Arsene Wenger is the most overrated manager in the World…

It is a common misconception that Arsene Wenger is the saviour of not only Arsenal Football Club, but the Premiership, and football in general. Many people claim that Wenger is not only a good man, but one of the best managers ever. It is often argued that his teamtalks, team selections and transfer activity are untouched by other managers worldwide… but I disagree.I am a strong believer that not only is Arsene Wenger a stubborn, overrated manager, but also that he may well be the most overrated manager in the world… and I have reason to feel this way. Arsene Wenger took over the club in 1996. This means that he has spent 12 years at Arsenal, a club that had a huge reputation before his arrival.

It would be foolish of me to claim that he has not had a positive impact, because he has. His techniques, however, involving healthy diets, psychology and philosophy looked to have worn out. Not only have Arsenal been trophyless for almost 4 years, but teams that were nowhere near us in the past have exceeded us. Chelsea, for example. The reason for this, is simple. When Wenger arrived in London, and took over Arsenal FC, he was a ‘shock to the system’. Not only did his idea to ban porn, alcohol and unhealthy foods shock the players, but they were one of a kind, and had a positive effect. In the year 2008, however, this is a regular occurrence. In the Premiership, all of the above stated take place at every club, which is why we are no longer making ground on the teams below us.

I also feel that his transfer activities are extremely overrated by the media, and Arsenal fans alike. Given, he has made some exceptional transfers… but surely this is his job? At the exact same time, he has made some real blunders, with players such as Pascal Cygan, Stephanovs and Francis Jeffers wear the red and white of Arsenal. Would a world class manager make such mistakes?

As time goes on, I also think that Wenger is totally disregarding the needs and wants of the club and fans, in order to please the board. In the middle of yet another failed season, Wenger quite clearly stated that he was looking to strengthen our defence. He has now, however, claimed that our defence needs no work. Can he not see that for the past 4 seasons, the team with the best defence has won the league?

At the very same time, Wenger also claimed that the reason for out heartbreaking loss to Liverpool was down to a lack of experience. In the Summer, however, he decides to get rid of Lehmann and Flamini, who both have lots of Champions League experience. At the very same time, it also appears that Hleb is on his way out. To rub salt into the wounds, Wenger signs Aaron Ramsey and Samir Nasri. This does not match the description of “experienced player”.

In addition, I do not appreciate Arsenal, the team I, and many adore, being sold. Not only has our badge been STOLEN and ruined. Not only has the clock been taken from Emirates. Not only has he got rid of the white sleeves on the Arsenal shirt, but he has now described us as a “selling club”. I, as well as many gooners, am not at all happy

I am willing to give Wenger one more season. I appreciate what he has done for the club, but I think it would be best to get rid of him, before his failure overshadows his earlier triumphs.

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142 Responses to Arsene Wenger is the most overrated manager in the World…

  1. aminurasyid says:

    world class manager..?who..?mourinho bought ben haim…rubbish…rafa bought aurelio, lucas all rubbish…AF bought barthez, bellion, bosnich and forlan..also rubbish..who else is the worlclass manager..?tell me..?u can f**k urself lo…

  2. Sue says:

    I think someone needs to get out more… were probably one of those shouting his name from the rooftops when we were winning stuff.

  3. thegame24 says:

    you are a muppet.

    Find any other manager who can work on such a shitty budget provided by a useless board.

    If we sacked wenger we would be screwed

  4. real gooner says:

    Seriously, I cannot believe I am bothering to argue against this. Even if I agreed with any of what you say, you undermine your own arguments by adding issues like the loss of fully white sleeves as reasons to blame Wenger!

    I am lost for words…

  5. arsenal fan says:

    fa*kk off mate!
    u dont alf chat s”*t do ya!

  6. MED says:

    Sadly, I understand where your coming from. This article will cause a storm though. Cant wait for the follow up comments.

  7. arsenalman says:

    for some reason i agree with you if you add together the amount of years we finished trophyles is 7 out 12 years which is is incredible

  8. lq says:

    I, as well as many goners, am not at all happy

    Learn to spell “gooners”, mate, and then maybe you can attempt to speak for them.

    On the other hand, maybe you meant goner. I don’t think too many would mind being rid of your sort.

  9. Simon says:

    Sorry but you are wrong. Simply totally incorrect. I have watched The Arsenal for over 30 years and I have never seen such quality, precision and joy on a football pitch as watching Arsene Wengers teams. So I for one think he deserves more than one more season! – Keep the faith.

  10. James says:

    You seem to be forgetting Arsene Wenger has won 3 titles, 4 FA Cups and taken us to a champions league final. Thanks to the players he bought, the success he had and Arsenal’s attractive football, the club now has a global following that simply didn’t exist before. This enabled Arsenal to mass enough funds to secure a £360m stadium that will give us the spending power to match the biggest teams in the world once much of the debt has been paid off. Other major clubs are riddled with huge debts which could prove costly if the UEFA decide football clubs can only spend withing their means. And why you compare us to Chelsea is preposterous. They are an exception to the rule in world football. In other words, you’re talking out your arse.

  11. dean says:

    wenger and board should go, we have gone back since 2004,

  12. Grooner Goonerer says:

    Get fucked you tit.

    A) Ferguson, Mourinho, Capello, everybody, they’ve all bought some crappy players before, no one ever gets it 100% right. I would suggest you get over Cygan, Stepanovs etc.

    B) This transfer window has barely got going yet, quit moaning about lack of signings unless it gets to one month down the line and we still don’t have new playes.

    C) Its hardly Wenger that decided on getting rid of the clock (stadium designers) or the shirts (Nike) is it? Is if Wenger designs the fucking kit!

    D) As I stated, get fucked you tit.

  13. Adam says:

    I agree with the article…I”m a huge Arsenal fan in New York and watching last season, if they could’ve made 1 or 2 transfers during the Christmas tranfer window, we would’ve won the league. It’s like hes battling everyone trying to convince us the team is fine when we all know it isnt. I like Adebayor, but how many offsides can one man have? How many wide open opportunities did this guy blow the last two months of the season? Get rid of him for an experienced goal scorer…I dont understand why we can’t get Arshavin and Huntlear, two players who in my opinion far exceed what Hleb or Ade bring to this team.

    The defense was a joke last year, and the reason we lost to Liverpool is because we played absolutely no defense after we scored goals. Gallas is good, but he’s not good enough to win the title with. We need a big time force on d, and Wenger once again is ignoring our need.

    I will always love Arsenal, but I’m not happy now and if they keep Adebayor and dont make any other moves, we aren’t winning anything, it’s as simple as that. How many chances do you have to make money off a sell then turn around and get a better player and still come out ahead? That’s what would happen if we dumped Hleb and Ade and brought in Arshavin and Huntlear. Big time improvements

  14. Goofle says:

    Why are mental piss head wankers allowed to write blogs?

  15. mo says:

    god i trust in wenger i dont

  16. Clock End Gooner says:


    You talk about us not winning anything in 4 years (CHECK YOUR STATS YOU MUG.. IT’S 3 YEARS!!!)… yet in that time we were 13 mins away from being European Champions… the following year, outplayed a team worth £300m with a bunch of kids in another final… last season, 5 points clear & bossing the league until injuries kicked in…
    I wonder how many other team’s fans, would kill for those “barren years”!
    I wonder what Chavski fans done, before Roman! Heaven forbid…!



