The Gallas Question

Can Gallas lead us to glory next season?

By Raed, Member of TheGoonerForum

Gallas along with ₤5 million joined Arsenal as an exchange for our then left-back Ashley Cole. When I first heard the news I was pretty happy because I knew that Gallas, despite not playing for Chelsea regularly, was a very good centre-back. His first season was marked by injuries and a hangover from the 2006 World Cup. He, however, made his presence felt in the latter part of the 06/07 season and with the departure of Henry that summer he was named the Captain of the team.

I, like many other fans, did not welcome this decision because there were more suitable alternatives, players who were tied with the club for a longer time. Gallas may have felt this and he stepped up to his role as captain in the 07/08 season. And boy, did he step up until that fateful day at St. Andrews where everything he had worked for so vigorously all came undone in a moment of disparity. Following that, he, nor the team, never really recovered and our season took a sharp curve downwards with disappointing draws and crucial losses culminating to another trophyless season.

Many of us have blamed Gallas because the truth about Gallas is that he is an attention seeking cunt who wants to be the centre of attraction. That doesn’t make him a bad player, and doesn’t change the fact he can motivate our young squad. He is a bad loser, and this is his aspect of the game that needs working upon. To rally the troops when we stare at defeat and keep the momentum going.

His captaincy cannot be removed as many of us would want to because by doing so will cause tension amongst the squad members. So, in the foreseeable future we can see Gallas remaining our captain. What we can do is pray that he learnt from his mistakes this season and does not repeat them in the upcoming seasons.

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18 Responses to The Gallas Question

  1. TheIntelligentOne says:

    Wish he would stop making mistakes at the back also. His arrogance gets the better of him, he thinks he is going to get the decision from the lino and in that split second between that point and him realising that he hasn’t got the decision a goal is scored, or so it transpired last season. Arrogant twat.

  2. Fabo says:

    Yes Willy can lead us next season, having said that that I think Fabregas would be a better captain for various reasons. I dont think Wily should be stripped of the armband because it will have a negative effect on him, and Kolo who would think he’s next in line for the captaincy should it be given to Cesc.

  3. Trevor B says:

    Gallas is a great defender, and his captaincy can be seen in both positive and negative ways. He is a born winner, almost to a fault. We saw for the first 2/3 of the season, Gallas was leading our team to glory. He was completely solid at the back with Toure until the ACN, and during the ACN, he formed a great partnership with Senderos as well.

    He was a leader, rallying our team before games, establishing the post-game huddle, and scoring absolutely vital goals in tense situations (Wigan at home, Man Utd at home, Chelsea at home, etc). Until Birmingham, which I have forgiven him for, he was immense. Although he is not the most popular captain with Arsenal fans, please give him the respect that his defending, will to win, and efforts have undoubtedly commanded.

    Gallas will most likely be our captain again this season, and I have no real problem with that. He is by far our most experienced player, a vocal presence, and a great defender. As long as he can show us that he is a resilient man as well, not just a winner when things are going well, he will be a tremendous asset to the team.

  4. Sinbad says:

    Good work Raed

  5. marcus says:

    being a bad loser is not such a bad thing. Arsene is a very bad loser. Show me a good loser and I show you a loser…

  6. Goofle says:

    Gallas was great last season. As a captain and a player. Iw ant Cesc to be captain anyway but Gallas does not deserve to be slagged off. He did ten times better than Gilberto.

  7. goononthemoon says:

    It looked like a good signing when he came in.

    Before he arrived, however, Toure and Senderos were developing an understanding (Senderos heads the ball out, Toure cleans up after him) and the Senderos-Djourou and Toure-Djourou partnerships were also improving for the future.

    Since Gallas has been there he has been the best central defender but he can’t form a partnership with Toure, Djourou or Senderos. It’s been terrible for the confidence of all three of them.

    In France Gallas is seen as brilliant when he is the second defender (in terms of rank – ie Thuram is more experienced). But he isn’t a good leader.

