Is Nasri coming or what?We are becoming a laughing stock

Still nothing!!

I was hopeful that today was the day that we had finally signed Nasri, Apparently today is the start of the new tax year in France and there was a number of reports on Arsenal blogs saying that today would be the magic day. But nothing!!!

This transfer has proved a number of things. (1) The importance of David Dein at the club, IF he was still around this transfer would have been done and dusted a very long time ago. (2) Never believe anything thats apparently comes from a ” source ” some many people have been put to shame with utter crap. (3) Wenger should never speak about a player to the press before it has been 100% confirmed that he has signed. (4) Dont believe anything until its on

Getting back to this “Transfer” of Nasri, I have no idea what is taking so long? A few weeks ago Nasri confirmed that the deal was 99% done. Then a few days later Wenger spoke about a small problem with the players wages? Then Wenger put a deadline on the deal saying ” it needed to be done before the start of the euro championships” Of course the deal didn’t happen, But then Wenger spoke about his hope that the deal would happen after the championships? Then the Nasri website confirmed the transfer only to remove it a few hrs later. Now the 1st of july story that has now passed. Im starting to think this deal is never going to happen and we are going to see a type of Baptista & Ribery summers.

Another thing I dont understand is that on the 10th May Wenger was interview on and said

“I know what I want and I am very confident,” said Wenger.

“I hope to turn that around in the next two or three weeks. They (fans) should be re-assured by what they see.

“It would be better to buy someone who has played in England because they are less risky, but it costs more money if they are from The Premier League,” he went on.

“Maybe I will try to do both.”

That was on the 10th May? Almost 8 weeks ago? What is the point in getting our hopes up about new (re-assured) signings? By this did he man the signing of a few 17 and 15 year olds and a player called Bischoff? What a shambles we have become. Players like Flamini allowed to leave on a free. Adebayor coming out demanding £120k aweek or he is off. Hleb moaning about life in London and his love for Italian Ice cream.

We have become a laughing stock, Even the scum down the road have managed to sign Modric, Dos Santos and Gomez.

There use to be a saying ” We do things the Arsenal way ” That use to mean in a different class, now it means 2nd rate.

Utter garbage, Sort this crap out Arsenal FFS

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68 Responses to Is Nasri coming or what?We are becoming a laughing stock

  1. dudu says:

    in arsene we trust. always

  2. GunnerX says:

    We are not becoming the laughing stock, we actually are the laughing stock. Clearly, Arsene needs help, I believe he is trying to do to much on his own.

  3. LB says:

    This is some serious whinging. Honestly, you people are really demanding. And to bring up Dein, man, that’s sad.

  4. it's summer time man says:

    the only thing that makes the arsenal look a laughing stock is shocking level of nervousness and the lack of confidence all over the blogs these days. i have faith in the forards coming through, one of the CM’s blossoming to replace flamini, and wnger in fact shoring up the defense before the window closes. stop fretting, enjoy the summer and keep the faith.

  5. Simmo says:

    the only laughing stock is this blog and the clown that wrote this entry.

  6. john c says:

    i have to i totally disagree with your statemnet about Dein, transfers where never straight forward with him, as he was the man in charge of the Baptista debacle!
    I have to agree however that this Nasri deal is dragging it’s feet, but so is the deal to take barry to liverpool, and as i understand it, gomes has yet to sign for spurs, also alsonso to juventus, hleb to barcelona/inter, Adeboyor to Milan/barcelona. Transfer deals seem to be a much more drawn out exercise these days, as the contracts seem to be far more complicated than they use to. No longer does it take 20 minutes in the motorway services to agree terms, there are image rights and agents fees to agree, things that never use to be so important.

  7. Passenal says:

    What a lot of crap – Spurs finished way below us – they need the players. We finished 4 points off the top, so we only need minor tinkering. The transfer window does not close until the end of August, maybe Arsene wants to assess the squad during pre-season before he decides whether to go for one or two players on his short-list. And just because he was feeling optimistic about getting his targets quickly, you have no way of knowing what circumstances beyond his control arose to prevent him doing so. Show some patience because buying players is no guarantee of anything if you cannot mould them into an effective team.

