How Will Samir Nasri’s Inevitable Signing Help/Change Arsenal?

By K-PO, proud Hardcore Member of the Gooner Forum, and Blog Main Man. 


Even the ever-coy Wenger has admitted that “There’s a good chance of it (Nasri’s signing) coming to pass, and if it does it will be before the European Championships.”,19528,11670_3609039,00.html 


Most people except the signing to be made in the next three days, but Wenger says that could be up to two weeks. Either way, he will sign. 


Most Gooners think that Samir will a Hleb replacement. In the attacking midfield role yes, in the right winger role no. There is no way that Wenger would deny Walcott a well deserved starting place on the right wing. I’m guessing confidently that we will play 4-5-1 next season, with Nasri in the “playmaker” role. 


This will be next year’s team: 








Bench: Fabianski, Song, Traore, Denilson, Diaby, Vela, Bendtner


I will make further comments when we make our next signing, which will hopefully be a holding midfielder. 


Hleb will probably also be sold this week, and his price will cover for Nasri’s signing, leaving money for big two more big signings. 

54 Responses to How Will Samir Nasri’s Inevitable Signing Help/Change Arsenal?

  1. Joseph says:

    I agree with you mate regarding the probable line-up. But were are RVP, EDS and WG10. Much as I don’t like Gallas do you think that AW will put him with the reserves for next season?

  2. JamJam says:

    Wheres Gallas, Van Persie and Gilberto?

  3. JamJam says:

    Wheres Gallas, Van Persie and Gilberto

  4. GunnersUnnited says:

    I think you’re forgetting about a certain Dutch superstar. Hint! Hint! Surely RVP will get a starting berth.

  5. Ro says:

    That team is spot on I think. That would be our best line up with two good signings. JamJam Gallas is crap, Gilberto isn’t good enough anymore and old and Van Persie is too injury prone and is not worth the hassle

  6. Matt says:

    My Team:
    ——————Almunia ———————

    Sagna —- Toure—— ——– Clichy

    Walcott— Cesc——– Rosicky ————–Nasri

    ———-Adebayor————-Van Persie——-

    Rosicky is better in the middle… I also dont know if Theo will be able to provide the consistent performences on a regular basis. But we would also need a holding player in there so im really not sure what will happen, but thats my bet.

  7. gunner17 says:

    there’s nothing much wrong with our defence really, so don’t be surprised if wenger doesn’t actually bring in any defenders. he will keep faith with senderos.
    i can see wenger sticking with eboue over walcott.

  8. Hassan says:

    Nasri played 121 games since 2004 and scored 11 goals!!!! do you remember when he made the back paper with this “” Nasri struggled with form in the 2007-2008 season, resulting in many fans calling for him to be substituted in the home game against Bordeaux on 4th May 2008″”

    How do you think he will do in real league!!!??? and where is Van Persie? he is class once he get his form back, he hardy played last season due to injures! and i understand why Gallas not in the team, because we need leaders do not cry!

    Team should be like this 4-1-3-2

    Almunia- Keeper
    New Signing-CB
    Rosicky or New Signing -LM

    Nasri-Waste of money
    Song-CM or DM
    Traore Anywhere on the left

  9. How could you possibly forget Van Persie, Save any injuries, he will be the main striker. I also agree with Rosicky/Nasri/Fabregas midfield with Walcott/Vela/Adebayor making the other striker.

  10. Tyrone says:

    I think we dont really need a dm cause we can put toure in there and put gallas and senderos as the cb. i would like a keeper tho

  11. frenchgooner says:

    Why isn’t Gallas in your starting lineups…?


    Nasri shouldn’t start the season and just wait ’till Rosicky gets injured again. I still think we need a striker (Gomez).. One central defender too

  12. El Tommo says:

    No Van Persie? Are you insane?

