Should Arsenal sell Adebayor ?

Adebayor is without a doubt the most controversial current Arsenal player, some fans love him for his goals and work rate and others criticize him heavily mostly because he wastes lots of goal chances and because of his poor first touch . In this summer transfer window much speculation is on the media about him being a target for other big clubs like Milan or Barca, but should Arsenal sell Adebayor ?
In terms of performance Adebayor just had an outstanding season, he scored 30 goals in all competitions (48 games) with an goal per game average of 0.625 goals. During a good part of the season he was our lonely striker and delivered some much needed goals. His 24 goals in the EPL are quite impressive, according to the website: “The Club’s top scorer, Emmanuel Adebayor, plundered 24 goals compared with the 11 that Robin van Persie had topped the list with the year before. In fact, since the inception of the Premier League, only Thierry Henry has scored more League goals in a season for the Club”. What can we expect from him next season ? It is difficult to predict but a season as good as last is highly unlikely.
In terms of style and technical quality he is not the typical Arsenal striker, since he does not share skills his predecessors had (Bergkamp and Henry mainly) therefore leaving fans frustrated when such skills are required. His passing and crossing are normally poor and when he tends to go wide he makes the team slower and we end up losing the ball.
In terms of loyalty there is no such thing anymore. We live in times of agents and money therefore not much can be expected in this regard.
The answer is very simple, it depends on the price, if Milar or Barca are willing to pay some of the figures that have been published (£28 million – £30 million) we should sell him just because we can get a replacement for half of that money and will have enough to make another good signing. Otherwise we should keep him and expect more goals from the Togolese player.

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55 Responses to Should Arsenal sell Adebayor ?

  1. Andy says:

    Ade had a great season last season gave us an extra dimension with heading ability, but he’s not the natural finisher and needs 5 chances to put away one goal, so at the right price and £24 million is about right I’d say let him go.

  2. Zaiky says:

    I think loyalty does still exist – just because most footballers seem to have none anymore, doesn’t mean it has dissappeared (look at Cesc, Toure, Henry, Vieira etc.).

    I was just saying recently in fact that the most loyal players have always been the Africans – but maybe that is changing.

    I think 100% we should sell for anything above £20m as he can be replaced. Henry was irreplacable at his peak – however much I love Ade, he certainly isn’t irreplacable! I think he will stay though as I can’t see anyone offering more than £20m.

  3. james says:

    yes definetly the most overated arsenal player. ok he scored plentey goals this season but he realy should have scored alot more just imagine if we had torres there we would had one every trophy .plus i think adebayour is far to clumzy at times for me i would be very surprise if we could get 25 million for him as i think that is way high.i onsely think portsmouth will be more ideal for adabayour. but if we can get 25 mill for him then why not. im am crying out for benzema. i dream of that happening top class player

  4. Ben says:

    Hell yes! I say sell him, watch him flop in a team that gives him half the chances Arsenal do and bring in Villa for less money! Villa/Van Persie/Fabregas would be an incredible attacking unit. Manu is a good player; he is big, strong, fast, committed and can score quality goals from time to time. However, he misses far too many good chances and he is not an Arsenal player. He will never partner another Arsenal striker well because he does not have a creative footballing brain. He constantly wastes opportunities to put in other players. With strikers like Van Persie, Villa, Bendtner, Eduardo (I haven’t seen enough of Vela) all fit I think the goals will poor in.

  5. Ole Gunner says:

    For £30M I say sell. Nowadays, £30 M buys Robinho and another Wenger gem. I’ll sell.

    But I think Wenger won’t sell. He’s said he wants to keep the side together, and I think that’s very very important.

  6. gee says:

    The fact that barca and milan want him shows what poor judges of talent our fans are.

    totally pathetic some of you!!

    Ade has the same goals to chance ratio as torres but half of you would wank over torres and didd ade

  7. ala a says:

    the coach and the board knows better than the fans whose quest for silverware is increasing every passing day. the earlier we know our complete team the better so we can start ordering for the team’s jersey based on our prefered player’s jersey number.

  8. Zaiky says:

    gee – everyone does rate him, but rates the £20m we could get for him more. How can you not see that?

  9. dan says:

    I would sell if Milan are prepared to spend 25-30 miliion. I would immediately bid for Huntelaar as he is an exceptional talent and wouldnt cost more than 20. I’d also bid 10m for Boruc as Almunia – as decent as he is – is not a world beater.

