TGF Research the Word GOONER

By Zickar, respected Moderator, to whom the Blog Team was kind enough to let post. 🙂

Ever wondered why its Gooners instead of Gunners ? I always thought I had this figured out, for me the direct answer was our hooligan heritage. It made perfect sense for me since the word goon could mean a bully or a tough guy ,It seems to fit the bill but recently I found out that the answer isn’t that simple … It seems that there are other versions of the story and other explanations to how this nickname we proudly hold came. We at the Gooner forum have recently have recently started a discussion about it and thanks to Natsteel of the Gooner Forum we were able to compile these four most likely stories
1) The name came from Arsenal’s 70s hooligan element calling themselves Gooners.
2) The name came from a derogatory nickname bestowed by opposing supporters. Who instead of calling us The Gunners they called us The Gooners.
3) There is also a story that it came about in the early 90s as a mispronouncement of Gunner by Swedish supporters of the club following Anders Limpar.
4) There is another story that it is an accent mangling of Gunner.
What do you think? Maybe some of you could tell us where it all came from

12 Responses to TGF Research the Word GOONER

  1. BOY-BETTER-KNOW says:

    the word gooner came from tottenham hotscum they used to call us it with the hooligan elemnt side of things ever heard the arsenal hooligan following by the name of THE HERD.anyway R.I.P THE BEAR

  2. Vivas says:

    3 is definitely false, there were gooners in the eighties. The other three can all be true.

  3. airydisc says:

    First time I heard it chanted was either 1977 or 1978, can’t remember which. It was in our section of the end at Filbert St. We were playing Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup. There was guy in a Starskey cardigan chanting it at the Wednesday fans in the adjacent section.

  4. merse says:

    HAHAHA That’s Beret Michael in the pic.

    Regards gooner, it’s a mixture of one and two…

    RIP The Bear EIE

  5. Madge says:

    I heard it was the oriental supporters pronunciation of gunners simple as that

  6. Pete the Gooner says:

    Charlie Nicholas started it all with his broad Scots accent back in the early eighties. I’m old enough to remember!

  7. Sue says:

    hahahaha….had to laugh at this one. Surely everyone knows this by now.

    It’s number 2 – courtesy of the tiny totts!

  8. Walter says:

    I don’t know where it came from originally but in my country we have a tradition in talking on names that are given to have a laugh at you; as a name to carry with pride. So just proud of being a Gooner.

  9. James says:

    My dad reckons it came from all the Greeks (like me) who have lived round Highbury for the past 50 odd years. I remember my Grandmother failing to pronouce Gunner a bit like Stavros…. “iss thi Gooners inni”.

  10. Wishbone says:

    Gooner is greek for great

  11. jamesgillesp says:

    Beret Michael is a ledge, I see him at almost every game I go to!

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