Spurs to Sign Ben Arfa and Nasri in the next 24hrs

Spurs are looking to add Arsenal targets Nasri & Ben Arfa within the next 24 hrs, Daniel Levy has cut short his hoilday to clinch the deal from under the very big nose of Arsene Wenger. it was expected that Arsenal has signed Nasri and the player himself said that the deal was 9999999.999.9 % done but spurs have now come in and offered a cash plus Younis Kaboul deal for Nasri. Levy is now on his private jet traveling at the speed of light to join the players agent to seal the paperwork. Wenger who is in Africa looking at the new hot prospect Twingi Adbingini a 7 year old winger who is tipped to be the new Eboue. Wenger said “I hope to complete the signing of this player by 2011, I like him alot but its not easy to pay him what he wants, I need to maybe sell Cesc first for £40m to Madrid to find some money for his wages”

The Private Jet…..

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127 Responses to Spurs to Sign Ben Arfa and Nasri in the next 24hrs

  1. si says:

    What the Deuce lol!!!!!!

  2. s.p says:

    yh fukin ryt…nice try

  3. anon says:

    Is this a joke?

  4. kersnort says:

    what a load of crap

  5. TH says:

    LOL! Ahh boy lol.

  6. Gunner #1 says:

    lol nice 1.

  7. Seb says:

    please tell me you are fucking joking

  8. Mkdr says:

    alright mate

  9. Mkdr says:

    this best be a joke or ima switch

  10. si says:

    imagine how gutted it would be if it was true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Seb says:

    wheres this info coming from ?

  12. Ore says:

    u an idiot

  13. crzy says:

    fuck me you actually had me going up until the 2011….. not sure how i continued to believe that wenger would be looking at a 7 year old…. but i did….. stop giving us all heart attacks!!! DAMN!!!….

  14. Bilal says:


  15. JimJamJabberMan says:

    Jesus. If you can’t tell this is a joke then there is no hope for you at all. Retards.

  16. kevin says:

    if this is true

  17. Bilal says:

    If this shit was true I would love to hang myself

  18. AllyP says:

    My friend dave works with a guy that lives in a small village in africa and he knows Twingi Adbingis cousin. This boys the real thing!! Can’t wait!!

  19. ribaz says:


  20. And says:

    Levy is also picking up Ronaldo enroute in a straight swap deal for £17m man Bent. Spuds are boasting now that they will defiantly be in the top half next year.

  21. mr arsenal says:

    arsene wenger should know he has failed his faithfuls once again. how can we lloss nasri to totheham after the issue off ”modric”

  22. Bjarne says:

    It is Eboues Son ffs.

  23. Gooner says:

    The part where “the next Eboue” is mentioned gives this away. But when I saw the headline on newsnow i was actually stunned :O. Nice one mate

  24. Gonner4life!!! says:

    Right now I know how it is to be a Tottenshit supporter…. Like we are linked to every player the scums are it too. “Etoo to spurs” LOL

  25. Tony Martin says:

    why has nasri signed for spurs? He wont even get CL football there. Makes me mad. And least now that Ben Arfa has signed Berbatov is definitely leaving lol

  26. EboueIsMyHero! says:

    Oh!! This is awesome! Eboue is my favourite player and I would love to get another Eboue to Arsenal!!!
    Nasri and Ben Arfa are shite like tottenham…

  27. kidK says:

    actually, when you think of all our targets (invented by the media) that ended up signing for sprs (carrick, kaboul, modric, zokora etc) I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see nasri there as well.
    with the latest comments coming from wenger I dont know what to think. not that I care, mind.
    wenger knows.

  28. Tottenham says:

    Holy potato!!

    If this is true I would give Juande Ramos a BJ!!!!!

    “King finds Lennon wide out with a glorious 50 yrd pass, Lennon plays the ball true Clichy`s legs and make a nice pass to Modric who smash the ball in the back of the net. Almunia cant rise his arms.”

  29. D Dein says:

    whenever you read ” the next eboue” & ” wanting to sign” in the same sentance you know ITS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!

  30. Arsenal4life says:

    This is bullshit!

    I hope that Arsene change the wage-structur and give the best players more money. The reserves should get much lower.

  31. aarin says:

    dude how am tottenham gunna buy these two u r really reatarded and to sell fabregas for 40 mill to real madrid for this so called new eboue wtf u beewshit!!!

