Adebayor can f**k himself

Who the hell does this lanky streak of piss think he is?

His last interview ( Link Skysports ) took the piss out of the club and every fan that has supported him though the good times and BAD!

Quote Adebayor

“If they’re going to get 50 million for me and they bought me for 10 million, everyone is getting the benefits”

“A lot of clubs want me “ I Want to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Arsenal are a lovely club”

He has no right to act this, if he banged in 30 goals in the last 4 seasons then maybe. One good season and he thinks he’s god!

I hope we sell him for £30m and he falls flat on his ugly face.

Take the money for him Wenger or let him root in the reserves.

Personally, I never want to see Adebayor play for us again. He is a f**king disloyal c**t!

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109 Responses to Adebayor can f**k himself

  1. Anders CHristian says:


  2. Farrukh says:

    Couldn’t have put it any better!

  3. dara says:

    2nd that.

  4. lil_gun says:

    totally agree…stupid cunt!

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    So what !!!!!! it isnt like he is completely irreplaceble.Most players are mercenaries these days they get itchy feet when they dont get their beautiful girlfriends,their goal enscrusted statues of themselfes a pile of cash that would make Bill Gates jealous and all the attention in the world.We havnt won anything for three years as a fan it is pain,pain ,pain but for a mercenary it is just a stepping stone to another club.Do you really think we would be in this situation if we had won the Pl an cl,off course not.

  6. Mattc says:

    And you’ll rip up your season ticket if he stays????

  7. Darren says:

    Sell the f%*ker, he thinks he’s better than he actually is.
    £30m id take it straight away from any stupid b@stard thats willing to pay that for a disloyal ugly cunt.

  8. Gunner4life&beyond says:

    What the hell is wrong with you? Talk about over dramatic. He didn’t say he wants to leave, and if a big bid comes in and Wenger wants to take it, then Adebayor is just saying he will move. It’s called covering your ass.

    The man is still an Arsenal player, while he is, I don’t think any Arsenal fan should be talking about him like this. It’s immature and embarrassing.

  9. Harry Barracuda says:

    Balanced comment there. Taken your meds today?

  10. TINY says:

    i think this is totally over the top…….he shouldnt have said what he said i agree but we all say stupid things from time after time….hes a good player and im sure manure,chelsea and liverpool will be happy if we get rid….i want him to stay we were very close to winny the prem last year lets keep our team if we can and add a few more players cause if we have to breed another striker in then we can kiss another year goodbye….

    calm down you lot lets not get carried away

  11. ASIAN BEAST says:

    Comments Removed

  12. Johnny Mac says:

    Anyone who watches him week in week out will realise what a f*cking shit player he is. Anything over £20 mill, we should take it. Santa Cruz actually has talent – we should go for him.

  13. Geoff Strong says:

    I for one will not rip up my season ticket if he stays but may well do if he is replaced by Peter Crouch !!!

    Would sell Ade without blinking and we can offer his dance partner in a bogoff deal

  14. Gunner4life&beyond says:

    People don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Man U won the CL and PL, yet Ronaldo wants to leave, and Tevez has said he would love to play in Spain, or was it Italy? Winning things doesn’t mean shit, as foreign players will generally prefer Real, Barcelona, AC and others, as they see them as bigger clubs. That’s how it is, the English need to understand and accept that.

  15. Gooner says:

    Haha, someone’s throwing a tantrum. That was funny shit. Honestly, i dont give a fuck what any of them do. The club will always be bigger and there always be someone eager to replace them.

  16. TINY says:

    this blog and article is a disgrace and i would never slag any of our players off until they leave… should be ashamed to call ya selves gooners.

  17. Danish Gooner says:

    I personally are sick and tired of the modern day footballer.They all think they are entitled to a kings ransom even though they havent produced fuck all(Take notice Ade,Hleb).THey all think the world revolves around their gold encrusted egos and they treat their clubs like a garbage can when they dont get their way.This kind of behaviour is only registered in kindergarten outside football off course but it is becoming a sickness within the game especially after the bosman and Webster clausehave made it impossible for clubs to sanction the players.

  18. georgesydaust says:

    chill out dude. Frankly if he stays we’ve got a proven PL goalscorer. Who cares what he thinks he’s worth etc, thats just business. I know I’d be making waves if I could earn double my salary. Wouldn’t you? Once the season starts, if he’s still an Arsenal player, you can expect a bigger year from him, he’s young and he’s improving. He’s dumb, but he can score goals.

  19. Tony S says:

    Adebayor has now got delusions of grandeur after a half decent season. Bear in mind that 6 of his league goals came against Derby!!! He probably scored 1 goal for every 6 good chances that he had and we have certainly recovered from losing far better players than him in the past. As far as I’m concerned if Milan think he and Flamini are going to be the answer to their considerable problems – good luck to them. Flamini will be lost without Cesc and Adebayor aint that fucking good!! If players don’t want to play for the club that still pays very good money then that’s down to them. Hope Ade enjoys his UEFA cup campaign in the most racist country in western europe

  20. don maliseno says:

    Hello! Get real!! He’s after the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!! That’s all! No? He’s asking to his wages to increase, didn’t he?

    Quote Adebayor,

    “If they’re going to get 50 million for me and they bought me for 10 million, everyone is getting the benefits”

    “A lot of clubs want me “ I Want to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Arsenal are a lovely club”

    He meant to say that Arsenal isn’t “one of the biggest clubs in the world”???

    Go figure!