  8. jazbo says:

    Stop worrying over the Nasri signing and concentrate on trying to get rid of that big dufus Adebayor, he’s not fit to wear the shirt.

  9. josh says:

    easy, let’s wait til the end of the summer before catastrophising. with the signing we have at the moment it will be a catastrophe though.

  10. Clock End Goon says:

    Honestly, the panic over transfers is unbelievable. Just let Arsene get on with it.

  11. AlexGunner says:

    In arsene we trust too much i think, This guy is right.
    Arsene has promised and he’s failing to deliver.

  12. Neamman says:

    Agreed, Lets have more patience and trust in AW. He hasnt let us down yet.

  13. Stroller says:

    Awful pompous article. Stop collecting ‘quotes’ and get a life for the summer. The sc*m have ‘beaten’ us by signing more players many times in recent seasons, but look where it’s got them. Why not try becoming a positive blog site for a change ?

  14. james says:

    wenger is realy starting 2 jar me, we are linked with a thousand players but we never sign them or are bids always get turn down

  15. goonertilidie says:

    you lot chat crap
    and shouldnt be called arsenal fans if you think werea laughing stock
    and i know what wenger said but to moan at him is a disgrace
    as without him we would be nothing specail but the red and white team in london
    wenger mostly always has something up his sleeve if hes plan goes wrong when signing players
    i garuntee you that when you look back to this season you wont moan at him liek you have been
    so sort your life out and wear your beloved arsenal shirt in pride
    and never call us a laughing stock or your not fit to wear an arsenal badge
    aka goonerno1fan

  16. emma says:

    in wenger i don’t trust he should be fired.

  17. james says:

    we are be coming a laughing stock

  18. Cornetto Kid says:

    You’re the laughing stock with whiny bitchy posts like this!

    Shit, dam its the 1st of effin July you fucking spoilt brat!

    pathetic blog, stick it up your Arse!

  19. Dutch Master says:

    This is a JOKE WTF are u on about “a laughing stock” you might aswell go be a Scumbag if ur so happy with their squad!!!

  20. Cornetto Kid says:


    Yes I think we should ask those horrid football hacks to stop maling up stories linking us with players as it really jars and annoys you.

    How dare Arsene allow them to print bullshit?

  21. Dave says:

    Shocking. Any mention of Dein and being back at Arsenal blows your argument out of the water sorry mate.

  22. emma says:

    i’m regretin been an arse ol fan

  23. Paulie says:

    Im amazed at the type of fan we have these days. Some of you are willing to accept failure and mediocrity indefnitely. I agree with the post 100%. In fact i wouldnt have been so nice about it. We are a fucking joke now at Arsenal. Something serious is wrong and its incredible the way a few of you will never hear a bad word against Arsene Wenger. The man is a good coach but far from being the genius some of you would have us believe and one last piont, as I said hes a good coach but a useless manager so wake the fuck up all you Arsene knows clowns.

  24. Joshwaaaa says:

    Basically, Ben Arfa has just been ruled officially by a court as an OM player.
    Considering that he was at training with OM, and he had NASRIS number, showed that they obviously wanted to replace Nasri first. So it will be tommorow when he is officially announced as an Arsenal player. But you are right in saying that this whole saga has been ridiculous – but very interesting 🙂

    Watch this space 🙂

  25. I'm not blind says:

    You know, it’s normal to be concerned and your head must be in the sand if you are not.

    Why should Wenger make such statements to the fans and then…..NOTHING.

    How can we let Flamini go and not replace him? LIKE NOW.

    We are woefully thin at DM and we are throwing a lot of hope in a bunch of 18 year olds.

    WE FINISHED 3RD, and so far have lost one of our best players and are close to losing Hleb and maybe Ade. IF WE CAN’T GET NASRI DONE IN 2 MONTHS, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO REPLACE ADE AND HLEB? Meanwhile, Chelsea bring in stars, Spurs bring in stars, Man U bide their time to bring in a superstar, and we get to hope bloody Barazite and Vela can compete with Vidic and Ferdinand.


    This club is anything but well run at the moment. We look like a shambolic mess.