  32. lil_gun says:

    lol…nyc one…wenger’s a prick! stupid twat…this is one reason why i don’t like transfer windows…arsenal never get deals done quick.

  33. will^^ says:

    the african 7 year old bit gave it away, wenger does look like an old big nosed paedophile though lol

  34. Ima Spud says:

    My best friends junior brothers uncles first cousin is on the jet with Levy.
    And we have been travellin at the speed of light since the season ended 2weeks ago… we are almost there, but i have news!!

    Fact 1 : the Nasri deal is done..!!! We will be swapping him for our MegaMoneySuperSigning ‘Barren Dent’.. sorry err Darren Bent!!

    Fact 2: We are also getting Benzema, BenArfa, Ben Johnson and ofcourse Benylin
    Done deals!!! (if you dont know then you dont know)

    Watch out we will rule the Prem next season!!!

  35. bryans says:

    that is just rubbish. lol spurs to but ben arfa and nasr in the next 24 hours lol. this is jokes. Im a arsenal supporter. It will never happen spurs arent in the cl.

  36. raggy says:

    My mate has a friend who works for the company that provides detergent for the bloke who does laundry for the Arsenal team. He told me he has first hand information that the only signing Wenger will make this transfer window is a world class physio.

  37. gunnerboy says:

    This should be the most craziest joke of the year if it is true. I believe he is going to sign nasri in his dream anyway.

  38. gunnernet says:


  39. goon4life says:

    Go back to white shite lane, you fucking scumbag. Whoever thought this may be true should be a yid too!!!!

  40. tich says:

    what a load of crap, u fucking bastard!!!!!!!

  41. Student says:

    LOL … thanks for this mate… really made me laugh, just what i needed to calm down before exam tomorrow haha.

  42. California Steve says:

    Boys and girls, I’ve got to tell you I’m frightened by how many people took this seriously after a couple of sentences.

    What were there — maybe eight or 10? — who BELIEVED the thing and started complaining?

    Things like this — the reaction, not the gag — give perfect ammo to friends, wives, partners and so forth who want to give supporters shit about football. God, do we have to make ourselves look like idiots?

    By the way, this isn’t just a Brit thing. I’m a journalist who’s worked in the States and also lived in Scotland, and I can tell you that I can’t write even the slightest sarcasm anymore — let alone an outright gag — because the readers won’t get it.

    I think the whole world is becoming illiterate. Sadly, I hoped Gooners might be a little better than average morons, but maybe not.


  43. A says:

    Yep, they are undergoing a midnight medical at the Spuds ground as we speak. Also, I have just seen the mothership land on Hackney Marshes and Elvis Presley teleport out…

  44. Mysticbeg says:

    OK so the title got me interested (worried?), but after a couple of sentances I could tell it was a joke, amazingly judging by a number of responses there were too many who couldn’t. Though I must admit a bit of disapoinment at realising that there probably isn’t a new Eboue out there!

    Nice wind up, bit concerned about some of your readers though.

  45. zoran says:

    whatever u r smoking r snifing get off if.

  46. LEON says:

    there two amger problems with this story number one tranfer window doe s open until july and cant sea nasri choosing toteham over arseanl, lets face facts a top player like will not play against best teams and best i.e playing chapoins legue footbal thats never going to happen

  47. BigJohnGooner says:

    Levy pulled Ben Atfa off in Paris.

  48. gunner 4 life says:

    4 u all haters and doubters suck my arsenal……and 4 u who brought this news up ..u better concetrate about yr life man ..!! be an ass likker or something ..!!! because there’s no hoop 4 you ..holla at me …ARSENAL TILL I DIE MOTHER HATERS.

  49. gunner 4 life says:


  50. LEON says:

    fist all the best tot will get next season maybe top 8 at best i and i cant see him choosing tot over team that will always be competing forprem . and chamions legue would be to bigger lure for youg latented ambitious player like nasri. no offence but are sanl far far better team than tot will ever be,evon last season with all are injuries we still far to good finish ahead of us. i might just be ploy to up the bid for nasri by his agent. arsenal are better than tot in every way we are world class players allover the pitch, and his style of play would him alot than tot the world player in there is already of the doore nasri tot you having a laugh.

  51. goonerfan says:

    you had me until I read ‘going to be the next Eboué’….