  21. OzGoonerGuy says:

    Hooray, someone else is finally prepared to call this greedy prick for what he is. I’ve said on other sites and I’ll say again, wherever you see a player from Togo, you’ll see a dispute about money. And this fucker thinks he’s worth a 400% pay rise after 1 season. And I’m sorry to disagree with you Tiny, but when a player shows this much disrespect for our club, then I think the fans have a right to voice their feelings. Without Arsenal he’d be nothing and I guarantee after Arsenal he’ll be nothing. 30m for this sack of crap – good business and easily replaced.

  22. Elbow says:

    FUCK HIM OFF!!!!!

  23. scoopy says:

    I hope he rots in oblivion and his career comes to a quick end

  24. Pablo says:

    The last comment says it all. Why such abuse? The extremities of mindless fandom are never in greater evidence than through some of the witless no-lifers on this blog. Adebayor is entitled to say the things he says. The usual Gunner for life nonsense cannot be taken seriously these days, except for a few long-established players who genuinely want to see their last days at the club that has essentially been the only club that they know. Some of the remarks above, some of which are frankly racist, should have no room for anyone who takes the game and this team seriously. Adebayor, like most players, is aware of the multiple options and challenges that players have to face in the transfer market these days. It’s not what I like, but it’s a reality. He has said nothing that is not in the minds of many players even less fortunate in not having the options he has. There are smoking mirrors, which agents and players, not to mention newspapers and media outlets, put in front of us to feed their bottom lines, and clearly feed the lack of meaning in people’s lives that they should descend to these mindless expletives and one liners, and on the basis of a few words and much speculation. As if it means or does anything other than stopping them beating up the cat in the morning. Get a life, wait, and enjoy. The Gunners are going to be fine next year with or without Adebayor, and life will go on, believe it or not.

  25. cesc4eva says:

    n wat about the salary he’d demand..125k a week for a striker who missed sitters?? No way r we goin to pay him that sum..THEO is his able replacement,sell him off and get ourselves a CB n DM

  26. Roy says:

    I seem to remember him get up to similar tricks when he want to leave AS Monaco for us.

  27. MARK GOONER says:


  28. sharky says:

    so agree wiv u i say he stayin wiv arsenal but wants them to give him a pay rise greedy mover fu****

  29. Yomi says:

    He is a betrayer and definitely a looser .good riddance to bad rubbish

  30. Bertonian says:

    last season we should have been singing “give him the ball & he will fuck it up!”

    Wenger please flog him & his mate hleb & bring in guiza & silva who unlike these two muppets can both finish!

  31. Spike says:

    I am not privvy to Ade’s inner most thoughts, i thought all the earlier media bullshit was exactly that. However, Ade’s cooments yesterday where he seemed to back track a little can be seen in one of 2 ways for me; he either wants to leave, has been informed by his agent that Barca/Milan want him or he is simply after a fat pay deal, whcih seems the norm thses days; one good season and whallop! Double my bubble!

    Now i would be happy for Ade to get an increase in salary after last seasons exploits, especially given he is reportedly on £25-30k a week, which although obscene by any other walk of life is pretty low for a so-called big club’s number 1 striker.

    I agree with Pablo, in the main, some of the abuse on here has been disgusting and I’m ashamed that you are sipposedly Gooners, oh and the fella who actually wrote this blog;

    You are an effin disgrace too fella!

  32. Bants says:

    Who gives a s**t???

    I’m a season ticket holder and ade is s**t anyway. Yeah he scored 19 goals but how many other chances did he miss last season. And what about Birmingham, the game that cost us the league. A simple square ball to Bedtner would have given him an open goal to slot into and ARSEnal the win, but all ade was concerned about was out scoring Ronaldo and f***ed up.

    Take the money and buy Villa

  33. OzGoonerGuy says:

    Pablo, you’re full of shit. No-one’s talking about him being a gunner for life, just for 2 yrs seems beyond him. He’s greedy, he thinks he’s bigger than the club, and his attitude is one no real Arsenal fan wants. His type are about, yes, but not everyone is like that. I just hope to god that if we need to replace him that all the talk about Crouch is rubbish. It makes me sick to think that a Liverpool reject is the best we can do. Spuds can have him.

  34. ralei says:

    Dumb players get influenced by agents so easilly. Ade is not smart like Cesc. The one whos really after a paycheck is his italian mercenary agent. The dont care about player carreers. They want to make transfers happen to get paid. Ade will fail in Italy, but his agent doesnt care as long as he gets paid. Fuck Agents.

  35. kanmi says:

    yh hes kind shit he managed to bang in 30 in 48 yh dats ok but lets look at torres he banged 33 in 46 now hus da boss, it took torres 1 season and bearly not much chances to achieve this while as 4 ade it took him 3 seasons and a variety of chances from the likes of walcott and fabregas which he still managed to miss.
    so i say sell him and purchase huntelaar who i believe could be like the nest van nisteroy and bang in 44goals in a season or even more, so f**k off Adebayor.
    Another thing u aint ronaldo hes won 2 trophies 4 his club and banged in 42 goals if he were in ur shoes with all the chances ade has i swaer hell bang in like 55 goals, 4get dat dont compare yourself to a legend like ronaldo so just now your level and rot in hell
    also milan no cl 4 them i hope u know and there arent much assists 4 u so youll be gettin like 20 goals a season mate soz.

