Wenger is a bullshitter!!!

Arsene has lied to us. He said he’d sign players quickly and we’d be impressed. He promised the fans that they would be re-assured by what they were going to see?

So what have we seen Arsene?

Yet again we have been linked with some superstar signings at just the right time “Season ticket renewal period” He openly spoke about Nasri and said the deal was very close and he wanted the deal to be completed before the Euros, And now he is saying that he “Hopes” that he can sign him after “but” the wage differece between the French league and the English league is now very close?????

Wenger has openly done this before, He spoke about Baptista before we signed him. He spoke about Ben Arfa ,Ribery and Bale and even Modric.

What is going on at Arsenal? We lose a player like Flamini on a free, Hleb meets up with Inter for some Ice Cream and then says that London is to busy for him. David Villa openly says that he wants to come to Arsenal but then Wenger says “we don’t need a striker” What a shambles we have become!

I’m sick to death of all the bullshit and talk from le boss. Its now time for him to pull his finger out and deliver.

A very frustrated gooner


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  1. just passing says:

    learn to differentiate the crap from danny fiszman and wenger whose hands are tied!

  2. Alexone says:

    A slight over-reaction I feel considering its only just June

  3. Arsenal4life says:

    We should stay behind Arsenè`s and respect his desicions.
    Of course he should deliver, and I want Arsenal to change their wage-structur.

  4. charles says:

    we hear what you saying mate, but dont work yourself out too much we got use to this at arsenal, cheers

  5. Kos says:

    At last someone who agrees with me! I have said this for ages now but not just about Wenger. What have the following got in common:

    “We have £70m for transfers”
    “We will conclude the Nasri deal quickly”
    “We will make signings in 2-3 weeks”
    “The fans will be pleased”
    “We pay nearly the same wages as Manu”
    “We have a squad to challenge”

    Its all BS!

    I don’t believe anything anymore. Its all spin and I am tired of it.

  6. AliMohammedAbdiKhanAbdullah says:

    what the fuck are youu talking about?!?!?!?
    WHo the FUCK did think that we would be at 3rd and 4 points behind the Champions last summer????

    In WENGER we trust!!!!

    Come on you gunners!!(arab too)

  7. AFC says:

    You are an IDIOT!!!! Wait until next season, and if you still want wine then go ahead…..

  8. cos says:

    ur a knob

  9. Marcus says:

    I wouldnt put the blame on Arsene, it would be more likely the board blocking moves.
    Im sure Wenger would love to sign big names and make Arsenal a true force but you cant spend what you dont have. Its a credit to Wenger we are were we are because no other manager could work with the money our board provide. We need to be asking more for the players we sell (eg Hleb) we should be asking for £20m not £10m. Henry for £16m should have been £40m – its no wonder we have nothing. You cant rely on any player signing now because another club comes in and offers 5,000 a week more and they take it because they are greedy. I am concerned what is going on at Arsenal, we are a football club built to win trophies, not a bank. Lets get this board out and Dein back in with the mega bucks men. At least Dein cares for us, i dont think Fiszman and the likes do to be honest.

  10. whittaker says:

    most stupid post ever.

  11. Damion says:

    I think you are being too harsh. Wenger always, ALWAYS, conducts transfers away from the media and so they speculate and link us to every player going and then when Wenger signs some unknown, there’s uproar and then admiration when the quality is proven. For example, Eduardo recently. The transfer window has now officially opened so he couldn’t have signed anyone anyways. Wenger gave up the option to sign Baptista and once we got him on loan you could see why. Modric is a player with fabolous potential, which he acheive it? No one knows yet but we shouldn’t be upset he’s gone to the Spuds – they need all the help they can get. We went in for Ribery but he choose Bayern and besides at the time £18 was too much. Bale – why do we need him when we have Clichy and Traore who looks like a carbon copy of Clich. Ben Arfa, fantastic player but between him and Nasri, would rather Nasri anytime.

    Have faith!!!

  12. Luke says:


    ffs wenger and the arsenal board say that we have £70m++ and Wenger can use how much he wants..

    If eboue is going to play right winger next season with Gilberto in defensive I am going to kill my self

  13. Rick says:

    I still believe …

  14. Beast says:

    Arsenal are full of sh**.

    Let’s just do what the board do – be happy finishing 3rd or 4th and getting to the KO stages of the CL because we aren’t going to win anything anytime soon.

    Wake up Gooners – we have no ambition.

  15. RvP says:

    Hmmmm….not quite sure you’re in the position to judge Wenger after what he has acchieved with Arsenal? It’s easy to let our frustration get the better of us, but it’s a long way to August 31th and Wenger will come good. Keep the faith. I believe Wenger does what he thinks is best for Arsenal.

  16. maza says:

    why dont you put your spurs top back on .because your not fit to wear a arsenal one we should have finished in 10 th place according to all the so called top pundits and the scum in the Champions League spot they got it wrong to

  17. dan says:

    we are a second tier team, get used to it.

  18. Peter says:

    I fully agree with what has been written. AW says he does not need any players in Jan and look what happened. I’m afraid all this focus on youthful players will backfire. He said he would sign experienced players.
    anyway I”ll hold fire until the players are known.

  19. alanc says:

    your right just at season ticket renewal time!!! spot on this is a club that in 10 years has spent a total of about 50 million gross after all ins and outs.

  20. mike says:

    Our wage structure is already near the top. There’s nothing wrong with it. If you think paying Flamini £100k is fine then maybe you should start supporting Chelsea. Perhaps you should stick to Football Manager.

  21. dan says:

    either the board or wenger is lying. if we can not afford the wages of a 20 year old frenchman from the french league we have no chance!!!!

  22. Big Dave says:

    I just renewd my season ticket, hope some new players arrive, talk of big players but not big names was mentioned and to date nothing has arrived.

  23. Lewyd24 says:

    Wenger is loved by all Arsenal fans. But as you say he has lied to us. He has been doing it for years. But we as loyal fans have been tolerant. But now to hell with this shit. He cannot carry on like this. He needs to justify to the fans everything that goes on. We are the ones that have to go thru this bull while he knows exactly whats going to happen. Dont treat us like idiots. We stick with you through thick & thin. The least you can do is be bloody honest.

  24. realist says:




    WHO HAVE WE bought Z E R O.



  25. arsenal98 says:

    Dooomed !!