  17. Toby says:

    You’re not serious, right..??

  18. Tom the Gooner says:

    Its fuckfaces like you who have turned the supporters of Arsenal into tatal retards. Ive never read so much bile form Arsenal fans as I have this summer. The IQ of the average Arsenal fan is one of the lowest.

    How anyone can say Wenger is “overrated” is an utter disgrace.

  19. nando says:

    you are an uneducated fucking idiot – go support chelsea

  20. twotouchmiracle says:

    And this is the worst blog in the world.

  21. stonroy says:

    Your comments are far too simple. Chelsea are where they are purely because of money. When you have that kind of cash, it doesn’t take a genius to win. Wenger has unearthed more quality players than duds, this is not on all or ntohing thing here, I believe his percentage of great players has to be one of the best in the world and for that he should be congratulated. He has distilled the most eye pleasing football around. I am going to hold off on his “selling club” comments till I know for sure he said that. You only make two points, one; we haven’t one anything in quite some time and two; he is a stubborn man. Arsene Wenger is a stubborn man, no doubt about it. We just don’t know how much of this has to do with his hands being tied by the board and the lack of funds do we?

  22. michael says:

    I think you are talking shite personally ( I don’t think Wenger tells Nike what colour our sleeves should be) but you are entitled to your views. Who would you like to manage us? (you’re not allowed to say Scolari, Ferguson or Maureen because we can’t have them)

  23. Blah says:

    What a waste of 2 minutes of my life. A thoughtless rant. I could write a novel about your deeply flawed logic but I’ll just pick the 2 easiest and go have lunch.

    Not only have Arsenal been trophyless for almost 4 years, but teams that were nowhere near us in the past have exceeded us. Chelsea, for example.

    Yeah, Chelsea have exceeded us because of a sterling youth and transfer system. Nothing whatsoever to do with a Russian Oligarch throwing money onto the pitch at the Bridge.

    Would a world class manager make such mistakes?

    Yeah, Fergie, Clough, Lippi and Graham never made the mistake of paying big money for someone who turned into a flop.

    Get off the Arsenal bandwagon if you’re so unhappy with the silverware Arsene has won for us.

  24. arsenalviper(col) says:

    this is written only to get a reaction i assume

  25. Vivas says:

    Well I wouldn’t put my name to that either.

    Who, pray tell, would have done a better job? If this wasn’t just a wind up you’d have at least made a suggestion.

    Who is a world class manager? Alex Ferguson: Djemba Djemba? Veron? Selling Stam?
    Yes, another world class manager would have picked as many duds as Wenger has.

    I’m pretty sure that it isn’t Wenger who designs the shirts but at least he hasn’t given us grey or brown strips.

    You’d possibly have apoint if we were on a downward trajectory but we are not so take a hike please and come back when you’ve thought about something.

  26. anon says:


  27. Indonesian Gooners says:

    Shame on you, how dare u say such rubbish words. Go and support chelski then..

  28. EC says:

    Uter Garbage!

    You dont know what your talking about! Your ‘facts’ don’t stack up. Please don’t insult our inteligence with your uneducated ramblings, you are spoiling the good name that Arsenal fans have!

  29. Ebrahim says:

    “Calm down, it’s a commercial!”, and realize Wenger bought Cygan for 2 million unlike Veron, or Del Horno and no one labeled Red Nose or the special twat as overrated. Plus, Wenger was not responsible for Clichy’s lapse of concentration or Kolo’s clumsiness against Babel( but admittedley not a pen!). I am not blinded and Wenger is a man,who errs, but lets sit back and be rational. Only in the gooner cyberspace we find such divisions.

  30. Matt says:

    This is one of the most moronic articles I have ever read. Seriously, I clicked this link from newsnow, big mistake. Will give this a wide berth from now on.

  31. David Trent says:

    You know, fans like yourself who seem to want to castigate Wenger for having the temerity not deliver any trophy for the past 4 years need to knock some sense into yourselves. Apart from your sensationalist and quite pathetic mockery of a headline against a man who has done so much for the club you also don’t really seem to be on the ball or have common sense when you say things like….”Not only has our badge been STOLEN and ruined. Not only has the clock been taken from Emirates. Not only has he got rid of the white sleeves on the Arsenal shirt, but he has now described us as a “selling club””. Badge stolen? HE got rid of the white sleeves??…..that papers quote him calling Arsenal a “selling club” …i really dont need to extrapolate how brittle it makes you’re perspective when you can’t maybe even understand the hollow foundations of those statements…..

  32. StewDog says:

    spot on. this article speaks so much sense. At last an Arsenal Fan who is actually willing to fight for what they believe. I am fed up of over optmistic fans trying to stick up for what Wenger has done in his past years. What other supporters in the world world tolerate what is going on at the club at the moment. The guy does not enthuse fans with any confidence, i mean any time he talks about buying new players he sounds negative, and comes out with comments such as we are a “selling club” and dont have the money. bollocks, THE MONEY IS THERE. DONT READ INTO THESE FUCKING SO CALLED EXPERTS SAYING OH WE HAVE 70MILLION CASH BUT 24MILLION GOES ON THE STADIUM AND 25MILLION ON WAGES. Im sorry I dont buy that, If Spurs can spend £40 million, Arsenal can afford to spend £80million they just choose not 2. why? because Arsenal have always been tight with money and thats why they wont sack Wenger because he wants to nuture and not spend. The guy is so stubborn it is unreal, its like he refuses to admit that the teams have better players than us and greater squad depth. I as an Arsenal fan cant take the lies anymore, Wenger has lied to the fans for the past two years now saying ‘trust us’ and I for one have lost patience. I also think that we were extremely fortunate last season, we completely overachieved up until xmas and we still dont look anything close to the invincibles so why does he say this is the best team. I really think the guy has lost it, wenger is the best at nuturing players in definitely and if he wasnt so stubborn then he would probably be the best, why because he will recognise other peoples views and learn from others. but know one can tell wenger anything. He is a poor tactician, I remember every time we played Chelsea when Mourinho was in charge, Mourinho shat all over him tactically. Wenger was lost for ideas. Problem with Wenger is he is a perfectionist but you cant expect perfection from the players we have at the moment because they are not good enough. I AM A TRUE GOONER AND LOVE ARSENAL TO THE DEATH AND THATS WHY IT HURTS, IM NOT A FICKLE FAN. WHAT I CANT UNDERSTAND IS HOW WENGER HAS ALLOWED ARSENAL TO FALL BACK SO DRASTICALLY, THROUGH NOT REPLACING PLAYERS.

  33. J says:

    “Not only have Arsenal been trophyless for almost 4 years, but teams that were nowhere near us in the past have exceeded us.”

    Its is three seasons and if you hadn’t noticed Chelsea have unlimited resources. The title this year was lost by a hairs breadth, stop whining.

  34. Stuart Mennie says:

    what have you been smoking?

  35. Kevin Cordes says:

    Your no arsenal fan. Arsene Wenger is the most successful manager in Arsenals history. Period.

