Samir Nasri Has Signed. Now What?

by K-PO Hardcore Member of the Goonerforum, Blog Manager



Today, French starlet Samir Nasri has confirmed that he has signed for Arsenal. Other reliable sources such as Sky Sports News and the BBC claim he has signed a four year deal for around 15 million pounds. 


For the past three years Arsenal have been in transition. This year, we saw a little tiny beam of light at the end of the tunnel. In 2008/09 it would be a crime not to think that Arsenal will challenge for titles on every front until the final day if necessary. Now that they have the experience of being in a title scrap, which most of the squad has never been involved in before, they will now know what will be asked of them and will do everything that is asked of them from the fans, their teammates, and Le Boss. 


Now, who are the players you can expect to be in our starting line-up next year? Adebayor, van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott, Fabregas, Diaby, Denilson, Toure, Clichy, Sagna, Ramsey, Almunia and many others. 


So what role will this Nasri play? He is a natural playmaker, more of a play maker than Hleb or Rosicky, who many Gooners have been complaining that they are being played out of position by Wenger. But I doubt such a talent as Nasri will be played out of position, especially with the promise of Walcott on the right, and now Rosicky’s injury problems have apparently been cleared up by his recent surgery, and he should be back mid-pre season. So Nasri I think will start in the hole in a 4-5-1. 


Now, with Hleb set to leave, Walcott should be gifted a starting birth. Walcott is statistically better than the Belarussian anyway. On the right should be Rosicky, and Cesc in the middle. 


This brings me too the second of three issues. Who should partner Cesc next year? I don’t think another signing will be made so for me the options are Djourou, Gilberto, Song, Denilson, Ramsey, and Diaby. 


I would want someone whose tall, with at least a little Premiership experience, but is still young. That basically narrows it down to Diaby and Djourou. Between these two I would certainly chose Diaby. He has a bit more experience, bit more composure, longer passing range, but my favorite attribute of his are his long dazzling runs from midfield to the by line, and his ability to stop an opposing attack and start one very quickly for Arsenal. I think he should be given his chance next to Cesc. More evidence that this could happen is the fact that he signed a new deal until 2012 a few months ago.


My third issue is the defense. It is what cost us this season in the months of March and April. The weak link of the defense was Gallas. But I doubt Wenger will do anything about that. At the back I really don’t know what will happen. I want one of Senderos/Song/Djourou to start alongside Toure but I think the plan is to play Gallas there until he retires (probably after WCSA 2010) and then put in Havard Nordtveit when he is ready and at the tender age of 20. 


Gael Clichy, Bacary Sagna and Manuel Almunia have all recently signed new contracts and with Kolo Toure also under long term contract, it looks like the defense is secure transfer-wise, apart from Gallas. 


So this is what I predict the first team will be next season: 

—–Adebayor—-*rotating center forwards: Eduardo, Bendtner and van Persie, depending on opposition








Bench: Fabianski, Senderos, Song/Djourou, Gilberto/Ramsey, Vela/Denilson, Bendtner, van Persie/Eduardo


Finally, in the Carling Cup, Arsenal should boost an especially strong squad (for the Carling cup)








I don’t care if we win trophies next year, I just want to see an Arsenal team that plays beautifully and that fights for the title and stays in the race until the very last day. That’s all I want. And if we win it, I will be the happiest man in the world.

18 Responses to Samir Nasri Has Signed. Now What?

  1. stonroy says:

    So we have spent 15 million on one player, that leaves us 10 million to spend. Maybe we can buy fucking dafy duck with that.

  2. lol says:

    Hasn’t Rosicky stated that he wont be back for the start of the season?

  3. Alex says:

    Adebayor is being sold…….

  4. John says:

    Like you, my concern is the middle of the defence. If Nordvelt isn’t ready, does that mean we are back to the midget Toure/Gallas axis, and Song is even shorter! At the end of last season, AW commented on the fact that he needed a big strong CH to combat the physical approach of the Drogba type CFs, so where is he?