  26. Gunner4life&beyond says:

    All I can say is shut up! Everyone who is freaking the fuck out, needs to chill. Drawn out transfers happen; Reyes, Dossena, Ronaldinho, to name just a few. It’s taking longer than expected? Oh well. Why do these same fans look to Spurs with envy??? Seriously cracked in the head, they’ve got those three coz we don’t need them. Almunia is good enough. Would you rather have Modric or Fabregas? Vela or Dos Santos? Exactly, now shut up!

  27. Steve says:

    Nobody at Arsenal talked about Nasri- its all tranfer speculation. Im sure he will come, but at the end of the day Barca/Madrid/Milan talk constantly about players ‘about’ to sign and never do so i dont see what you’re whinging about.

    Also, without Dein we pulled off the coup of last summer (in my opinion) by getting Sagna for 7.5m. Alves has just gone for 25m and Sagna is better defensively than Alves is attacking and better at attacking than Alves is at defending.
    Eduardo for 8.5m without ANY warning was quite spectacular as well. It was a case of …what…the…fuck…just…happened?

    Stop moaning and trust Arsene.

    Apart from this article, the site is actually good. Thats why im quite disappointed at this sort of trash.

  28. Farrukh says:

    To the cry babies: Grow Up!
    In Arsene I Trust!

  29. obomba says:

    What is ridiculous and laughing stocks are you and other arsenal bloggers mate. listen to you? We can sign people till September, and your whigning because its July!

    Just because you build yourself up into a frenzy over rumours it does not mean that Arsene suspends his logical process.

  30. I'm not blind says:

    Good Enough?

    Good enough gets us 3rd. Are we just happy to be here or do we want to win? Some of you lot think Senderos is “good enough,” but find me a non-arsenal supporter that thinks he’s anything but shite. Guess what, one injury and we’re stuck with that donkey in the middle of defence.

    Vela better than Dos Santos? Who knows, I do know that we need an attacking midfielder more than another striker and Dos Santos played at Barca and Vela at Osasauna. So if that’s your claim, keep trying.

    Almunia better than Gomes? Not even gonna humour that one.

    It is VITAL that we start strong this season, and we can’t do that if we wait until Aug. 31 for transfers. At this rate, we’ll lose Ade and Hleb and just hope we can slot in our youth team.

    WE HAVE NO DM!!!! We excelled this year BECAUSE we didn’t have Gilberto. We succeed with a box to box DM that allows Cesc to attack, NOT a 5th CB who sits in front of the back 4 and tackles nobday (and passes to nobody). Why the hell we don’t get a proper DM is beyond me. AND IF YOU THINK DIABY is a DM, SHOOT YOURSELF, because you know SWEET F-A about football. He’s an attacking midfielder. So as of now we have 1 old non-tackling DM……….

  31. Rick says:

    Arsene knows. Please relax mates, Nasri is gonna be an Arsenal player and a Super Star by the way.
    It is just funny how sensitive to the summer transfer window we all are. Chill out mates.
    I am just happy with the recent news (Eduardo on his way to full recovery, the Ramsey case, Nasri, AdeBYEyor leaving, etc). Great thing to come for us …

  32. Dodge says:

    Oh Farrukh you’re on here also!

    Totally agree with Simmo, this Blogger is a joke, he/she should get a Job.

    Impatient git.

  33. alex says:

    Ah, let’s all calm down.

    It’s the summer break. Let’s enjoy our holidays and relax.

    It doesn’t matter when the deal is finally announced. Could be tomorrow, could be in two weeks, perhaps should have been four weeks ago. Doesn’t matter. But it WILL HAPPEN eventually.

    Overall, transfer speculation is very little transfer and very much speculation. Don’t pay attention to all these stories.

    All this criticism from Arsenal fans that Wenger doesn’t buy big is understandable but counterproductive. It just creates a bad vibe.

    Buying expensive players for buying’s sake isn’t really a good strategy. Spurs usually outspend Arsenal, often heavily so – but it hasn’t really helped them in the past decade, has it?

    Enjoy the summer and only read until the new season starts… 😉

  34. DaHustler says:

    Yup….you need to save it! I’m not saying another word till Sept 1st! You’ll drive urself crazy thinking about all the so called transfers till then!

