Our transfer policy “Video”

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14 Responses to Our transfer policy “Video”

  1. Tunde says:

    That’s not funny, jump ship and support Manure or chelski if you are tired of Arsenal……….soon footballl will not be affordable to the ordinary fan with millions of wages to pay and signing fee for your new toys……………..get lost!

  2. noel reynolds says:

    i thought the ronaldo one was apt but alas this is even more apt. hilarious.

  3. Madge says:

    that is not funny show Arsne some respect

  4. Amr Ayyad says:

    im a gooner, and i thought that was funny as hell!

  5. Steve says:

    The Ronaldo version, o which this is based, made a good point in a humorous way about player loyalty, greed and respect for contracts. This one makes a valid point about buying young players and their ability to win competitions but it’s not funny. The implication that Wenger is unhealthily interested in youth is simply grist to the mill of the despicable “Wenger is a paedophile” brigade. It does Wenger, Arsenal and Arsenal fans no favours at all.

    Make your point but do it respectfully. This is a disgrace.

  6. Danny says:

    excellent. very creative. Its just said what most gooners feel. it is wenger last season( i hope)

    he can fuck himself and the 16 yrs

  7. dsksjdh says:

    Not funny at all. Show Arsene some respect. Go support Chelsea or Liverpool please!

  8. georgesydaust says:

    steve’s right

  9. Stuart says:

    The guy who runs this site is obviously a Spud. Actual Gooners, rather than fans of other clubs masquerading as such, should do themselves a favour and make a mental note never to visit it again.

  10. alanc says:

    steve what?? it is very funny i am a season ticket holder and i feel like adolf we are being fed spin every year with “the future” what future when we sign young players and then when we mould them and they become good players after 1/2 frustrating seasons they want to go its a flawed model. you see high profile signings not only improve the squad but boost the moral and the fans but why would the board care they have a guy who gets the team in the champions league year in year out and spends fuck all sorry makes a profit its crazy i think wenger has not a stubbborn git with a fetish for signing up and comming players and trying to prove he can turn them into world beaters and then guess what they LEAVE!!!!

  11. dan says:

    We can see the beginning of a problem at AFC in terms of future trophies. Now, Arsene knows what to do but, as he has stated, the transfer market has been ruined by the prodigious sums one or two clubs are happy to pay. Now smaller clubs are holding out and demanding ridiculous sums for un-established players. Huntelaar for example, is routinely mentioned by the media speculating a move. But his club is asking for the moon, and why not, they’re in a win-win situation. If he goes then they get a huge sum, if he stays they keep a quality player. The likely result is that he stays where he is another season, and contrary to fergie’s view there will be less transfer activity this summer, not more. Another example, Veloso, who didn’t feature for Portugal at euros are asking 20 million quid. Veloso has qualities, but he’s no scoring threat, he’s not the finished article, not known as fierce in the tackle, as such this sum is badly miscalculated. Now these clubs, who can’t make any sense, leave it to us to make some sense of what’s happening. Any club who grossly overprices it’s players, which include most clubs these days are telling the marketplace that their player is not interested in a move to Arsenal. Why? Because Wenger’s reputation and transfer policy are well established, AFC doesn’t pay stupid money, any self respecting club knows this well, as should any player interested in playing for us. For a player to join AFC two things must happen, he’s priced right and he’s keen to play and succeed at AFC.
    Now, to be fair and comprehensive, as Vieira has stated, we’ve had to review our pay structure and with our vital players we certainly have, but at AFC the players must earn their pay. It is entirely misplaced that Ade demand an Henri level salary after one good season. Henri was 29 and he earned it, Ade at 24 years is either developing a massive ego problem or is on the receiving end of some horribly bad advice. Ade, let me help you, one off-season at Milan and you’re on the bench, later to be shipped out to a smaller club with no ambition left to wonder where it all went wrong, someday, maybe you’ll make it back ala Anelska, but past your prime and not much to show for your ‘lost years’. Ade, stay at AFC, stay humble, work hard, earn it, be a leader and help grow the club.
    Back to the main point. So now what’s Wenger left with? Well, a youth policy only gets you so far, and as he’s stated some time ago ‘the club could benefit from experienced proven talent’. What does experienced talent mean? It means world class players who can calm the youngsters, solid role models on and off the pitch, are not intimidated by other big players, can rise to any occasion, and are determined to win and likely have won a lot. Will these players cost extra, sure, because they’ve earned it as have their clubs by keeping faith and a sound relationship between the two.
    Things change, and to reclaim trophies AFC must also change and adapt to a market that is silly by paying a bit more but not compromising our principle beliefs. As Arsene knows better than most, if the price goes up the risk goes up and with all the ‘rotten mercenary’ players out there who exhibit little gratitude and loyalty beyond hollow press statements, the vetting process just has to be more than thorough. Which, I believe, brings us to where we are and why things are taking so long. Wenger can spot a talent, no question, but what of the players desire to play for AFC? Therein lies the major hurdle to signing experienced talent. Spending big sums and then players leave for whatever reason(Reyes got scared of rain), and far earlier than hoped. We must only sign such players determined to succeed at AFC, fact is such players are harder to find these days. If a player and club are just shopping around for money, ala’ Arshavin, Huntelaar, Veloso, and de la Red(who, btw, looks like my sister only prettier), these are not the ones AFC need. The player must have a desire to play at AFC. To players one and all, come to AFC with love for our football, come with class, and if you earn it, we’ll gladly pay. And if you’ve established yourself as world class we’ll pay for that too(we’re not poor just smart). Don’t come to AFC for money alone. We only want players who want us.

  12. Ole Gunner says:

    You’re a cunt, Not funny, or even true.

  13. Adam says:

    as an Arsenal fan. i find this funny

  14. dan(other) says:

    blowing off steam can be done in the bathroom. we are all frustrated but what afc fans know is that wenger will spend on the right players, currently there are not a lot of ‘right players’. eto’o was sighted on the grounds a week ago or so, but this is a player with a big ego problem(problems with rikaard, eto’o is kind of a baby actually, speaks very inappropriately). there are risks in signing players and wenger, though not infallible, is working to bring in the right players but it takes time to vet players and with hleb and ade moves immenent we could see a flurry of activity in the aftermath. I just hope he signs some well established leadership big game names. Now, we’re all damn impatient, but I know there will be new names beyond nasri and ramsey.

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