  36. RG says:

    i cant believe i supported this sack of a c*ntley c*nt. fvck u bayor FVCK U. I HAVE PISSSED ME OFF AND i can believe i gave u the tittle TRUE GOONER. FUCK OFF ADE FVCK OFF

  37. Little Dutch says:

    Adebayor had a chance conversion rate of 23% last season. 24 goals in 104 shots, that’s much better than Ronaldo, Santa Cruz and every other player in the league bar Torres. Some of you idiots need to watch the game of football rather than lazily leeching off of media half truths like embarrassing little bottom feeders. Other than that, I completely echo Pablo’s post. It goes like this, he’ll still be at Arsenal next year and you’ll all sing his name when he bangs in the goals. So I would hold back on the embarrassing comments that you’ll have to retract in a month or so. I don’t know what’s more tiresome, the modern footballer or the modern football fan.

  38. Daz says:

    he has one good season and he thinks he is the dogs bollocks!!!
    He has only scored so many goals this year because he is playing in a team full of class players who create loads and loads of chances for him…… how many goals did he score last year which he created solely for himself?? not that many. My gran could probly score twenty goals a season playing in this arsenal side!!! Let him f**k off to milan and see the c**t fall flat on his face!
    lets see how many goals he scores when he only gets the odd few chances every game. Has he forgotten how many players leave arsenal and actually go on to do better than they have at arsenal?

  39. RadioRoy says:

    Grow up, will you? Adebayor was the ONE reason Henry wasn’t missed last season. The goals he produced between december and february kept Arsenal afloat. Without him, we’d been out of the title race long before we actually did.

    The w*nkers and c**nts in this are fans that using those words for players under contract with Arsenal. It says a more about what kind of fans Arsenal has, than the players. You lot seem to forget that most of the players didn’t grow up close to Finsbury or Islington, and that Arsenal priced them away from their previous clubs in the first place. And all of a sudden the same players that we priced away, are now the worst human beings on the planet, just because someone else has a bigger wage on offer than us.
    If someone offered you a 50-100 per cent pay rise, would you consider it? Of course.

    No player is bigger than the club, and if they decide to leave. Good luck to them, and thanks for your service to Arsenal. That goes for Ade, too. He sure missed a lot of sitters last year, but he scored some amazing goals, and a lot of them, too. If he leaves, his aerial presence will be missed.

    Norwegian gooner since the 70s…

  40. james says:

    the most over rated arsenal player ever

  41. Olu Maintain says:

    Hey guys…..The traitor hasn’t left yet. let him go first before you crucify him.

  42. Rhys says:

    i agree with pablo. id be happy to see adebayor have an increase in price up to 60k. abuse is not needed. adebayor isnt shit. he will only get better. if you were in adebayors posistion after scoring 30 goals in a season youd be a bit pissed if you wernt offered a little payrise and dont lie most of you would. basically i would love to see him stay. villa, benzema, gomez might not cut it in the premiership. and what some of you have been saying about adebayor being a one season wonder can also be said about santa cruz.

  43. A says:

    I did not want to believe what this peasant said until I saw it with my own eyes on Sky Sports News. If I was Mr Wenger I would take the money on this no class piece of shit. Let’s see how long he will last at Milan before the boo boys target him. Anyone who has watched and heard a match in Italy will understand. Good riddance to the cunt.

  44. Pablo says:

    OzGoonerGuy, hopefully only a tenth full of shite, and hopefully down below. Yes, he’s greedy; when someone earns more in week than most of earn in a year, if we are lucky, greed is always going to be a slippery slope upwards. I used Gunner for life as an exaggerated point of reference to identify that while we would all prefer community, and I’d be the first to agree that people should honor their contracts (look at the hated Man U, and their inability to do anything about Ronaldo), the de-stabilized market these days, made worse by Milan/Inter R Madrid, Barcelona ( although they are not actually the worst of them), Man U ( they are being hung on their own petard) and of course the nouveau Chavs, for whom no amount is enough, even for mediocrity. Liverpool also seem to be going in that direction. I’m not saying that I like it, quite the contrary but until there are wider issues that are addressed by FIFA and UEFA about agents and contracts, and predatory maneuvers by destabilizing clubs, we will see the likes of Adebayor and Ronaldo do what they do.

    Loyalty, now there’s an old word. It does exist, but with few exceptions until and unless you get the iron-clad guarantees that ensure players know that they cannot go unless managements say they can, this annual ritual OF WILL HE, WONT HE, MO’ MONEY, MO’ MONEY, MO’ MONEY will continue. Wenger has a model that he assumed, and may yet work would work—you blood younger players that grow up with and through the club, where playing for the Gunners alongside people you grow up with, will create bonds and loyalty; it will also keep the salary relatively low, as they graduate through a process that does not buy you (with few exceptions like Gallas and Gilberto- but the latter came from a small Brazilian club, so his wage scale would be proportionally lower; and galas was a trade) veterans the bonding would bring success and loyalty some of whom have come , more or les, through the system ( look at Kolo now, and hopefully, some time in the future, if he stays, Cesc; man, I just marveled at him the other night; what a talent), and you will build that cohesion that will lead to success. The belief is, I think, that success will breed it’s own rewards, and when they reach a certain age, they will be replaced (some will be irreplaceable, but as we know from past experience, most who go onto other clubs fail- least when they reach a certain age—the one exception is possibly RP at Villareal. The point is, however, is that this crazy frenzied buy ‘em and park ‘em attitude of the bigger clubs is and will destroy this model unless you win.

    No one is going to bench Ade– he’s too valuable, and even on the lower wage scale he is on( I wish I had a few week of that), it is stil too much for a club like Arsenal to waste that investment. Like you, I also agree that the idea (more ridiculous speculation; you can fault Arsene for some things, but not with the lunacy of getting Crouch. Who could possibly compare Adebayor with him? Although a midfielder, I’d love to see Silva wearing the shirt—he’d be the RP we have missed.

