2007/08 Is the Reason Arsenal Will Be Successful in 2008/09

By K-PO, Hardcore Member of and Blog Member


This is a rallying call. A lot of Gooners are quietly confident about a trophy coming to the Emirates, some are dead against it happening, and think that we will do a Leeds. That will not happen. Others think that we will come close next year, and finally burst onto the scene in 2009/10.


I think, based on what happened in 2007/08, we will have a successful season next year, with trophies involved.


Remember, the last time we were truly involved in a title race (besides 2007/08) was in 2004/05. The only remaining members of the squad that were truly involved that year are Fabregas, Toure, Lehmann (not for long), van Persie and Senderos (sort of). The rest of the current team has never been involved in a title race until now!


Now, everyone has gotten valuable experience in both the Premier League and the Champions League, and we have experienced pretty much every bad thing possible. Horrible luck with decisions (Kuyt on Hleb vs. Liverpool), long term injuries (Eduardo, van Persie, Rosicky), and we got thrashed twice. 


Now that we have experience in every competition, I can do an analysis of the squad. 


Strikers: We have every type of striker in Adebayor, van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Barazite and even Walcott and Vela. We have two huge strikers that add aggression to the attack, and and both great finishers, while they strike fear into the hearts of defenders. Then we have two classy finishers and play makers in van Persie and Eduardo. I know that most of you probably don’t think Eduardo is a play maker, but he had several assists, and creates chances for himself and his teammates. And, best of all, both are prolific in the box. If you put on of Adebayor/Bendtner and van Persie/Eduardo then you will have a brilliant strike partnership, which we have seen this season.  Barazite, Walcott, and Vela will be emergency strikers I think, but are all reliable. ALSO there is the brilliant news that Eduardo could be back for the beginning of 2008/09.

Adebayor and van Persie: Set to partner each other next year, if the Dutchman can stay fit

Midfielders: We probably have the midfield with the most potential in Europe. Fabregas, Diaby, Denilson, Gilberto, Rosicky, Walcott, Vela, Merida, Randall, Gibbs, Traore, and also certainly Samir Nasri will be involved in that midfield. Fabregas will obviously be playing in his natural role next year, and there is a big possibility that the blossoming Theo Walcott could start on the right wing. Czech captain Tomas Rosicky has had surgery that will hopefully end his injury problems, and if he can stay fit his experience and flair could really help us to a title. In support on the wings we have Vela, Randall, Gibbs, Traore, and even Merida can play on the left wing, and of course, Nasri should be here in the next 1-2 days. 


We do, however, need a defensive midfielder. Right now we are only a fierce defensive midfielder away from the perfect midfield balance. We have experience in Rosicky, the pass master in Fabregas, and flair in Walcott. We need someone who will not be afraid to tackle anybody. Someone who will make Cristiano Ronaldo look like a moron. Yaya Toure is our man in my opinion, with Denilson, Diaby and Gilberto in cover for that position, as well as cover for Cesc. 

Walcott and Rosicky: Both set for more starts next year


Defense: This is the area we need to strength. We need someone with a few years left who has experience to be able to cover for injury and teach young defenders to defend like they were Franz Beckenbauer or Bobby Moore. I think we need to buy Lilian Thuram, just to add that experience that we lack in defense, and to teach players like Senderos, Song, Djourou, and Nordtveit how to defend like Champions. Because it will be one of those four who replaces Gallas. Mark my words. Then when Thuram retires he can be a defensive coach, alongside Martin Keown. hehehe. 

Lilian Thuram: France legend to add experience?

With what I have just said, we will have a team capable of winning the Premier League. I don’t care if we win it, I just want to know that we are capable of winning it, and will remain capable for many years. 


This is what the first team should be next year: 


—-Adebayor—van Persie—


—–Fabregas—Y. Toure——


—-Gallas*—-K. Toure—


Bench: Fabianski, Thuram, Song, Nasri, Denilson, Bendtner, Eduardo

*I hope Gallas gets sold


That team is a team of Champions. 



