So who is the man to replace Adebayor?

What should Arsenal do once Adebayor is sold ?

So the chance of Adebayor being sold to either Barca or Milan seem real right now, and at the price that the media have been talking about it would be just the right choice for Arsenal to make.
So what should we do once Adebayor has been sold ?
First of all we need to make sure we have the right striking force to compete for the on coming tournaments (mainly EPL and UCL), from what we already have in our team we know that we have some quality strikers in there with Robin Van Persie, Eduardo, Theo and Vela and a good fringe player in Bendtner. But if we are going to lose our main goal scorer of last season would it be enough ? The answer is NO. And the reason we would need another top striker is because RVP is not always fit and Eduardo will not be ready for some months. Then we would be let alone with young strikers like Theo, Bendtner and Vela which is not good enough to face our tough challenges.
So what are the best options out there to replace the Togolese man ?
The first good option would be Villa, who is a talented and clinical striker, some believe he is quite similar to Eduardo and doubt he would bring anything new to the team, but most believe he is right now one of the best in the world in his position and that Arsenal would benefit from having this great player. Villa himself made a “signing call” earlier this year by stating that he would like to play for Arsenal. In terms of price he will be out of reach for Arsenal since some big teams are after him and we know the price range those team handle (Real Madrid and alike). So his signing even though would be great is not a “real” option as it seems right now.
The second option that is being mentioned is Roque Santa Cruz who had a great season at Blackburn last season, he is tall and strong as Adebayor but seems to be a little better than Adebayor in terms of definition. In terms of price he will be closer to what AW would be willing to pay and we should not forget that AW stated earlier last season that he believed Santa Cruz would be one of the most productive signing s of last season.
Other alternatives seem vague and away like Hunterlaar, Benzema or Martins.
Therefore in my opinion we should go for Roque Santa Cruz and spend the remaining money on a CB or a DM.

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21 Responses to So who is the man to replace Adebayor?

  1. Tino says:


  2. Tonygooner says:

    We certainly need a tall centre forward that can mix it up and hold the ball up

  3. French Gooner says:

    Exactly my point of view which I explained to friends throughout the week…
    RSC has already adapted to the EPL which is not the case for Villa and he is a REAL replacement of Adebayor which is not actualy the case with Villa.
    I can tell you straight away that RSC is our best, if not only chance… and we will never get strikers like Villa or Huntelaar, let alone Benzema…

  4. adam says:

    crap blog. martins is shit and so is huntelaar. ur just a football manager fan. lets c wt arsene does. he knows best.

  5. Stroller says:

    “once Adebayor is sold” ? So here’s another know-nothing blog perpetuating a rumour that has no basis other than alleged ‘quotes’ extracted from the foreign press and replicated by jounos and webmasters eager to fill column inches. Maybe Barca and Milan would like to have him. Maybe his agent is playing hardball over more money. Maybe Arsene Wenger is lining up a fistfull of strikers as potential replacements. Maybe we are destined to see Peter Crouch lead our front line even though he hardly gets a look in at his current club. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But maybe it is a fact the club has said he’s not for sale (as has also been quoted, but lost in all the noise about him leaving) and actually mean it.

  6. Greg Goon says:

    The thing is no one knows exactly what is going on!

    Will adebyor go ?

    I am not sure if he was to be sold why are they having adebayor week on ?

    nasri, hleb, adebayor, the stories are endless and its really starting to bore me.

  7. Rick says:

    “So the chance of Adebayor being sold to either Barca or Milan seem real right now …”

    It is just a chance and the article deals with possible options for Arsenal to replace him …

  8. French Gooner says:

    Adebayor had not denied anything and that’s probably the most worrying part… Normally, a player would come out and say “all of this is bullshit, i’m staying at Arsenal” but he hasn’t said a word…
    We know that Adebayor has always looked on the money side of things.. Back in october he declared that everything was fine and that he had “a lot of money”….
    Now, according to reports he wants a 100,000 pound /week salary instead of 20 000..
    I don’t know whether or not to believe it but if it is the case, we better get rid of him right now

  9. Passenal says:

    No Rick, the first poster is right, the article says ‘when’ he is sold, not ‘if’.

  10. Earl Hickey says:

    My friend’s father is a Chadian FIFA official and recommeneded Adebayor to Wenger in the first place. He had lunch with Ade on monday and he revealed to my friend’s father that he would leave for Milan. Personally, I can’t see why he’d leave a club where he would be a hero for the fifth club in Italy who wouldn’t play in the UCL anyway.

  11. StewDog says:

    arsenal fans really confuse me. one minute you are saying how poor adebayor is and that he should go and then when it becomes reality those same fans are saying no he should stay. adebayor is an average player who wenger has made good like so many others. bendtner is technically better than adebayor and is a crisper finisher, given the chance he could replace him. personally i think wenger will sell adebayor and replace him with Diogo of Portugesua. Anyone who watches highlights of the brazilian lge on channel 5 can see he is an arsenal player and very good in the air. cant think of any young strikers in europe as good as him and as affordable. Huntelaar, Benzema? too expensive.

    Team for Nxt season: Fabianski, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, D.Silva, Fabregas, Veloso, Nasri, Walcott, Diogo


    Almunia, Bendtner, Vela, Gilberto, Diaby, Rosicky, Van Persie, Ramsey, Song, Senderos, Eduardo

  12. Shad says:

    In all the forums through the summer people have speculated on possible new strikers as well as expressing high hopes for Carlos Vela to be a success, but everybody seems to overlook the fact that we have an England international on our books who was the first player to score a hat-trick at the Emirates Stadium, in addition to being the PFA’s Championship player of 2008. Nobody else got high hopes for Jay Simpson?

  13. noel reynolds says:

    unsure about the replacement striker but the attacking midfielder has to be silva. holding midfielder senna. pavluychencko i think would make it at arsenal. theres greedy one season wonder bastards transfer fee gone but then we should get nasri and still have a few quid left for a quick orc on steroids built like an asteroid central defender. thats my summer wish list.

  14. jean lu pooty says:

    who in the world would rate diogo over ade or play him in front of Rvp fer fax sakes cut that shit out

  15. jamesgillesp says:

    C’mon guys this is pure transfer speculation – regurgitating the names we have heard all summer.

    Of course Wenger would sign up a striker if Ade does leave – but Wenger and Ade have said it won’t happen.

    I expected more from TGF

  16. Shad says:

    Actually with no squad number Jay Simpson probably has as much chance of getting a game as Homer Jay Simpson. As for a quick Orc on steroids built like an asteroid central defender, have we just given up on trying to sign Christian Zapata after our initial knock-back?

  17. iceman says:

    we have bendtner! i say we get silva and a DM and we are sorted people!!!!

  18. TINY says:

    i like that big tall forward for russia….pavlechenlko he looks good on the ball and hes over 6ft 4 so what we need in the air…..or santa cruz would be my next fav….he looked awesome last year for a very average blackburn

  19. clash says:

    I hope ade stays, he is an integral part of the team that Wenger is developing. Now, i hear he is asking for a 400% rise in wages and so on. I am not quite sure, if all these are true. He is a splendid player and i have always admired him.

  20. Rick says:

    I prefer Roque over the Russian striker. Seems a little better in technical skills.

  21. Nirgoon says:

    I don’t really know who to choose between Roque and Archavin. They are both world class players with loads of talent and I just can’t decide between them.

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