  13. goona says:

    u get me… v persie has to be in that team no matter how wenger reshuffles d formation

  14. El Tommo says:

    There’s plenty wrong with our defense – it’s because we let in too many goals that we slipped out of contention. Squad depth also contributed so i would bet that Wenger will bring in a defender, maybe two. We have no cover for right back or left back. Traore is being used as a wide left midfielder and he looks excellent there so I would expect him to be groomed for that role next season. One central defender and one utility defender is my stab in the dark. Possibly a good holding defensive midfielder to share the duties with Diaby/Denilson, neither of whom are naturally holding players but powerful box to box players. Nasri will most likely be in the hole behind Adebayor but he is able to play in any position across the midfield, and what’s even better is he can play instead of Cesc when he is injured, rested or suspended. Van Persie will have a role to play up front as well, and we’ll need all that cover and the flexibility of most of our players means we’ll be pretty sorted to make an assault on all fronts next season – i can’t wait!

  15. lennox says:

    if we sign nasri he will play on the right wing and ive got a feeling ben arfa is coming to play on the left he is shit hot and its gone a little quite about him he would be ideal for arsenal.

  16. frenchgooner says:

    We have a right back from St Etienne who is about to come in apparently. Rather good. definitely not a first spot player for now but good sub

  17. ko says:


    Sagna …..Tore ……signing …. Clichy

    Nasri …. Fabregas…..signing ….Rosicky

    Vanpersie …. Ade….

    Sub. 1.Fabianski 2. Walcott 3. Vela ….4.Signing (def) 5. Bendtner

  18. nespo says:

    ya’ll killin me wit dis crazy formation…wot makes a gud team is a great D.M…defencive midfild player…we need a gud and strong one then u can start to talk bout us winning anything gud

  19. GoonerC says:


    Sagna Toure Signing Clichy

    Rosicky/theo Fabregas Signing Nasri/theo

    Adebayor Van Persie

  20. K-PO says:

    For those of you asking about van Persie, I think and hope that he will play a role for Arsenal next season, but I think on average, the team that I mentioned in the post is the team that we will see the most of next year.

    I think that really when van Persie is fit we will see him instead of Walcott, with Nasri on the right.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Please also join the Gooner Forum and make your comments there!

  21. K-PO says:

    And JamJam, I’m hoping that Gallas is sold, and while I’d hate to see legend Gilberto go, I think it’s time for him to move on.

  22. ola says:

    I can guarantee you, K-PO, you got it wrong! haha..

    7 on the bench? van persie? gallas? wengers statement that he probably won’t sign a replacement for flamini? his faith in eboue, now suddenly not in the squad?

    Nasri will be on the left…

  23. John says:

    Unfortunatel,y AW will definately find a spot for that total waste of space Eboue. What does he see in him????!!!!

  24. Ben says:

    I think you have it wrong too. I think you’ll see Nasri on the left with Rosicky on the right. For those with good memories when Rosicky was bought everyone thought it was for the right to compete with Hleb since Wenger was after Ribery that summer too. Theo will be challenging Rosicky next year which won’t be hard since he’ll probably spend half the season on the treatment table again + they’re very different types of players and will suit different games. Traore will understudy Nasri.
    I’m also not sure that Gallas will be dropped ahead of Toure considering the end of the season. I think what we see next season wil be determined by what Arsene can get, not what he wants…

  25. Gooner Boy says:


    Sagna Toure/Gallas Signing(Kompany) Clichy

    Nasri Fabregas Signing Signing(Ben Arfa)

    Adebayor Signing(Gomes)

    Subs: Fabianski, Gallas, Gilberto, Diaby, Walcott, Van Persie, Rosicky
    Sell: Hleb, Bendtner, Senderos, Eboue


  26. zulu warrior says:


    Sagna KingKolo Gallas Geal force

    Wowcott Fab Nasri Rosicky

    Robin Van Skillz Adebayooooo-o-or

  27. Austingunner says:

    Yeah I agree about the defense. I think we need a better centerback to play with either Toure or Gallas. It will be difficult for Wenger to sort those two out and get one of them to accept a bench role…you need an assistant like Tony Adams who would help keep players in line (not Wenger’s strong suit)…Then I would like to see Kompany come in and play that role as the defensive enforcer.