  35. louis says:

    wow the tranfer market has only been open one day and arsenal has not signed anyone wow we are going to lose the cl and epl cause of this (note the sarcarsm) manchester=0 players chealsea = 2 players arsenal= 2 players liverpool= 1 player and i hope u did not just mention spurs because they got modric and dos santos and that is just two players yet we are the laughing stocks wow u guys never seem to amase me

  36. Gunner4life&beyond says:

    I’m not blind, lmao.

    That was funny, never said Almunia was better than Gomez, just that he was good enough. Who the hell even mentioned Senderos? Vela plays regularly for Mexico, Dos Santos? Don’t think so. I don’t care about Barca, or Osasuna, in the Primera Ligue, vela was more impressive. So that’s that. Like the fact that you ignored Fabregas Vs Modric. Lol.

    Get a grip!

  37. I'm not blind says:


    Please tell me how the hell Ade leaving is good? Good if we got Santa Cruz or Pavlyochenko (sp?), but who the hell thinks well replace proven talent with proven talent?

    Ramsey is bloody useless for at least 2 years.

    You notice a trend? We find talent, talent develops, we sell talent, then replace with unproven young talent that needs development. THEN, talent develops, we sell…….

    YOU GET THE PICTURE? Ask yourself, who has won ANYTHING in Italy, Spain, Germany, or England since 2005 WITHOUT spending cash?

    NO ONE. It’s time to start spending on wages, or transfers, or be content with the fact that we are a tier 2 European club that don’t belong in the same sentence as Juve, milan, man u, real, barca, chelsea (vomits in mouth), or inter.

  38. Cornetto Kid says:


    I think you are hot.

    I’m not blind;

    Thats nice to know, just as soon as that labotomy is reversed, the sex change is complete and you be rocking fella/madam.

  39. I'm not blind says:

    Fabregas and Modric are two different players. Modric can play on either wing, Fab is more of a CM. We win Fab vs. anyone. The problem is that we are woefully thin. Tell me this, Eboue vs………. Oh bollocks, we lose every time.

    As for Vela, so what about the national team. Clichy and Sanga are miles better than Abidal or Clerc, but they got picked ahead. If you take comfort in THAT as your proof that one unproven 18 year old Mexican is better than another, than you of full of it.

  40. wondrinfree says:

    Just suppose for one moment that signings are done for the clubs benefit not for the instant gratification of impatient adolescent fans. Just because you don’t know why something is held up, or not happening, doesn’t automatically mean there is a problem or that there is incompetence within our club. Have faith. If you can’t have faith at least have loyalty.

    Nasri deal was held up to help Marseille with their tax arrangements. In France the new tax year starts 1st of July so expect the signing iminently.

    Hleb was tempted by Barcalona (lets face it not many teams have a stronger pulling power than us but they are one – but hey we robbed them of Cesc & Fran Merida). We could capitulate immeadiately so that plastic fans like yourself don’t have to go through your daily tantrum when you read newsnow. Or we could pay more poker faced, wait, and make them sweat a bit, and get the best deal for us. It means not showing your hand early, and for us fans it means waiting and trusting.

    Adebayor never encouraged any transfer talk (I believe) and poured water on all speculation until Arsenal started listening to offers. Remember we rebuffed Milan but when Barcelona offered 20 odd million for him Arsenal sat up and listened, for that money I’d take it. Only after Barcelona got involved did Ade start to talk. Fair do’s.

    We get linked to millions of players every transfer window by every bored sports journalist and blogger trying to fill column inches. That’s their job. It isn’t Arsenal’s job to buy everyone we are linked to.

    If you are big enough to read the papers, be big enough to take it with a large pinch of salt.

    And no, we are not becoming a laughing stock, just you.

  41. Cornetto Kid says:

    Oh dear, I must have over dosed on mum’s sleeping pills coz its the FIRST OF SEPTEMBER and not the effin 1st of July.

    Look, if we are still crying out for players then, then fair enough, ball your eyes out.

    Doing it now makes you look like a sad spoilt little brat.