  36. cesc4eva says:

    i have to disagree with your comment.Wenger is a brilliant manager, he’s made stars out of anelka, vieira, TH14, Pires, Ljunberg to name a few..and dat’s a hallmark of a great manager and his team of scouts..sure he’s made a few blunder along the way,so did Ferguson
    Wenger came to arsenal and changed it from BORING BORING ARSENAL into the most ENTERTAINING team ever..Wenger not only has to manage the team but also balance the Arsenal’s account, he don’t want us to end up like LEEDS’s his policy of selling players who are over thier sell by date ( vieira, ljungerg, pires and henry) cos he know with the Arsenal factory, we’re going to produce stars..i’m not worried when we didn’t we anything the last 4 seasons as we’re a team in transition…
    but watch out for dis coming season we’re going all the way,with our players gaining more experience we”ll be a force to be reckoned with for the next 5 years..go gunners

  37. alexander nevermind says:

    You’re prepared to give Wenger one more season and then what???? Set up a Man U site? Get a Chelsea season ticket?

    Your entitled to an opinion of course, and no one is above criticism – not even Wenger; but you have to be joking?

    Ignoring the silly, click attracting headline you have to be joking. The most overrated Manager of all time!? Pleeeaase. Who is the best Manager of all time? Ferguson, maybe? Do you not think Ferguson has never made mistakes is the transfer market? How about Djemba? Howard? Sir Alex has burnt more players than you could shake a stick at. Wenger has very rarely got a 1st 11 player wrong – talking about the likes of Steps and Cygan is just not valuable as a yard stick. Signing Rio Ferdinand is easy – signing someone that is prepared to sit on the bench waiting for him to get injured, and be as good as him, is a much more tricky job!

    Its a commercial reality that we have to pay for our stadium. It wasnt free. Its also a commercial reality that we had to buy a stadium – otherwise we would become Aston Villa or Everton; once upon a time clubs with a history – Wenger and the board are building a future. It may mean some short term sacrifices but we are up there fighting for titles and Wengers legacy will be that we remain to do so for decades to come.

  38. edgooner says:

    You clearly haven’t got a clue!

  39. dorothy says:

    I totally agree with the above remarks. I’m afraid, however, that Le Boss is Mr Untouchable ….

  40. Mike says:

    While I share your frustration at four trophyless seasons, I have to disagree with the gist of your post. Wenger is indeed an excellent manager, perhaps the best in the league. The reason the rest of the league has “caught up”, or “passed”, is because of one thing: money. In particular, foreign investors. To do what he has done with the limited resources he has is remarkable. Oh, and to think that Wenger had anything to do with the clock, the sleeves or the crest is ridiculous.

  41. gooner says:

    fuck off down the road to white hart lane you cunt

  42. KarlAFC says:

    Loooool. Great wind-up article. wd

  43. alanc says:

    strong stuff,just watched the emirate’s effect on arsenal tv and d. fizman says “our turnover was over £200 million making only real madrid a richer club and £174 million was from football related buissiness” he said and he went on “that was the first season at the emirates in the second we expect our football activaties turnover alone to go up to over £200 million” only real madrid can match this” now these were taken from january this year for a peice on arsenal tv so what the fuck is wenger on about when he says we have no money our wage bill 2 seasons ago was 85 million and last season without freddie and henry it would have gone down by at least 10 million even after paying the fabled 24 million “mortgage” we should have lots of cash to spend and remember we alsomade about 20 million profit in transfers in the last year so where is the cash either wenger is bullshitting us or fizman and the board are!!!

  44. stubwah1 says:

    your archives go back to oct ’07…is that when you started following the club ?

    One of the worst pieces it has ever been my misfortune to read…I can’t even comprehend just how much drivel you have spouted

    but :

    “transfer activities are extremely overrated ”

    “I am a strong believer that not only is Arsene Wenger a stubborn, overrated manager, but also that he may well be the most overrated manager in the world… ”

    “I am willing to give Wenger one more season”

    guess what my advice to you would be…

  45. chris says:

    you’re an idiot.

  46. Ben says:

    You are a moron.. If this came 4 years back I might have given some thought about it… Afterall Pascal Cygan was not that bad.. But not of exceptional quality.. You are probably mouthing it out for fat and orange.. You can pretty much play their fat pipe into your throat and noone cares. No more visit to your blog..

  47. danny says:

    sorry my man but i think that you have nothing to do with football neither with the understanding of the actual needs of the game.
    Arsenal was never a great club befor aw took over the club , but only now cause what AW has done to ARSENAL you seem like u r expecting miracles from him , we built a new stadium we still compete in all competitions like no arsenal team has done in the years before AW and we play a magic football.
    If you look at clubs like real madrid they played for relegation for two seasons after they built the famous bernabeu and look where they are now, not forgetting that the so world class managers they employ and that you dont seem to put AW in the same braket as themdo buy the likes of Raul Bravo , Emmerson the reject, Helguera, Portillo the one goal a season striker, etc ……not to mention the kind of wages these players were getting , so please be realistic and dont talk nonsense .

  48. Little Dutch says:

    How many monkeys and how many typewriters did it take to come up with this? Cheers, that was the funniest article I’ve read in ages.

  49. Azza says:

    Na. You’re just plain wrong.

    Needed to get your hits up today or something?

  50. Brian says:

    What a fucking idiot you are! Enough said!

  51. what a joke says:

    Are you out of your f*ckin mind?

  52. Paul says:

    You are quite possibly, the stupidest person in the world.

  53. UgGunner says:

    Thank God you have nothing you can do about Wenger’s continued presence at Arsenal, so your threats are empty.

  54. Adam says:

    absolute crap. at the end of last season we had nearly 30 more points that the season before and within minutes of going through to the champions league semi-final if thats not making ground over our lower rivals i dont know what is.

    also wenger never described us as a selling club it was the tabloids misquoting him yet again. just like they misquoted hleb in todays papers.

  55. matnan says:

    is it another scarsm? if not then I have just wasted my time reading your bullshit article full with contradiction and uneducated opinion based on your glory hunted mind.

  56. goonpel says:

    perhaps you would like bruce rioch back or maybe a classy manager like gary megson or maybe even bryan robson.But i guess your just another jcl arsenal supporter who thinks success is your god given right.

  57. Mattc says:

    Jolly good of you to give him one more season. I bet he’ll change his ways and buck his ideas up now that he’s living on borrowed time….

  58. No 65 says:

    Yet another so called gooner that joins the bandwagon for the trophies…If I were you I’d root for Barca or Real Madrid, maybe Chelski.

    Ramsey is a real class. I’ve only seen highlights of the FA cup final but this guy will be a big big player for the future.

    Flamini will be an ordinary player outside Arsenal. ( Even Grimandi looked half decent playing for the gooners) The guy probably knows this himself which is why he’s off to Milan getting double the wages, whilst playing in a less competitive environment; so he can buy a villa in southern France and retire rich.

  59. Neil says:

    I am afraid that I couldn’t disagree more with your comments regarding Wenger. You state clearly what an impact Wenger made in his first few years in charge, and although he (and Arsenal) have not won anything for three years you must realise that the EPL has changed substantially in the last five years. These changes, led by Abromovic at Chelsea, have been far beyond Wenger’s control.

    Although the last three years will not go down in the history of the club for the number of trophies won, they have decidedly modernised the club throughout and built a solid platform for success in years to come. We now have a top class stadium, training ground and a team that plays fantastic football that is the envy of Europe, not just the EPL. Yes this team has yet to win anything, but it has got to the UCL final, led the EPL for an extended period of time, done the double over the EPL champions (MU in 2007) and played Chelski off the park for 45 mins in the Carling (reserve team) Cup.

