but also a decent keeper and cover for mid defence) we can shine next season. Most of all we have to find away to play tough up north. That for me is the BIG tactical change Wenger’s management must make. I would welcome Captain Marvel back as part of the coaching team to work on defence. Let’s not forget that Wenger has changed football throughout Europe – even the Italians are now up for entertaining footie. The Prof’s other mega task is to manage superstars, the worldclass players he has made who then sell themselves. And if that means wads from someone’s wallet, so be it. Wenger knows.

  76. John says:

    Yes, Wenger is unsackable. You have to take into consideration that he possesses a skill that no other elite manager has: turning nobodies into who’s-whos.

    Arsenal are really lucky to have tight-knit board members who have a complete understanding for everyone in the club. They are not glory-hungry or are consistenly demanding of the UEFA Champions League. They are contented that we do possess a formidable force that has come from nowhere. He is indeed unsackable.

    In Wenger we trust! In Wenger we trust!

  77. Nirgoon says:

    AW is a great manager. We bought players like Henry when he couldn’t even get into the Juventus 1st team. AW trusted him and turned him into a striker and he became 1 of the best strikers in Europe!!! He can turn 2nd rate players into the best players in the premier League. AW is amazing! He can be sacked but he won’t be for a very long time.

  78. Nirgoon says:

    By the way I’m just 10 years old and I still write an article so please praise me.

  79. Nirgoon says:

    I think your comment is completely correct.

  80. Nirgoon says:

    I think you are completely wrong. I don’t think you are right in any way at all

  81. RAHSAGOONER says:

    Wenger, SACKABLE! I’m having a laugh! Anyone who thinks Wenger should be sacked has a pea brain. I think your forgetting who lead Arsenal to their first ever Premiership title and who made Arsenal be only the 2nd team in the Premiership to win the double?
    Answer: ARSENE WENGER. How did Bacary Sagna, Gael Clichy, RVP or even Thierry Henry become world class players and massively famous?
    Arsene Wenger – I salute you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Nirgoon says:

    AW is a great manager. For example look at Thierry. He was a poor French winger who couldn’t even get into the Juve 1st team. AW trusted him and turned him into a striker. From then on he was 1 of the best strikers in Europe. He’s been Arsenal manager for nearly 11 years and he hasn’t let us down even once. He bought 2nd class players like Sagna or Clichy and turned them into a couple of the best players in Europe. Wenger is incredible. He can be sacked if he messes something up badly but I don’t think he would ever let us down and for that reason I think he is unsackable. Even Spurs or Man Utd fans should just admit that AW is one of the best managers in the world. A few world class players to buy wouldn’t hurt but for now we’re fine. When Fabregas or Walcott gets older and we buy a few good players we will be the best team in the world.
    AW – I salute you!!!

  83. Nirgoon says:

    The reason i think you’re wrong is because your saying that we should buy all those players. 1st of all Arsene Wenger knows what he’s doing so don’t question him and 2nd who are all those players going to replace.
    So think about it!!!

  84. Rak says:

    Evidence that too many Arsenal fans are blind followers. Did he win all those trophies with teams full of kids? When will you all realise that his approach has changed and this new approach will never win anything? If he wants to continue with developing kids, then he will never win another trophy here. Forget about almost won this and almost won that, bottom line is that he’s won nothing in a while and the last win was a fluke. His era may well be over. Everything comes to an end!

  85. RAHSAGOONER says:

    Continuing from last article . . .

    Jacobs, you’re just pea – brained. I’m 11 years old and my nickname’s mini – Ronaldinho ’cause I’ve got skills, what’s your nickname – bet you haven’t even got one. Your just forgetting how AW’s created the team of the future –
    Fabianski/ Almunia
    Sagna Senderos/ Djourou Traore/ Clichy

    Walcott Fabregas/ Diaby Nasri

    Adebayor/ Eduardo/ RVP

    All young players and at the highest quality even at their young age. Go back to the early 90’s when GG was around, when we were 10th, 11th, 12th: 1997 –
    Arsene arrives – win the Premiership, FA Cup Final, vs Newcastle 2 – 0. Win the double for the first time – WITH ARSENE WENGER. Bet we weren’t considered an important club in the early 90’s not one of the top 4 ’til Arsene came. 2006/2007, First time UCL Finalists, Group Stages, first English team to beat RM in the Bernabeu, QF, beat Juve 2 – 0 then 0 – 0, SF, beat VIllereal 1 – 0
    and then 0 – 0. Bet we wouldn’t have done that in the early 90’s with GG.