    Some Gooners just love to whine and whinge, melodramatic fish wives.

  42. Cornetto Kid says:

    Modric can play on either wing now?

    Oh dear.


  43. bal gill says:

    how old are 12,grow up ,how many players we have been linked to just by the sun and mirrar alone, u want wenger to confirm or deny all of them, he should just giv up his day job and open a press office for you and just say confirmed or not,u joker

  44. Izzy says:

    Wenger has done nothing wrong, I think the problem is the board and Wenger is
    being too nice by not saying I need more money and being let down etc.
    There was talk of £70m to spend, even Wenger had to correct this by
    saying I dont have as much as published, its time the board got their finger
    out or let someone take over who can buy us the players we need to remain
    at the top.. Wenger is the best ever! The day he leaves we are in trouble.

  45. HighburyJD says:

    this kind of say nothing blog is a laughing stock
    apparently something is ‘proven’ mid-pre seaon ages before transfer deadline

    only event that ‘proves’ anything about dein is his decision to sell out the club to jabba the hutt

  46. Mongo says:

    Well said I’m not blind. We are already a laughing stock. We lose good players like Flam and Diarra and replace them with nobody. We are then linked with nobodies like Bischoff. We have lost players like Pires, DB10, Terry Henry and Paddy and replace them with inferior players. We finish 3rd and its a good season. Wake up you losers and accept the fact that we are way behind Chelsea and Manu and by spending fuck all that is what we will win.

    We have the most expensive tickets and yet still spend nothing. The board are laughing at us and lying to us about what is going on. They need to go.

    For the last time Diaby is an attacking player, not a defensive midfielder

  47. Cornetto Kid says:

    The Dein comment really does show up the writers complete lack of insight, tact, knowledge with regard to Arsenal.

    Dein is a low life snake.

  48. Cornetto Kid says:

    I wish we wouldnt keep on losing players!

    Has Wenger looked down the back of the sofa?

    Yep, Diarra; SOLD coz he was an impatient twat!
    Flamini; let his contract run down after ONE decent season, he was gone the previous season and no one would’ve batted an eyelid.

    henry; Only stayed for just the EIGHT years, gave us his all and we made dough, thanks, nice one Titi.

    Pires; Should’ve been given that 2 year deal and wasn’t; Poor decision, shouldve stayed.

    But to say we havent replaced flam or Diarra is effin ridiculous on the effin FIRST OF JULY!!!

  49. Mongo says:

    Lets see who we get then – noone as usual. We stupidly sold Diarra in Jan and didn’t get a replacement. It was Wenger who said that we would have signings in 2-3 weeks and that was nearly 2 months ago. Pires should’ve been given 2 years. We should have gotten Torres when Titi left. Flam would have stayed if we gave him a new contract at the beginning of the last season. We need to build yet keep on losing players. Flam has gone and Ade and Hleb could follow. Watch us spend the money on Peter Michedowski aged 11 from Moldova.

  50. chengiskhan says:

    We lost the EPL title by 4 points last year, and the last head-to-head against ManU (at Old Trafford by the way) was on a knife edge. Had it gone the other way, we would have been top of the table. I’m not trying to play the coulda shoulda game, but simply trying to illustrate the extremely fine line between being champions and where we ended up.

    With last season’s fortunes essentially hinging on the result of ONE GAME out of 38, how can you say the sky is falling?

    I can only assume you were also this apocalyptic last year when we lost Henry, Ljungberg, and Reyes, and only brought in Sagna, Eduardo, Diarra, and Fabianski. You said “Who the f*ck are these wankers? Has the Professor lost his noodle? Why hasn’t he brought in more experienced quality players? We will surely lose our Champions League spot to Spurs!”

    Then we proceeded to improve on last season’s points tally by 15 and close the gap to the top from 21 points to 4, while Spurs languished in the middle of the table.

    We don’t need to spend 30 mil # on anyone, but we do need to prevent an exodus. I for one believe both Adebayor and Hleb will be here next season, and we will win the title.

  51. Cornetto Kid says:


    Flamini was LEAVING at the beginning of the last season coz he wasnt playing! Wenger persuaded him to stay! Jeez fella, Flamini was going to go to Birmingham to get playing time!