    Patience is all that is required, we will win something soon; bar for some horrendous refereeing versus Birmingham this season we would have won it this year!

  60. Fabo says:

    You fool a crapy blog. Can’t believe my eyes.

  61. Kolo says:

    you are an absolute moron. i bet you have not had sex for years. get a fkin life and stay away from the emirates. if i see you i will kick the sh*t out of you and hold you down for wenget to have a good kick as well. go have a w*nk you dumbass c*nt.

  62. Steve says:

    Haha, I love the way you belittled every miracle and overblew every mistake.

    Arsene knows

  63. Adam says:

    You are a fool and should probably be seeking psychological help. This piece is so full of half truths and bizarre spin that there is very likely a place for you at The News Of The World. I could pick it apart bit by bit as the flaws in each of your arguments are a mile wide but I guess you have an agenda and/or you are just a very warped and bitter person.

  64. Paul says:


  65. Mattc says:

    And one other thing: if you’re actually an Arsenal fan, why would you put a Tottenham tag on this article?

  66. East says:

    I’ve just stumbled across this piece and though I’d have quick butchers and decided it’s not even worth arguing with the delusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No this is a windup right?

  67. Chris says:

    As much as it pains me to say it but I actually agree with some points of this article… HOWEVER…..most of it is complete nonsense…

    Wenger is probably the greatest manager to have graced the premiership (only AF could be classed in the same league)…the techniques he has brought to Arsenal have been used throughout the premiership (highlighting the genius of the man)….. his team selections, bar his need to continue to give eboue a run in the team, are correct 99% of the time (how many other managers can you say get it right so often??? none is my guess)….

    The reason for our lack of trophies in the last few seasons is not down to anything other than money…..Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U are spending an enormous amount of money to capture talent (some of it good, some average, some poor)….And this is were my problem lies with Wenger….

    It is clear from our accounts that we have the money….not to bankroll a chelsea spending spree but enough to compete with the above mentioned on transfers that will add to the squad……how many times have we heard stories of players we could have signed but didn’t…..

    Dont get me wrong Wenger has an unrivaled eye for raw talent….but I get the feeling he is afraid of the big money signings…….why i could not begin to answer… but its there to see or all….

    P.S. I think its a bit unfair to bring up the bad signings without mentioning the out of this world Wenger has picked up……Sagna, Anelka, Henry, Pires, Overmars, Viera, Petit, RVP, Cesc, the list is long and there are many more…..

  68. sharky says:

    nice one all true come on wenger gt rid of gallas put sum money in

  69. Austingunner says:

    Idiotic article….18th in the EPL in spending but consistently in the top 2 or 3 teams. Go find another team to support.

  70. jeffers says:

    oh dear..if you are going to write something with such an inflamatory headline you can at least make it interesting. You have said nothing here that whingeing fans haven’t been saying all close season. I wonder if bloggers wake up in the morning and feel the need to write something, however crap it is. Your analasys is flawed on several fronts. Yes, he has been here 12 years. Now if you take an extremely basic measure and look at where arsenal finished and what they won in the 12 seasons previous and average that against the last 12, i am sure you will find that he has improved the club. We have moved away from the clubs below us. It is now widely acknoweldged/lamented that the top 4 are now there for good. It is Wenger that has secured this position. I am no doctor, but i also dont believe it is possible to make ground on someone below you..i am happy to be proven wrong here.

    Again, I claim to be no genius, but i suspect that the reason that the team that was nowhere near us i.e Chelsea have overtaken us recently is something to do with the cash that they spend, not that they have looked at Wenger and cut out the big macs. We have not sucessfully defended a title since the 30s, so I don’t think you can claim we have ever been streets ahead of the nearest challenger (Man U) and I don’t see Liverpool cleaning up in the league either. No one else has overtaken us.

    Every manager makes signings that suceed and signings that dont. Wenger has bought positive cash flow and footballing legends to the club. Name another who has done the same. He didn’t ‘get rid’ of Flamini. Flamini left as he didn’t want to sign a contract. And oh genius of football I am sure at this time last year you weren’t really crying out for Flamini to be in the 1st team and would have been happy if he went to Birmingham. Flamini goes, Flamini’s replacement will come. Live with it.

    I am bored of writing now, but I am sure there are plenty of intelligent gooners out there who can take up the mantle.

    Wenger is not a god, but he is by far the best manager we have had for some time.

  71. Eastham says:

    Pascal Cygan is a legend – and he made a profit on him

  72. bergkampisod says:

    I suggest you get a bus down the seven sisters road and join those of the same ilk as you i.e those that like to moan and know nothing about football.

  73. Jake says:

    This is without doubt the most ludicrous rubbish ever written about Arsenal.

    So much stupidity in one article.

    “A club that had a huge reputation befroe his arrival” … Yes, in England. But on a global scale we weren’t in the top 25. Now we’re Top 10 of ANY list in World Football. We have an unrivalled Champions Lge appearance record – better than your Chelsea’s and Liverpool’s that you clearly adore. He has made as a Global team, Arsenal is known everywhere. EVERYWHERE! and he has done it in a decade! And we are not only known, we are considered – THE BEST FOOTBALLING TEAM IN THE WORLD!

    “Not only has he taken the white sleeves from our shirts…” WHAT??? Are you a complete MORON? Did you really say that? Wenger got rid of the white sleeves???? You are so stupid you defy belief!

    Would a world class manager make mistakes like Cygan, Stepanovs etc., Sometimes yes. Is Alex Fergusson a world class manager? Do you rate the tens of millions he spent on players like – Djemba-Djemba, Taibi, Forlan, – or the way he turned superstars into complete flops like Veron and Bartez?

    But how many managers (answer – none!) can grab the unwanted gems that he has and turn them into world superstars – Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg, Fabregas, Petit, Adebayor, Toure, Clichy, the list is endless. And before you roll out the old adage that these players were on everybodys wanted list -Sir Alex confessed that when Wenger brought in Fabregas he did not know the player and was not on his radar!

    Its rubbish written like this by the likes of sites like this that is an indictment of this country and the internet as a whole :
    1. The internet allows the most uneducated and painfully inept voice to be heard.
    2. England remains the No.1 country for trying to destroy those who succeed.

  74. emma says:

    fantastic piece, i could not have agree more with you,i think he should be ask to leave arsenal honorably,before spurs and everton overtake us after the expected departures of our best players.
    if he can not get good players like SILVA,CHIELLINI & VILLA he should go we don’t need any more of school boy footballers,I’M SICK of this man called “WENGER” buying underage players and selling them to make profit for WHO? A “FOOTBALL MINDED MANAGER SHOULD BE AT ARSENAL” not a “BUSINESS MAN”.

  75. jamie brockwell says:

    shut your face you silly idiot!!

  76. jamie brockwell says:


  77. james says:

    when arsen first came to aresnal know one knew who he was but he transformed aresnal from a 7th place domestic leauge side to one of the
    best reams in europe. wenger is a man i rate highly the reason is all the other
    manangers whoes teams that do win things like manchester united and chelsea ,barcelona they all have the money to spend on big players
    whose says money cant buy sucess look at chelsea for example they
    can offord to buy the hole of barcelonas team. for me money is distroying
    the beautifull game. arsen wenger has created some thing what u can say hes a
    genius in the game he has prcaticly put youngters to gether and made the most feared side in europe what people need to remember wenger hasnt got
    the money to buy 4 or 5 world class players like other teams saw he makes world class players and that hes the best at doing. he doest just pruduce great footballers he makes them athleats aswell just try to imagin if wenger
    had the money to spend i dont think no team in europe could stop us

  78. Dan says:

    What a load of dribble.