  52. Chris says:

    man you had me pissed, until the Eboue angle. hilarious.

  53. Andy says:

    wenger better pray to god that this does not happen or he will feel the backlash of the gooners

  54. merse says:

    California Steve!

    Go and read L.D on the Vitalfootball Arsenal page. A marvellous read every time.

    The Gooners in the comments section here make me almost ashamed.. in their defence I think many are not native English speakers so any sarcasm or wit is lost in the muffled translation. Besides, it wasn’t even that funny.

  55. gunner 4 life says:


  56. gunner 4 life says:

    FUCK OFF… merse…

  57. Ryan says:

    “arsene wenger should know he has failed his faithfuls once again. how can we lloss nasri to totheham after the issue off ”modric””


    Well I won’t say how dumb this comment is, I think it speaks for itself.

  58. geoffreid says:

    Thats it the only signing will be the physio- nasri or villa forget it- we are cheapskates dont forgetit maybe 2 more 17year olds. Could be fighting relegation next season.

  59. ozzie_gooner_melb says:

    Funny, funny stuff! Great blog, loved the stuff about the 7 year old, still has me in stiches while writing this. Sell Cesc for £40 mil to real so we can sign 50 7 year olds… Hell we could be the next world vision! Next up AW should go to Sudan, put a ball in front of some babies and which ever ones manage to kick it should be rushed straight back to N5.
    On a serious note, dont be suprised if this actually happens…. AH SHIT

  60. Jack Staniforth says:

    Football agents appear to have set a new low in moral standards, even so there is no truth in this or Wenger and his management team would never be forgiven for lack of professionalism.

  61. mubeennoor says:

    fucking joke taht you are made. fuck you all

  62. yido says:

    Hahaha you half you thick gooners actually took this seriously you bunch of retards hahahaha

  63. mubeennoor says:

    juande ramos is a bustard. i know did you all also know that

  64. mubeennoor says:

    fuck 4 all spurs fans fuck youuuuuu.

  65. yido says:

    tony martin why don’t you go back to shooting pikey burglars.

    With his bag of sweets,
    and his cheeky smile

    I think you all know the rest


  66. Sam says:

    Sorry! Mate.

    The last time I checked, today is not APRIL 1st.

  67. Stone says:

    How could anybody really buy this? I thought Britain was the homeland of sarcasm and satire. Personally, I found this really humerous and a top class satire.

    The 7-year old next Eboue was hillarious. And “hopes to finish it before 2011” really states your frustration without sounding like a crying cunt.

    Keep up the good job and for those who took it seriously: Learn to smile

  68. gunners says:

    wtf rumours la all this u fcking serious is it cbbbb is arsene nvr get nasri for now i will kick his ass la cbbbb must grab him quickly!!! spurs go n die la go to hell la i hate totenhem go n die dont ever disturb arsene wver n again u stupid fcking idiot !!1

  69. Wishbone says:

    this is funny as fook. Well done.


  70. Steve D says:

    You’re right Calafornia Steve – Most people these days can’t even spell sarcsam!!!

  71. messy says:

    arsenals got nasri . even spurs cant afford him

  72. Evo in Oz says:

    funny shit

  73. cheeckygooner says:

    go fuck urself
    you moron.

  74. El Tommo says:

    You will not waste any more of my time ever again you little cunt. Clearly you have some kind of problem with no players being signed yet – but think for once donkey brain – have there been any signings by other sides yet? NO – IDIOT. You’d be better off entertaining yourself by playing with your little penis than inventing this sort of cretinous shite. I don’t have time to read the meaningless outpourings of a schoolboy so I will never read your blog again moron.

  75. timao says:

    You forgot to mention the hush-hush Cesc for Jenas plus £10m cash secret deal

  76. Chase says:

    Spurs signing Ben Arfa, Nasri. A 7 yr old who doesn’t even play pro (is gonna become the next eboue) he must be crap because eboue is terrible on the wing, nasri is way better and younger, plus spurs only have about £20-30m to spend and we have over double so i dont think they can out bid us for nasri, ben arfa would never want to play for spurs, hes got to much talent to waste he will either come to Arsenal, replace Nasri at Marsielle or stay at Lyon.

