Our Boy Has Become A Man

Cesc says he is ready to lead the Gunners to glory.

By Triplec1988, proud member of TheGoonerForum

Cesc Fabregas became the youngest ever first team player when he made his debut against Rotherham United.  He the became the youngest goal scorer the club had ever seen when he notched a goal sporting good old number 57 in a league cup clash against wolves.  And on it goes.  Arsene’s signing of the young Spaniard has proved to be one of the best decisions that the manager has ever made.  Cesc’s coming of age this year both on and off the pitch has finally been capped off with some silver.  And whilst it is silver not won with the club, it is a medal non the less and the young Spaniard has already stated his eagerness to come back and win with Arsenal this coming term.  He is surely a man destined for greatness and at only 21 years of age this is certainly just the beginning.

Two seasons ago Cesc was forced to step up and become a more vital part of the team.  He did just that.  Cesc became a major creative force in the squad during the 2006/2007 season.  By the end of another disappointing campaign the youngster came in second in the league providing 13 assists on the year, adding that to two goals and nominations in both the PFA Player and Young Player of the year award it is fair to say that Cesc had a sort of coming out in that season.  As the 2007/2008 season began, much was expected of the young Fabregas.  Having had a breakout season the year before, Gooners everywhere we hoping the youngster could add consistancy to his game in the coming term.  Again Cesc rose to the challange.  By the end of the Gunner’s last campaign Cesc led the league in goals created, with an astounding 19 assists.  Furthermore, he improved greatly on his league goal total from a season before, netting 7 times in the latest campaign.  It was appearant as well that Cesc had matured a great deal given the level of his performances in the UEFA Champions League.  His vital long range goal in the away leg clash against Italian giants AC Milan proved to be the decisive moment that sent Gunners through to the CL Quarter Finals.  Cesc’s brilliance was again praised by his colleagues as th Arsenal star was voted the PFA Young Player of the Year as well as named into the PFA Team of the Season.

It was in spite of Cesc’s outstanding performances that the Gunner’s finished yet another campaign without any trophies.  But this disappointment did not stop Fabregas from excelling in this summer’s European Championships.  Relegated to a super sub roll for most of the tournament, Cesc took this with the utmost humility and maturity, stating he didn’t care whether he started, he just wanted to help the team.  And he did just that.  In the first game against Russia the Spaniard netted his first ever goal for Spain.  Throughout the rest of the tournament Cesc proved to be a revelation for Spain even coming off the bench.  By the end of the tournament Cesc had helped drive Spain to the title by contributing an additional two assists as well as hitting the crucial penalty to see Spain through to the Semi Finals.  His composure and sheer brilliance was again rewarded as Spain claimed the European Championship and Cesc earned himself a spot in the 23-man team of the tournament.

While Cesc’s maturity on the pitch certainly derseves its praise, it is perhaps his maturity off the pitch which is most striking.  I am immediately drawn to the young lad’s comments to the Catalan radio station.  Cesc’s hometown club, Barcelona, whom he and his family have adored for years, seems to be a consistent bully in the transfer market, showing little respect to clubs such as Arsenal.  With the media at its desposal, the Catalan club seems to try to unsettle and tap up players on a yearly basis.  This summer Alex Hleb and Emmanuel Adebayor became two targets in particular that the Spanish club wanted to see ender the Nou Camp.  After weeks of mind games and media tricks, the young Arsenal man had finally had enough and called out Barcelona, his hometown club, on their shameful transfer tactics, saying they should show clubs like Arsenal more respect.  For me, this is the moment that I knew our kid had arrived.  He had grown up and become a man.  For young man of just 21 years of age to tell on of the biggest clubs in the world, as well as his home town and family club, to show Arsenal more respect is absolutely astounding.  It proves how far he has come as both a footballer and a man.

As Cesc takes some deserved time off and then gets ready for another exhilarating campaign with the Gunners, Arsenal fans can once again look forward to seeing the maestro at work.  Hist utter brilliance on the pitch and his maturity off it sees the kid destined for greatness.  His undying loyalty to the club and to Wenger as been one bright spot in an otherwise tainted summer.  Cesc’s natural ability to lead and the respect he demands of his team mates will surely have been noticed by the boss.  And despite his young age of 21, Cesc acts and plays like the oldest and wisest member of the squad.  This summer his performances at the Euros, his patients with the National team and his non nonsense attitude towards Barcelona have surely pegged him to take the next step at our club and lead us to some well deserved Silverware.  I hope Arsene has been taking notes.  Cesc for Captain!

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12 Responses to Our Boy Has Become A Man

  1. noel reynolds says:

    legend. make him captain.

  2. Erickson Sosokoneh says:

    Cesc’s captian

  3. David says:

    I fucking love Cesc, hitting Sheringham, gobbing off Hughes, throwing Pizza at Fergie, Smashing Cole in a tackle and then refusing to shake his hand, scoring against Spurs, nutmegging Savage in front of me at the Emirates, The Boy is a legend..

  4. Kayo says:

    The ‘C’ armband awaits!

  5. GESSA - UGANDA says:

    By the Powers Entrusted to me, I hereby Confer upon Fab, the responsibility of steering the Gunners towards endless glory.

  6. toye says:

    Cesc has got it! He made my day when he dedicated the Euro Cup to Arsenal fans. He said “at least their player has won something” You are more than our player Cesc. You are our Captain!

  7. manuel says:

    well well here we go again ” make him captain” cant we just leave him alone to play his football, dont saddle him with unnecesary burden, if arsene thinks he is captain material he will make him one. so lets chill and just enjoy his football
    arse for life

  8. Goonermanic says:

    Here here! Make him Captian, pay him GBP200 000 a week, cause this boy (i mean man) exudes something special which makes all who see him in a Gunner Shirt green with envy!
    I could see by the end of the Euros what an impression he has made within the natonal team, and I can tell that he, like Wenger is (and Henry was), will be a great drawing card for other great players to want to join the Mighty Gooners on our conquest for world domination!!!

  9. piken79 says:

    He is abosolutely FABREGAS! a class in his own, for me he is going to be ZIDANE @ 26-29!

  10. Rick says:

    Cesc is a superb player, he represents Arsenal 100% with his vision, his passes, his ball control, his crosses and his heart. I am so glad I am a gunner. Most talented player in the EPL.

  11. cesc4eva says:

    cesc has really stepped it up to the next level..not only does he commands respect on the pitch, off the pitch too..for someone so young to have such humility and dignity, he surely deserve to have a very very successful career..he’s the right MAN to be idolised by all those aspiring footballers, and Toure for captain..

  12. win26draw12 says:

    i would certainly like him to be our captain but….if that happens he would probably be sold/playing like shit in one season (yes, i’m looking at you, william and thierry)

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