  10. TA6 says:

    Get rid of him. Take whatever we can get.
    2005/06 he led the line well in Henry’s absence, tireless running, bold and brave, what he lacked in finesse he made up for in effort.
    2006/07 with every goal scored his head grew, he took on Henry’s ego without his class. He drifted out wide as you say ala Henry, leaving us toothless in the middle, his first touch hasn’t improved or his reading of the game.
    He is pushing for a move of more money, I think he wants out, he thinks he is bigger than Arsenal and his agent wouldnt publicise anything without Adeego’s permission.
    If he stays with us his heart won’t be in it, I only wish he had the balls to ask for a transfer, the same goes with Pleb

  11. gee says:

    The point all these team want him for a reason – Cause he is effective, moble, powerfull and plays 110% for the team. now for 20 million quid it wont get us an adequate replacement for the monster that is ADe – can you not see that

    Robiniho for all his skill will not terrorise a back four on his own like ade. he is a skillfull touch player, while Ade is a monster for any back 4!! ask milan, man poo, liverpool etc.

    Villa needs some one to play off, so too does van persie esp in the prem. those to would get bullied by rio and vidic.

    with Ade we dont get bullied as much and like i said b4 his strike rate is comparable to torres last season.

    Our own fans cant see the value of him but bigger clubs than ours can see the value he adds to the team but you lot cant.

  12. Frank says:

    All you guys saying Sell Ade don’t know nothing about Arsene and Arsenal. If you watch carefully you will realise Wenger has no intention of breaking up his TEAM. That’s the defining word, TEAM. You guys speak only about individuals, you are playing catch-up to Wenger.

  13. Aidan says:

    Definitely sell him, but for nothing less than £25m.

    Then buy Santa Cruz who is an infinitely better footballer. Take the £13m left over and buy another football club to put Senderos in.

  14. gee says:

    TA6 – been reading to many tabloids!

    even though he come out after every stupid story stating that he wants to stay, hust believe the journo’s who writting with no quotes!!

  15. Fletch says:

    Ya’ll are retarted…without Ade up top you have Van “I can’t stay healthy for more than 10 games” Persie, Eduardo coming off a horrific injury, a very young player in Bendtner, an unproven Mexican in Vela…are u guys serious? Without him, Arsenal wouldn’t have made Champions League football this year, probably all just racist

  16. Fletch says:

    plus he can win balls in the air, many of his goals came from crosses….simply put arsenal has lacked that for WAY TOO MANY YEARS

  17. SebCesc says:

    Yes he has scored far more goals this season than expected and the season before he was extremely wasteful in front of goal but he offers us something different up front and at the young age of 24 he has his best years ahead of him. I dont think we should sell the player that gives us power and pace up front and is constantly improving.

  18. Ramgun says:

    I don’t think that Adebayor played for the team when he didn’t pass to Bendtner at Birmingham. If he had we would have not been facing the potential minefield of a Champions League play-off.
    Whether to sell or not depends on how much Wenger can get into the mind of the Togolese and how much better he can become.
    Do we trust Arsene?

  19. TA6 says:

    gee – I am capable of making up my own mind, why you think the ‘Ade out’ camp are pathetic is beyond me, we, like you, are entitled to our opinions, as for your comment “bigger clubs than ours can see the value” under Arsene our club has grown every year and whether you think Milan or Barca are still bigger than us is again opinion “the fact that barca and milan want him shows what poor judges of talent our fans are” well really, Barca have long been a resting home of our castouts oh yes they were really shwed in buying Overmars, Petit and Henry for fortunes. Should they end up with Adeego and Pleb they will end up scratching their heads in disbelief how they ended up with two more.

  20. Zaiky says:

    gee – no I can’t see how £20m won’t get us a replacement. As for comparisons with Torres, I would take Torres every day of the week!

    I have campaigned for Ade the whole season as he has played out of his skin…I just can’t see him having another season like this I’m afraid.

    gee – stop calling us all pathetic, why can’t people just have a debate without calling names?