    I don’t think it’s realistic to just stick Nasri right into the starting lineup and probably not at forward anyway. Although if you look at our style of play wingers and forwards are fairly interchangeable so it’s somewhat inconsequential the name you give to a player’s position. There are tendencies to the way one player plays versus another but it’s really total football isn’t it, so you’re looking more for balance and interchangeablity rather than some rigid system like most teams play.

  28. Austingunner says:

    Gilberto stays on in a nurturing role to the younger players. He is loyal and doesn’t make a big stink about not starting (which as Brazil captain I’m sure is hard to swallow)…LOTS of players could learn a lot about the fact that it is a TEAM game from Bert! People really underestimate him.

  29. Kilo G says:

    I think we’ll go 4-4-2 in the premiership and 4-5-1 in Europe.

    Adebayor needs Van persie next to him to take some of the burden of leading the line and provide a target for his knock downs and runs. Van Persie needs some one who plays beyond him to play in and put the occasional cross into.
    In Europe I feel we need more defensive cover and 5 in midfield gives us this. Obviously with the speed, passing and forward mindedness of our players 4-5-1 will quickly turn into 4-3-3 ensuring Ade or who ever the striker may be is not isolated.

    Next season we can do it all!

  30. deus atwongyere iraq says:

    ithink de boy would be straight to do what helb was doing or he ill be used as winger, nice signing from arsene.

  31. hamzi says:

    actually, arsenal do have a defender that is tall, fast and can challenge high ball. he is djourou. i believe he got the talent to be top class defender but still need time to develop. i think maybe nasri would be the only addition to the squad. after all in midfield diaby, denilson and song can play there. for wide and attacking role, we got walcott and now vela with nasri 2 more quality addition, arsenal might not need another signing. don’t forget van persie and eduardo. just hope that no players will be injured for a long time. maybe rosicky will eventually play in his natural center midfield to partner fabregas.

  32. fabgooner says:

    i would also like

    Clicjy signing toure sagna

    walcott rosciky fabregas nasri

    V.p Adebayor

    Wenger has got two other french players so hope they turn out to be like sagna and give us depth if u see the 11 we have one of the top sides in europe but depth is wht is lacking

  33. Song says:

    Alexandre Song DMF. Seriously…

  34. sparky says:

    does all this formation speculation really matter ?

    leave it to the master wenger ……. he knows what he is doing

    i trust he will do what is best for arsenal wether it is leaving van persie out or not starting walcott

    nuf sed boys !! …….. much love xx

  35. Samuel says:

    How can you possibly doubt RVP’s fitness and yet confidently have Rosicky in the team? Nonsense. If you read the AST comments back the ‘creative’ player is to cover for injuries (i.e. Rosicky I think) and not Hleb. Whether a player is bought to replace Hleb or Theo is used there I don’t know. Personally I’d trust Theo and have Lansbury/Randall/Barazite cover and play Cup games (with Eboue as back up rb.)

    As I see it:

    Sagna – Gallas – Toure (/New Signing for long ball opposition) – Clichy
    Theo/Rosicky Fabregas Diaby/GS Nasri
    RVP/Bendtner Adebayor

    Personally I think that is a team that wins trophies. Yeah, improvements can be made further (GK, DM, RM) but with limited resources and our most promising set of youngsters coming through in the next 2/3 years, I think how big and how great the squad can be will creep up on people without them expecting it. If we do have some cash left over though a punt on some cheap keeper from Eastern Europe could be worth it though, they seem to be making some good ones – or start the one we have, I’d feel much safer with Fabianski in goal than Almunia.

  36. Iceman76 says:

    The writer of the article has been playing a bit too much PC Manager. How can you not have RVP or Gallas in the squad.