  26. Someone Who Knows What They're Talking About says:

    This article is kind of funny. This guy has got really worked up over what the scummy tabloids have been saying. Unfortunately mate, tabloids do talk a lot of doodoo and if you take what they say as gospel then you’re going to get annoyed when what they say is false. Wenger’s done pretty well so let him get on with his job. Flamini left because he turned amazing in his last year. No one could have predicted that. David Villa wants to come – so what? Do you have any idea how much he’d cost. We don’t have that cash. We are a club in HUGE debt, what do you expect? Be patient, wait til we have some cash freed up.

  27. realist says:


  28. A.F.C says:

    get real who are you
    glory hunters go follow manpoo or chelski
    I still believe …

    In WENGER we trust!!!!

  29. Phil McCupup says:

    Christ almighty. How spoilt have we become when our fans feel the need to throw their toys out the pram when Arsene doesn’t sign a superstar BEFORE the transfer windows opens.

    Quit being such a whiny little baby, there’s plenty of time to sign players.

  30. Andy says:

    i 100% agree with u on this his ways has made us miss out on countless quality players joining arsenal e.g. ribery, babel, torres and 3 years without a trophy its time someone had word with him, at any other club he would have been sacked but here hes invincible and thats our weakness. no one should be bigger than arsenal football club

  31. Kos says:

    I agree with Dan – we are no longer a top-tier club. This lot are very avearge compared to the great Wenger teams. Its a pity all the great teams are in the past.

    Many Gooners are deluded that we can compete with Manu and Chelsea with a penny-pinching board and signing a lot of unknowns just to keep the wage bill down.

    At the same time we are asked to pay more and more for tickets when investment in the team gets less and less!

  32. Kos says:


    If you are happy winning f*** all and signing nobodies good for you.

    Wake up – standards have slipped at Arsenal and you can deny this in whuichever way you choose.

  33. towellers says:

    We have not signed a superstar since Bergkamp in the mid 90′ and I am sick shit of it. Superstars don’t just boost your team on the field, there is also an added mental bonus. When we signed Dennis it felt like we could achieve ANYTHING!! The sky was the limit. Right now i just dont know………

  34. gooner91 says:

    shut up mate
    stop whining just cos we havent signed anybody in the first few weeks of the season ending, we still gt aaaaages to sign people
    wenger said hes gonna deliver and hes gonna deliver

  35. sad gooner says:

    Well said,wanger and the board are just laying to us!!!
    I ask my self every day-Where the hell all our revenuwse gone?????
    We play chempions leage every year,every game is sold out,our tickets are the most expensive,we are selling our stars every year and dont spend much in the transfer market,the board have avery strikt selery structer,we are being shown alot on tv'(and thats alot of revenius to).
    And contrary to the above,wanger and the board,just taking the miky out of us,and laying to the fans,again and again!!!!!
    We need to do something,,,,,,,the only solution is to throw these board of directors to hell,they dont have THE ARSENAL SPIRIT,they running arsenal not as acompetative team,they run the arsenal as a bank!!!!!
    We must do something,,,,,the club is going backword!!!!!!!

  36. Clarky says:

    Utter rubbish post – and as for whingeing about 2nd tier team – did any of you free posting bloggers ever manage a team that came 3rd in Premiership behind the two biggest spending clubs in Europe and who beat Milan on their ground and only went out to a dodgy ‘Pool penalty at 1/4 finals of CL – thought not. Yeah lets sack Wenger and get in … err mark Hughes, Sven errrr. Glory hunters the lot of you. Judge in August, not on 2nd June.

  37. lennox says:

    the problem is we dont attract big players no more we only have fab who is a superstar no one else. footballers are the same as us y shouldnt they want more money if over players are getting it.henry was on 100 grand a week gallas is on 80 a week i would rather pay flamini that.we always let good players go and dont replace them .i never look forward to this part of the year.

  38. j says:

    the english transfer window opens june 1st

  39. AusGunner says:

    What a load of reactionary bollocks, Arsenal ‘fans’ on the internet are beginning to behave like spoiled children, seemingly on the basis that managing a football club seemed quite straightforward to them when they played Football Manager. No Arsenal fan on the internet knows or understands how the club is run or the complications involved in managing a football club, including me, so the level of presumptions involved and the readiness to take media reports at face value is staggering. Nevertheless I don’t think it’s as easy as you all seem to think it is.

    Wenger, incidentally, never spoke openly about signing Nasri. The fact that his quotes appeared only in the french press and even then his tv quotes said ‘it’s possible’ should clue you in, this was never a done deal, no matter all the exclusives broken on dime-a-dozen Arsenal blogs. You only have yourselves to blame for getting caught up in all the transfer nonsense. Why care so much about matters that are completely out of control? If you’re bitter about renewing your season ticket, don’t bother and let someone move up in the queue, someone who understands the value of entertainment in sport and who has a little bit more faith and support in the current team, and is a little more excited about the current team rather than someone who saves that excitement for players that they honestly know fuck all about but have seen some neat clips of on YouTube and think they will be a panacea to all of our (very slight) problems.

    Get a fucking grip. It’s pathetic.

  40. Spud says:

    Yes i agree there is a lot of bullshitting going on at the moment, the press, less reputable websites etc, but its nothing new to us gooners is it ? Im sure things will happen, but until the transfer window closes and we see what/who we have got, theres not much point in worrying too much eh ! Just dont get sucked in by people trying to make a name for themselves and especially the tabloids.

  41. zenior says:

    I hate people who keep comforting themselves with statements like: Who Knew we would finish 3rd at the start of the season. That is just BS we don’t have to set our standard at finishing 3rd, 4th or whatever. All we need is to win championships and the only way to go is to buy and we need to buy with some purpose.
    I will remind you one more time how many occassions we have missed out because of failure to have a big squad.
    Remember the unbeaten season when we lost the chance of winning what would have been our first champion league the Boss didn’t buy enough besides Gilberto who had joined in the summer. In the end we lost the Quaterfinal return leg to unimpressive Chelsea and guess the cause? fatigue.
    The only advantage we had was that we never lost people thru long term injuries apart from Viera and may be the early season suspension to some few players in the infamous Manure game browl.

  42. Sue says:

    Most of you want to take a step back and listen to yourselves. Have you not learnt that we dont sign superstars(or havent done since Dennis) we make them.
    Why are you all getting upset and creaming your jeans – you have to have faith in the boss.
    We are only in the 2nd day of June plenty of time to sign people – Arsene is entitled to few days holiday.
    When we do sign someone you will see it officially on Arsenal.com, so get off your high horses and get behind your club instead of slagging it off.
    I really think a few of you should piss off and take your so called support elsewhere. Think yourself lucky you wasn’t supporting them in the 60’s.

