Will Agents Ruin Football As We Know It?

Why can’t all agents care like Ari Gold (Entourage) does?

By Triplec1988, proud member of TheGoonerForum

It seems that everyday when I wake up and check the morning’s headlines some agent of some player somewhere is talking a whole lot of nonsense to the media about his client and his client’s club.  And while this problem is not a problem that is ultimately unique to Arsenal, it has seemed to have taken center stage this summer as the media has fed on the constant rumors and speculation regard Emmanuel Adebayor and Alex Hleb.  One might argue that speculation is one thing, and I would agree.  Can we honestly expect anything less from the rags like Marca, Gazetta and The Sun.  After all, these “papers” are hardly the pillars upon which journalism has stood.  However, while it is one thing to read that player X is go here, there and everywhere in Marca it is quite another to read quotes from this player’s agent regard the future of a player under contract at their current club.  The emotional rollercoaster that the fans go through is the least of the problems created by these sorts of shenanigans.  So the question must be asked, are this money grubbing tossers we call agents ruining the beautiful game?

Agents and player is just another example of the age old conundrum called moral hazard, whereby two different parties which are involved in trade or business do not necessarily have each other’s best interest at heart and as such will do what they can to gain the extra advantage.  But, as one might say, does the agent not work for the player?  Indeed that is how it goes but it is important to understand that they do no have the same interests at heart.  Nothing is worse for an agent that nothing.  Agents make their money off of commissions from transfers and contract negations.  Nothing is worse for business than a content player.  This is why we see so many of these scumbags speaking out to the media over their player’s future in order to drum up enough interest from other clubs and ultimately the player to facilitate a move or to scare the club into a contract renegotiation in order to keep the club.  Either way, the agent will win and make a commission.  There is seeming no end to their sleaze either.  They will pimp their player out to anyone anytime.  Just read over these gems.

“It is logical that Emmanuel is demanded. I have to meet his club when the season ends to speak about his future, but we have not received concrete offers. Today he is happy at Arsenal, he showed it on Monday. But you know football, everything goes very quickly.”

“The player is fine at Arsenal, but when Milan come in for you it’s difficult to tell them no, I know that Milan have contacted Arsenal and now everything depends on what Arsenal want to do.”

“Alexander is preparing to make one of the most important moves of his life.  He is leaving Arsenal even though they want to offer him a new long-term contract and better conditions. Only time will tell if leaving is the right decision, but there’s no way back now. Everything will be cleared up in the next two weeks.” Two weeks later and the it was still more of the same.

“It is always a huge honour for every player when such a club as Real Madrid is interested in you.”

“I can officially confirm that a short time ago Alexander decided that he will leave Arsenal and join another club.  Of course, Arsenal and Arsène wanted him to stay but they have accepted the player’s choice.”

The problem is these outspoken nobodies drive up speculation regard the player’s future and ultimately drive up wages, adding an even large premium to the already over inflated wages most of these players are earning.  I’m sure few would argue that Alex Hleb’s two goals and six assists this season have warranted a new mega million pound deal with clubs like Madrid and Barca.  Nor has Ade’s one good year for Arsenal proven he is worth six figures a week at Milan.  But none of this matters to the agents.  All they care about is working their players and the clubs for as much money as they can.  They don’t care about the sport or ultimately the player.  Clients are like stock, to be traded and used in order to generate profits. Sadly this problem will persist, as players seem unlikely or unable to fire agents who more often then not seem to be close friends of the player.  Will this problem cause the downfall of football, as we know it as more and more undeserving players are rewarded with ever increasing wages, possibly even forcing midsized and small clubs out of the market for quality player?  Only time will tell but we can be certain that when we read over the morning’s rumors and speculations we will be sure to see more of the same from some of the vilest people on the planet.

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5 Responses to Will Agents Ruin Football As We Know It?

  1. Begeegs says:

    you mean they haven’t already? you speak as though it hasn’t happened yet

  2. Me says:

    These agents should be barred from the ground – nothing but trouble

  3. radfordno9 says:

    Agents have CREATED football as we know it.

    Football as we knew it died a long time ago

  4. Sinbad says:

    Why are you blaming the agents? The player has the right to sack his agent if he wishes. The player most of the time tells the agent he wants a move first. The players are 2 blame IMO

  5. Nirgoon says:

    You know nothing at all

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