Signing of Aaron Ramsey Bolsters Hope For Next Season

By K-PO 


A lot of Gooners reading this will probably think: Oh no, not another “promising youngster!” But do you think Wenger buys all these “blossoming stars” for no reason? No, he has a plan and I think it be finally unleashed next year. Fabregas, Walcott, Clichy, Bendtner, van Persie and many more have been bought as promising youngsters, along with a number of experience, it seems that everything has fallen into place for 2008/09. 


The key to Manchester United’s success of the past two season has undoubtedly been their ability to pick a quality, but different side every week. Now, with signings like Ramsey and eventually Nasri, we will have that same ability. 


For the rest of the summer, I only really see Hleb, Lehmann, and possibly Eboue leaving the club, leaving an array of talented future and current stars for Wenger to choose from. 


In the position of striker, we will have just about every option available. We a huge African consistent goal-scorer, but he is not 100% realiable. We have a Croazilian poacher who will score every chance in the box that you give him, as well as a bunch from outside. We have a Dutch play maker and reliable goal scorer, and a young Big Dane who can have an impact on every game as a substitute, and is inching closer and closer to being able to regularly start for Arsenal. Obviously van Persie-Adebayor will be Wenger’s preferred partnership, but Eduardo and Bendtner are capable of starting the Premier League, and will get their fair share of minutes as well. Also Vela and Walcott can always play up front in emergencies. 


Midfield is where we currently, and always have had the most depth. Our options in center midfield range from possibly the best center midfielder in the world to an aging Brazilian who can still help Arsenal but only when HE STARTS***. In between that we have a French talented, yet inconsistent player who can play anywhere in midfield, but will be playing in his preferred center midfield next season. If we don’t signing anyone in that position, expect to see him there. I remember being very impressed with Diaby’s runs to the touch line in pre season 2007. Frenchman Samir Nasri is expected to sign after Euro 2008, and “the New Zidane” will surely be a hit in 2008/09. Then we have Denilson, another young, talented Brazilian, who will have to fight for his place at the club, but will still have a great affect on the club no matter what his role, he is a great player. Then in our youth system, we have newly signed Ramsey, Merida, Lansbury?, and Jack Wilshire. And I almost forgot about the possibilities of Alex Song and Johan Djourou playing next to Cesc next year. 


On the flanks we have Rosicky, who is expected to have gotten rid of his injury problems with his recent surgery, but if he hasn’t we have Carlos Vela and Kieran Gibbs in that position, both of whom are incredibly promising prospects. On the right, Theo Walcott has his eyes on a starting place with Alex Hleb set to leave, Theo should make the position his own, with his recent impressive displays. 


The back is a different story, however. We are a bit thin, especially in the positional of full back, and Armand Traore, who is now considered a left winger by many, looks set to go on loan next year, most likely to Portsmouth. We have no back up left back or right back, and we need one. Hoyte and Eboue are both not good enough in my opinion, and we need to buy players who would be satisfied with that role until a youngster comes up and takes it from them. In central defense the biggest question of the season was: Can Gallas and Toure partner each other? The answer is no, and the reason is because they are the same defender. Statistically, when Senderos played alongside one of those two defenders we let in less goals. We need a big defender to play alongside Toure. I doubt it is Senderos, there is very little possibility of it being Song, and there is some possibility of it being Djourou. 


That is the other signing we need to make, besides Nasri and Rasmey. It is a big defender. Whoever it is, I don’t care. Wenger knows and he will make the right signings to help us win trophies next year. 


4 Responses to Signing of Aaron Ramsey Bolsters Hope For Next Season

  1. Julian Jackson says:

    It doesn’t bolster my hope…. each to their own though.

  2. arsenal man says:

    i am tired of wenger letting good players go and replacing them with youth, he is not running a nursery, he is afraid to buy establish players , because if he did he cant use that excuse we are young. i can see another trophyless season, and the same year after year, and during 1 year he will a trophy and say his master plan has worked, then go another few years with the same thing.

  3. gooner says:

    i see your optisim but i dont share, what you are proposing is a feel putting too much in young inexperience and expect them to setup straight away, i am so hoping this is not the case

  4. Rick says:

    Yes it is positive and I even believe he will be allowed to play a few minutes at the EPL.

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