  43. Wenger says:

    when the money from higbury square and when our dept is paid, i think we could sign big players and big wages

  44. dan says:

    affording david villa is one thing and was clearly never going to happen, but a bloody 20 year old french kid is a completely different issue.

  45. Kos says:


    No I haven’t managed a club but you don’t need to to see where we are heading without sufficient investment. This has been lacking for years and people are simply fed up.

    Wenger was the one who said that we would have signings in 2-3 weeks and he hasn’t delivered. People again are fed-up.

  46. Damion says:

    I can’t believe some of the comments, I’m hearing.

    The way I see it, I love Arsenal! I’m a Red&White thru and thru. Yes I want us to win trophies but it won’t bother me if we don’t win nothing for another 50 years because my support for my club will NEVER subside. We could be playing Championship football and I’ll still be supporting them.

    You want to moan about money? Man U brought Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves for over £60m last year and how did the table end? Four points behind. How did we exit the Champions League? To two highly dubious penalty fcuking decisions.

    We never needed any BIG-TIME charlie players last year when it was all going good and all of sudden because of unfortunate injuries etc, Wenger don’t know what he’s doing? That’s such bullsh!t. We failed last year because of our lack in depth not because of lack of superstars. Rosicky, Van Persie, Eduardo – all injured. Toure & Eboue at African nations!

    Some Arsenal fans make me sick. Trynna judge Wenger, who the fcuk are you to contest the Professor? Wenger has revolutionised the Premier League. His dietary methods have been copied by all and sundry, he was the first manager to use Pro-Zone!

    Get off the fcuking bandwagon and get behind your team. You want big-name stars, go and buy them.

  47. King of north london says:

    I dont believe in wenger anymore. Its time for a change. Chelsea,manu,liverpool and even spurs are winning titles…its burns me !!!

  48. charles says:

    for the first time in about 3 years there seems to be a split camp in the arsenal,to be honest i dont blame wenger because it is not him how has the money its the club, danny fitzman is a greedy ……. he has his hands tied, and even lives in switzerland because he doesnt want to pay tax typcal

  49. michael says:

    Saying we can’t compete with chelsea and munu doesn’t really make sense as I think we did last year didn’t we? And as for the cheating scousers we finished above them even with thier superstar torres.

  50. proper fan says:

    pity kos isn’t one

  51. michael says:

    Calling fitzman greedy is maybe harsh as he (like the rest of the board) doesn’t take dividends

  52. RayGun says:

    Just goes to show what the Internet does – 13 year old prats can throw tantrums and people actually listen to them. grow up , get a life and get with the program. if you dont want your season ticket – give it up – theres a queue waiting for it. Just because you have a voice doesnt mean we have to listen to your crap. You have a 1% view of what is really happening but you go off the deep end. Moron!

  53. charles says:

    higbury square, man wher have you been, we will not get the money for it which was first forcasted because with the slump and so called credit crunch in the market, yes money will come in but a lot less

  54. steviep says:

    If it was end of july i would be worried why should we be rushed into signing players now if agents think we need to sign people now then that will be reflected in the price they want

  55. Romford Pele says:

    when did gooners become such f*cking idiots? IT’s June the 2nd people, get a grip. Judge the success of this transfer window when it closes, not the day after it opened.

    It’s gonna be one hell of a long summer with idiots like this going mental every day we dont sign someone.

  56. looneygooner says:

    My my, haven’t we thrown our toys out of our pram, I take it you must be under 25, this would explain your tantrum, why oh why haven’t the new generation of fans got any patience, can you imagine ‘fans’ like you before even GG, try and support your team instead of the juvenile outburst you put out as a post.

    I want a club to support in ten years without crippling debts, can the Mancs,Chavs and Scousers have that future I don’t think so.

  57. DeiseGooner says:

    2 days 2 whole fuckin days. Thats how long the transfer window has been open. And it stays open for something like 60 days. If this is the reaction of some fans after 2 days we are going to see the a lot of murder suicides all over the news this summer !

  58. Frustrated Gooner says:

    i’ve got to say that while it is still early in the transfer window, the prices of the top players that we should be looking at will only get higher after the euros, provided these players impress.

    we are not a team who spend money easily and therefore i cannot see us signing anyone remotely experienced at intenational level or in the champions league. it will be naother season chasing the top two from last season.

    at the end of the day wenger could not even rely on our back up right back to replace sagna when he was injured and preferred to split up our centre backs instead. clearly this means that he does not trust hoyte so he may as well go. in which case we need another right back. if clichy gets injured we will have to rely on inexperinced traore. if centre backs get injured we will have to rely on senderos, enough said.

    we simply do not have the quality in depth to challenge and i cannot see us making the signings to change that. i admire all the die hards who refuse to contemplate the idea that something is wrong but i’m being realistic and the reality is that we are in trouble if we dont spend some serious money and get some quality players increase our squad depth.

  59. Gooner4ever says:

    Arsene is the best manager in the world,and I know for sure that whatever he do is for the benefit of Arsenal.The only problem is surely the board…agree????

  60. charles says:

    yes the board is the problem not wenger

  61. StevieR says:

    Couldnt agree more – Lets keep the fans happy as the season ticket renewals go out. More Wenger bullshit. He’s on a personal crusade with this ridiculous “developing youth” policy. WAKE UP WENGER – THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!

  62. Paul N says:

    Well alrighty then! dude i think you are taking this a little too seriously.

    How many times have you said you would do something and it hasnt happened how or as fast a you would like? get a grip homey, its life!

  63. geoffreid says:

    Second rate team that should be in sec/div – cheap cheapskates thats what we call you in canada- I bet this team with eboue will not finish in top 10 next season- the spuds will take our place because they are BUYING.

  64. Dan says:

    totally agree with most of you. Arsene is invincible to this date. I rmb back then Alex’s future was even in doubt when MU wasn’t winning anything in 3 years. MU didn’t buy many during that time, or spend big. When his position was threaten, then he won the title that very year. Then at the end of the season, he signed Owen, Nani, Anderson. 3 big players, talented ones. Before that, he sign one talented brilliant prospect per season. From rooney to ronaldo to carrick. It paid off. He did one or two terrible signing, but he’s human.