12 Responses to 2007/08 Is the Reason Arsenal Will Be Successful in 2008/09

  1. josh says:

    what you choose walcott ahead of nasri. lol come on thats just plain stupid. no vela or gilberto on the bench either. OMG your having a laugh. im happy your not the manager of arsenal. otherwise we wouldn’t win anything at all next year.

  2. james says:

    no way should walcott start ahead of samir nasri. nasri is a differnet class of player where as walcott has only showed glimpses. plus you hope gallas should be sold when he had the best season out of all our centre backs and toure and senderos were awful.

  3. Steve says:

    How can you say you want Gallas sold? He is our best defender. Kolo was all over the place last season, panicking like we’ve never seen and giving away silly fouls and pens (Spurs and Liverpool come to mind). Gallas has been heavily criticised but he has been a rock for us, playing almost every game and performing to a very high standard. If we dont get Yaya I think we should play Kolo in the middle next to Cesc, with a commanding centre back partnering Gallas.

    I hope we get Thuram, but what I dont want is us relying on him as our first choice centre back. We should use him like we used Keown in the Invincible season, 10-15 games max.

  4. K-PO says:

    He doesn’t fit in well to our squad in my opinion.

  5. Rene Bruwer says:

    You make the assumption that Eduardo and Van Persie will be fit for most the 2008/9 – an unlikely scenario. WIth the other strikers essentially still learning the ropes we will be in a pickle if Adebayor is out injured for any length of time. Remember that Wenger thought he had sufficient strikers for the last season and was caught short. And also remember that to beat Man U , Chelsea and maybe even Liverpool for the league we essentially have to up our scoring ratio.

  6. keith m says:

    i think we need a new keeper defo almunia makes too many misakes frey is class we should try get him toure is class and so is gallas we have the best wingbacks in england

  7. Steve says:

    He’s black and he’s French. How does he not fit in? He is the perfect Wenger player.

  8. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Steve Gallas was not our best defender last year, Sagna was (Clichy’s not as good at defending and gets caught out positionally sometimes but has pace), but I agree that he was certainly better than Toure last year, who needs to get it together because he’s been rubbish since the ANC.

    Gallas himself is good at letting other defenders gain experience. His partnerships with Senderos and Song conceded few goals.

    But like Arsene said there’s a problem with the long balls and the Toure-Gallas partnership doesn’t work so one of them should be replaced as first choice.

  9. RvP says:

    Good article, too bad you’re saying gallas gets sold. Obvious you don’t think he fits in our team that well, but you are saying it’s a team of champions. Why sell anyone who’s good enough to bring us trophies? Really hope AW will add some experience to our defence, it has cost us more then necessary this season…

  10. K-PO says:

    hahahah that is true. But not only does he not have that many years left but:

    1. I don’t think he’s a good captain.
    2. He doesn’t have a good partnership with Toure, because they have the same style of defending.

    I see, understand, and respect your opinion, but I don’t think that Gallas should stay at Arsenal.

  11. chris masters says:

    i really love all the pre season rumours which seem to be mounting up more and more each day, personaly until the professer has spoken i tend to take them with a pinch of salt! the 2007/2008 season was in my opinion one of the most enjoyable and exciting seasons ever, excluding the untouchable season i dont think i have ever been so proud to call my self a gooner in my whole life, i balled my eyes out when nayem lobbed big d, but it was tears of anger and regret from what we never achieved which were running down my little red and white painted face that night. this season there was no regret, no bad feelings, its like i have fallen in love with the club all over again. and i walked away with pure tears of happiness and a overwhelming feeling of what being arsenal really means. this team is special, very very special indeed. “in wenger we trust”

  12. andyqpr says:

    Even as a Manchester United fan, I would definately say that Aresenal have a great chance of success next year.
    Your young players will have grown and will be able to use their experience from this season to help them, to add to their undoubted talent.
    In terms of transfers, it sounds as if Samir Nasri is joining your club and that would be a great aquisition. he is an excellent player with the world at his feet and at £12m, you could say he is a bargain really. He has all the qualities required to be a top player.
    I only hope that Arsenal find a new captain this year as I feel Gallas as not behind his players enough. Young players need someone to mentor them and encourage them and he did not do that, maybe with a new captain you will goo all the way this year.
    All the best for next season.

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