Gareth Barry to replace Flamini?

Does Arsenal need Gareth Barry ?

Gareth Barry is an English midfielder, who is currently 27 years old and plays for Aston Villa. He is a talented player who has scored 42 goals in 398 games in eleven seasons in the English Premier League. He has been a target for Liverpool since the end of last season but so far both sides (Aston Villa and Liverpool) have not been able to reach an agreement. Should Arsenal make a move or do we need him ?

First of all Barry is a strong and versatile midfielder who can play at the center of the midfield or at LM. He can even play as CB as he did in the past, but his main skills are at the middle. He is a left football player who provides both defensive and attacking options to the team. So considering we lost Flamini as main partner to Cesc and that we don’t have as much left players he could be the ideal partner in the center of the field to our play master Fabregas.

In terms of goals he is able to both score and provide, being the main reason Aston Villa has been playing good football in recent years. He has scored 33 goals in the last 4 season, with an average in the same period of 8.25 goals per season, which would be a nice contribution to any team.

In terms of price, rated at more than £17 million seems too old and too expensive for Arsene Wenger, however this might change if we end up selling Adebayor for around £30 million, since we could not only pay for Barry but have some spare money to buy whatever is needed.

He is a talented English player, and as such it would also be a good addition since so much has been said about the lack of English players at Arsenal.

In the end he is a very good player who would fit nicely at Arsenal but based on his age, his price and Liverpool interest seems like a very far option for Arsenal.

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By GunnerTico

33 Responses to Gareth Barry to replace Flamini?

  1. AvP says:

    Barry yes, 17million, no

  2. Rick says:

    Agree … Barry is a very good player, I would love to have him at Arsenal but that price is way too much.

  3. Sean says:

    No thanks id rather have Diaby.

  4. dave says:

    He’s also scored a lot because he takes penalties. Slightly misleading.

  5. Tyuinb says:

    Barry will join Arsenal but not for 17million and I rather have Glen Johnson play there.

  6. raj says:

    he’s not that good, so what if he,s ENGLISH..Liverpool are welcome to him

  7. Michael says:

    standard overpricing british players. You can snap up Deco for £8 million, but Villa hold out for a season’s transfer kittie by selling an average player

  8. Absoluely no way for an over-priced,under-paced average type of mid-fielder who is not that young either.
    Apart from anything else it would take away the pleasure of seeing Liverpool ripped off again price-wise.

  9. aladin says:

    too slow to play alongside fabregas, flamini was dynamic. denilson or diaby should be given the chance. barry is a good player but no way is he worth 17mil.

  10. Bobby the Gooner says:

    Barry wants to play with SG at the scousers. He’s too old and too expensive. We need to trust the youth coming through to add to Cesc, Walcott, Nasri, Vela, Rosicknote et al.

  11. Family Enclosure Man says:

    I think he’d be the nearest thing to Emmanuel Petit since the guy left (intelligent, left-sided, good tackler, good passer, strong shot, can cover left-back as well as midfield, and has got better and better over the course of his career), and to that extent he’d be welcome. But there’s surely no way AW would pay £18m for him. Personally, I think Senna would be better value – but I don’t see AW replacing one 31-year old Brazilian with another for the DM role, so that one’s probably out of the question as well (whatever Pascal Cygan might think he knows).

  12. Michael says:

    Agree. Senna was world class in the euro’s – looks like he’s signing a new contract with villereal.
    Lets face it, Wenger made the biggest cock up when he sold Diarra – shocker!!

  13. I'm not blind says:


    Diaby and Cesc will give us no bite, it would be the same as playing Cesc and Hleb…..

    Just because he is tall and black does not make him Viera…..

  14. Barry Webb says:

    I believe Barry takes all/some of the penalties for AV so his contribution from open play is less than the 8 goals a season. Also, I don’t see how he is worth 18M!

  15. Mongo says:

    Oh yes!

    Let’s spend 18m plus 80k a week wages on Barry instead of giving Flamini a bigger wage packet without the need for a transfer fee. Barry is shit compared to Flamini.