    Then due to Gilberto’s absense he got in the team and formed a great partnership with Cesc. he was offered a new deal, but chose to see out his old one and fuck off.

    Diarra was a stupid, impatient twat!

    But should NEVER have been allowed to be sold, a loan yeah. That was bad business as now we habe lost 2 DMs, but I think Diarra has shown what a wanker he is!

    It is the 1st day of the window, if we are still without significant transfers come the end of August then fair enough, have a moan.

    But to start going crazy now is just effin daft for me.

  52. shooy says:

    The only laughing stock is the author of this ill thought through garbage

  53. California Steve says:

    Second rate? Laughing stock?

    If that’s our fate, then I suggest you just get the fuck on off and find a new (first class) club as your blogging target?

    Did this site exist a year ago? If so, I’d like to go back and see how you handled the acquisition of those two “stiffs” Eduardo and Sagna.

    Unknown. Wenger ripped by our own supposed “supporters” and all the rest. Board just trying to save money. Why no big-name signings?

    And then we come a broken leg from one of those two from winning the title, and the other is judged by his PFA peers as the best right back in Prem.

    Still, clowns like you have the cojones to pre-judge Bischoff — or anybody else — because, what? You know MORE than the second-class Arsene Wenger?

    Please, please go find another club and take the other whingers with you.

    Arsenal might just survive without you.

  54. Gunner4life&beyond says:

    I’m not blind keeps ignoring certain things I type and highlighting what they feel like. Vela is better, national team is only one part of it, and Mexico are not France! Domenech went with established national team players, so it’s silly to even try and use that example.

    That is the point, Arsenal are Arsenal, we have been like this for a long time. We are not Barca, Juve, et al, so accept it. If you want to support a team like that, go and support Juve, Barca, whoever the fuck else. We have never had a period of complete dominance, even at our best, and we have gone a lot longer than 3 years without winning anything.

    Just who the hell do you think you are supporting? We will win things, and very soon. Any real Arsenal supporter knows not to expect big money being spent, and winning something every year. You fools got spoilt by the success Wenger achieved, and now you want rid of him. ROTFLMFAO.

    Glory hunters go support Chelsea who spends millions upon millions and win everything. Oh yeah, what did they win this season? What did Barca win? what did Juve win? What did AC Milan win? Oh my, I think they all didn’t actually win anything. Even more ROTFLMFAO.

    Fake fans don’t know what they are talking about and don’t appreciate what they have, the progress that is being made and the progress that has been made. Get lost!

  55. Rick says:

    I’m not blind , Ade leaving is good news because the Togolese player does not meet the standard for Arsenal.

    This is what AW said during the 2002 – 2003 season:

    “Its a dream to have an striker who can score and provide … ”

    And that is what we need …

    Pleople relax we follow the best team in the world and we have the best manager in Arsene Wenger . This is gonna be a great season.

  56. Emir Gooner says:

    Plastic even!!

  57. O2beagooner says:

    2006/2007 – OMG..OMG!!!…….No Viera, no Pires, all we have is some Spanish kid that nobody has really heard of. Arsenal is in crisis. Thank god we’ve got Baptista though. He’s played for Real so must be awesome. We’ll be lucky if we reach 16th in the league though

    2007/2008 – OMG..OMG!!!…….Henry has left. Wenger is therefore crap, we must sack him and get Mourinho. We’ve bought some unknown right back called Sagna that didn’t cost 30 million so must be rubbish

    2008/2009 – OMG..OMG!!!…..I’ve just been watching Euro 2008 and we haven’t signed Arshavin, Villa or whichever player I saw last that Shearer or Hansen said was the second coming of Puskas. Arsenal will be relegated this season mark my words.

    If only building a championship challenging side was as easy as playing Football Manager on the PC

  58. CESCY says:

    Ain’t that the truth, O2beagooner.

