Who should Captain Arsenal next season?

William Gallas – Is this the way a Captain should act?

Who should be captain of Arsenal next season?    By Kolo(c)

A common question asked, regarding the Arsenal squad of late, is who should be given the Captain’s Armband. Being Captain of a club as large and illustrious as Arsenal would be an honour for any player… so who should be granted with their wish?

In recent seasons, the Captain’s Armband has been given away freely at Arsenal, with no player being able to claim it as their own, ever since the departure of Patrick Vieira. In the space of 3 years, the Captain’s Armband has been given to Thierry Henry, Gilberto Silva, Kolo Toure, Cesc Fabregas and William Gallas. In fact, Phillipe Senderos has also captained the club on various occasions. Is this how it should be?

Arsene Wenger has often been looked upon as a great manager, one whose not only known for his unique transfer style, flirting with the media, and taking huge risks in important matches. He is also looked upon as a great decision maker. But has he made the wrong decision with choosing William Gallas as Captain?

23rd February, 2008. A date that will stick with many Arsenal fans for a long, long time. This day was the day that Arsenal drew with Birmingham City 2-2, in what many believe was the ‘beginning of the end’. Not only is this day remembered for the disastrous tackle on Croatian international Eduardo da Silva, leaving him out for the rest of the season, and shattering his dreams of representing his country in Euro 2008, but also for other reasons. In the dying minutes of a game, with Arsenal winning 2-1, after a brilliant comeback, a mistake by Gael Clichy meant that Birmingham had a penalty, and a chance to equalise. William Gallas, who was currently captaining the team, not only turned his back to the event, but walked half way across the pitch, took a seat near the centre circle, sat… and wept. Many people put it down to passion, or anger for the team. Others believe that it was terrible captaining, and a disgrace to the club. Is this a way that a Captain should act?

To most Arsenal fans, this confirmed their belief that William Gallas was not the right man for the job. But if he isn’t, then who is? I am a firm believe that in the current Arsenal team, there are only 3 possible candidates:
– Kolo Toure
– Cesc Fabregas
– Gilberto Silva

Kolo Toure is currently the longest serving player in the Arsenal squad. He plays as a CB (predominately known as a good position for Captain’s), and has an undeniable love for the club. He shows immense passion at time, however mostly through his actions, rather than vocally. Is Kolo Toure the man for the job?

Cesc Fabregas, often looked upon as a future Arsenal legend. His passion is undeniable, and he often leads the team by example. He is a natural leader, and incredibly respected for his age. He is, however, still very young, and relatively inexperienced (in the Captain’s department). Would you be happy to see Cesc lead the Arsenal team on?

Gilberto Silva. In the season 06/07, Gilberto Silva, due to the unfortunate injury to Thierry Henry, led the Arsenal team for the vast majority of the season. He was often praised for his performance as Captain, and the armband undoubtedly improved his game. He is vocal at times, and has bags of experience. He is, however, ageing, and does not play as much as the other candidates. Is the experience of the Brazilian enough to warrant your vote as Captain?

Or even William Gallas can be kept as captain. He is incredibly experienced, and due to his season captaining us, now has experience as a Captain. He is extremely vocal, and his passion is undeniable. If he could channel his passion to have a positive effect on the team, he could most certainly be a very good Captain.

Arsene Wenger has described the position as Captain as one that he will “analyse”. We will have to wait until next season to see who Arsene has decided to pick as Captain, but who would you pick? If you were put in Arsene’s shoes, who would you make Captain of Arsenal Football Club?

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19 Responses to Who should Captain Arsenal next season?

  1. jamJam says:

    I think it should be given to Kolo Toure

  2. Andy says:

    i agree if its taking off gallas then toure should have it but shouldnt we give gallas some more time?

  3. arsenal on the quadruple says:

    cesc seems to understand what it means to be king.

  4. scottpuffin says:

    I totally agree, I think we should give Gallas some more time as captain. Let’s not forget at the start of the season when things were going well Gallas was an absolute legend, and he’s clearly a big-game player. I thought it should’ve gone to Toure at the start of the season, but you can see Gallas has a bit more confidence and he encourages the team a lot.

    You can’t pinpoint one incident and claim he’s a bad captain. Roy Keane wasn’t exactly an angel, and didn’t always lead by example, but if Man U never had him as captain it’ll be a complete different story.


  5. ko says:


  6. No.1 gooner fan tom says:

    Not yet fabregas : dont get me wrong his a great player but a bit to young for me definitely captain material when he gets older.
    No way gallas: 2 words= Birmingham City
    definitely toure: longest serving gunner and plays with passion and his heart on his sleeve

  7. robson says:

    Best player should be captain. Fabregas.