    The only point I agree with is that we havent purchased the “experience” we missed last season. However there are 7 weeks of the transfer window left.

    As for our defence……Sagna and Clichy are the best full backs in the league. Kolo and Gallas are world class and will work better as a partnership next year. Big Phil will regain his early Arsenal form and Song is an exciting prospect that hasn’t been given an extended run of games yet. Throw in Eboue and the huge potential of Traore and Nordveit and we really don’t need to worry.

    Not everyone can afford a world class B team like Chelsea.

    In Wenger we trust.

  79. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Well it’s a different viewpoint but Nasri’s actually been playing at Marseilles for 4 years in the first team so he’s quite experienced.

    Also, I bet that you were screaming for Hleb and Adebayor to leave when they said their futures were unclear.

    Granted that Wenger made quite a few mistakes last year (Eboue) but would you be saying this if Rosicky and Van Persie were fit all season and we’d won the title?

  80. Sinbad says:

    Very well said, I hate it when people say “Wenger knows” People talk about hm like he is some sort of god. The fact is he has made so many mistakes at Arsenal. Sold players like Bentley and Upson and Sidwell and replaced them with Cygan Eboue and Stepanovs. He has been a lucky manager and agree overtated. People are now beging to see the real Wenger. Next season is huge and if we again finish out of the top 2 and win nothing it will be time for him to leave.

  81. Fabregas' Dad says:

    We’ve gotta learn to deal with the stuff about the selling club because the fact is that money doesn’t grow on trees and he has to do whatever he can to help the club, if he went against the board’s wishes you think they’d keep him for long?

    You don’t actually know if he’s gonna buy a defender or not either.

  82. Daffy Duck says:

    Your talk shit
    You are shit

    Your whole arguement is so poor I wont even try and disregard and instead just call you a cunt, look > CUNT

  83. Femi Ogunseitan says:

    I don’t agree with you at all. Yes wenger must have made some mistakes which is human but i quite know he is one of the best manager ever.
    Taking into account the amount of money avaliable to buy players over the years no other manager would have performed better.

  84. I! says:

    You are just a pretty FOOL!!!

  85. Gnawin says:

    you are talking utter bollox mate . You say all this shit about a manager that has bought huge success to our club and has taken our club to a champions league final. There is a seat reserved for you down the road at the chavs where they want there manager changing every year

  86. Concerned Gunner says:

    Interesting article, but i feel you are missing the main points you are trying to address. Firstly you say he has allowed clubs who used to be lower than us over take us and you give chelsea as an example… forgive me if im stating the obvious but the only reason they overtook us was down to spending stupid ammounts of money on players and buying their way into success.
    Secondly you mention that the ‘shock’ tactics of making his players abstain from certain pleasures is no longer unique, where do you think the other clubs got the idea? surely you must credit him as a visionary in that sense? Why else would other clubs copy us? and what are you suggesting that we take away further things from the players such as a married life or children to ensure they dont forget their duties??
    I do agree that the ‘inexperienced’ excuse is becoming a bit boring and wenger seems to use it for everything, but he has a right to surely? we have a young squad. And every year they grow and play better football.
    Next onto transfers, how can you doubt the man??? of course he has had blunders but those blunders never cost to much (bar jeffers – but at the time we were all looking forward to the ‘fox in the box’) Alex Furguson and other managers have made similar signings e.g Kleberson.
    With regard to this transfer window, don’t write off wenger yet, we all complained last season when he bought only sagna and Eduardo, but what a revalation they were. Dont tell me that you were doubting his ability in feburary when we were top of the league and playing fantastic football, granted we then fell away and our squads depth let us down, but if man utd had lost ronaldo(van p), rooney (eduardo) and giggs/nani(rosicky) i doubt they would have even made 3rd.
    Also dont start with the sentimental shirts and clocks, we are in 2008 as you say yourself, surely we are still the same club with the same fans and the same desire for success? The logo, strip and stadium does not make a club. It is the belief and the players and fans that make the club. So stop doubting your team and support them.
    You mention you would give Wenger one more season, what are the conditions in that season for him to impress you? 1 cup? all the cups?? Also who would you suggest as a manager that would actually be better than wenger? all that would happen is that we would loose our beatiful football and become the liverpool of london. please say you dont want that!!!


    Your conscience

  87. Goonbrother says:

    unbeaten season, fa cup double? nike responsible for the white sleeves, wenger’s the manager of the club not the damn kit designer. Thierry henry who? Sagna ‘n’ Eduardo who?

  88. SB says:

    you dick

    “he got rid of the white sleeves” — i doubt that was wengers choice, and even if it was its trivial.

    “our badge been STOLEN and ruined” — i think the badge looks better. stop being a dick.

    “clock been taken from Emirates” — clock been taken? who the hell cares? its a clock. Life goes on i suggest you do too.

    “but he has now described us as a “selling club”. I, as well as many goners, am not at all happy” — if you read his quotes, calling us a selling club was understandable. But never the less dont doubt wenger, im sure he had a reason to say it.

    Oh and about transfers…..Viera, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Toure, and Cesc are all legends and are known for being some of the best players in the world. Its his job to buy good players not to make legends, he made and will still continue to make legends out of players.

    I haven’t met these “fans” you mention that share your views. You’re a fake fan.

  89. nzekwe Asugha says:

    I agree entirely with the writer. There are many fans who dont want to accept the handwrting on the wall. Wenger has caused a lot of heart breaks in the minds of millions of fans of our beloved club by his stubborn adherence to nonsense policy. I see himas a man lacking in ambition. He can not claim to be a great manager when he can not win champions league after 12 years in the club.
    I envisage disaster this season. The way he is going with the board, we might not qualify for champions league, and then it will dawn on him. It is better he leave than to destroy the fabrics of the club. He has reached the zenith of his achievements, he cant go further. Our fans should just face the reality , arsenal lack ambition, and as such will never capture any trophy as long as wenger continues with his present policy.

  90. Mickess says:

    what a load of bollocks!

  91. Frank says:

    Please stop writing articles. Your can´t possibly be an Arsenal fan in the first place right? You completely disregard reason in order to slate our manager.

    You disregard Chelsea´s bottom-less warchest, our own financial situation, the state of our rivals having astronomical debt of their own and not to mention being run by foreign investors trying to make money instead of investing their own. As for being SOLD, your eating out of the media´s hands little one. Read the financial report instead of listening to a medium which exist only to sell papers, similar to how you wrote this article without regarding facts and common sense.

    The facts you highlight are invalid to the point that I must question your football knowledge and sanity (and because I can´t believe your this stupid your NOT an Arsenal fan).

    You even give credit to Wenger for the impact Diet had on his early success and the influence it brought to the other Premier League clubs=).

    I can go on but I think I´ve made my point. Of course there are those who will agree with you but they certainly won´t want to replace him with another manager without cash surplus being made available, which we know won´t happen and thus it´s another reason why we should keep Wenger instead of looking for a quick fix. If, of course, you DO want us to become a selling club=).