    PS @ OLA from next season there will be 7 subs allowed on the bench, only thing K-PO got right;-D

  37. moynz says:

    hello…has someone forgot that eduardo is still an arsenal player…where will he be fitted in seeing as he is a natural goal scorer…
    i just worry if we have too many players the ones who dont play regularly will just leave or ones who dont like the noise or want bit more money…
    i dont understand y our players do this, players at man utd or chelsea never complain..
    i think wenger needs to start sticking up for himself, he is too nice to these players and thats y theysay what they want and do what they want

  38. buu says:

    the premier league have changed it so there will be 7 subs from the 08-09 season onwards

  39. Trennon says:

    Your forcast of our starting 11 is really week and will expose us to any team. Nothing wrong with our defense? Our defense cost us the title and cost us our spot in the semi of the CL. Nasri will be given 6 months to a full season to adapt to the prem and he will find himself mainly on the bench to start with. Maybe he will be another Sagna and walk straight in and look as though he has been playing in this team and league for years, but to simply asume that and all slot him into your starting 11 is naive and unfare on the player!! The central defender however will need to adapt immediatly so Wengers statement at the end of the season that he will try to sign a player with premier league experience I believe will be for this position. I also dont think Wenger is going to sign a new midfielder to replace Flamini. With Gilberto staying I honestly believe Wenger is going to do one of 2 things. Either give Diaby the chance to play in the position he was signed for or slot Toure in there. Its going to be interesting thats for sure. With Rosicky scheduled for his second and final operation this week and his doctors believing that they have discovered and corrected the problem it looks more and more likely that we are going to get a good season out of him and as we all know, Rosicky is 10 times better than Hleb will ever be. So my line up for the start of the season at least is:


    Walcott —Cesc—Toure—Rosicky


    (Nasri, Senderos, Gilberto, Bendtner, Fabianski)

  40. fac51 says:

    fwiw I’m pretty sure its been agreed that the EPL will have 7 subs next season.

    This is what I think we will see, not neccessarily what I’d like:

    ——v. Persie—Adebayor—–
    Rosicky-Fabregas-New Bloke-Nasri

    Bendtner/Eduardo when fit

  41. Gooner Boy says:

    If we just stick with that team it will be the same as last season! We wouldnt have enough STRENGTH and DEPTH and would fail at the last hurdle! I hope your right about Rosicky but he is injury prone and we cant get away from that! I like the idea of Toure though i must admit!

  42. GunnerPete says:

    We are so sad! All we have to do on a holiday is speculate who will be Gunners next season…….Heres my team wish.


    Sagna Johnson (cardiff) Toure clichy

    Walcott Cesc Nasri

    Van P

    ( Bentner, Almunia, Randall, Vela, Song, Traore, Denilson )

    To be sold asap……Gilberto, Rosicky (only because of fitness) Senderos, HlebDiaby. Money raised £ 30 mill

  43. Andy says:

    sagna toure gallas clichy
    nasri fabregas barry walcott
    adebayor vela

    subs: v persie, fabianski, denilson, rosicky,dunne

    i doubt this would be are team for next season but this is perfect i think

  44. The Chosen One says:

    I’m a bit depressed at how many people have Almunia in their ‘dream’ XI, he’s not good enough to be Arsenal’s number 1. I hope we get in and nab Kameni from Espanyol before anyone else does, he’s been linked with sp*rs so we could easily sign him. He’s genuinely world class and could be Arsenal’s number 1 for as long as Spunky was.

    As for everyone putting Barry in their dream XIs, he’s going to Liverpool I have a couple of mates who know him and he wants to join them. The only way we’d have a chance of getting him is if Benitez refuses to pay what Villa want for him, rather than offering a couple of million and a few reserves. He would be a good signing for us if we could do it, but he’s pretty much a Liverpool player. We certainly need a holding midfielder, I dread the thought of Gilberto becoming a regular again. He’s been great for us in the past, but he is looking a bit past it now. I know Diarra wanted to go and is also a bit of a twat, but I’m kind of gutted we sold him, one less player to buy in the summer.

    Anway, this is my Dream XI, dream probably being the operative word as far as this team is concerned, but I can hope!

    GK – Kameni (or someone other than Almunia, Ustari maybe?)
    RB – Sagna
    LB – Clichy
    CB – Toure
    CB – Richards (He’ll cost a shitload, but he is class, and a gooner to boot!)
    RM – Walcott (showed enough at the end of the season to deserve a run)
    LM – Nasri
    CM – Fabregas
    CM – Yaya Toure (already said he’d like to play alongside his brother, and he’s a quality player too)
    CF – Adebayor
    CF – van Persie

    In order for that team to become reality I’d happily see some of the current squad leave. I’d get rid of Hleb, he’s great on the ball and is a good passer, but he has no end product in front of goal. He only shoots when has has absolutely no option to pass to, I don’t think we’d miss him. I’d also sell Senderos, particularly if he plays well in the Euro’s. He sometimes plays well, and I think I’m wrong about him, but he usually manages to put that right within the next couple of appearances. I never feel confident when he plays.