  21. TINY says:

    you gooners who are so negative do my head in……it was his first full season and did a wonderful job after thierry left. hes 24 he scores with his head which we never have had since alan smith left.his engine is quite extrordinary. hes only gonna get better. why sell him? who is there to replace him with? im sure the people slagging this guy off are spurs fans. he does miss a few sitters granted but give him a chance and lets get behind him and show him were loyal u can never moan about his passion and its about time we showed ours as fans

  22. gee says:

    Ramgun if u cannot trust a man that brings in an unknown for less than jermain defoe and his value rises by more than darren bent, then god help us. Ade not the only player he has done that with. RVP, Clichy, Sagna, cesc, would all command double figures after been bought for peanuts, not only that, that core of players got us 4, yes 4 measly points of the champions that spent in exess of 60 million quid last yr!!
    Also bendtner is just as guilty of not passing to ade in vital games. all anyone on this earth can do is learn of their mistakes and the mistakes of others. They have both come out and expressed a united front for the team so to me that is buried and lets move on. seems like some of you guys have or want a reason to hate him, mainly fueled by tabloid bulshit.

    when i seen the guy play he has played his heart out for the club and got us 30 goals(if it wasnt for his goals we might not have finished where we did).
    so show some love instead of playa hating our own playa!!!

  23. Fletch says:

    gee is the only person in here with some sort of intelligence…time will prove that he is correct, Wenger wont sell without enough reason aka cash to warrant a move…he is already under fire for not having enough “proven” players to hold on to a 6 point lead down the strech, why would he jepordize the club and more importantly himself by unloading one of the brightest YOUNG stars in the game…why the hell do u think so many other clubs are interested???

  24. dan says:

    He’s stated he’s staying anyway….end of debate.

  25. gee says:

    gee – stop calling us all pathetic, why can’t people just have a debate without calling names?

    Because a lot off people just jump on the bandwagin of the back of wat some dumb tabloid said. it does my head in – its like half the people dont think for themselves or do their own research!!

    hust swallow wat some hack has dreamed off.
    im not calling any of you pathetic – just ur failure to recognise we have a very good playa on our hands, who has the potential to be as good as drogba or better

  26. gee says:

    TA6 – so now you say were are bigger than milan and barca.

    Forget i was talking with you because i didnt mean too

  27. Kenyan Van Persie says:

    Sell Ade now and Arsenal is Dead, sell him once we have an established striker who already understands arsenal game, Henry was sold after Ade had had some induction to te club, Anelka went after Henry became part of our game too…..RVP is class, but how many games will he play in a season? Edwardo is on his waybut not yet there. Do not be greedy bastards, DO NOT SELL ADEBAYOR!

  28. Rick says:

    IMO Adebayor just had THE best season of his career, lets cash on him NOW.

    The fact that Milan or Barca think he is worth that much money just shows their talent chasing is no that good.

  29. Fletch says:

    yea Barcelona’s talent chasing is no good….like when they basically anal raped River Plate for Lionel Messi for peanuts…yea, he’s turned out to be a real bust u dumb a$$

  30. gee says:

    Rick – The fact that Milan or Barca think he is worth that much money just shows their talent chasing is no that good.

    oh right the teams that signed kaka when he was unknown, pato, sheva, ronaldihno, messi, bojan, our own cesc and merida, dos santos.

    Yeah they must be shit at scouting talent

  31. TA6 says:

    Whether Barca or Milan are bigger than us is debatable, I am not saying we are bigger but there is an arguement in either favour.
    If you look at the present and potential as opposed to the past, I think our team and club are still to achieve their potential. I think we are run more professionally than any team than I can think of.

  32. Rick says:

    Granted they are big teams an have discovered great talents but I am sure they have made mistakes in the past, the fact that they are looking for Adebayor just shows that. They are after him becasue of the goals he scored but they missed out on his technical failures.

  33. Fletch says:

    an arsenal havent made mistakes!?…Does Julio Baptista ring any bells? What about Patrick Jeffers?

  34. soje says:

    the guy has been rerally good for us especially with the absence of VP and TR and a midfield that is shy to score…..BUT!!! if we are to sell him i think it should be higher than 24mill c’mon he’s 24, scored 30 goals this season, consider the league he is playing at and with the possibility of him only getting better i think he should go for much higher. and Arsene should make sure we get someone top to fill in the space…….villa i think would be the best, he puts the ball in the net at almost every opportunity.