    Finally I don’t mind a bit of name-calling. I am full of shite a lot of the time, but the abuse of people, especially the racialsed version, no matter how much they are paid, is just unacceptable. I like this forum, but if people think abuse is the better half of any Gunner-be for life, which since the age of six (I’m now 54), I do not count myself among them
    One love,

  45. Rick says:

    I am actually happy that all of this is happening. Adebayor is a clumsy player, he is not up to the Arsenal standards. Great … Now I am happy … Summer seems just great. bye bye Adebayor. And please dont put a return clause in the contract, because once Milan or Barca find out how sloppy this player is they will want their money back.

  46. Spike says:

    Little Dutch;

    Doubt you’d come back on here judging by most of posters here, BUT.

    Do you really think Ade will still be an Arsenal player next season?

  47. AvP says:

    yea his behaviour reminds me of the time i fucked a fat bird, told her i loved her and then 2 weeks later upgraded to her younger fitter sister.

  48. useroz says:

    what did it mean arsenal is ‘lovely’ while ‘big’ clubs are interested in him?? that’s bull … and if he leaves, it probably helps my frustratoin watching him squadering the myriad of chances presented to him anywa! Go please, so long as you fetch 20m+ for the club and we may still thank you

  49. jeffers says:

    I may be going against the grain a little here, but there is a nagging part of me that quite likes the idea of Peter Crouch. I know, i know it seems a foolish idea and I was the first one to take the piss and mock him in the Robot dance days, but since then I have seen him play and i think he could fit it. He has the height and second option that Ade bought us last season and he has a nice touch and scores some pretty classy goals. I am not suggesting he is a number 1 striker and is guaranteed to give us the 30 goals, but I think RVP, should definitely chip in a few more next year, Edu will hopefully do the same when he gets back and theo will also up the goals rate. In short, I think Crouch would definitely give us an alternative way of playing without resorting to the hoofing tactics that liverpool use. Torrents of abuse awaited…

  50. Little Dutch says:

    Yep, I do Spike. What has Ade done that Cesc didn’t do last summer? Cesc thought about moving to Madrid, even spoke to them. Then he spoke to the manager and whack, one massive pay rise later he’s still an Arsenal player and everyobdy loves him. Arsenal fans have this very self satisfying complex, when a player is written off and he proves the supporters wrong, they will use the first available excuse to write him off again and feel better about themselves. It happens to Senderos, who has twice been the mainstay ofa back four that has gone ten games without conceding a goal, who was an ever present between December and February- our best period this season- only missing two games. We lost them 5-1 and 4-0. He loses Hyypia from a corner and the malcontents cluck their tongues with glee, they like the fact that he fucked up because they care more about their own egos than the club and they can spout off their ‘Senderos is shit’ garbage, whilst ignoring mistakes from Gallas and Kolo.

  51. rg says:

    see all u still supporting bayor shud question urselves bcoz its not his quality im questioning its his layalty to arsenal more so his contract. his behaviour says loads about him. he acted like a lovable bloke his was a true gunner but U JUST DONT BEHAVE OR TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT TRANSFER MARKET not unless u r reyes. i would rather have a player like hoyte who loves arsenal to the bone and knows the meaning of the words. ” VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRECIST” than a world class player thats just there for the money. I SUPPORT THE ARSENAL BADGE NOT THE TROPHIES, PLAYERS OR COACHES. clichy set a straight forward example of how to trash the speculations and display ur loyalty to the club. not even a day of speculation and he signed a new contract. thats a player i rate more than adebayor.

  52. rg says:

    if u r not loyal to ur contract at arsenal the i got nice words for u. FUCK OFF. forever im with the arsenal not the money players or coaches

  53. 26may1989 says:

    Asian Beast, you are a racist cunt, looks like you’ve been spending too much time listening to Harbhajan Singh. Piss off back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

  54. Spike says:


    My take, for what its worth is that I feel Ade probably feels entitled to a pay rise and after his 2nd set of comments to SSN (which I haven’t seen BTW) perhaps he is just not trying to appear too kean to stay, weakening his hand in any pay deal with AFC! Probably his agent had a word in his shell like!

    I am not one of those who have openly slated Ade during last season, watched him home and away at places like Eastlands etc, sang BOTH songs and hope he does stay. I think as well as some doing as you mention, I also think there are a load of impatient ‘fans’ out there demanding the likes of villa, mertesacker (jesus christ! no!) and then we have the Orange one crawling out the woodwork right on cue too! But thats another argument, isnt it?

  55. zhenyu says:

    Sell him wenger we tired of listening to this confusing nonsense,all he want is money and big name.He claim he doesn’t play for money,but y are there still report claiming he want a 120,000 deal per week.That speech of playing for pure entertainment is rubbished.

