Do We Really Need Yet Another Kid?

With the £5m deal for Aaron Ramsey apparently in the bag the question needs to be asked “Do we really need yet another wonderkid?”

Wenger’s obsession with recruiting teenage young talent is getting out of control.

We dont need anymore kids do we??

No doubt in 2012 we might have a great team but we have not won anything since 2005, Are the signing of kids going to give us a better chance of winning the league next season? I doubt it!

We have seen this all before, Pennant Upson Lupoli all signed and hailed to be the next big thing only for them to be loaned out and then sold.

My point is do we really need more young talent at the Arsenal at the moment with the likes of Wilshere,Randall,Barazite,Gibbs and Fran coming through the ranks. Could the £5m be better spent on experienced player?

Wenger did say towards the end of last season
“If we can add one player we will do it, not one in each department just one experienced player.”

Its good to see the boss finally spending some money, But I’m just baffled to see him spend so much on a kid when apparently money is tight at Arsenal.

21 Responses to Do We Really Need Yet Another Kid?

  1. AR says:

    I was thinking the same thing although it is good to get one over the Mancs. I think he will get alot of games in the CC. I wonder how long it will be until he is pushed into the middle from the left?

  2. noel reynolds says:

    i can see him getting a few minutes in the premiership as well given that next season a subs bench will comprise 7 players.

  3. twotouchmiracle says:

    do we really need another arsenal blogger?

  4. robert says:

    You can never get enough tallents….. Imagine if Wenger would have said why bother with another tallent to Cesc, Toure, Clichy, Henry, Vieira and so on…….

  5. Chrissie Greeno says:

    The hedgesparrow

  6. J.Sanderson says:

    The transfer window has only just opened, there is plently of time for him to sign that experienced player.

    Another kid? that everybody wanted, Fabregas was another kid, Walcott was another kid and now they are super talents.

    I see your point that it is frustrating to see us not buy any experience, but the window has barely just opened. If by August we have not bought that experienced player, then i will lead your cause.

  7. nik says:

    look at the bigger picture can you not see whats hapening we have now got a squad that only needs fine tuneing thanks to the fruits of the youth academy finally comeing through if you take into concideration give and take policy of tranfers our squad needs fine tuneing of around 15mil a season better than any other team in prem and better than some in championship next season is a whole different ball game im so looking forward tonit the youth that are coming through are terrifying the rest of the prem and so it should unless you have seen these guys pklay please dont slag them of be a fan and watch the future and present unfold . mark my words prem champs next season.

  8. aj says:

    The comments above sum it up very well.

    Ramsey looks like a special talent, in the Fabregas mould. We would be nuts to turn him down.

    Sure we need some experience too but I can see Ramsey becoming a star.

  9. ola says:

    7 subs on the bench? sweet.. and about time…

  10. John Dawson says:

    We have been tracking him for over a year and tried to buy him last summer. We are not Spurs we don’t just buy any young British talent, I think you’ll find that he turns out to be a real find in years to come

  11. Le says:

    Nope, but if he turns out to be the real deal unlike sanderos, hoyte, djouru, diaby and song, then YES YES YES.

  12. DublinGooner says:

    “Wenger’s obsession with recruiting teenage boys is getting out of control”

    An ill advised and tasteless comment.

  13. Ash says:

    Wenger has long term targets and for £5m it could be a bargain. Would he add something to the side next season?I dont think so. In a year he would be out of our price range so its a good signing overall considering he is british. I dont think money is that tight at Arsenal. I would be concerned if we sign another kida for £10m+ but £5m for Ramsey is a great deal for someone with such potential

  14. Ebrahim says:

    I understand your frustration mate, BUT Wenger wants Brits in case 5+6 comes to fruitation!!!!

  15. CaribKid says:

    Ramsey is welsh and therefore would not be included as a local player according to terms of the 5 + 6 rule.

    Ramsey could be a good buy for the future if he realizes his potential and has consistently been rated up there with Gareth Bale and Wayne Hennessy as the next Welsh stars. Bale has already shown he will be a factor in the EPL and Hennessy is being chased by a number of the large clubs.

  16. Murray says:

    Yep I am a little disappointed with an non experienced signing so far but with the law changes to the number of foriegn players allowed seeming ever more likely – coming in or still being discussed? – buying British isnt a bad thing. Look what is being paid for British tallent – 5 mill could be a steal. And lets face it chances are Cesc will return to Spain one day and we will need options for a replacement – we now have a couple.

  17. […] to sign – no problems with that. But the thing is he’s a midfielder. Surely they have enough (especially kids playing in the center). Sure they’ve lost Flamini (who, lets face it, had one good season – the last one – that was […]

  18. Stuart says:

    Ah, shut the fuck up. Am I the only person who suspects that whoever runs this website isn’t actually an Arsenal fan?

  19. Rick says:

    Ramsey is a good signing for the club, and not only because of his talent but also because the fact that he choose Arsenal over ManU and Everton shows that for the young players Arsenal and AW are the best option, it is a sign of respect and belief in our club. Well done Arsene.

  20. androyd says:

    Do we ‘need’ Aaron Ramsey – probably not. But knowing that Old Red Nose is ‘furious’ is good enough for me. There is nothing worse for him than realising his club are not the best, especially when he couldn’t be arsed to meet the kid, especially when they had already announced he was going to sign for them. As far as I’m concerned Aaron Ramsey has already scored a massive blow for us against United lets hope some goals come in the future.

  21. Nirgoon says:

    I don’t really think we need him, but he will definitely change the skills of Arsenal in 5 years or so. He could be amazing when he’s 21 or 22 like Fabregas or Sagna. But one thing for sure is he’s gonna be GOOD

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