    We are far off from an MU team. MU didn’t spend big because of the billion bucks owner. He has to prove by winning it, because his position was threatened as manager by the new owner. He knew he wasn’t invincible anymore as he was all these years, and going 3 years without a trophy he wouldn’t have another chance anymore. At last he proved well, he won it because of pressure.

    It seems nobody is pressuring wenger. THe ambition has gone lower each year. I find it funny that people actually say “the pundits actually have told us that we’ll be going 10th the season, and we went 4 points behind the champions”. Let’s be totally honest here, we were out from the race come end of March. That’s the very truth. We always deny it. THe 4 points doesn’t tell the story, cause we have stopped challenging. Even Cesc said “the new season begins now….” towards the last 3 matches. Sigh.

    Those who believe in the fact that we’re in a terrible debt now, the club cna’t spend money. Let me tell you something, if you know anythin about loan, it’s not a matter of 3 years then it’s over. It’s a fixed rate, on top of the principal. You pay averagely every month for the next 30 years at least. It’s not a small loan you get from your friend to buy a movie ticket. Those who actually believe it’ll be paid off 3 years later, then we’ll start buying big.

    Let’s take this logic, every year the other big 3 buys 1 world class player, as they have already have a terrific strong squad, much stronger than us, by depth at least. For mu, they honestly have a greater squad than us. No doubt. They only spent big last season. All these while they were just buying per player per season.

    Arsenal are generating massive revenue, their expenses would increase along, but a football club are the least of all to go into insolvency among the corporate world. So it doesn’t make sense that Arsenal would be in deep shit if they buy a $30 million player at the age of 23, brilliant player. Where he can play for 7 years = $30/7 = approximately 4.1 million a year to spend. His wages may demand up to $70k/ week, approximately 30k more than the rest of his average team mates.

    That won’t make the club go insolvent. It’s called ammortising of its expenses.Don’t look at $30m as a one off figure. In fact, most purchase of players don’t go buy pure cash at one go. It goes for as long as 24months to pay off.

    Wenger’s philosophy is that he doesn’t spend big, he’s a great CEO of a company, not a football club who’s made to win trophies. When the team fails to win, he’ll tell them their young and that there’s another time, the team is there. Tott spends big, they have a good manager, believe it or not. That manager is something at sevilla. Every other club is trying to match the top 4. And which club will first drop out? MU (barely will), Chelsea (won’t) the fact that abromovich basically sacks whoever who doesn’t win something big. Liverpool (a possibility, but the willingness of board to spend and fans demand and ambition – CL always in place), Arsenal would be the most possible team to be out of top 4 one day, soon. Maybe not next season, 2 seasons to go. When the clubs like TOTT, Man City, Aston Villa buys more and more each season, we’ll be left behind.

    This world is about $$$$$. You would be ridiculously naive to not believe it. $$$ buys success. Any way you want. It comes with pressure, but success.

    Arsenal fans, please don’t be naive

  65. AR says:

    “He openly spoke about Nasri and said the deal was very close and he WANTED the deal to be completed before the Euros”. Of course Arsene WANTED the deal completed before the Euros but now there is a problem with the conditions of the contract. I dont think he has deliberately lied. I dont think this is a smoke screen. I still beleive the deal will still be completed. The question is…………when?????

  66. WeLoveYouArsenal! says:

    Wenger IS arsenal and whatever he do we must trust him.

    Why is everyone thinking about buying big names??? Go and play FM

    In arsene we trust!

  67. dan says:

    not sure why anyone thinks it is going to happen. it was obviously about to and something has happened to change that. what can happen in the next month to make our offer suddenly acceptable? if he was coming he would have signed already. NEXT!!!!

  68. omar says:

    i think its better if we stop talking about transfers…. wenger is not stupid and he knows exactly what hees doing….. whats the difference if we buy a player on june 1 or on july 1? lets have faith in our team and thats the bottom line….. stop moaning about this and that. our team is good enough to win the league so we dont needmore than 1 or 2 players anyway

  69. RAYS says:


  70. King of north london says:

    Flamini,helb, maybe even cesc will leave next season….Wenger refusal to spent money on top quality players have made arsenal a stepping stone for unknown and young players. He is obssesed with making unknown young player…big star is stupid………..BUY BIG PLAYERS…MAKE A SQUAD OF WINNERS !!!

  71. Frank says:

    “Second rate team that should be in sec/div – cheap cheapskates thats what we call you in canada- I bet this team with eboue will not finish in top 10 next season- the spuds will take our place because they are BUYING.//”

    Hehe! I´m not surpised. Canada have a rich history of producing dazzling football (oh sry, I meant soccer) and the number of talented players in North America is staggering. Canadians are well known for their accurate take on all matters football. so I believe all Gooners are scared shitless now that the Canadian experts have spoken of our inevitable demise.

  72. Chris says:

    Wenger was quoted as saying that he hoped that he could sign nasri after euros the bit about wages was in responce to a completly different question

  73. Goonoo says:

    Wenger’s clearly a C**t. What’s he ever won! Oh, hang on a minute…

  74. Frank Browne says:

    I think that any Arsenal fan who bases whether they renew their season ticket on what signings we are likely/unlikely to make do not deserve to be holding one.

  75. ProudToBeAGooner says:

    You lot that are slagging off Wenger are tw@ts of the highest order. Give me a Manager’s name that can do a better job given the same resource constraints?

  76. shaun clohessy says:

    a very fustrated gooner should fucc off on holiday for a few months. You can’t even leave your name to your article, you wimp. You might be a fan but there are many more arsenal fans than there are supporters.

    you say “What is going on at Arsenal?” ——– if you need to ask you don’t need to know.

    and this as well……”I’m sick to death of all the bullshit and talk from le boss. Its now time for him to pull his finger out and deliver”.

    goonerforum, are you spurs in disguise?
    or worse still ……. i remember being at a cup game, and going a goal down, an arsenal got up and shouted “your going out in the next round” while pointing to the away. how about that for pure stupidity. was it you?

    listen ……… my gripe is this ……… articles like this are shite ……. stop writing them.


  77. MarkFlatts says:

    Arsenal have become “a shambles”, have they? Yes, let’s forget the fact that a rebuilt young team improved massively last season and ended up within touching distance of the title – we will be even better next season – instead let’s play silly money for players who may very well not fit in with our system.
    We may need a few new faces, but please please dont forget that, just as Flamini improved hugely last season, the likes of Diaby and Denilson and Walcott and Bendtner etc will also improve, some more than others admittedly, but we will see at least one of them blossom a la Flamini last season.
    So kindly chill out and see what Wenger has done come August – I bet you weren’t droning on about how we should buy Sagna last season, were you?