    Arsenal need to start thinking about whats more important keeping a team together or not having one at all. No disrespect to Wenger but he needs to up the wages a bit, other wise we will lose a lot of our good players. Wenger may have his own little wage technique, but we lost Flamini because of it and we nearly lost Cesc (Fabregas) because of it too.

    Oh and by the way Wenger wouldnt ever sell Fabregas unless he wanted to leave or if we had big money problems which wont be happening anytime soon. Plus we wouldn’t sell him for £40m.

  77. Sinbad says:

    Just like Modric

  78. phanatic74 says:

    What about the Philadelphia Philles? Dude they are the beast of the East !!!!

  79. Teger says:

    You are arsenal fan? stfu u spurs scum

  80. Gawg says:


  81. MORIM says:

    great humour, BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Billy says:

    wt kind of drugs you been takin mate…

  83. Rak says:

    Very funny. LOL!

    Particularly the part about the kid being the next Eboue.

  84. Martin says:

    I read this a got the fact that it was a joke immediately… and how many of you believed that this was the cut and dried truth, well lets see: 20 people on here believed it was true… And I find it despicable that this idiot calls himself a fan:

    “lil_gun (21:46:11) :lol…nyc one…wenger’s a prick! stupid twat…this is one reason why i don’t like transfer windows…arsenal never get deals done quick.”

    And how long you been supporting Arsenal, since 98? 2002? or 2004? If we hadn’t of had Wenger for all you know we could of ended up a shit team like Spurs.. people like you don’t even deserve to call yourselves fans!!

  85. smudger says:

    It never fails to amaze the amount of idiots who can’t spot tongue-in-cheek articles. I genuinely think you could write an article “Accrington Stanley Sign Cesc Fabregas for £5000” and a fair amount of the responses would be “OMG I CANT BELIEVE WE SOLD HIM. Oh well, i hope now we sign Robinho, Ibrahimovich, Buffon & Ronaldinho”

  86. xfancier says:

    good one

  87. Jimbo says:

    haha el tommo u r the idiot.

  88. ArsenalGoon says:

    What a load of crap

  89. Daniel says:

    Very good! I especialy liked the end bit about the African talent and the completion date for the deal! 😀

  90. Buzz says:

    The funniest part is it’s not even funny.

    Whatever that was supposed to mean. Learn some grammar and English before you start blogging, by the way.

    The other point is, how many more Arsenal blogs do we need till the whole internet is filled with Arsenal blogs?

  91. 팍수~ says:


  92. herzliyya says:

    great ,,,

    your joke is great 😛

  93. tk says:

    I didn’t think anybody could be stupid enough to believe this, but there must be about fifteen comments here of people actually scared that this could happen!
    I think it’s a hilarious article, love the Eboue bit, mainly ‘cos i think he is bollocks.
    Whoever wrote this piece, well done. And for the idiots who are crying over it – GET REAL!

  94. -Shaun- says:

    Lmao mate, very funny.

  95. yonghweefoo says:

    You must be kidding. 7 year-old wonderkid?

  96. David Goldstone says:

    the gooners are all mugs. big up halifax biatch

  97. thesosbrog says:

    loved the post, sorry that most of the others can’t comprehend sarcasm…and here’s hoping Ben Arfa stays at OL! QUI NE SAUTE PAS N’EST PAS LYONNAIS!

  98. Dagenhamgooner says:

    Jesus Christ I tried to read all this so many times but I keep on having to run off and buy some cakes. Someone tell me what it is all about before I collapse and have a coronary heart attack.

  99. gooner KB says:

    of course he will sign 4 spurs. and im going cherry picking with scooby doo l8r (obviously im being sarcastic)

  100. Sir yazoo says:

    I think Spurs can crack the top 4 next season if this happens

  101. Dagenhamgooner says:

    Save some cherries for me I am still a bit peckish.

  102. i like the jet says:

    that looks like warren buffett’s jet.

  103. Rick says:

    Funny article. I really enjoyed it. I dont understand why people get so mad … relax and enjoy …

  104. b474 says:

    You can’t be serious dude! !! This is really too good to be true for the spurs. I’d accept this if it was your attempt at humour! !!

  105. Cid says:

    I like the comment about having a ‘coronary heart attack’. As opposed to what? A turquoise heart attack? An ice-cream heart attack?