    Oh my…

  92. Frank says:

    If = Unless

  93. STEVE says:


  94. sameagain dave says:

    oh dear, it all started so well until…huge reputation ?!!! come on if you’re gonna analyse what he’s done you’ve got to be honest , do i realy need to remind you where we were before AW took over? we didn’t even have a proper training ground for god’s sake.
    “teams that were nowhere near us in the past have exceeded us. Chelsea, for example”. I think we all know what has happened at chelsea, without abram they would be another w.ham.
    transfer activities are extremely overrated by the media?
    Can you please state another manager that has made a profit on his overall transfer in the premiership.
    Look your article is full of crap it’s pathetic,everything you state , from the liverpool game to” Would a world class manager make such mistakes?” remember veron to name one?
    but to blame AW for the shirt and logo is pure shit.
    Dont give it another year, change club . a club that all the media loves take your pick from one

  95. DublinGooner says:

    Is this April Fool’s Day?!?!??!!!

  96. DeiseGooner says:

    A few points –

    1.Not only have Arsenal been trophyless for almost 4 years….. 3 seasons. Same ans manu utd went before claiming the league again. It happens, especially with stadium move and needed change of player recruitment due to this.

    2. teams that were nowhere near us in the past have exceeded us. Chelsea, for example…….erm abramovichs billions might have had a small hand in that no ?

    3. n the Summer, however, he decides to get rid of Lehmann and Flamini…..the mad one is past his best, just like seaman was when we offloaded him. Flamin situation was not the boss getting rid of him it was Flamini playing the bosman game to a tee and going where the money was

    4. Aaron Ramsey and Samir Nasri. This does not match the description of “experienced player”….Ramsey yes, but thats a future first teamer not current and well Nasri has 3 seasons of french league 1 behind hm and a couple in the champions league too, not inexperienced. And the transfer window is still open if im not mistaken

    5. In addition, I do not appreciate Arsenal, the team I, and many adore, being sold…..we are not, the board have locked down shares…and its not Wenger who owns the club

    6. our badge been STOLEN and ruined…. yeah shoild have kept the old one but that again was a board/club decision not Wengers

    7. Not only has the clock been taken from Emirates….erm Highbury ?

    8. Not only has he got rid of the white sleeves on the Arsenal shirt….erm thats nikes doing not Wengers

    9. he has now described us as a “selling club”….most likely a misquote along the lines of Hlebs recent “blast” on wenger and cesc.

    Otherwise a good article !!!

  97. dario boras says:

    i agree apsolutely with you.
    arsene you have one more year,if the club doesn’t sack you, the fans will!!!!!

  98. hus says:

    Very very disrespectful article.

    I am a season ticket holder and though i am not one of the 100% Arsene Knows brigade this is still disappointing. Check the trophy haul. Check the football we play, check the new stadium which has a lot to do with Arsene and talk to people ho have worked with him.

    He has competed with super rich clubs on a a shoe-string and his achievements in respect of everything that has gone on at the club in his time is phenomenal. I agree that if we dont have a squad to seriously challenge to the death next season then maybe it could be time for a change but the underlying tone of this article is as i said very disrespectful. Ungrateful muppet!

  99. Bobo says:

    Man, are you talking a lot of rubbish. Get a real grip on the situation before speaking. And woah, use Chelsea as an example it would have been disasterous for Roman if not his 3+ billion investments hadent given him a darn apple…

  100. Raed says:

    you know its best not to write an article after smoking pot or sniffing coke. you end up with articles like this one…

  101. Dolomite says:


  102. grime says:

    you dont know football. football is saturated now and losing its soul. what wenger and arsenal are doing transcends money, its a project, its a work of art. you shouldnt follow blindly, but you have to remember four trophyless wenger years between 98 and 02 before winning the league unbeaten soon after. patience, or fuck off to chelsea

  103. grime says:

    sorry mate, dont get led by media, each transfer window the press pick on arsenal cos we high rollers with no money, we have the best talent each year. it winds up our fans, three years without trophy, thats nothing considering we over achieve. we set an example to football. we’ve challenged for the league last season.

  104. Ostritch says:

    You are 100% right, the sooner the rest of the ostriches get their heads out of their heads out their arses, the sooner they will see it to. Typical plastic Arsenal fans, you only have to say anything against Wenger and up they come with all that bollocks of go and support another team.

    Mourinho , got it right Wenger is the only manager who can go season after season with no success and not be under any pressure, lets hope that changes next season and the press really gets on his case.

    I think we are going to be really struggling to qualify for the Champions League proper and if we dont…..

  105. Rhys says:

    wanka dirty tottenham wanka

  106. stevenc says:

    is wenger pefect. of course not. has he made lousy signings, of course, cygan being about the worst….but how many league titles did arsenal win in the previous 24 years? two. how many f a cups er one!after finishing third wenger’s first season Arsenal finished first or second the next eight, only behind man u with its greater cash balances.
    chelksea ahead now? with the money abramovich “loaned” arsenal could not compete for players.
    yet arsenal have been in the champions league every year and i ws in paris in a creditable loss.
    wenger has always believed in the overlooked cheaper player. sometimes this means mistakes and there have been a lot of them, but most were then offloaded normally at a profit!
    and the quality of football. anyone who, like me remembers the Arsenal of the ’60s cannot compare the skill and entertainment now on show.
    even bertie mee’s double team was nowhere near. tough defense and old fdashioned play to radford and kennedy was the order of the day. charlie george could have fitted in to today’s side but storey? eddie kelly? even george graham wouldn’t make it (though his dives were before their time!) and george armstrong was a willing trier but not at the level of overmars, rosicky pires ljungberg or hleb,
    before you bitch at wenger, just look at what came before and what’s happened elsewhere, spurs-would you have swapped wenger for any of their myriad of managers? newcastle? villa? leeds? everton-and yes i have respect for moyes ut what has he actually achieved? even liverpool-benitez has not actually won the league has he? yes he’s won the champions league but in some ways that’s easier in its knockout format.
    so arsene perfect? question is if you want to gget rid of him, who’se better to replace him?

  107. MAtt says:


    all you have to do is look at where Arsenal were going for the 10 years before he arrived and where we are now and what expectations we have as fans now…

    unbeaten season, champions league final, 2 doubles

    oh and net tranfer budget probably in credit over his tenure


  108. X says:

    You cannot be serious, complete nonsense. You are not an Arsenal supporter, no way Bruv. Clearly written to elicit a reaction, which is just what you’ve got. Now, just fuck off. What a cunt.

  109. Another AKB says:

    Another useless article from this blog….

    Why don’t you start calling yourselves The Not The Gooner Forum.

    You’re a disgrace to Gooners.

    Go support the Chavs or better yet the scum because that’s who you sound like with your constant whinning.

  110. Jamie says:

    Before Wenger, how long did it take us to win 3 titles? 20 years. Before that?

  111. Paul says:

    The article was obviously written as a hit maker, and will probably have done it’s job …. in the short term. Long term most Arsenal supporters will give this piece of shit a very wide berth.

  112. Danny says:

    i agree with the article. wenger is piss poor and need firing

    this summer is the worst in Arsenal history. players wanting to leave. wenger is teh problem

  113. Little Dutch says:

    You’ll never miss the water until the well runs dry.

  114. jeffers says:

    can we please write to our local MPs to complain about the waste of natural resources used in writing shit blogs? there are now only 2 that are worth reading. little dutch does a good job with his and yogis warrior is a close second.

    i suggest we all stop reading the rest of the crap and leave the morons to it.