  78. lex dexter says:

    hi. interesting blog. while i agree that supporting the arse is more frustrating than it has been for a couple of years i think it’s important to remember that wenger has raised our expectations to the point where we now INSIST on winning the league virtually every year.
    bearing in mind the lack of cash and the delicate looking squad i think we did phenomenally well last season and with a some luck we could have won it. fair to say tho that it was inexperience that cost us the most. so i have a bit of sympathy with those who want to see some bigger name players because it can have an impact and might even work.
    but the so called fans on here who bring up tottenham as an example of how to do things???!!!??? please – don’t insult our intelligence. tottenham have won naff all of consequence for over 4 decades. that’s four decades. in which time we’ve done the league 6 times – 3 of them under wenger. tottenham are as big a joke as they’ve ever been and any arsenal fan trying to hold them up as an example fit for copying should be ashamed – either that or questioned about the validity of their identity and then shot. thank you!

  79. Chetan Pandya says:

    Im in two camps. One that agrees and one that says guys be patient. SOmething will happen when we least expect. I just hope this is n’t another link that ends up being a load of bullshit!! We later find out that in fact we were not in for Nasri in the first place!! None of us know what is really going on besides those involved directly with the club. I believe we have a good team and if we make the right purchases we will definatly be up there, please don’t fret about that. However, lets be honest, we’re gooners, we know what to expect under Arsene, so any links with players above #15mil, lets not even bother reading the article, as it wont happen.

    Look on the bright side, really analyse our squad. If we add the 2-3 players needed with the ‘new crop’ of kids who wont be going out on loan, we will have depth, im sure of it. It will be a numbers game next season and by numbers it will be all about the number of squad players. I write all this yet I’m still worried because im sick of going onto the internet every 10 minutes to see the headline : Nasri completes Gunners switch-Arsenal Football Club- official annoucement!!! – sorry for rambling!!

  80. Frank says:

    Why oh why do people keep saying that we are happy with 3rd place. Yes we are happy, because it is more than was expected of us this year. That’s fair enough isn’t it, it doesn’t mean we have to be satisfied, which is something different entirely. Every team in the league would like to win it, some have no chance, others have more than a fair chance like us. Some people say that it’s all about trophies but weigh up the absolute joy that Arsenal have given us just watching how the game should be played….. I mean really think about it…..Trophies =bragging rights really, 90 minutes of good quality every week with some silverware thrown in here and there is what it’s all about. I don’t really care about history books, I do care about memories I remember talking to my mate from the stadium watching us v Spartak Moscow and even though it was 0-0 I couldn’t stop talking about that game, I want more of that… plus some cups to shut up the “at least we won something” brigade.

  81. Paul N says:

    Wow it seems that Arsenal have the most complaining fans ever, what a miserable bunch.

    Big respect to all the positive fans who understand that things happen in life.

    Arsenal – 4 points behind Man U, yep thats WAY OFF!



  82. Yardie says:

    Goodness me, I cannot believe half of the shite I have just read on here. Calling for Arsene’s head is just plain ridiculous, I suggest you guy’s take a chill out pill or something. Arsene will deliver, have a little faith, after all there is still plenty of time. Frustration or not, this airing of one’s ‘dirty laundry’ for all and sundry to read is not good.

  83. John says:

    2nd of June and you’re already wetting yourself?

    I tell you what — go and support Chavski or Man U if you want guaranteed quality signings.

  84. Arab Soul says:

    waaa waaa hee hee waaaaa.

    i am just trying to get in your mode you mooners.

    Buy Maradona, Buy Pele, Buy Boby,

    I am just trying to get in your mode you idiots.

    Get rid of Wenger, call off Wenger Head, find replacement for Wenger.

    i am f**king insane to get in that mode. I just can’t go that far. oohh yeeh commit a suicide.

    Is wenger sackable!!!!!!!???????? insanity

  85. rhys says:

    I agree with ou here mate. yes wenger got us close to the title this year but dare i say it mourinho said nearlys not good enough and it clearly isnt anymore. im sick of man u scum and the chelsea chavs ranting and raving it has to stop. im not saying sack wenger it’s the boys above him who really have to pull their hands out there pockets otherwise we will be sat here next season saying the same thing. But hey Arsene Knows.

  86. djalmina says:


  87. simpson says:

    here here

  88. Nighthawk says:

    Have some respect for Wenger mate. He’s done loads than what your overreaction of your headline will create for advertising hits.

  89. goona says:

    wow…..i cannot beleive i have the same passion as some of you guys, wow. some of you are just creeping over line a little, c’mon the transfer window has only jus opened!!!! transfer chillout zone as arseblogger said, i thinki this is what he was on about, some fans maybe having heart attacks becoz we ant signed anyone yet hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, patience fellow goonas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i hope when we signs nasri you all fuken apologize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. adam says:

    Is this what being a Arsenal fan is coming to? Listen if you want flash players and big signings, go down the Bridge – there’s plenty of free seats down there anyway heh heh heh . . . .

  91. sameagain dave says:

    the number of tossers who think they are expert because they play championship manager , this blogger would be a prime example .it’s time you guys stop supporting arsenal and support manure , think of all the trophys, fergie never does doing anything wrong , never a bad write up , heaven. so off you go tossers .
    I rather back my team , keep my feet on earth, and watch some of the most amazing football we’re ever likely to see at arsenal, and make my mind up by what i see not the shit the tabloids pour on us everyday

  92. Peter says:

    True,If he was at any other club he’d be gone but He has this status that i think only himself and fergie enjoy. And thats down to their history and the fact that they know how to win. We finished 4 points off the title, with half the squad utd have……..Have faith.

  93. jean lu pooty says:

    is this blog seriously being written by a adult. man thats fucking embarrassing . sad ,sad ,sad ,man, frustrations could neh should by an adult be handled with a little more grace and dignity (kinda like the football AW is responsible for bringing to you) than that and acting out the way u have does not mean your really passionate and a huge arsenal man it means you really fuckin immature and have been OUTSMARTED by the “press machine” well done buddy feelin sorry for the youth with irrational fucks like you bloggin

  94. Phil B says:

    Do you think anyone cares about your stupid childish throw your toys out the pram comments. Grow up and judge on Day one of the new season. Anyway are you really that naive that you dont understand how the club needs to be run post emirates.