    I can take or leave Gallas, our season went off the rails after his little tantrum in the Birmingham City game. You’d never have seen Tony Adams do that, even Thierry, who loved to sulk, would have held it together. The fact is he shouldn’t be captain, and I can’t see him sticking around if he’s stripped of the captaincy. If we sign Micah Richards I wouldn’t give a shit.

    Also looking forward to seeing Vela in action next season, and I really hope Eduardo makes a full recovery, because he was looking like being one of the signings of the season before that c*nt Taylore broke his leg. Was I the only gooner who was delighted to see them relegated? Horrible board, horrible team, no loss to the league.

  45. K-PO says:

    Seems to me boys that a lot of you don’t have faith in Walcott to start next season, what is this????

  46. Andrew says:


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Rosicky Fabregas Diaby Walcott/Nasri

    Adebayor Van Persie

    Subs: Almunia, Vela, Eboue, Denilson, Senderos, Signing…

  47. macka says:

    u guys r dumb. I think the formation would b 4-3-3
    sagna–toure- signing- clichy

    walcott- fabregas- signing- ben arfa

    Adebayor—- Nasri
    Bench- VEla, Rosisky,Chantome,RVP,Troare I dnt think bendtner is quility 4 arsenal

  48. macka says:

    or 4-4-2 as above, the signing mite nt b on

  49. Wowcote says:

    look their is no doubt. that nasri should start hes gona cost us 14 milll (thats IF he signs we have muddled shit up before) rosicky isnt a midle man no matter hw mch he ventures into the middle, and none of yous have awoken 2 Alex Song, hes young, yes… bt isnt our whole team?? i wtched him play centre back in the carling cup.. more of a stopper really, bt hes got a good passing game he cant show that stuff off when hes playing centre halff
    theos a bench man, yes hes brilliant bt with the signing of nasri hell provide spark of the bench

    Almunia/(rob green anyone?)

    Sagna-Toure-Gallas/(Signing Kompany?)- Glichy
    Rosicky-Fab-(Song/signing)- Nasri

    I really dont think adebayor is our #1 striker hes missed 1-1s far to often. we need a striker who when hes breaks we’ll think ‘yes hell score’ rather then ‘hes got a good chance of scoring’

    and noing our injuries theo wil be in the squad by the end of the the year for the last 4-5 months of the comp, hell get his chance hes versatile enough
    btw cant we piss of eboue? and senderos never a fan of either

  50. Nirgoon says:

    People just expect us to win, but we lost RVP and Eduardo so it was not easy. If they stay and then Nasri comes we will probably win.
    So think about it!!!!

  51. Nirgoon says:

    This would be my starting line-up…

    Clichy Gallas Toure Sagna
    Rosicky Fabregas Diaby Walcott/Nasri
    Adebayor Van Persie

    Subs: Denilson, Almunia, Vela, Eboue, Senderos, Signing……
    I think this will be a class team and I think we will win the Premiership with this team.

  52. Wowcote says:

    nasri not signing or at least until after eruos 2008.. thattl set us back about 5 -12 mill depending on how france go-typical dickhead arsenal management- they had 2 sign the guy b4 euros bt now coz hes young his price tag l inflate to i rekon 20 mill- im guessing no signing for nasri

    rosicky-cesc-?? diaby/denilson/signing-wowcot

    its stil a gun team injury free

  53. stephen says:

    team has to be :

    RB – SAGNA
    CB – TOURE
    CB – SONG
    RM – NASRI


  54. arsenal says:

    oh, matt i think you are not a good manager as 11 players are needed in a squad and not 10……..I think that is going to be a great squad for the debut and we must not forget that Dutch star.(Robin Van Persie ).See date {May 25 2008}

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