    Personally, I wouldn’t miss him if he left. Toure and the others would be able to get back to defending and stop worrying about Gallas’ hair-brained bullshit.

  8. Steve says:

    Criticise his performances by all means but a personal attack is out of order. This article was pointless. You can either think he is a good captain or a bad one but to call him an attention seeking cunt? On what basis? Instead of commenting on your blogging ability, I could say that you’re an attention seeking cunt for writing this stupid article.

    Grow up

  9. Mr Young Gun says:

    He has been immature and weak where we needed him to me mature and strong the most. But that was last season. We need to start a fresh and be positive. Ok he acted likee spoilt brat but that is done with. We know that Arsene is not going to take the captaincy off him. So lets get behind him and the team. We will all have a change of tune if he leads us to the PL or/and CL.

  10. Adam says:

    After yesterdays terrible debacle surely it is now time to close this site. I am being perfectly serious. There are interesting and thought-provoking articles waiting to be written about the current state of Arsenal by people with imagination and insight but when you posted yesterday that you only spouted that gibberish to get a reaction I am afraid that you lost a lot credibility. I certainly feel a complete disregard for your opinion as I could never be sure that what you post was serious or not. I guess others will feel even stronger about you and will resort to foul language and personal abuse. Not me. I just think that logic dictates that enough is enough. Close the site….Please.

  11. Goonerkay says:

    I see no one has cared to leave a comment after the shite u wrote about our manager. u worthless cunt, give it up. U chat shit!!!

  12. Serguey-Serge says:

    The penis of Willam Gallas will carry on scoring goals,mates-))

  13. triplec1988 says:

    Our articles on this blog are written by a number of people with a number of opinions. We respect everyone’s opinion, even if it is one that a majority of people may not agree with. Yesterday the blog presented the opinion and view of one of our writers and in due time there will be another piece, sort of a rebuttal, by another one of our writers. This is a place to share ideas and opinions from a diverse group of people. Having said that obviously not evert opinion or piece will be popular, but we feel it is our duty to allow members of our forum to have a place to express how they feel about the all aspects of the club. The views of one article reflect the views of the author, not of the group as a whole and should be viewed with that in min.

  14. Arsenal1Again says:

    He needs to stop thinking he’s a midfielder. How many times is he missing from the defence when a goal is scored? Then he fucking blames Clichy, Senderos and everyone else ….. when it’s his fault by leaving them stranded on their own.

  15. Raed says:

    @ Steve: When I call Gallas an attention seeking cunt, I highlight his wekaness. As for the point of this article, I wanted to show what fans in general feel about him, his strong points, his weaknesses and areas where he needs improvement.

    @ Adam: If you feel that the quality of this site bad, stop coming here instead of posting useless comments.

  16. […] The Gallas Question [image] Can Gallas lead us to glory next season? By Raed, Member of TheGoonerForum Gallas along with ₤5 million […] […]

  17. V.N says:

    Well first, is it wise to call people such names?
    2) if Gallas made so many mistakes, why you still watching Arsenal matches then?
    3) I would like to see you don the kit and play for a full 90 minutes.

    But then again most fans think that they know everything about football. And I should know. I hear you people talk seeing as I work at the Emirates. Maybe you should cut Gallas some slack. He isn’t the only person on the pitch. You seem to forget that or maybe you have impaired vision and can only see 1 man when there are 10 others.

    Everyone makes mistakes and Gallas was not a mistake. When he kicked the hoarding, I understood why. Passion is a killer in football. But I love how the media call it violent. If Rooney had done it then it would have been seen as justified passion.

    Maybe we should put ourselves in their shoes rather than using evil words and dumb opinion. Or maybe we can bring back Ashley Cole, cos he did SO much when he was here. So he scored a few goals true but his whining was about as much fun as relatives in the summer holidays.

  18. gurktim says:

    His great defense capabilities are doubtless.

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