How Good Eduardo Really Is

By GunnerTico 

If I tell you that in terms of goals per games rate (either scored or assisted) Eduardo was better tha Adebayor last season would you be surprised? 

Let´s review Eduardo´s career so far, he is currently 25 years old and have been playing for Arsenal since July 2007. He previously played for Dinamo Zagreb from 2001 to 2007. Eduardo is currently “out of action having suffered a compound fracture of his left fibula and a dislocated ankle in Arsenal’s match against Birmingham City on 23 February 2008”. However good news have come from Brazil showing positive signs of recovery, allowing Arsenal fans to dream of a faster recovery than originally expected. 
In terms of goals he had an extraordinary performance for Dinamo Zagreb, where he scored 73 goals in 104 appearances, averaging almost 0.7 goals per game, being his last season there his most successful when he finished the league season with 34 goals in 32 appearances. This by the way is a record of the Croatian League. 

But how did Eduardo do for Arsenal last season? He scored 12 goals and had 8 assists in 31 games, 22 from the beginning and 9 as a substitute player. Therefore considering the games as a susbtitue player as ½ game, he scored 0.45 goals per game, but if you add the scored goals plus the assists he was involved directly in 20 goals, averaging 0.754 goals per game which is slightly better than what Adebayor had (0.75 from 30 goals and 3 assists in 48 games, 8 as a substitute player). 

Probably more important than the statistics are his skills, since he is a talented striker with flare and class and is a natural killer with a cold an clinical finishing. I have the feeling that if he didn´t get injured he would have increased his goal scoring rate. Another great aspect of his game is his passing, which shows up why he had so many assists. 

Most of his goals are very pleasing to watch, coming to my mind the goals against Manchester City and against Sheffield United. 

Therefore Eduardo is a gem that could not end the season because of a serious injury but showing signs of a fast recovery is a good reason to feel good about next season.

29 Responses to How Good Eduardo Really Is

  1. Steve says:

    When Ade was struggling he could have taken the weight off-games like Wigan, Boro and Villa were all winnable games that in the end cost us the title. Also, I am 100% sure he would have made a difference against Liverpool, Chelsea and Man U. He was a big loss and Im looking forward to him playing again.

  2. Rick says:

    If he would have played those games (Boro, Villa, Wigan, Liverpool, Chelsea and ManU) we would have been champs.

  3. LongJohn says:

    In my opinion he’s better than Villa. Get well soon!

  4. aris says:

    We are struggling to win after Birmingham game. Adebayor is good but Eduardo scoring touch is better than Adebayor.

  5. Gunner #1 says:

    I have been amazed by Eduardo this season, for all kinds of reasons. His intelligence and eye for a run in behind is world-class. They say the first yard is always in your head, but he’s got 5 yards. When he has his sights on a shot, it will, undoubtedly test the keeper, or ripple the net. This guy doesn’t really miss. His strength and balance is incredible. He’s not a big geezer, but it’s hard to push him off the ball and his balance is brilliant, even more so when he runs with the ball at his feet. His heading ability was proven when Croatia beat England and wasn’t used as much as I would have liked, just as good as Ade in the air i think. He is an ice-cool finisher. Whenever he’s in a 1 on 1 you would always put your house on him to score. And now he’s surprised me with the way his rehab’s going in Brazil, okay he’s at the R9 clinic and they work miracles, but knocking 6-7 months off, I wouldn’t say thats all to do with the clinic, thats his mentality, he wants to be back on the hallowed turf of The Emirates as soon as. This bloke is world class through and through. World’s best striker. No doubt about it.

  6. Reyes says:

    Neither Eduardo, Rosicky, Van Persie played a lot last season, and if you add Nasri, Vela and Walcot it must feel like anything is possible next season.
    The day of seeing Arsenal full of superstars are nearing due to our young players maturing quickly.
    Eduardo should be competing for the golden boot next season, I bet he will win it if he played regularly.

  7. Farrukh says:

    He really is a super super player isn’t he?

    Can’t wait for him to get back.

  8. Anelka says:

    Lets hope Eduardo can come back faster, stronger and even more deadly infront of goal.

  9. i feel we have a lot of quality in our squad but it definately needs bolstering as the depth of the squad isnt great, as soon as we get injuries our team crumbles, chelea, man u and liverpool all have great reserve players if we did too we would no doubt about it win trophies with ease.

  10. Stone says:

    The rumours about Ade just keep on coming in. Of course they are rumours but the Telegraph would probably not be making stuff completely up. It does not worry me at all though. If anybody is stupid enough to pay 32 millions for the Togolese then Arsene should accept it as fast as he snapped up the Nasri deal.

    I would not be worried to go in the next season with a striking force of Nick, RvP, Dudu, Vela, Theo and Barazite, but I think we might well buy a striker if Ade happens to leave.

    What I don’t understand is how Milan will play Ade. I don’t think he and Pato would play very well together, but I might be wrong. Pato looks like the guy who runs behind defences and takes the ball down, a lot like Adebayor does. I would choose Pato over Adebayor any day though, definately the brightest Brazilian hope.

  11. naga gunner says:

    Hey Tico !

    new gunner here!