  59. Mongo says:

    Cornetto Kid,

    I am just not optimistic that we will make the signings we need. Why no new GK? AW says we don’t need a defender yet admits it was our defence that cost us. We have no cover at fullback unless you include Hoyte and Eboue who are average and shit respectively and Traore who is not ready. We have not replaced Diarra and Flam (although there is still time.) Why nor give Flam a new contract at the start of last season and sell him for a fee if it didn’t work out? We have 4 centrebacks – Phil makes too many mistakes, Johann not ready and Kolo and Gallas are incompatible. We have no tough tackling CM and no true wingers. Rosicky, Diaby and RvP are always injured. All in all we needed 3 players before Flam and Diarra left and if Hleb and Ade leave that will be 5 which I can’t see us getting.

  60. AlexGunner says:

    DUDE WTF are you a Arsenal Fan or an Arsene fan? if Wenger isn’t doing his job, so what he’s been our most successful manager, that actually doesn’t matter, if a manager could come in that would spend on Decent, young but established players then i’m all for replacing arsene, i’ll give it one more year but if we dont get the silverware we’ve been promised then geez sack him. I’m an ARSENAL FAN not an ARSENE FAN!!
    Come on AW, people are getting restless. we want players and trophies, you’ve given enough profit to the board now it’s time for the board to start giving back give us funds or give into takeover, damnit we never sign any players we’ve heard of.

  61. O2beagooner says:


    Falms was looking to buy his contract out at the end of 2006/2007 so he could move to Birmingham. He couldn’t budge Gilberto, who was superb, out of his position. He always had massive stamina but ran around like a headless chicken in an early Ray Parlour sort of way but worse looking panicked on the ball. Nobody, even AW thought he could up his game like he did or a contract would have been presented to him. Diarra was bought as cover for Gilberto and to be his eventual successor. He ended as 3rd place DM so threw his toys out of the pram and left. If we buy in half a dozen new players what makes you think they will settle in the team and adapt to the Premiership within the first 2 or 3 games. It took Eduardo a good 6 months to find himself. Don’t worry about Tottingham Hotspurts. Dos Santos will find the Prem far more physical than he’s used to and being 4 ft tall and built like a 12 year girl won’t help. Modric……..good player but I’m not convinced. Gomes…meh…………………In Arsene we trust

  62. bergkamp_fan says:

    You really dont have a clue, stop blogging please

  63. AlexGunner says:

    Damnit Wenger, Sell Ademoneywhore and Hleb, Buy Silva, Veloso and Santa cruz.
    Anyone who says david villa is pretty much delusional, if barca have a bid turned down for 30Mil eur then we’re hardly gonna get him.
    Silva would cost between 15-20 Mil, Veloso 18Mil and Santa cruz 12Mil, nasri 12Mil too. Anyone who says we have no funds i suggest you do some research as we had a 200Milllion Turnover last season and we’re officially the 3rd most valuable club after Manutd and Real Madrid. My blame is no longer on wenger but on the bloody board. they’re tight sods but we have the flippin money ffs. But then when you’re partly owned by and all the decision making comes to PHW And Lady Nina then you have no chance i guess, wenger you need to Demand funds. Get as much as you can from Ade and Hleb and goto the board and demand funds, I’m sick of all this talk of profits counting for nothing, the Board is sick, I want a takeover but not that Russian, stan Kroenke is a sport fan, owns clubs and is interested in the future of the club. His wife is also heir to the Walmart family.
    anyways Wenger, start demanding funds or push for takeover.

  64. geoffreid says:

    I agree to the take over by someone who is interested in winning and making this club great again–not the wimpy/board we have now -warning if we dont buy big this summer we will fall to far back of spurs etc. because these teams keep getting stronger and we stay the same or weaker- we just dont have enough experienced players–same old story.

  65. Wishbone says:

    Wenger has taken us as far as he can, Its now time for a new manager with fresh ideas who is willing to spend the cash on big players not kids.

  66. Jon Powell says:

    Come on, what more fun could you have than an Arsenal transfer. WHy do a whizz bang whallop like Chavvie Chelski did with Deco, that’s too quick and very very boring…..bit like their football really.
    I understand we went for Senna when he was 3 and papers are nearly ready!!! 🙂
    One day we will complete a signing in less than 6 months!!

  67. shooy says:

    Yaaawn – too many twats on here

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