  56. Little Dutch says:

    rg, you’re operating on an antiquated concept. With the exception of Carragher, I can’t think of one player who fits your bill. That’s sad, but it’s the truth. Cesc spoke to Real Madrid last summer, but nobody remembers that now. I agree spike, it’s all very well saying Huntelaar, Villa blah, blah, blah, but the transfer market has no gurantees. I have seen every one of Ade’s games for Arsenal in the flesh, and the 30 goals thing is a slight misnomer. He’s not really that type of a striker, he just carried the burden well in RVPs absence, his goals dried up when Eduardo was injured. BUT, he is not a Torres or an Owen type, he should be judged more against people like Keane and Tevez, this made his goal tally even more impressive. What is imprtant with Ade is what he brings us as a team, a focal point. When Cesc gets the ball, Ade’sthe first person he looks for, the team pivots around Adebayor. No doubt he can improve and he has massively, but he would be a massive loss. I don’t think the Ade’s will to leave is strong enough. He’ll speak to Wenger, who will tell him he’s stayingand that will be that. Just like with Cesc last summer. Dein is just a first class snake. I can honestly say that I’ve always thought so. He’sa fucking chancer and always has been, he voted against the sky sports deal in the early 90s, he voted to let ITV keepthe Big Match. The Premiership explosion happened in spite of him,not because of him. He’s a cunt basically.

  57. alanc says:

    big news just watcing sky sports live and a reporter live in vienna has just come from a press conf.. for a sponser with wenger there and this is intresting wenger said he met ADEBAYOR YESTERDAY as they are both in vienna and that there is no meeting next week and also that he has 3 years left on contract and that he will be at arsenal next season.the sky reporter said wenger was very relaxed and said there will be no sale!! this is on sky as i type.

  58. thegoonerforum says:

    The Arsenal manager said: “He’s under contract and that’s quite simple. I can tell you as manager of Arsenal FC I’m not worried.

    “Of course I expect him to be at Arsenal next season – he’s under contract.”

    Asked if he was going to meet the striker next week, Wenger replied: “No – I’ve already met him.”

  59. Spike says:

    There it is then;


  60. DAVE says:

    I agree get rid of him… arsenal had in the region of 1000 shots on goal last season and he thinks hes good by converting 30 odd…. if we had andy johnson and robert earnshaw upfront they would of both got 30+ goals each last season…. we bought him for 2mil lets get rid of him while people think hes actually good…. and buy someone who can convert these chances into 50+ goals a season… also while we are at it we should do sendy, gilberto, hoyte, eboue and bendtner a favour and sell them on… we can get rid of them for 30 mil, save the wages and bring in one or two young decent players… also i cant see them getting many games next season and all there going to do is sit around bitching unbalancing the team…. and we need the space to bring in the young and hungry deny, song, diaby, wiltshire, perez, barazite, nordveit, djourou, vela, ramsey through….

    also hurry up hleb and fuck off…. love the fact that the spanish and italian leagues have got that bad that they think a winger who scores fuck all a season is worth 15 mil…. theo must be worth 90mil…. twice the goals half the time… looking forward to seeing him in the 14 shirt next season… hes class….

    if adebayor scored 30 goals last season…. it must of been because rvp was injured, eduardo wasnt starting and we had no one else… he aint going to do that next season when rvp, theo, eduardo, vela are scoring 20+

    so long fella…. we dont want you…. in the words of a the sad spurs

    adebayor… your dad washes elephants and your mothers a hoare….. adebayor….

  61. STOP says:

    Asian Beast’s comment is despicable – KICK RACISM OUT OF FOOTBALL

  62. Yardie says:

    Asian Beast: I find your views offence. You can only talk like that here, the faceless internet. When your ready call one of the Brother’s a monkey directly to his face and see what response you’ll get. Please stay away from the likes of Arsenal, You Cvnt.

  63. Andy says:

    adebullshit does not deserve to be at arsenal when u kiss our crest(which he has done serveral times) u make a promise to the fans that u love this club no matter what other club wants u hes as bad as flamingo, cashley stick a phone up my ass gay boy cole, hleb i aint a racist but isnt it all down to most of the foreign players there as bad as the illegal immigrants: the come to this country take all our money and fuck to another country wankers

  64. Spike says:

    Fuck me Andy! For someone who aint racist you are doing a cracking impersonation of one.

    Twat! Fuck off and stick your copy of the Daily mail/Sun up your arse!

  65. adfsdfasdf says:

    this guy does piss the shite out of me with his stupid comments, but i wont talk shit about him till actually leaves.

  66. Little Dutch says:

    Andy, do you detect the irony of lambasting foreign players for being disloyal and slating Ashley Cole in the same sentence? You fucking cretin.

  67. aisha says:

    dead right. if the knob head wants to go. good riddance.
    we’ve got up and coming players who will be better than this dickhead. hope he takes eboue and his silly dance with him.

  68. VicoEsco says:

    if ((Adebeyor = Cunt) && (NoOtherTeamSeesThatHeReallyIsShit))
    call ‘Player_Sell’ (Adebeyor, HighestBiddingTeam);
    call ‘Player_Buy’ (Villa, Valencia);
    printf(“Error: Adebeyor is a Cunt, Sell him off now!”);

  69. james says:

    a friend of mine whoose uncule knowes tierry henrys agent. told me that the agent told him that david villa will be at arsenal next season NO JOKE

  70. RG says:

    Whoever wrote this isn’t an Arsenal fan.
    ‘Let him root in the reserves’ ?????? How much would that cost our club then?
    Do us a favour mate – go & apply for the General Manager’s post at Spurs yeah?

  71. Darren says:

    Wel said mate….

    He’s a fucking knob.. Doesn’t realise that it’s our team that make him look good and not his ability…. Which striker couldn’t score goals in our team given the ways our team plays??I hope he fucks off and falls flat on his face…

    I say bring in David Villa… Atleast he won’t choke when we need him to finidh off sitters!

    And the same for Alex Hleb.. If you don’t wanna play for the Aresenal and these so called bigger teams are more attractive then good luck to ya…

    Gooner til I die!!!