    We should not even be having this discussion! eddy is class. Adebayour is nowhere near him. Man If milan give 30 million. my goodnesss grab the money and run!!!

  12. Mike says:

    The telegraph not completely making stuff up?

    I would venture to suggest that the only part they are not making up is that Milan are interested.

    The rest is quite likely to be absolute drivel, just like the rest of that paper.

  13. gaya says:

    if you really understand the way arsenal have played this season, Ade gives you much more than goals
    and i doubt if anybody else in the team will give you what he does.
    i will be glad if Ade leaves so that we can all rest from fans like you who cant appreciate your own.

  14. Arsenalboy says:

    Those who say that The Arsenal needs to buy: Villa, Gomez -etc-… Are 100% wrong. If we buy one of those players, then what are we going to do with Eduardo, Theo, Vela and Bendtner?

  15. SergioGiorgini says:

    Don’t know if anyone reads Private Eye here, but they’ve given the sporting section of the Telegraph a pasting lately. Seems most of the rumours that I’ve read lately, seem to have been shat from them.

    As for Eduardo. It’s stupid to speculate on what we don’t don’t know, but I do have an over-riding feeling that if he’d been playing we would’ve won a couple of those drawn games. The guy’s shown himself to be a class act.

  16. Barru says:

    Hell never be the same again, injury like that

  17. Passenal says:

    I don’t want Ade to go, even for £30m as he brings a lot more than goals to the table. But I totally agree that Eduardo was a massive loss for us. I’ve been watching some of the replayed games from last season on ATVO in which he featured. He was fantastic in his all round play and his goal scoring touch is deadly. I really hope he can make it back sooner rather than later as he will be our ace in the hole for next season.

  18. Chicken chow mein says:

    If adebayor wants to go, let him go as we dont need players that are not committed to the arsenal .also we should try and include pato in the deal. Pato will definetly be one of the world’s best in a few years.

  19. Dgob says:

    How’s the saying go: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”? The ‘lot more than goals’ that Ade brings to us includes winning headers, holding up long balls as a lone striker (allowing our – Walcott excepted – not particularly fast midfield to join play), an incredible work rate and the physical presence to hustle opposition defenders. Outside Telegraph fantasy football (goals and assists) there are far wider criteria and data sets that Arsene uses in assessing player performance and importance – Eboue haters take note!

    So, while I think that Eduardo will become a legend, I don’t think a comparison with our top goal scorer really serves a purpose. We are blessed with two excellent strikers and should rejoice in both. I personally can’t wait for Eduardo’s (and a number of trophy’s) return next season.

  20. Ryan says:

    The funny thing about Eddie is he’s not slow, but he’s really not that fast either. And yet you’d never know. He times his runs to the millisecond and as a result always gets a huge advantage on the defenders. He also has disproportionately quick acceleration, which combined with the perfect timing of his runs makes him look exceptionally fast at times.

    I for one can’t imagine that he’ll be our 3rd choice striker for long. He looks absolutely the real deal and I have this to say about him. Most of his ability is natural, not trained. You can tell who the naturally talented players are, the ones who regardless of if they have their faults, have that instinctive ability to make the most of certain situations. Cesc and RvP are our best examples, followed by Rosicky and Hleb. They all have something special which can’t be taught and other players will never learn to have it. Sadly, as a big fan of Ade, I must admit he doesn’t have it at all. None of what he has, much like Walcott I think, is natural ability. That’s not a problem however as if you work hard enough you can close the gap and still become a really great player, it just requires a shit load more work. But it’s if Eddie and RvP are both folly fit for a long time they certainly will play together ahead of Ade. Ade will remain a very useful impact player and third choice striker, but he’ll never have the special quality which makes RvP and Eduardo stars.

  21. Nirgoon says:

    He’s a great player with a lot of talent. If only him Van P and Rosicky would not be injured…
    I don’t think he will be the same player after the injury.
    Please come back, EDDIE!!!

  22. Rick says:

    Would you play Eduardo and RVP as our main striking force ?

  23. goonersam says:


  24. goon says:

    dudu is king

  25. goon says:

    yo did u see croatia qualified yesterday and some coach was walking aroud in front of cameras with EDUARDO 22 croatia shirt?

    yeeeahhh boy.

    eduardo is wolverine, knickname ‘the fridge’, ice kool

  26. the biggest problem will be that the injury doesnt effect him mentally , an injury like that can change a player because they grow fearful m but he is class in a league above ade, i dont think he will be back as soon as some people think though

    and 32million haha are ya mad, total tabloid bull shit , if millan offer anything we should let him go, realistically he isnt going to get any better, he has peaked, sorry ade lovers but he is the most overrated arsenal player ever, yea he scored goals this season but that is his job, and look at who the majority of them were against, any deal that would include pato would be brilliant , but i cant see millan being stupid enough to swap pato for ade

  27. just passing says:

    absolute garbage. most of the teams he played against were from the championship.

    he only had 4 goals in 14 games against prem opposition. stop creating myths around players. we could be in deep trouble up front and most gooners are so up themselves to notice. a good supporter should point the problems rather than pushing agent spin.

  28. Aledinho says:

    Dudu is a great player a natural born killer just like Villa. If he gets back Ade should be benched.

  29. kang says:

    get well soon!!!

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