  95. charles says:

    whats the rush? the last time i checked the season wasnt starting till august. id rather he waited than spend £16 million like Spurs on Darren Bent. Arsene knows…

  96. Abz says:

    Plastic cunt. How about you stick your frustration up your arse and come back when you have something sensible to say.

    So Arsenal haven’t bought anyone, so what? Do you even understand the complexities of a transfer?

  97. knee jerks says:

    Justed wanted to say that some of you are a bunch of glory-hunting knee jerks, the transfer windows barely open and you lot are predicting doom for next season.
    Also, some of you honestly have NO IDEA about the way this club is run. If you want instant success and big money go support Chelsea

  98. adfsdfasdf says:

    stupid post, dont have to get so pissed off at whats going on, theirs still a long summer to go. so calm ur ass down.

  99. James says:


    Stop writing this drivel.

    Transfer period only just opened, everyone knows Arsenal don’t have a sugar daddy.

    What attracted me to Arsenal was the way they conduct their business. They like to develop talent and compliment it by buying others to fill the gaps.

    They’re not a team built on money. Their success doesn’t come from huge amounts of cash, but through hard work.

    This blog isn’t from a fan, but from a greedy twat who plays too much Fifa08/PES/Football Manager or whatever.

  100. Real Fan says:

    Any gooner that is moaning is a complete joke to the club and should fuck off and support spurs… ! We don’t need fans like you. If you’re moaning about season tickets, give it and go down the lane where you’ll fit in, we’ve got thousands on the waiting list to fill your moany little voices…

    It’s June!! This post is like it’s the day before the season kicks off….

    And quite clearly Dan has had a rather pathetic attempt at finacial jargon busting. Yes, we’re in debt but the debt is all secured in long and short term bonds. It’s not a fucking home loan you doughnut!! I think the board know a little more than you and consulted better people than you to sort all that out!!

    We’re in far less debt than ManU and Chelsea – they are both in 750m worth of debt each!! EACH!! Fact is yes we do have 70m in the bank as per our last accounts. But it doesn’t mean we’re going to spend all that on players. NO-ONE ever said that. The board said they would back wenger to get who he wants…

    Get a fucking grip supposed gooners, or fuck off….

  101. Danny says:

    I wish id never clicked onto this article, cos you, who ever wrote this utter shit are an absolute wanker, you must be a totenham fan or something you fuckin bellend.

  102. georgesydaust says:


  103. Tony says:

    Dont doubt Wenger, things obviously haven’t gone as he wanted in the transfer market or we would have the players he spoke about. He’s never been a bullshitter or a liar. What he’s done for Arsenal is god-like. We play perhaps the best football in the world, we have some of the best young players in the world. When wenger picked up Sagna last summer did anyone expect him to be as good as he is. Trust the boss, a glorious era awaits

  104. Mister says:

    Look at Mancini, he delivered title for Inter since last year but waht happen??
    He sacked by the club.
    No respect shown by the club.
    Wenger didint give us single title for long and always make us dispointed but he still on the job.
    all of the fans just say patience?
    how long??

  105. Sinbad says:

    Wenger cares more about making a profit then winning silverwear. Time for a new manager will balls

  106. shen says:

    As an Arsenal coach for more than 10 years, Arsene Wenger should know better on choosing players. We as an Arsenal fan, should support whatever decision made by him. I got a strong feeling Arsenal will win a silwerware next season. Just wait and see when the season kick off. Arsenal rulez forever..

  107. Cobhamgunner says:

    Breath In, Breath Out deeply , Breath In,Breath out deeply….. repeat a few hundred times. Reduce your Alcohol intake to zero until the start of the season.

    I am getting really sick of this hysteria, you need to calm down.

    Arsenal are a GREAT team, a team not an individual player, we have a Great manager, a Great Stadium and yes a Great Board, lets not help feed this hysteria by the media and these news sites.

  108. Kautuk says:

    A very frustrated and stupid gooner. Its time for the glory hunters to stop their bullshit and understand the club as a whole and not just worry about trophies or star players because you have to face your Manc friends.

    Arsene wanted to make “that” signing before the Euro’s but obviously his past with Nasri’s agent has created a problem. Maybe you should be blaming the agent and not Wenger for not making a signing yet.

  109. edson de gooner says:

    MY FRIEND! no wonder you are a frustrated gooner.Arsene has made tremedous achievement at arsenal and he will never be a “bullshitter” as you term him.Its not a matter of signing players any how.Lookat liverpool and chelsea! They have spent millions of dollars in transfer season but what have they gained? Arsene learnt a lesson when he signed davour sucker a croatian top scorer at the world cup but what happened afterwards? He scored only six goals for arsenal after a huge loss.
    The slogan is ARSENE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. James says:


    He cares about making a profit?!

    WTF! That a really skewed way of looking at it.

    So some players sell for more than they are bought… that’s actually a good thing!

    It’s better than spending massive transfer fees and coming up middle of the table *cough*spurs*cough*

    Although it would be nice to splash lots of cash on players and win trophies, can you name me one team that has done that without a debt?

    Arsenal are trying to stay alive and in the upper bounds on the Premier League, and they are doing that.

    Look at what happened to Leeds once they stopped winning trophies? I think the people that run Arsenal have a lot more sense than to bet on winning trophies in order to continue their long term success.

    In the end only one team can win a competition, and chances are it won’t be your team all the time…

  111. Asmo says:


  112. hoho says:

    i saw wenger requested for additional point for playing attrative+positive football.
    that sound idiot and i think all the managers in EPL will laugh loudly.
    how to justify playing attractive+positive football?
    that’s kinda subjective.
    Win is win. nothing less.

  113. notepad says:

    We should not tolerate any more crap from the Arsenal Board or Wenger, the message is simple: IT’S TIME TO DELIVER.

  114. Sandy says:

    Another blogger soiling himself over nothing. The wage structure comment followed a question on the issue of signing players NOT anything to do with Nasri…

    But anyway I do agree that we HAVE to start winning trophies soon… The fan base is the most important reason for this. I can imagine thousands of young kids have started supporting Man U after the last two seasons. What’s the point of spreading your brand across the world of it isn’t winning anything, that is probably the deciding factor in all this!!