  72. David Bell says:

    Let me start, I have supported Arsenal 36 years and Have spent like many of you serious cash to go and watch the gunners I live In Malta…We have another Anelka!! Some never learn..if you want to leave Ade just go man pack your Bags and leave no problem…We are Arsenal Fans and Arsenal will be around for ever…and players come and go and we move on…Remember we had Ian Wright then Thierry Henry they left but gave us Sterling service and we love them till we die…As for you mate you dont have a clue what Arsenal is about I just want to see who is going to be playing instead of you if you leave and whoever comes along might be better than you, many that left did not do much elsewhere and if you go to Milan its no champions leauge to start and secondly dont think that that club is on the up at the moment as Here in Malta we follow italian football quite alot…there are some good defenders in Italy believe me mate and you will not score 30 goals there for sure same goes for spain take Henry he found it hard in spain and only god knows what you will do!!You are not the complete player yet to make such a move and you know that, so dont give us this crap about the money and how you love Arsenal if you love the GUNNERS just shut up and get on with it…If you to leave, have respect for the Arsenal Faithful and have the balls to say it!!!!

  73. gooner guy says:

    who the fuck does this prick ADEBAYOR think he is? 30 goals but 6 of them were against fucking DERBY!!!!! Cash in on the cunt now.Dont forget we still have Eduardo to come back. Fabregas king.

  74. CaribKid says:

    I can only apologize to decent people everywhere for the racist comments and sordid statements made in this blog by Arsenal fans.

    Whether Ade is loyal or not, whether he stays or leave, is irrelevant to the comments here including one referring to him as a monkey under the Arsenal name.

    Arsene Wenger and other Board members would not tolerate the obviously illiterate and obnoxious statements made in the name of Arsenal.

    As a fan of Arsenal for the past 10 years I would prefer not to associate myself with people like this and in fact, Arsenal does not need fans of this ilk.

  75. Nirgoon says:

    He wants to go anyway and we’ll probably buy a 1/2 decent player for Ade so…

    Bye Bye Adebayor

  76. warholio says:

    Everybody says this was his good season but as Tony S points out it was half a season, he still managed to choke at the vital moments and cost us all our trophies. I know he wasn’t the only one responisble but his failures stick in the mind more than most.

  77. Stroller says:

    Grow up for f*cks sake. Save your vitriol until if and when he goes. In the meantime it’s all agent talk and media speculation. Just because something is repeated in quotes doesn’t mean it’s true. The player is pushing for more pay (and that’s no different to most others these days) talking about moves and other clubs is part and parcel of the negotiations. It may seem greedy and disrespectful to fans but it’s happened before and will happen again.

  78. james says:

    i have aways thought adebayour was well over rated hes not even world class.and that is what we need a world class striker i want diogo i saw him on
    utube unbeliveable player very much similar to man uniteds ronaldo the guys got every thing. what makes me laugh is that when u see adebayour on tv his boddy language tells u he is a unstopable striker i remember tarwards the end of the season he was substituited 10 mins from time against everton and his face expression was like no mr wenger u cant take me off im just 2 good.NO MATE my opinon i think hes shit misses to many chances and far 2 clumzy and hes got the worst first touch.i onestly wonder what ACmilan and barcelona see in him. i am praying wenger sales him saw we can bring in some 1 else. ill tell u all gunners fans if he leads the line next season we ant winning nothing

  79. dazzy90 says:

    Adebayooooor Adebayoooor he couldn’t hit a f_ckin’ barn door! SOULD have been the song last season!!
    OK he bagged 30 goals – but against top 3? 1 in league 2 in CL, but how many did he miss in crucial games??!!! Liverplop CL away 80+ minute chance to put the tie to bed anyone?? Brum away 1 on 1 with keeper + NB square and open goal to send us 8 points clear anyone?? Wigan away chance to go 5 points clear – a sitter anyone?? He became a lazy ar5e last season and turned into TH in his last season or 2 with us. Lazy, and waiting for it to be handed to him on a plate. The press may have made up some of this transfer rumour shit, however Adebayor gave no indication in his interview Friday he had any intention of remaining at AFC or dismiss any possibility of moving, neither did he repay any loyalty and respect back to AW that was shown to him in the last 2.5 seasons. In my opinion we should fook him off as soon as, Eduardo is our way forward with Walcott/NB/Vela and of course should he get sick of the site of the treatment room/team we have RVP!!
    Fook off Adebayor you disrepectful count! Same to Hleb while we are at it!! SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT you tw@t!
    BLUE Section Row 8 seat 379 see me there.

  80. asats121 says:

    Folks think before letting loose your gut reaction. Ade is an employee you are a fan, you as a fan are loyal to your club, for you its your passion, your hobby, your blood, your thirst, your joy, often to you its more important then say your partner.

    A employee is loyal to the green notes. An employee will be the slave of the highest pay master. Ade is no diferent and if you as a fan thought any diferent, then always be prepared to be disappointed.

    I belive Ade loves our beautiful club, deep inside he knows if someone wants to pay 30 million pounds for him, its best for the club to sell him, he is willing to leave arsenal, so that arsenal can earn a few bucks. May be he knows arsenal can buy someone betetr for far less.

    The real questions we should be asking is where is our promised trasnfers, where is all that money we were promised that is available for trasnfers. All fans pay over the sky prices for season tickets, but where are the big names signins. The Ade and hleb issuesi are a smoke screen, wake up folks

    LeTS all wake up and demand the purchase of players THAT WILL TAKE US TO THE PROMISED LAND. Forget about those that are or want to leave the club, WE WANT PLAYERS IN. Where are the players that have expressed a desire to play for the Arsenal.