  115. Paulie says:

    Agree 100% with todays blog. It needs to be said a bit more often. Fans of Arsenal fc and not Arsehole Wenger with the 50 million excuses, have been saying this for quite a while now. You forgot to mention that this so called genius who coincidentally has won fuck all for 4 years now, has no equals in conning people as can be seen by the amount of losers who came on here to attack you for stating what every other fan in the country allready knows but as yet has not gotten through to the losers who now try and speak for the majority of Arsenal fans who just cant be arsed giving an opinion to you friutcakes. Im bored so I decided to tell you clowns straight that Arsene is in fact an overrated c, un t. Anyways ive enough so im off to enjoy life unlike you crowd of sad b ast,a rds with all else to do except slate sombody who says what the world is thinking anyways. Go f,u ck yourselfs you shower of biggots.

  116. mark says:

    18 years, 49 games, what do you want? or are you not old enough to remember dour football.

  117. Fabo says:

    Chelsea overtook Arsenal not because Wenger is incompetent but because of a certain Russian Billionare. TheGoonerForum=Shit Blog.

  118. Tyler Drake says:

    Readers… Do you REALLY think this guy is being serious?

    No one who sets up an arsenal blog, who is clearly a FAN would be saying this….

    …he’s definitely winding us up.

  119. Microraptor says:

    This article is utter rubbish.

    If you have a season ticket you really should sell it to someone who actually appreciates what’s happening at the club… or more to the point, sell it to someone who supports Arsenal Football Club, as you clearly don’t.

  120. Joe31346 says:

    Some of these replies are HIRARIOUS!

  121. RQ says:

    Really sorry – I totally disagree with this. His track record speaks for itself, and he has achieved this on a meagre budget. Arsenal are an intelligent club financially as well as in football terms. I have worked in banking for many years. If you spend more then you earn eventually you will go bust. Teams like Man Utd might not be in a few years time given their very bleak finances – they are drowning in debt. Just look what happened to Leeds. Given people are starting to call Wenger for the chop, I reckon he will remind everyone just how good he is by winning many trophies over the next few years, and all the fickle supporters will be shouting from the rooftops again!

  122. g0on3r says:

    u gotta be joking man. are u serious about thinking arsenal will progress just by replace wenger. for 12 years now, arsene wenger has managed arsenal within budget provided and we always challenging for the title. i can’t name a manager in this world who can bring success with limited budget. sir alex, mourinho and benitez all spend more than arsenal could affort for 5 years and yet we only lost prem title by 4 points. im very sure new manager would demand the board to provide them with limitless transfer budget and he will also offer high salary to many player, and as a result arsenal fc would gone bankrupt and then we have to sell this club to fatman usmanov. u want that?? also wenger has put a lot of effort to bring youngster through academy. what would u think happen to the likes of randall, landsbury, wilshere, merida and barazitemif new manager comes and change the whole squad. im sure he wont bother to do what wenger done best, give chance to young player to prove themself. im sure carling cup would no longer features reserve but 1st team. maybe u happy if we manage to win carling cup with 1st team players. remember this, most player here at arsenal play because of wenger. if wenger goes, fabregas van persie n many others would leave as well. if that happened, arsenal will no longer a top team in england, we would back to where we were before wenger arrive, just top half mid table team.

  123. Stroller says:

    Can see through your game, pal. Put out a contraversial headline and critical article and ‘wow’ suddenly your blog hits the NewsNow top hits. Pity it’s such a load of self-serving rubbish. If you had supported the club through the real barren patches in the ’70’s and ’80’s you would realise that this is a golden period in comparision and the club’s current high status is largely down to Wenger. You’re opinion of your own importance is the only overrated thing around here.

  124. TC says:

    Jeez your article is so flawed I actually suspect it was written to get a response and increase the number of hits for your website, which frankly is pretty damned poor.
    1) Arsenal have always been a selling club, we couldn’t hold on to the likes of Brady and Stapleton because we don’t pay the wages, never have done.
    2) Wenger is a visionary who introduced a new way of life for footballers in this country, managers saw how the likes of Adams, Dixon and Bould etc extended their careers at the highest level, and copied Arsenal.
    3) Wenger has kept Arsenal battling with Utd and Chelsea on an average spend of around 7m a season – Spuds, Newcastle and Liverpool have spent a lot more than that and failed miserably!
    4) Chelski have overtaken us because they have spent close to £600m since Roman came in, they regularly LOSE over 100m a year, we would be bust and out of business now if we followed suit.
    5) Wenger has signed some donkeys but he’s also made some wonderful cheap signings. There is NO-ONE in the world better at spotting young talent. I would say though, that this is where Wengers strength lies, and not on tactics.
    6) Experience – Letting Lehmann go is just the right decision, Flamini WANTED to go, there’s a difference. The same as Hleb and Ade seem to WANT to go, Wenger is not selling them for the sake of it.

    Arsenal have moved on so much under Wenger and the present board, we could easily have stayed at Highbury and would have been fighting with Spurs, Everton and Villa for 5th place at best.
    I do think Wenger has his faults. He does talk rubbish sometimes, contradicting himself. We are possibly three experienced quality players away from winning the PL again but we are unlikely to sign them. I think there is a certain stubborness to Wenger and he is too ‘loyal’ to players that are not performing.
    The one thing I do agree on is that I think Wenger has one more season in him at Arsenal. People will only pay £50 a game for a team that is fighting for trophies, I personally think we will struggle this year, this is the first time I have felt this way since Wenger took over. The problem we had last season was a weak squad and not enough experience – neither of those points have been addressed and that is bad management whichever way you look at it. I think it is essential that we somehow persuade Wenger to move upstairs when he finishes managing us, to continue to bring the youngsters in. But investment is needed and you need to IMPROVE the squad each year, we seem to be taking one step forward and two back over the last couple of years where the squad is concerned.

  125. ban this blog says:

    u just dont understand…arsenal is not like chelsea, man utd and liverpool where they were bankroll by some rich fat sugardaddy. arsenal cannot compete with them when it comes to pay high transfer fees. unlike them, arsenal is a well run club, there are limitations on how much we can spend and how much wages bill can be. do u know why there are those limitations? because arsenal also a business entity. if u spend more than allocated budget u risk of debt and bankrupcy. do u know why arsenal still can spend fair amount of money on transfer fees and almost as high as man utd on wage bill? because wenger never spend more than budget he get. he also make profit by selling our players and buy replacement wisely. do u know how arsenal can affort emirates stadium? because wenger bring success to arsenal without overspend and thus arsenal made a lot of profit they have enough resources to built the stadium. then u must wonder how arsenal managed to compete with the very best despite budget limitations. the answer is because our manager is arsene wenger made it happened. so the question now, should we just get rid of him because arsenal not won anything for 3 years even though last season we only loss by 4 points? if u can find new manager who willing and capable of spend within budget, bring as much flair to the game as wenger does but at the same time built a squad better than rich kid man utd and chelsea as well as win the epl unbeaten and champ league, then please rocommend it the arsenal board of director. if u cant find any then STOP INSULTING WENGER and ARSENAL!

  126. thegoonerforum says:

    Thanks for the comments. HH will be blogging something shortly in defense of Wenger

  127. topgooner says:

    I just thought I’d leave a comment thanking you for all the comments… the vast majority of this opposes my real beliefs, but I wanted to write a blog that sparked controversy.