  106. seampaul says:

    thank you

  107. Hooligoon - er says:

    I have Heard there is ome truth about Nasri I mean loads of players are joining the White Hart Revolution so they can make a big name for themselves and be responsible for Their Champions League Campaign I mean, Tottenham have a bigger History than US, WE ARE SHIT, WAS SHIT and always WILL BE SHIT, and they have lots of legends, unlike us …

    But The Bit about Fiberglass going Is definetly shit , i mean 40m, who would wana buy him , and wenger has had a tour around africa , most of our players are from (-somewhere along the line..
    also Arfa And Nasri are european so tottenham could be intrested in him
    Anyway Why Would Spurs Need them they will have great young midfielders by friday

    as in… huddlestone, lennon, Modric , GIOVANI, o’hara, jenas 2/3 are english so we better preaper for 2011/12 because when that quota comes in we are fucked we had 1/2 english player in starting 11 on average last season,
    I approve of totteham , classy ,english and out to prove a point

  108. berkham says:

    with in 24hrs in my ass yahhhhhhh

  109. James says:

    Damn i am ashame as an Arsenal fan to see how many stupid supporter we have out there.
    Come on, how can u read this. That is if you really know how to read to not realize its a joke from the very first few lines.

  110. damilola says:

    nice joke you stupid idoit you got everyone thinkin it was a true
    go get a life

  111. James says:

    Ha, funny.

    I cannot believe anyone actually took this seriously! 🙂

  112. Jon says:

    “Twingi Adbingini a 7 year old winger”

    That was hilarious and probably about as factual as most news reports of late.

  113. Dagenhamgooner says:

    As opposed to congestive heart failure.

    Got any cake I can eat?

  114. RazmaTaz says:

    HAHAH i really love how loads of people think this is actually real and are making a big deal of it! Come on, are you guys absolute twats??? Nice article though!

  115. yido says:

    I think Arsenal ‘fans’ have proven how stupid they are with this. Some of you have admitted they’re ashamed of their own hahahahahahahahahhahahahahah


    with his bag of sweets
    and his portugese tan

    you all know the rest


  116. Tarquin Laslandes says:

    If Arsenal do not make any WORLD CLASS signings I will be giving up my season tickets. This is SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    I take my clients to Arsenal to impress them and that means WORLD CLASS PLAYERS. Not a bunch of sniveling children.

  117. Who gives a sh_t, it’s not like they’ve signed Steve Gerrard!

  118. towellers says:

    funny piece of writing, I love it.

    Hey yido’s is this the season when ye are finally going to finish
    above us???? hahahahahaha, what a shitty little club. Is Darren Bent still finding his feet? 16 mill for him ye stupid shower of knobs.
    All credit to ye’re scouting system, has worked wonders

  119. scullerz says:

    Spurs have got about as much chance of landing Nasri as Real do Ronaldo – stick to you’re never have/will made its!

  120. […] Spurs to Sign Ben Arfa and Nasri in the next 24hrs Spurs are looking to add Arsenal targets Nasri & Ben Arfa within the next 24 hrs, Daniel Levy has cut short his hoilday […] […]

  121. CLDsport says:

    Ha ha!

    Love it. I believed it for the first couple of sentences! What makes me laugh the most is some of the comments made above mine – some people have obviously not grasped the fact that this is a joke! Hilarious!!


  122. crazypurple says:

    oh really??? sell fabregas to Maddrid??? you’re not kidding right??? hahahaha Calderon will be the last to laugh…..LOL

  123. PhilTheGooner says:

    Does anyone out there in tinternet land have a sense of humour? Fuck me, you lot must have a hard time on April 1st…

  124. PhilTheGooner says:

    P.S. Get bent Tarquin, you’re a fucking idiot.

    I suppose Bobby Pires was a household name when he was signed? Henry couldn’t get off the bench at Juve. And Freddy who? Just some geezer with red hair. Did you give up your season ticket during the invincibles season because you hadn’t heard of any of the signings?

    Had you ever heard of Sagna before last year? I suppose you want him to go because you’ve never heard of him before eh?

    Just go back to bed and wank over the non existent possibility of signing Eto or someone, because that will cure all that ails the world won’t it.


  125. Nirgoon says:

    You got to be kidding me. They’re not in 1000000000 years gonna buy them

  126. Hooligoon - er says:

    theyll be dead by then, and eto’o nearly came but he asks for 3m a year

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