  81. WHO'R'YA says:

    I hope he stays, someone as second rate as him can only be a good thing in terms of you lot winning FUCK ALL again. BOO HOO, BOO HOO, A*****L fans are so small minded. ADEBAYOR, ADEBAYOR, HIS DAD WASHES ELEPHANTS AND HIS MUMS A FAT WHORE!

  82. james says:

    please remember 80 percent of the arsenal first team is black

  83. james says:

    saw lets leave the rasicm

  84. dazzy90 says:

    WHO’R’YA – you a Chav? sound like it, typical small minded, short term memory chimp from West London.
    WE may not have won fook all in the last 3 seasons, however we have 1 CL final and 1 CC final as well as finishing in a lowly 3rd and 4th twice to show for our efforts. AND we still have the same manager we had 3, 4, 5 10 seasons ago!!!
    Now with the money we have spent (or more to the point HAVEN’T spent on players!) we haven’t done bad.
    Lets take a look at your club (whoever you may actually support this season) and see your clubs balance sheet! You cheating/chavvy bunch of to55ers that are turning fans away from the terraces with your dull win at all costs football.
    Bergkamp, Pires, Overmaars, Vieria, Henry, Anelka, Adams, Seaman, Cesc, class players that would of (or would) grace ANY team. And what did they cost AFC?
    So fook off back to your own shite wipe clubs blogs and dream of one day gaining the class/history/respect that the AFC have througout the football world.

  85. Little Dutch says:

    Once again for the fuckwits with trouble reading. Adebayor’s chance conversion rate was bettered only by Torres last year. And YouTube as a comprehensive scouting tool? Jesus. Those of you letting loose on Ade presumably reserve the same vitriol for Cesc who spoke to Real Madrid last summer to get an improved contract.

  86. Spike says:

    james who wanted us to Diogo based on Youtube???

    Hilarious post fella. You were joking right?

    dazzy90; as much as I will give Ade the benefit of the doubt, your post was funny as fook fella!

  87. TC says:

    Anyone that actually goes to Arsenal games knows that Ade is an ‘ok’ striker, nothing more. His first touch is appalling and he has less idea of what the offside rule is than my missus! Yes he scored quite a few last year but he missed loads. Arsenal create more chances than the majority of teams and he’s normally on the end of them. Ade’s all round game is good, he works hard and hassles defenders but he is NOT a natural goalscorer.
    He needs to score 20+ again this year before he gets a big pay rise, doing it for one year is not enough. It sickens me when these mercenaries think that one season is enough to deserve 100k a week. Football is being slowly killed by these greedy bastards. Sure we all want to earn more money but there’s a big difference in earning 20k a year and wanting 30k and earning 80k a week and wanting 120k! These guys are pampered little turds with no loyalty or understanding of the ‘real’ world. Maybe if they showed a little more understanding and respect for the people that pay their wages, opinions may change a bit – but we all know that won’t happen.
    Oh, and I do laugh when Wenger comes out and says he’s staying, he’s not worried blah blah blah. This is EXACTLY what Wenger said just before he sold Anelka! What happened to the two quality signings before Euro 2008 that you said we’d get Arsene? Or was that a timely comment as the season ticket renewals were due? It’s about time Arsene and Arsenal were a bit more truthful with the fans.

  88. chris says:

    I think that you are perhaps overly involved in the motives of the everyday footballer – everything is about money for most players these days. I’m not to sure that Adebayor ridiculed the club and all the fans. It is greedy and disgusting, I agree, particularly of someone who’s hero is Nwanko Kanu who does more than his fair share of charity work in Africa. He’s almost the antagonist of Kanu.

    I think he’s right though in the fact that getting a profit on him isn’t a bad thing. Besides, I personally don’t think he’s as good as everybody seems to think. The media, as we all know, loves the hype and every Premiership club, last season, had one or two players they would constantly talk about.

    Man U – Rooney, Realnaldo
    Liverpool – Torres, Gerrard
    Everton – Arteta Cahill
    Tottenham – Berbatov Keane
    Middlesbrough – Downing then Alves

    We all remember that goal against Spurs but all of Arsenal’s strikers are technically brilliant and I feel that if Wenger sold him and brought in someone else then, as we all agree, it would be fabulous to see the back of Adebayor’s head. I don’t think he’s ridiculed the club whatsoever but personally speaking, I’d rather Adebayor go then stay, even if he wanted to stay. He wastes far too many strikers and there are a wealth of top strikers who do – Luca Toni for example. However, that’s not Arsenal quality – it isn’t good enough.

  89. james says:

    the guy thinks hes the new HENRY please.wenger please let him go

  90. Stev . EIE EIE EIE says:

    Barcelona make me sick, Bully boys mugs can fold and die for all i care.

    adebayor can fuck off the silly dick, he will never be a henry or a bergkamp, id rather sign David Villa.

    ur very AVERAGE ade.

    piss off.

  91. Hahaha 400% rise for this cunt?!!…hahahaha as good as henry he said?? – dream on boy, Henry is a legend and 30goals a season make you 400% better my ass!

    Sell him off and let him be the next Anelka, so buzz off you togoless and brainless asshole if all you want is money!

    Ade is what he is today because of Wenger and Arsenal, he was a joke at Monaco before he came to Arsenal..have a reality check you black ass!

    Fuuck players like this and get someone that will play for the club with their heart on it not their pockets. If we can replace Henry with this joker, then it’s damn easy to replace this joker with someone else too.