    This has got to be one of the worst blog questions ever!

  16. Rick says:

    Family Enclosure Man , do you really see him as Emmanuel Petit ?

    If so we should pay whatever they are asking …

    I really like Barry and that is the reason why I wrote the Article.

  17. Shivi C says:

    can also play right back – we need good cover for clichy

  18. jay t says:

    love the tall black but not viera comment !!!! barry no way too pricey ! song can do the defensive midfield job , i would like adebayor to barca for 25 mil and we get huntelaar fro m ajax . he has all the attributes that a centre forward needs. 1st touch eye 4 goal and strength in air . bye bye ade u will miss us when ur on the bench in spain.

  19. Odu obodumu says:

    Arsenal has been linked with all sorts of players- in fact I have lost count, yet not even one has been signed. I do not see the boss signing more than three players max. With all the names flying everywhere- some by players themselves, others by their agents, I can no longer guess who will be signed. We are waiting. No comments on players anymore. One thing is quiet clear- most good players want to play for Aresenal. Diarra must have seem clearly that he made a mistake by insisting on leaving mid season just for sitting on the bench for that period.

  20. cheeky-gooner says:

    £18mil for barry?am better than the guy and i will jump at the chance of playing for arsenal for free.

    flamini could not get a wage he demanded and left for free and now we are going to pay £18m for an average english player?wenger better promote from within for that position with the talent(diaby,denilson,SONG and djourou)available. because even £1m for a DM i see as silly while we have let one go for free.

  21. bewster says:

    no way barry is worth 17mil in that case how much would fabregas and even gerrard b worth its just coz he is english and english players are overpriced

  22. jazbo says:

    Great call Jay, Huntelaar would be a great addition to the team.

  23. Rich says:

    Barry is an ideal partner for Cesc – left footed, responsible defensively, experienced but still in his prime. 17 million is steep but I think Barry is the best available option for us and I’d love to see Arsene grab him. My head knows it will never happen.

  24. telboygoon says:

    if diaby is not a dm then what is he???
    imo he is not a winger and cesc is the attacking midfielder
    so the question is where does he fit in? he has done very little to be honest!

  25. Barry Bethel says:

    No chance, if he came to arsenal how would he get to have his weekly 69ers with Gerrard, i guess they could meet in brum once a week.

  26. Gunner Jillu says:

    for 17m, bit of a pointless article, only Liverpool chasing, cause they are the only club that will pay that silly money, suprised Chelsea havnt come in!

  27. Gunner Jillu says:

    Rich how is he the best availabe option, for 17m we could buy a very very good central midfielder

  28. loves2spooge says:

    Liverpool have some cheek holding out for 15m for Crouch and try then to get Barry for 17m reluctantly. If you take the scale they set with crouch’s valuation Barry would cost them a lot more. Truth is he’s not coming to Arsenal shame but true.

  29. gooner1992 says:

    sell hleb get yaya toure and get sanat cruz or pavlyachenko or martins and forget about barry

  30. Walin D D says:

    Barry will be a good signing but 17million is way too much 4 a player dat is more of an ordinary player. this is just another case of over rating and pricing the English players, well we all kno wengs wld neva pay that much.

  31. bryan says:

    Why would barry go to you lot ?He is on the way to the home of football anfield.!
    Wenger is more like to sign young players for one good reason WITH A WINK AND A SMILE ARESNE WENGER IS A ……………………

  32. clockendjim says:

    Barry was superb for Villa last season and arguably the best player on the pitch when he turned out in an England shirt.
    £17m is a lot but would seem a bargain if we got £30m for the ungrateful and woeful Adegoodbyer. This would leave enough to buy Roque Santa Cruz who would gobble up all the golden chances squandered last season.
    What a powerful squad we would be then.

  33. Fal says:

    Abou Diaby for me he still need to be on the reserve.He only play for Arsenal like not more than 10-20 matches but he earned red card twice.Denilson followed by his mood.Arsenal need half of the squad experienced.

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