  35. gee says:

    Rick do you honestly believe that both barca and milan are making the same mistake at the same time. do you not think they scouted him more than just once. do you not realise the torrid time he gave by himself to milan, man poo, etc back lines when we played them. can you not see he scored a third of our goals!
    He is not perfect or the finished article but when you think drogba at the same age was in the french second division about to join marsille then it shows that he has got greater scope for improvement at just 24.

  36. gee says:

    and he also scored goal of the season against the scum !!!
    Thats gotta increased his value by 10 mill in my book

  37. Lebanese Arsenal fan says:

    YES , for me Arsenal must sell and quickly adebayor and replace him with a world class striker as david villa or huntelaar or eto’o. i said huntellar becoz with a team as ajax he scored 72 goal in 80 game so with arsenal he can easily score more than adebayor. 2nd we dont have to forget how many goal adebayor missed specialy against birmingham. 3rd for me he’s anordinary player without cesc , hleb and falmini who deliver him with ball he can do othing and we saw him against sunderland and everton how bad he was in those two game so its not at all a loss if we sell him

  38. Alex says:

    Burn him (and Eboue), and just take a hit on the money.

    He is the worst striker ever to have blundered onto a rich vein of form.

    And before the usual crowd start citing it’s because he’s African, or this, that or the other…

    It’s because he’s dogshit in front of goal when it counts (6vs Derby does not a Thierry Henry replacement make), has the first touch of a rapist, an unwarranted ego – and has a similar understanding of the offside rule to an American girl.

    Don’t use Euro2008 as a barometer (it’s not), we need a striker like Benzema, two defensive midfielders like Diarra and Barry, a winger like Ashley Young and despite what Arsene ‘crackers’ Wenger said recently – we need a solid, experienced defender/leader (like an Adams, Campbell, Ferdinand, Terry).

    All the Ade/Eboue fanboys make me sick, I’d rather have Stefan Malz and Kaba Diawara

  39. Rick says:

    Gee it is true … Adebayor speaks with goals and that is the reason why there is such controversy over him.

  40. Zaiky says:

    gee – calm down mate. Please advise where I stated we don’t have a good player in ade? All I am saying is I can’t see him reproducing last season again. If he stays then of course I hope he proves me wrong, I love the man! But I would take £20m for him all day. Barca and Milan are of course big clubs, but the way you are building them up is ridiculous. We can offer all that those clubs do and more with Arsene at the helm…

  41. Rick says:

    Dont you all missed an striker like Bergkamp ? Adebayor just cant be a part of our creative football like Bergkamp and Henry did.

  42. Rick says:

    Alex – we need a striker like Benzema, two defensive midfielders like Diarra and Barry, a winger like Ashley Young and despite what Arsene ‘crackers’ Wenger said recently – we need a solid, experienced defender/leader (like an Adams, Campbell, Ferdinand, Terry).

    Yes … I like it.

  43. gee says:

    Zaiky – Barca and Milan are of course big clubs, but the way you are building them up is ridiculous.

    Right i get ur logic – we never won the Champs league and had a 60,000 stadium 3 yrs ago.

    if u think im bigging them up for the sake look at their stats:

    Camp Nou, Barcelona
    (Capacity: 98,772) 18 league titles, 24 x runner up, 2 champs league, 4 x runner up.

    San Siro, Milan
    (Capacity: 82,955) 17 league titles, 14x runners up, 7 champs league, 4 x runners up.

    Emirates Stadium
    (Capacity: 60,355[1]) 13 league titles, 8 runners up, no champs league, 1 runner up.

    Much bigger stadiums, more titles, more euro exp. they have been a top tier team for at least the last 20 maybe more. we have been for like 5 yrs.

  44. TA6 says:

    Wenger is the best thing that has EVER happened to Arsenal, we must though realise he is human and is not without fault, but there is no one I would rather at our helm.
    Ade is not a Wenger type player, AW is playing hardball and getting the best deal possible for us, the safe option for Arsene is to buy a class replacement (Villa, Huntelar, Benzema) but Wenger has never been one to do as he ‘should’. He could easily start the season with RvP, Theo, Vela, Eduardo and Bendtner.
    Nasri for Pleb, Arshavin for Eboue, ther is talk of Kolo moving into Flamini’s role and ALEX points out a lionhearted leader as centreback is vital. Who though?