    No one is bigger than the club and scoring 30 goals (6 againts derby + great assists from Fabregas) won’t make you a king. King of blackies maybe.. :>
    (sorry for the racist but this guy really pistsss me off big time).

    Ade can go fuck himself!

  92. darkoman says:

    Adebayor is a sh1t player.arsenal shud sell him for 30m and buy david Villa and Guiza->

  93. Dicko says:

    Get him to take that shit head Bendtner with him for free

  94. Righty says:

    I cant beleive we turned down a £22.6m offer for EA from Barca a couple of weeks ago.
    I would have personaly driven the ‘overated mercenary’ there myself!
    You can fuck off to wherever you want,and see what a huge mistake you made, when the Spanish/Italian fans are on your case,
    when they realise you ‘aint all that’
    Good riddance i say.
    We dont want your sort over the Arsenal.

  95. TC says:

    You’re a twat of the highest order. Most of our team are black you muppet. Why don’t you go and support the whingers at shite hart lane?

  96. Sean says:

    Liverpool fan here – Let the stupid f**k go. Cheeky f**ker should be kissing Wengers feet instead of threatening to go. Let him get on the phone to Vieira, Henry, Anelka, Petit, and teh countless others who thought they were bigger than your club.

    He cost you a semi final CL place cos he couldn’t cut when the pressure was on. Take the money and see the back of the idiot!

    Amazes me how many players do this to a top club like yours. At least you have a guy in Wenger who you know will bring in a top quality replacement.

  97. JT says:

    Jesus, what a load of spastic ingrates here. It wasn’t for this man, Arsenal would be lucky to have made the top ten last season. This kind of Summer money sputter is just what you can expect when one lone player has carried so much weight for so much of the run. Who’s challenging him? RVP? Eduardo? Bendtner (heh)? Of course he’s going to make a play for better wages. Doesn’t mean he’ll get it. Chill out anyway before you say something you can’t take back when he’s our leading scorer again next season. Unless we get David Villa or someone like him, which is highly unlikely anyway.

  98. Marko says:

    He has one good season and he wants to leave. If he goes we should sign Huntelaar or Gomez. They’d of scored more goals than him in our team last season. They’re natural finishers especially Huntelaar. Ade only scored 1 goal for every 5-6 chances. The funny thing is i’ve always believed that if Van Persie stays fit he’ll score 20 30 goals a season. He’s our best striker and Eduardo’s first season goals per starts is pretty impressive, if he comes back better or as good then he can be an amazing player for us. All these players and the likes of Toure, Clichy, Gilberto and Fabregas are not swayed by money. They play for our club cause we play great football, are always competing and are part of a great set up under Wenger. Adebayor was trouble in Monaco and it seems he’s trouble now for us. Get 28-30 mill for him and buy Huntelaar, Gomez or even Santa Cruz and we’ll be getting an even better striker.

  99. enelcenteno says:

    I´m a River´s fan from Argentina, always watched your games because of Henry. That´s your kind of player. A number 9 with goals. Should buy Crespo or Santa Cruz or maybe bring back Henry.

  100. Desmond says:

    Take the money and fuck off.. Arsenal doesn’t need an ass in the team

  101. W.H. Winegarden says:

    Whenever I see a story like this it makes me wonder, why do clubs make players sign a long term contract? I mean other then for the financial reasons they are pretty much worthless, if a player wants to leave they leave, you can’t make them play. Adebayor had a good season last year, and was a surprising top player in my fantasy league team, but whether he can keep it up is a mystery… something tells me we will see him signing a £5000 week contract in a few years for Colchester (no offense to Colchester fans).

  102. Marchel says:

    I am Barcelona and AC Milan fans in confusion. What the hell does he good for ! From Arsenal, I was hoping that Barca get Fabregas back (i know it’s a long shot..), but 30M to get Adebayor..? My oh my, what a scout do they have..

  103. james says:

    i believe adebayor doesnt want to go because of wages i think its because he knows wenger is going to buy a top class striker and he fears for his place this season

  104. S Newman says:

    Perhap we should call him Adelka, but then again perhaps not, he’s nowhere near as talented.

  105. rpww says:

    You all can go f*ck yourself too..

    READ BETWEEN the lines, I watched the entire press-conference. During the first part they asked him if he will stay at Arsenal and he responded: “Yes, of course. I have a good contract, I play for one of the biggest clubs in the world…”.
    During the second part the journalists were trying to poke holes and create sensations so they asked him SPECIFICALLY: “Is there ANY chance you sign away?” and he responded that NOTHING has been decided a 100% and everything is possible in football and he gave the HYPOTHETICAL example that if Milan offer 50 mln euro for Arsenal and 10 mln euro for him it would satisfy both Arsenal and him… WHAT’S WRONG with that?!? Is there anyone here who things that nearly 40 mln ponds would not be a good deal for Ade?! OF COURSE, that DOESN’T mean that he wants to move away or he disses Arsenal in any way on the contrary he NEVER missed an interview where he didn’t talk Arsenal and Arsene Up?!

    What the F*CK is wrong with you?!?

  106. Jon says:

    If we are unlucky enough to have the arse hole at the Emirates next season, I hope he is given the treatment he deserves from the fans

  107. noel reynolds says:

    ADEBAYOR ADEBAYOR HE JUST LOVES MONEY AND NOW HE WANTS MORE. Hes a fucking idiot and as the sooner we get rid og him the sooner we can move on.

  108. Jack says:

    adebayor is a dumb shit and he cant play football for his life

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