Have we signed Hatem Trabelsi yet?

Close to Signing

Every summer we are linked with a host of players and all the sites and papers go around and say “its a done deal” Well nothing is a done deal until its on Arsenal.com. Remember Hatem Trabelsi? Well in 2005 Arsenal were heavily linked with the player, Very much like the way we are linked with Nasri at the moment.. With the transfer looking imminent, even the latest Pro Evolution Soccer game for gaming consoles included Trabelsi in the Arsenal side as the world thought it was a done deal.

Just a warning to all the people that think that the Nasri deal is in the bag, Things can change at the final moment and until its 100% confirmed on Arsenal.com never take anything for granted.

More players that we were heavily linked with and never signed

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Frank Ribery
Ryan Babel
Frank de Boer
Kevin Hofland
Mack Van Bommel
And for the older Gooners. Kerry Dixon, Tony Cottee

Lets just wait until its 100% confirmed before we all get to carried away.

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36 Responses to Have we signed Hatem Trabelsi yet?

  1. paul thor skinbakk says:

    dont forget miguel angulo from valencia – he was in the taxi on his way to highbury to sign his contract, realised the area wasn’t the nicest and asked the taxi driver to take him back to the airport !!

  2. jigga says:

    wenger never came out and spoke about those transfers

  3. El Tel says:

    On the reverse side Manu Petit had lunch with the Spuds directors and took a cab to Highury to sign for the mighty Gunners. Manu you will always be a legend.

  4. GOONA says:

    How right you are my friend i’ve thought all along that all concerned were waiting for a Barca or a Madrid to come up with a better offer especially after the game last night. “INTERESTED IN ARSENAL” i’d much prefer “I WANT TO JOIN ARSENAL”. Lets wait and see though but i’ll not put any lolly on it. Sigh!

  5. Arse&Nose says:

    Very Good point!
    I remember Trabelsi being in the pro evo game, everyone thought it was done, but apparently he asked for a massive wage hike at the last minute.

    With the words coming out from Nasris agent recently it seems like he is trying to push his salary to the limit as well.

  6. Mick says:

    And Dudek, who’s picture was even added to the Arsenal website before the deal fell through!

  7. Eric Savage says:

    And Dudek.

  8. thegoonerforum says:

    Jigga, Wenger about Ibrahimovic, Plus a photo of him with the Arsenal number 9 shirt

  9. Vivas says:

    Not only did Manu Petit have a meeting with Spurs before he came and met Arsenal but he got Spurs to pay for his cab fare to Highbury. Legend!

  10. Eduardo114 says:

    Fabian Carini, think he even flew out to the Austrian training camp in 2002!

  11. Dirty Turkey says:

    It wasnt Dudek that appeared on the Arsenal website it was an Italian keeper, think his name was Sorini?

    Nasri is defo joining though and so is Robinho.

  12. KH says:

    Fabian Carini the keeper from Juve, his photo appeared on Arsenal.com as well then the deal collapsed. Also remember the Brazil keeper Marcos was at Highbury and that deal fell through. Also Sebastien Viera the now Villarreal keeper was meant to be signing until Wenger pulled the plug at the last minute because of his dodgy knee. Maybe its just keepers we have problems with.

  13. Harry Barracuda says:

    Don’t be so f**king stupid. He’s 31 and he’s playing for Al Hilal club which means my granny is fitter than he is.

    He might have had a chance two years ago, but he’s blown it now, so you’re just making bollocks up and it’s not even June yet. GIVE IT A FUCKING REST.

  14. Greg says:

    Trabelsi Fail;ed a medical!!

    my mum works in hospital where arsenal players havemedical!! or used to anyway!! trust me nasri is good as ours agents fees!!! but trabelsi was all set too sign!! but fialed medical!!

  15. 1979gooner says:

    indeed. some people should learn from the lessons, unfortunately they do not and persist in working themselves into feeding frenzies based on tabloid rumours.

  16. Andy says:

    Oh dear Harry…..that went right over your head didn’t it……..whooooooooosh

  17. Nick says:

    Some people don’t get sarcasm.

  18. davoody says:

    @harry – i kinda think u missed the point of this article.

  19. robert says:

    Finally someone agrees with me the deal is not done until a contract is signed. I really wants Nasri at arsenal but I’m not as optimistic as most gooners….

  20. deano says:

    i remember reading

    “Ronaldhino to sign for Arsenal”

    at the top of the BBC teletext sport news page several years ago!

  21. deano says:

    …………….and dudek, the polish keeper!

  22. Moley1113 says:

    Anyone remembe the uraguayan goalkeeper Fabien Carini?? Now that was a done deal…

  23. twotouchmiracle says:

    deal is done as done…wenger has never spoken out about a transfer unless it was defo gonna happen.

    Don’t get it twisted.

  24. jack says:

    its finanalising with marseille they want extra if arsenal win trophies like with reyes thats from marseille director.deal with nasri is agreed

  25. Jean-Michel says:

    He did say he was going for Baptista before it happened. He said an offer had been made and then Madrid came in and got him.

    In fact he has also came out and said Nasri might come in. So it’s not true that he never speaks about a transfer ahead of time, though it’s rather rare.

  26. no1 f(r)an_merida says:

    what about kluivert and davids who where set to sign for the gooners before joing overmars and petit at barca.

  27. […] Have we signed Hatem Trabelsi yet? [image] Every summer we are linked with a host of players and all the sites and papers go around and say “its a […] […]

  28. thenoozetoday says:

    You should try being a Spurs fan… apparently, we’re after every single professional footballer on planet earth.

  29. YOyo says:

    Harry = homer simpson

  30. latecomer says:

    dudek too

  31. 25tolife says:

    If I don’t remeber it all wrong we really wanted dutch dou Kluivert and Cocu too.. They nerver came our way..thank God…

  32. DaveyX says:

    Sebastian Viera! I even remember the year after the failed transfer when he was still bitter about us snubbing him after the medical.

  33. Nirgoon says:

    We’re never gonna buy this guy. He’s 31. Who on Earth is he gonna replace. We have a brilliant team at the moment. Why would we buy him?

  34. Vincent says:

    Nirgoon mate, are you ‘avin a laugh?

    Read the article again, properly this time, and you’ll see that its not about buying Trabelsi, but about people we have ”nearly” signed over the years and have eventually went elsewhere.

    Stupidity is bliss, it would seem…..idiot.

  35. Nirgoon says:

    Shush Vincent,
    I am just a kid, you know

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