  5. gazzap says:

    you seem to feel comfortable because you believe wenger will play Diaby next to Cesc. THAT WONT HAPPEN. Please realise that Diaby will never play next to Cesc. He has been here for a few years and has played about 3 games with Cesc. there is a reason for that. wenger knows Diaby cannot be the disciplined defensive player that we need. we would get murdered by the better teams with both of them in midfield.
    I get your point that with Nasri behind a striker then its a 4-5-1, but you still need a good defensive players to sit in front of the defence and Diaby is not that man.
    to be honest, from the list, Gilberto is far and away the most likely to be doing that job every week next season. However, he is in decline and I dont think Arsenal have the right player for the job. If we did not buy anyone then my personal choice would be Djourou but I really dont know how good he is going forward. Maybe wenger will say, just sit there and let everyone else go forward. It’d be interesting to see Johan but what if he cant do it? what then? we’ll be into the season and dropping points and it will be too late to buy.
    But ask man u, liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid etc who their most important signings have been and you will be told by fans that their defensive midfielder is the key man. even for us, Flam WAS the key man last season. People will only realise how important this position is if wenger fails to replace him properly this summer.

  6. Rick says:

    Why refuses to give the news ?

    Team for next season will be:
    Sagna, Toure, Gallas*, Clichy
    Nasri, Cesc, Diaby*, Rosicky
    RVP and Eduardo

    *Song might play in these positions as well as new players (Yaya Toure or Dunne for example).

  7. TH says:

    Well Marseille’s spokesperson has come out and said that he is still under contract with them and on his personal website the admin. has apologized for “jumping the gun” Sky Sports has also removed the story… this saga will just go on and on until it is on the official website.

  8. UgGunner says:

    What are your thoughts about Merida and Barazite? Not even in the Carling Cup?

  9. Daffy Duck says:

    10 million, I aint going anywhere that cheap!!!

  10. Goona says:

    Nasri has not signed, its all a hoax, this is from his so called official website (google translated):

    Nous sommes désolé d’avoir agit précipitement en annonçant que Samir avait signé avec Arsenal , mais samir est encore sous contrat avec l’Olympique de Marseille à ce jour.

    Une interview de Samir sera dans les news ici même dès le 1ier juillet.


    We are sorry to have acted précipitement by announcing that Samir had signed with Arsenal, but samir is still under contract with Olympique de Marseille so far.

    An interview with Samir will be in the news here from the 1st July.

    The administrator

  11. Ro says:

    Alex Adebayor isn’t goin and Nasri hasn’t been signed yet! Check Sky Sports

  12. Gunner4life&beyond says:

    This is a joke now, I won’t look for signings anywhere but on

  13. soides says:

    soides, should have read before making a rash statement like nasri has signed. I believe he will sign, but if he does, he will play on the soides, not in the hole, he’ll bring competition for the soides so we will have many soides players to choose from

  14. straightalk says:

    What! You would want Senderos or Djourou to partner Toure?! Are you mad ? Senderos had a bad season and his performance against Liverpool where he was badly at fault for both goals at Anfield, finally showed he can’t really cut it at the very top level. Djourou gave away one of the worst goals ever in one of his last matches at Birmingham and his confidence after that was shot to pieces as you could see in the few performances after that. Whilst I have problems with Gallas you have to be realistic about what is better. (Toure was not himself after the African nations and based purely on defensive play was not as good as Gallas even before he moved to RB where he didn’t perform as well as expected. Song is not yet ready to be a constant centerback in the premier & champions league but is better prospect than Senderos and maybe Djourou as well.

  15. straightalk says:

    I would like us to buy a quality CB to put pressure on both Toure & Gallas someone like Cristian Zapata and Yaya Toure (who I believe we are trying to buy but Barcelona don’t want to sell although the player wants to come) for the all importnat DM role. If we do that I think we can win either or both the league and champions league

  16. Amerigooner says:

    You forgot about Eboue in your squad list for next year… Not saying I’m a fan of his diving and play-acting antics, but he does do a decent job defensively, and I doubt the Boss is planning on selling him this summer.

  17. geoffreid says:

    We wont buy anyone all b/s we are being conned again just like last season-this will be gunners worst season for years.

  18. if they play with 4-5-1, they will waste so many good resources on striker..

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