Can Tomas Rosicky Score 10+ Goals a Season?

By GunnerTico 

Tomas Rosicky is currently 27 years old and has been playing for Arsenal since August 2006. Most of the fans believe he should and could contribute more to the team in terms of goals but due mainly to injuries he has failed to be in double figures for the club. Can he score 10+ goals next season ? 

First of all let´s review Rosickys career so far. He played for Borussia Dortmund for 5 seasons (from 2001 to 2006) there he score a total of 22 goals for an average of 4.4 per season. He played 145 games for Dortmund averaging 29 games a season and scoring 0.15 goals per game. 

In Arsenal he has played two seasons (from 2006 to 2008) and has scored a total of 13 goals for us in 61 games, averaging 30.5 games per season, 6.5 goals per season and 0.21 goals per game. 
Career wise he has averaged 5 goals per season and 0.17 goals per game. 

Interesting enough 2007 – 2008 season has been his most productive one ever, scoring 7 goals in 24 appearances. But this last figure is what generates more controversy over his role at Arsenal, he only played 24 games out of 53 games played by Arsenal in the EPL, FA and UCL tournaments, so was fit for less than half of Arsenal games (45%). 

As a goal maker or provider he has also had his best seasons at Arsenal with 6 assist in both seasons he has played at North London. 

For Rosicky to score 10 goals a season based on his Arsenal average (0.21 goals per game) he would have to play around 47 games a season, which means he has to be available (fit) for around 90% of Arsenal competitive games. Therefore it seems highly unlikely that we are going to get that much goals from him in a season. 

However we all know he can shoot from midrange and that has been real closed to score on several of those occasions, and if he can improve his goals per game average (as he was doing just last season) and can finally be fit for the most of the season he can prove me wrong.

16 Responses to Can Tomas Rosicky Score 10+ Goals a Season?

  1. GunnerRashidinho says:

    Definitely, if he stays fit

  2. Kiwi says:

    The first challenge is for Tomas to become integral to the team by being available for the majority of the season.
    That hasn’t happened yet, so the question is, will it? Can he cope physicaly for 80% of a season? I’m dubious.

    If he plays I think he’ll contribute a reasonable number of goals, although my question is whether they are ‘vital’ goals or nice additions. Like will it be the winning goal in a hard fought 1-0 or 2-1 victory or goal number 3 in a 3 or 4 goal beating?

  3. ola says:

    I think he can, don’t let the statistics fool you.. In Arsenal he has world class team mates compared to (with all respect) those in Dortmund..
    Shooting at distance, and making the right runs, with Cesc as the maestro, I think he’ll do it.. That is, of course, if he stays fit…!

  4. TH says:

    Yup…if he stays fit for the whole season or plays at least 90% of the season I can see him scoring 12-15 goals. He’s capable of it. Hopefully this surgery can really solve his problem and not worry about other injuries.

  5. Roo says:

    Score 10+ goals? If he’s fit for 10 games i’ll be happy

  6. Kayo says:

    He can score over ten goals a season, it wasn’t that long ago when we all thought Cesc never would. What is more important as you noted is what goals he scores, we need winners, equalisers and openers. Sure lots of goals look good in terms of scorelines but it’s the forementioned that matter.

  7. AC says:

    He needs to play 10 games first, quality player, but another sick note, we have too many at the moment….

  8. Kayo says:

    Tomas can score over ten goals a season, it wasn’t that long ago when we all thought Cesc never would. What is more important as you noted is what goals he scores, we need winners, equalisers and openers. Sure lots of goals look good in terms of scorelines but it’s the forementioned that matter.

  9. Rick says:

    He has the quality but to remain fit is a tough challenge for him. However I do hope he can play an important role next season.

  10. Gunner #1 says:

    Without a doubt he can. And now he’s bionic, he will!

  11. sam says:

    I have no doubt, but it is not only his scoring ability that should be considered. He has extraordinary vision (watch his assist for adebayor vs the spuds last season), good pace (his run with ronaldo), and good defencive qualities.
    He is a much harder worker for the team then hleb or diaby; you would never see them running back 50 yards to make a sliding tackle.

    When Rosicky is fit, our team plays better.

  12. noel reynolds says:

    next season is a big one for him. if he is as plagued by injury as he was this season i think well ship him out.

  13. Rick says:

    He can do it, we all know, but will he do it ?

  14. Rob says:

    Tomas has bags of talent and could easily 10+ goals a season. Unfortunately he faces the same problem as Van Persie. Both can become world class players but only if he plays enough.

    Makes it so frustrating for the fans as we know how much they can offer, but too often we hear news of yet another injury.

    Still, chin up he’s knee’s now got titanium in it so might just stay fit next season. Don’t be suprised to see him be fit at most games.

  15. Nirgoon says:

    He’s an amazing player with loads of talent. He can score 10+ goals with ease. If only he’s not injured for 1/2 the season. Arsenal would have been 1 of the top 3 in Europe if they hadn’t lost their players.
    Tomas, please come back from injury!!!

  16. robson says:

    No i dont think he can, he’s a decent player but he has no cutting edge what so ever. In the past Ljungberg and Pires were killers in front of goal and anyone who thinks Rosicky is in the same class is very much mistaken. Someone already said it, he doesnt score big goals in big games, just goals when we are well ahead already. I like him as a player, he’s clever and busy but i dont think you can rely on him to score goals for you.

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