  45. TA6 says:

    Zaiky – totally agree mate

  46. Mark says:

    I can’t stand all the Ade bashers- He may not be the most skillful or best in front of goal but he did make a huge difference last season, with Terry stating he was the hardest forward in the league to play against. He did a great job for us last year and has shown commitment to the club, unlike certain other players in the ranks. To write about “burning” him or other narrow minded comments simply shows how childish some of you can be. I think we should show the guy a little bit of courtesy, because without his hassling and key goals in a few big games we would have finished nowhere last year.

    Saying that I would take 25m plus for him, I do think with Bendtner on the up and players like Villa on the market for a similar price it would be a great piece of business.

    However, the childish and narrowminded comments are unwarranted. I’d be happy to have Ade in the side next year. I would like to see another top quality striker to join our frontline but Ade IS good enough to do a job for us next year if that fails to materialise

  47. Zaiky says:

    Mark, there will always be someone who writes a moronic comment – why get wound up by it?

    gee – sorry mate, but you must be a Barca or AC Milan fan the way you are going on about them. How can you compare their league stats with ours – we are in a different country! If league titles is the barometer then surely Glasgow Rangers are the best team of all time and the biggest in the world – they have won 51 titles…

  48. Anaconda says:

    It’s such a shame that Adebayour gets heavily slated by Arsenal fans every day …ok he might have missed some chances during the season but it was only his first season as a starter in the Arsenal team but he still found the net 24 times in the league..still some people think he’s rubbish..
    I’m so glad that none of you Ade haters is Arsene Wenger as he rates Ade highly …People keep harping about Arsenal selling him and they don’t seem to realise that he gives us a big presence in the opposition’s penalty area…he’s great in the air and works hard for the team and is a strong as an ox…he can only get better as he’s only 24 years old…even Drogba did not manage 24 league goals when he had his great season last year..
    All you Ade haters should realise that Arsenal lost out last year because of injuries to van persie, rosicky,diaby and sagna at crucial points in the season..and lack of squad depth..not because of Ade’s misses…I’m so happy that wenger sees things differently from you lot

  49. Marko says:

    I’d keep him for his goals and the fact he’ll keep getting better and better. Also you know those scummy Italians are chancing their luck at getting him on the cheap. Why in gods name would Ade go to that team in that shit league with all the crowd trouble and half filled stadiums. They are cheats. Adebayor has been at Arsenal for 2 and a half seasons, last season was the first season where he stepped out of Henry’s shadow and he became our main striker, scored 30 goals and people wanna sell him. Come on seriously he’s gonna get better and better.

  50. Rick says:

    Marko – Come on seriously he’s gonna get better and better.

    I dont know about that but if we keep him I hope you are right.

  51. […] Should Arsenal sell Adebayor ? [image] Adebayor is without a doubt the most controversial current Arsenal player, some fans love him for his goals and […] […]

  52. gee says:

    Zaiky – ur logic is funny. so scottish league now is as strong as spain and italy.

    Yeah make a lot of sense mate.

    and try looking at their champs league history and u will see there is a big difference.
    Fact is 3 yrs ago we were in a 38,000 stadium, less than 14 yrs ago we were known as boring boring arsenal and everyone hated us.

    milan and barca were big clubs throughout all this.

  53. Zaiky says:

    gee – I was using your very own logic so please don’t accuse me of making no sense. The way you keep going on about them both, you must support either Barca or AC?

  54. Nirgoon says:

    I wouldn’t think we should sell him. He was amazing in the season 2007-08 and we’ll probably get about 7-8 million for him anyway and i don’t think he’s worth that much. He looks like he’s going to go anyway but I really think he was a world class player and think he should stay.

  55. QEKIUE says:

    He’s not bad… but just not good enough.

    On the whole, he;s a decent striker but rather wasteful, poor holding ability, Good work rate, poor weight on his passing, not enough pace or technique to beat most defenders 1v1, reasonable striking ability(but lacking when one considers V.persie, Henry, Bergkamp, Wright), good strength, bad vision, bad linkage with midfield.

    Has an erratic factor that flatters to deceive , brilliant occasionally yet clumsy or pedastrian more often than not.

    He’s ok for the squad.. but with the type and number of chances the main Arsenal striker gets. we could def use someone better.

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