Turkeys never say die spirit reminds me of Arsenal

I haven’t seen a squad fight like that until the end in all my years of watching the beautiful game.There never say die spirit reminds me of a certain team that also play in red and white ( Arsenal )

This bunch of players and manager (Fatih Terim) deserver nothing but respect for keep coming back from the jaws of defeat in 3 consecutive games and scoring late goals, Against all the odds with a depleted side  with key players missing due  to injuries and suspensions ( Volkan, Servet, Aurelio, Emre Belozoglu ) They still managed to dig deep and fight till the death in true Ottoman fashion. Look at Tuncay and Arda, Both players booked early in the game knowing that they will both now miss the semi finals both still put in a amazing amount of workrate and energy into the game, They didn’t let it get to them and did everything for the team. And how good was it to see the new spurs superstar? Luka Modric bottle it from the spot.

Last nights game reminded me of the Arsenal 1979 FA Cup Final vs Manchester United. The last 3 minutes were amazing with both teams thinking they had done enough to win the game.And you have seen over the years that Arsenal never give up. Remember Thomas 89 away to Liverpool to win the championship, Andy Linighan vs Sheffield Wednesday to win the FA Cup. Alan Sunderland in 1979.

The Turkish attitude is something we can only admire, It just shows that you should never give up and should play the game until the final whistle.

For the Turkish Gooners in North London ” HELAL OLSUN ”  ( Enjoy it )


3 Responses to Turkeys never say die spirit reminds me of Arsenal

  1. hak says:

    I could not agree with you more – unreal were my brothers from the motherland. north london was like istanbul last night. and it does remind me of arsenal- amd to see an international manager with such passion and grace (after looking at mclaren and errikson for so long!) what can i say lets do the germans now!!!

  2. Angelo says:

    Yeah, it reminds me of Arsenal……against Liverpool in the champions league quarter final.

  3. goon says:

    i’m lovin turkey, and i’m gooner too but piss off are turkey arsenal. i think theres more LIVERPOOL FC in there. if anything the arsenal bottled it on spirit last season.

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