  86. RAHSAGOONER says:

    By the way, who would fit into the Arsenal team as manager? Have a think – nobody I bet. Never question Arsene when he makes his team – we’ll always end up winning and make the cheeky passes and take the class goals. How often have you seen a winger score over 200 goals for their club. I’ve only seen it twice. Platini and Henry.
    “Oh, who was Thierry Henry, why has Arsene bought someone who can’t get into first team of Juve and for £10m?” you must have been thinking and when he came – well you figure it out for yourself.

    Do you remember our run in the League Cup with all the reserves beating all the first team players where we got to the SF’s. Wow! We’ll probably end up signing cheap players from the lower – leagues yeah – crap players like Sagna, Clichy, Toure and Ade. They’ve been quite poor this season, especially when Ade, Clichy and Sagna were nominee’s for both Young PFA Players of the Year and PFA Player of the Year. Ade, what a season he’s had, scoring 24 goals.

    We done brilliant last season reaching the UCL QF and ending up 4 points behind Manure and 2 points behind Chelsea when we had our main striker (RVP) out for the whole season and our 3rd choice (Eduardo) out for 1/2 a season. And I don’t think I’m forgetting Rosicky being out for nearly 1/2 a season and Sagna being out towards the end of the season which is probably why we drew to Wigan and a few other teams in our last few games. Course, we could have grabbed a few extra point if Eduardo wasn’t injured; It could have lead us to the title as well if not 2nd place would have been guaranteed – Chelsea man, those lucky jams!

    Imagine Manure losing Rooney or Ronaldo, they would have been stuffed; they were pretty crap when they lost Rooney for about 2-3 weeks. Or Chelsea, what would they do without Drogba, they’re lucky to have Abramovic because of the billions he’s got! In fact, if Abramovic wasn’t at Chelsea, they wouldn’t even be close to being better than Arsenal and we still ended up beating them 1 – 0 at home when it should have been 3. This proves how ingenious Arsene can be.

    HA! You got TOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. RAHSAGOONER says:

    Simple as this-
    AW IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Nirgoon says:

    AW is simply a genius. I mean… we lost our main striker for nearly the whole season and then our 3rd choice for 1/2 a season. Where would man u be if they lost Ronaldo or Rooney for a season… NOWHERE!!!! And if Chelsea lost Drogba or Lampard… Again NOWHERE!!!! So we would have still pretty much have been Champions if we didn’t lose our strikers. I’ve got to admit that Ferguson is a better manager than AW tactical-wise. But for Intelligence or cleverness i would have to easily say Arsene Wenger. We would end up saying we want to buy a class player but we don’t end up doing it. But we still we manage to be 1st for 1/2 the season with 1/2 our players missing. That’s just AW being amazing. If we end up winning the league next season, then don’t think that the players did most of the work, think Wenger. Anyone who actually says that AW is a bad manager is easily the dumbest person I have ever met. The thing is, about this article, is that I think your forgetting how Arsenal actually became a ‘big club’- thank you Arsene Wenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one in the heart of England who doesn’t agree with me that Wenger is Unsackable should just realize in their puny little brain should just face that Arsene Wenger is the cleverest manager that there is and ever will be!!!!!!!!!
    Arsene Wenger-Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  89. Nirgoon says:

    AW – Brilliant!! Who got Arsenal to their 1st ever champions league final?
    Who got Arsenal to the 2nd ever double in history?
    Who beat AC Milan in their 1st ever loss at home by an English team?
    Who beat Real in their 1st ever loss at home by an English team?
    All of those were some of the millions of that Arsene did to make the gooners a amazing team!


  90. RAHSAGOONER says:

    Ashgoon you are a true Wenger fan

  91. Nirgoon says:

    You are a true Arsenal fan

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