    I succeeded.

    Seriously, though, don’t forget to join TGF (link left at the bottom of my blog). It’s a really good site, you ave a proper pop at me there, if you want.

  128. QuakerDave says:

    More sarcasm today? Must be.

  129. sora9n says:

    I just thought I’d leave a comment thanking you for all the comments… the vast majority of this opposes my real beliefs, but I wanted to write a blog that sparked controversy.

    I succeeded.

    Sparking controversy with BS is nonsense. At least, check your own statements before making posts…

    Here’re two of your mistakes:

    I also feel that his transfer activities are extremely overrated by the media, and Arsenal fans alike. Given, he has made some exceptional transfers… but surely this is his job?

    Yeah, and his ‘job’ is to find Fabregas, Flamini, and Walcott in every player he buys. Not to mention after-joining-price-whooping Anelka and Henry and Adebayor… How many other managers did that, I wonder?

    At the very same time, Wenger also claimed that the reason for out heartbreaking loss to Liverpool was down to a lack of experience. In the Summer, however, he decides to get rid of Lehmann and Flamini, who both have lots of Champions League experience.

    Flamini leaves to Milan for better wages. Jens out for first team football in Stuttgart. ‘Nuff said.

    My two cents, check your facts first. You’re just arsing with tabloid-class controversy, IMO.

  130. budidjafar says:

    Why don’t you wankers try to manage a club, then complain on how bad Wenger does his job. You think its easy to manage a young team like Arsenal? AW made a lot of risk with youngsters, he has believe in them … how many managers are willing to do that? NONE!

  131. Damion says:

    I cannot seriously believe what I’ve just read. Mate you are deluded and ignorant if you truly believe your views. Arsene is not the best manager in terms of trophies but running a football club, there’s hardly any better….Actually I ain’t even gonna argue with your ‘facts’ because 100+ have already made you look like the mug you are!

  132. 1886 says:

    Wenger bought Cygan for £1m and sold him for £2 4 years later. If that’s not genius I don’t know what is.

  133. umy says:

    im sorry but this is absolute cra* mate – i’m assuming that you are a ‘new’ arsenal fan and haven’t experienced the pre-wenger years

    for those who went through the george graham era know that wenger is an absolute gem and no other manager anywhere has had the impact on their respective team as this man – he engineered our move to the emirates and got us from playing football in the ‘1 nil to the arsenal’ years to football which has been compared with some of the best teams to have graced this planet

    yes hes made many mistakes along the way – he is human – but the good far outweighs the bad and there is nobody in world football today who could come in and do the job that sir wenger has done

    ferguson, mourinho, any manager, anywhere – absolutely nobody could have done what wenger has done for this clum

    im not blind, yes if he could have bought somebody in mid season we could have perhaps won the league – we did only finish 4 points behind the reigning champions who spent a further £70-80 million reinforcing the squad and i would hardly call that a disaster considering we had been written off and nobody epxected us to sustain a title challenge – however how many players bought mid season have ever had a major impact on thier team ?

    i can go on but i wont

    end of story

  134. Goonerkay says:

    Those who read this article must have really had time on their hands.I just read the first paragraph and i immediately realised the author of this article is a retarded lowlife bandwagon jumping traitor. No true arsenal fan will ever write this shite, No one. We were all dissapointed to finish last season empty handed but nevertheless it does not give any of us the right to disregard the hard work wenger has done for the club over the years. I cant believe people can question player loyalty when disloyal prats like the author of this shite article will claim to be a true gooner.

    And for all you twats that dropped comments agreeing with this fool, especially the knob from new york, few words, go fuck urself and while ur @ it kill urself!

  135. Leng Ur Knee Caps Off says:

    u fuckin melon head.

    shittest blog entry i’ve ever read.

  136. G4L says:

    What a cheeky cunt you are.

  137. Sam says:

    Whoever wrote this blog must be some inbred dumbass with a lesser IQ than an average panda. I’m a Manchester United fan but really appreciate the way Arsenal play their football, and admire Arsene Wenger as a manager. As some people have noted in this blog; Wenger has no money to spend at all. I mean…At all.
    Teams like Chelsea and the scouse bastards, as well as Man United all have money to spend and consequentially win stuff, but Wenger has done that with little money.

    As Ferguson first joined Man United, there was no money to spend on players due to the mess left by previous managers. Within 5 years he won his first European trophy against the mighty Barcelona, with still a shoestring budget squad. Then there was the money of course that followed.

    Once Arsenal’s debts are cleared, they of course will have money to spend, and Wenger does so well with such a financially strained team, so i really can envision a resurgent Arsenal in coming seasons. Wenger has proven to be a winner at Arsenal, and sure can do it over again.

    Flamini had no loyalty to the club, so left. Hleb is a twat and shows no respect to the club that made him a quality player, and wants to leave. People moan that Arsenal never hold onto their best players ie. Anelka, Henry, Flamini, but yet again, as ever he will replace them with younger stars who will emulate or even surpass the success of their predecessors.

    Wenger, I have to admit, is building a team that can dominate Europe for many years, but with that extra financial push he can make that happen instantly rather than later. Arsenal – Great club

  138. Chris says:

    To the author. Well Done. See you’ve incurred the wrath of the AW thought police though. I have been a fan since the 70’s and was a season ticket holder for many. I am not going back until he’s gone. He is arrogant, hates English players (why does he coach here if he hates us so much?) and will never concede that he has made a mistake. He’s create an effete, whinging squad with no team spirit and no backbone. Quite frankly the ‘pretty football’ label is a joke and does nothing for me. That’s what Tottenham and West Ham used to cling to through their years of failure. His preference for USELESS foreigners over local/English is horrific as is his lame claim that such ‘qaulity’ doesn’t exist amongst British Isles players. Let’s see shall we.. Senderos, Cygan, Wreh, Boa Morte, Diawara, Eboue, Denilson, Baptista, Wiltord, Stepanovs, Bendtner, Luzhny, Reyes, Shabaan, Mendez, Garde etc etc Embarassing. The average Championship player is better than most of those and they don’t have problems ‘adapting’, cry when players from the other team deign to tackle them, complain about the cold or likely to agitate for a move every summer. He has signed the grand total of SEVEN British Isles players since he joined in 96. Pathetic. All you ‘Wenger is God’ brigade are deluding yourselves. He’s in it for himself, he won’t change and he’s ruining our great football club. Keep clinging to him as if his leaving would be the end of the World and you’re like the ones who wouldn’t get in a lifeboat on the Titanic.

  139. arsenal1981 says:

    dont call yourself a gooner you ignorant & ungrateful crap. he may have been trophyless in the past years but there is reasons for this. firstly our new stadium, it cost us $$$ to buy the stadium therefore we had to produce a team that isnt expensive so arsene goes turns to sell players. second is our budget, we simply dont have enough budget to buy more than 1 top class player so he recruits young talents while at the same time selling them to maintain the club.

    arsene has made arsenal what it is today. we werent a winner before he arrived we were like modern day spurs. without him we wont be a so called top 4 club and probably be struggling to stay in epl.
    arsene is 101% commited to the club and as a gunner im proud to have him.
    if you want glory that much then go support chelsea. you must be one of those fans that supported us when we were a top team to rival man utd.

    in arsene we trust. arsene is a true gunner. love gunners love arsene.

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