  115. Arsenal4ever says:

    This is absolutely spot on. Anyone who trots out the “wenger knows” trash is not a true fan of the club, just a lazy hanger on. Somewhere in the last three years it has all gone wrong at Arsenal. For Christ sake the only reason we left our beloved Highbury was so that we could, in the very words of Hill wood, Wenger and rest of the board, compete with Real Madrid at the highest level. Now the same people are telling us how lucky we are to finish third and to stay afloat. To me that is not competing with Real Madrid.

    To be absolutely clear to the johnny come lately wengerites who know nothing of this club. Arsenal is built on winning. Not on the worship of one, albeit excellent manager. Nor indeed on spending money for the sake of it. Not on pretty flowery football. Winning. Being the best. Not mealy mouthed excuses supported by spurious moral sermons claiming that being unambitious is actually laudable. We love Wenger not because he plays bbeautiful football for the sake of it, but because we believe that playing that type of football is likely to bring success. The same, sadly is true of spending money. If buying nobodies and paying them pittances in the hope that they will grow into world beaters is the way forward, then Hull city have the same chance of winning the premiership next year as Man United. Its time for every Arsenal fan to wake up. In the modern world of the permier league, there is NOTHING laudable about the belt-tightening of the club. This is exactly what Doug Ellis did to Villa. The Arsenal board must get their fingers out and compete. If the board are not in a position to compete they should firstly apologise for what would then be proven as the lies that bribed us into supporting the move to the Emirates. They should then step aside for someone who can bring the club forward. It might not, morally, be the right thing to do but we are fans of a football club goddammit, not a religious cult.

  116. gidz says:


  117. gooner-win-it says:

    I think you should sit the next couple of plays out mate, it isnt as easy as just getting their john hancock on a piece of paper!!

    also you should have a little bit more faith in the players we have in our squad, players like diaby and song. diaby being played out of position on the right now has an oppotunity to play in the middle where he belongs (New and improved Viera).

  118. Stupot says:

    Someone a few hundred entries ago said.

    “If Eboue playes right wing and Gilberto starts in midfield I will kill myself”

    Get a grip you idiot. Take some anti-depresents and sort your life out.

    If Eboue starts on the wing I will be absolutly gutted. Personaly I thinkwalcott will step up to the plate.
    But I can assure you I wont be killing myself!!!

  119. Iain says:

    I agree that all this panic based on red top bullshite is absolutely pointless. The transfers will be better judged when the window is shut or our business is finished for the summer.

    Finishing third or fourth however is NOT acceptable in my book. I have been a gooner for 35 years and have seen us develop from a mid table cup team to the best footballing side in Europe. Even Barca cant argue to have the crisp one touch total football that Wenger has bought to us and I believe everyone above needs to remember that.

    Third or fourth however is still ‘off the pace’ and mainly down to a lack of depth in our squad. Issues like RVP and Eduardo injuries, our back four not playing well together, Gallas being a poor captain, Senderos consistently making mistakes, Eboue not being good enough for the wing, Hleb being scared of goal and a general injury blight have all been pointed out as reasons for our failiure this last season or two. It is a mixture of parameters, not Wenger neing ‘tight’ or ‘lying’ that have denied us victory.

    Nonetheless, these parameters do not obscure the fact that ww have not replaced the success of the 2004 season. Where once we were top or second, now we are third or fourth. Of course Manure, The Scouse monkeys and Chelski have all spent the national debt of Bolivia in this time and thus effectively have bought a slight advantage over us. Manures squad is now, we have to admit, bloody excellent, but remember there was very little to pick between us in our games this season.

    Whilst there are advocates of spending like a moron to compete, that is not necessarily the key to success. Torres is great for the wheel stealers but we still came above them. Their performance however in knocking us out of the champs league indicates they have narrowed the gap considerably.

    Arsenal DO need to spend to re-establish their position in the league but its more about strength in depth than having superstars. We would all like to see David Villa but I would much rather see a maizy midfileder/winger with an eye for goal (Bobby Pires mk2 please), a strong and quick centre back and a strong defensive midfielder. Lets face it, if Pleb wants to sod off to Barca, then lets have Yaya Toure plus 5mill- good business.

    If Nasri doesnt come, then Ben Arfa might so I think Wenger will get his man for the wing. I wouldnt speculate about the centre back as I have no idea who we will get- I would be more interested in getting Mr Tony Adams in as defensive coach, look at Portsmouth at the back and that says it all for me.

    The message is stop whingeing, panicking and getting pulled in by this rumour mill bullshite. Arsene Wenger is a great manager.

    Our present board will have to be very careful as it does appear they accept 3rd/4th as a good result against a strong financial position. This obviously is not something the fans will agree with. Neither should we……..go on the mighty gooners!

  120. brdgunner says:

    I think Arsene is trying to do something very specail in the modern game. He wants to play great football without spending big and he wants to win things. He may fail, i for 1 however am proud that he has chosen our club to attempt this feight. Should he pull this off and go on for the next couple of years and compete in the way we have this year then what an achievment that will be. He will be the next man to get a bust at Aresnal and i am gld of this.

  121. bergy_nj says:

    HuaHAHHAHAHAHA….!!!And you guys call yourself.. arsenal fans…!!!???Some of you doesnt even know a thing.. seems to me from the word you’ve posted. “We never sign superstar”, We dont sign superstar.. we sign someone whose going to be superstar soon.. and when i mean soon in the world of football thats 6months until 1.5 year time.. ck2..Look at our past signing.. rosicky(7m pounds), van persie (3m pounds) thats a super bargain for players at that caliber. Many of you doesnt even know any rising star in this game.. so shut up already..!!Wenger knows more than you do, otherwise he wont be in the place where he is right now..he got some of the best people scouting for him.. and got all the info from a very large network.. some of you might even know who nasri is before watching a video on youtube…HAHAHAHA.. and you think you know..???There are times in life where you got to be unlucky.. players got injured just once they got their feet on the ground:eduardo-injured when he’s start playing really good, van persie – just when he is on fire they hack him down, rosicky – he has not shown anything just yet.. he got so much more than what you’ve seen so far.. he just need to adapt a little better, but just when he’s almost there he got injured, and diaby – before he broken his leg he was heaps better than he is right now.. it seems now hes trying to get back to his game but hes still struggling and in his case, yes, it seems that the injury has hampered his development really bad!.I sometimes think there this syndicate that tries to do what ever it takes to be the winners.. im not pointing fingers to anybody but look at the occurrence..just too often to be not funny…But yeah.. i still believe all the players in our squad has massive potential. Thats the difference between managers, and the people being managed. Managers have insurmountable believe that they could achieve their goal, even when commoners and lesser being doubt it because they could not foresee what the Man could see…

    Arsenal4Ever..and let others behold our philosophies…
    (Sad to see, some of our people could not understand what we’re standing for…)

  122. Alan says:

    The fact is Wenger did say those things recently, and has done before so regardless of what you may think of the man you have to ask yourself why is he doing it. The season ticket theory is not that far-fetched. The club with the dearest ticket prices in world football should reflect that status on the pitch. I’m not saying we should sign Ronaldinho or others that have lost their hunger but bloody hell, having to move your first choice centre half to right full for the crucial part of the season because you have no cover at the back is disgraceful.