  8. Jon says:

    I think it should be Flamini, he’s the type of person Arsenal need to take charge.
    Oh I forgot, he left for a bigger club

  9. David Bell says:

    Hi all
    I think that Gallas as Captain was the right choice trough expierience but it should be taken into consideration that that game at b’gham was a disastor from start to finish and the reaction was human..a 94 minute penalty and a broken leg to eduardo…So I would stick with Gallas and if the manager decides otherwise he should go for Kolo Toure who is passion all the way as well….

    Dont forget two goals that meant heaps for the Arsenal by Captain Gallas the goal in the 2-2 draw home to Man Utd and Away to Bolton in the 3-2 victory a hell of a game with ten men away and Gallas lead the way on both occasions…I like many Arsenal fans around the world feel that we lost the leauge because of the way we were treated on various occasions by officials in matches that could have easily gone our way…True its easy to always point at players but with the squad available to Wenger at the end of the season we still could have won it had it not been for injuries and bad desicions against us…
    What really hurts my intellegence is that while they all love the way we play we still get penalised why???
    Gallas is Arsenal Captain and is a leader on the pitch and off and a human being….we were playing brilliant Football we knocked Milan out of the champions leauge away from home the only team from England to ever win in the San Siro and then we played liverpool next round not a Penalty on Hleb….give me a break….2-2 away at enfield a penalty, fouled outside the area given in the dying minutes of a game we should have had in the bag…These are the moments you think off when you are Captian and Gallas had to take them toghether with other incidents that happened….Had we been lucky to field an injury free Sqaud we would have gone all the way…..

    All I can Say is this Arsenal will be back again with a bigger squad and the best is still to come and with Wenger as Manager I am sure he will do all he can to see the Gunners get what they truely deserve to be Champions again… AFC Victoria Concordia Crescit!!!

  10. Al says:

    Stick with Gallas demoting him will have an adverse effect on him and the team, Im sure he will do better next year

  11. Welli says:

    Gallas should be given another chance for another year. End of discussion.

  12. lewis says:

    i think gallas maybe deserves another chance because he has proved that he can be a good leader but on other occasions proved that he can be a bad leader, if some one else has to be captain it HAS to be toure, he has experiance, he plays brilliantly, he gets along with the other players and can help them.

    Fabregass is to young to be captain, maybe in the future he can be.

    gilberto doesn’t play enough to be captain, last season he was quality, but things change :s

    lastly, we lost the prem last season due to injuries, trauma (eduardos injury)and no one to cover positions. o yh and ppl not playing well enough (soory senderos for pointin you out).

    p.s. arsene sign nasri, kompany, ramsey nd ben arfa ASAP.

  13. Rick says:

    Should be given to either Toure or Fabregas. Gilbertoif he stays will not play regularly therefore could not take that role.

  14. Robert Massa says:

    Hi all;

    I think the best choice would have been leaving Gilberto as the most experienced and leader. I would have like seeing Flamini with the arm band but he chose otherwise. I think the best choice would be Toure as he was always so loyal to the club and fans.

  15. Daryl Tay says:

    I’m going to agree that Gallas should be given more time. That was just a one-off event! He’s done great for us, popped up to score important goals this season, and I don’t see a HUGE compelling reason for the armband to be passed to someone else just because of this.

  16. deipnosophist says:

    Cesc is only a couple of months younger than Tony Adams when he became captain …

  17. Nirgoon says:

    I think that I agree with Daryl Tay. He scored important goals for us recently and I think he should be given a bit more time. When that time finishes I think he should give the band to Toure. If he gets on very well then I think he should keep it. If he doesn’t, I don’t think he should give it to Gallas but I think he should give it to Fabregas.

  18. RAHSAGONER says:

    Gallas is too old to be captain and AW will surely be looking to sell him as he’ll be 31and give the band to the vice – captain – Kolo Toure. He young as he’s only 27. Of course, when Gallas will be sold, Senderos or Djourou will fill in the spot. I would also say Sagna would have a chance – he’s 25, he’s strong, he has great fighting spirit and he if always positive and confidence and unlike Gallas he hasn’t made many mistakes recently in his last few games before he got injured. I would agree that Gallas did score some important goals for us such as against Manure and Chelsea but that was just in the past and he wouldn’t be doing that all the time!

    I think Gallas has had his time and has just got to go – Toure or Gallas or possibly Fabregas should be captain – there great players who have some fight in them, I admit that Gallas WAS the same but you know AW – he sells players in the thirty’s so its just got to be accepted. AW is a great manager and whatever he does will always help Arsenal and their future in the end – he shouldn’t be questioned, he shouldn’t be criticized and he shouldn’t be doubted.

    So get real, or get lost.

  19. billy bob says:

    i think it shud be given 2 fabragas

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