  123. SIMS DAVIS says:


  124. I respect wenger a lot and appreciate what he had done for Arsenal and built a pure football team overall..the best football anyone ever seen.

    But this article have a point..wenger made promises and now he comes up with stupid excuses that make many of us very dissapointed..and he did this before too..simple as that gooners..I am angry too but still believe wenger is the right man for Arsenal but I don’t trust him anymore, especially whatever he says. If he was not too sure about his statements then why make one??

    A few gooners are too much supporting wenger until they get blind on what other gooners are feeling. We feel cheated by a man we trusted, he gave us hope (not rumors in papers, all that statement came out from his mouth) and then destroy them with some stupid excuses that he always comes up with..enuf said, I have no faith on any good signings like Nasri, some untested players will come in and maybe another empty season.

    Arsenal Rocks but not Wenger..he did before

  125. gee says:

    Amount of numpty fair weather fans on here is unreal.

    Thanks to wengers miricale works we’re in a position that we finish 4 yes 4 measly points behind the champions who have been the richest club for the past 10 yrs and who have taken on footballs biggest debt and spent 70 million last yr to win it again – and 2rds of u so called idiot supporters are cursing cause we didnt win it!!! U guys are seriously deluded!! in the 90’s united spent heavy and dominated remember, we were having trouble competing with a 38,000 stadium but within 4 yrs we have the means to compete without selling our souls!!

    All of this takes time not a few months on championship manager.

    Honestly arsenal fans make me sick cause they all act like spoilt wankers!!

  126. Nirgoon says:

    I think your forgetting who got Arsenal to their 1st ever double in history?
    or the 1st English team to beat Real or Milan at home.
    AW is a great manager. For example look at Thierry. He was a poor French winger who couldn’t even get into the Juve 1st team. AW trusted him and turned him into a striker. From then on he was 1 of the best strikers in Europe. He’s been Arsenal manager for nearly 11 years and he hasn’t let us down even once. He bought 2nd class players like Sagna or Clichy and turned them into a couple of the best players in Europe. Wenger is incredible. He can be sacked if he messes something up badly but I don’t think he would ever let us down and for that reason I think he is unsackable. Even Spurs or Man Utd fans should just admit that AW is one of the best managers in the world. A few world class players to buy wouldn’t hurt but for now we’re fine. When Fabregas or Walcott gets older and we buy a few good players we will be the best team in the world.
    AW – I salute you!!!
    You Are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Stroller says:

    You are very fond of the ‘we’ word, but you certainly don’t speak for me or most other fans I know. Your shallow and simplistic view of how transfers actually work doubtless reflects your true knowledge of the game and the club in particular. No doubt every rumour and every so-called ‘quote’ on the net and the media is gospel truth as far as you are concerned. Calling our most successful ever manager a liar is not only an insult to him but also to the club and to other fans who understand how words can be manipulated. Just realise that the he or the club ‘owe’ you nothing. it’s your choice where you put your money and maybe the shithole down the road is better suited to you because there’s lots more genuine fans ready to take your place.

  128. Paul N says:

    ok, since you know everything, how exactly should Arsene handle the transfers? please a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of it also taking into account agents, money and other competitions.

    I am begging you for this, you have surely revealed the problem but a solution would be much more helpful.
    Come on homey!

  129. Harshal says:

    I echo your frustration!!!

    Gooner, India

  130. looneygooner says:

    Another fan who hasn’t got the stomach to be patience, you act like a brat who can’t get what he wants, you need to chill and enjoy the summer, not post pathetic mudslinging bullshit.
    Grow up

  131. BillyBigBalls says:

    Calling AW a bullshitter is ridiculous; look what he has done for the club.

    Media / Agents are the real trouble makers who’s business is to generate stories / transfer to make money.

    AFC conduct transfers the correct way – in private (look at Real Madrid & Ronaldo)

    When transfers happen, they happen and will be anounced by offical AFC sources.

    Please tell me how the media know all the info they claim to know about the inner dealings of our football club? They dont. Its all speculation and idiots (like some not all of you above) believe it and get hyped up.

    Over 2 months left to conduct transfers. Patience required.

    Must admit however be glad if Hleb goes – 11 goals in 3 seasons from his position is shite. For all his skill on the ball he has zero end product. Anyone remember Robert Pires? 15+ goals a season garaunteed.

    Eboue can fuck off also, lazy twat – nothing i hate more than to see a player fall over / get fouled then spend the next few minutes moaning about it whilst the other team get on with things – so you have been fouled? get up and get the ball back you thick idiot. Play to the whistle.

    Why do we need David Villa? We have no shortage of strikers.

    Adebayor i think needs to produce the same next season to prove that this season was not a fluke.

    RVP is different class as long he can stay fit. If he has another season injured then for me the writing is on the wall.

    Eduardo looked class before his injury – a lot more to come from him i think.

    Bendtner needs to be given a chance hes still only 19-20?

    We need a decent CB or two who can actually head a ball.

    The end.

  132. anderson says:

    sighn sighn sighn we look silly we have nothing new to scare man u n chelsea funs here !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS AW THINKING IS HE WAITING FOR ECUADOR RVP TOMAS THEN WIN PL CL

  133. Sinbad says:

    Nirgoon, You know nothing. Arsenals first double in history was in 1971. But you want to give Wenger the credit for that?

  134. Nirgoon says:

    You’re so pea-brained

  135. Muneeb says:

    Oh shut up u doosh bag u wont find a more sensible and intelligent manager then wenger… Yes he’s made mistakes but he’s human… I totally trust wenger and i’m sure we’ll get nasri

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