Arsene Wenger earns £4.5million a year

Arsenal manager is the highest paid Premiership manger earning an incredible £4.5million a year. Wenger earns the same as England coach Fabio Capello and AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti who turned down the Chelsea job.

Maybe this is the reason why we have now become a selling club Arsene?

The big surprise for me was that Rafael Benitez earns less than Roy Keane at Sunderland, which may be a good enough reason for the board not to be keen to replace him.

The top Premier League coaches wages

Premier League

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) £4.5m
Kevin Keegan (Newcastle) £4m
Alex Ferguson (Man Utd) £3m
Harry Redknapp (Portsmouth) £3m
Mark Hughes (Man City) £3m
Roy Keane (Sunderland) £3m
Rafael Benitez (Liverpool) £2.5m
David Moyes (Everton) £2.5m
Alan Curbishley (West Ham) £2m
Alex McLeish (Birmingham) £1.6m
Steve Bruce (Wigan) £1.6m)
Paul Jewell (Derby) £1m
Steve Coppell (Reading) £1.5m

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57 Responses to Arsene Wenger earns £4.5million a year

  1. Joe31346 says:

    That’s only 13 managers?

  2. Badcock says:

    Deserves every penny

  3. Nemo says:

    4.5m? SO WHAT!!! id pay him more if he guaranteed me to stay beyond 2011. plus where did u get the facts, coz i remember when arsene extended his contract, he got a 50% rise from 50k to 75k a week which took him level to Fergie’s weekly wage.

  4. gfdh says:

    we should use thgat 4 our transfer budget

  5. Hancock says:

    How about big phil?

  6. sameagain dave says:

    I heard 6.75 and messi will sign tomorow

  7. bolento_09 says:

    Most of the managers on the list are no more than trainers whereas Arsene is The Manager at Arsenal. He is involved in budgeting, planning, player salaries and now without DD he has added responsibilities!

  8. thegoonerforum says:

    Hancock ,Luiz Felipe Scolari has signed a contract for £22million over four years, Jose Mourinho takes home £7million a year at Inter Milan.

  9. charlie says:

    cheap at twice the price

  10. nickynicknick says:

    I’m sure Septic Bladder would consider those scandalous slavery wages and propose a ruling that he must at least by english underwear from M&S rather than importing expensive designer boxers from the continent.

  11. goonerdave says:

    This is rubbish. Clearly Arsene earns more than every penny for the club, 4.5mill a year does not the difference between a selling club and a club able to splash the cash make. The statistics are crap, the sentiment is crap and quite frankly the author is clearly a twat.

  12. Nick says:

    You cannot compare Managers by just the wages. Arsene Wenger practically does everything it matters to football at Arsenal which is not the same with other clubs.

  13. Lou says:

    Source please?

  14. Paul says:

    So what? Get a grip of yourself.

  15. goonbrother says:

    So what, most of the other managers spend loads on players and achieve jack shiit, we gt a manager who not only spends little doe on players but turns them to stars and makes huge profits on em *adeabyor* and what is thiis sum hate site to wenger and arsenal??, am startin to think ur a sp*rs fan in disguise!!!

  16. Nick says:

    There is no Tottemham (Ramos) in the list.

  17. Steve says:

    Not only does he deserve it, he earns every penny. Which manager in the world would say things like I dont want a holiday, I want the season to restart tomorrow, the DAY after the season has finished?!

  18. thegoonerforum says:

    Nick, Juande Ramos Signed a four-year deal, which will reportedly be worth over 6 million euros a year

  19. Indonesian Gooners says:

    So What??? I notice in this few days this site tend to attack Wenger, I’m f*ck sure you’ll be the first who cry like a baby when our dear manager retired and our mighty Arsenal back to boring2 days.

  20. skeptic says:

    So he earns just over twice that of Alan Curbishley, looks like we’re getting a massive bargain to me.

    For £3m less we could have Alex McLeish and get relegated………

  21. thegoonerforum says:

    Indonesian Gooners

    Our articles on this blog are written by a number of members from our forum. All with a number of opinions. We respect everyone’s opinion, even if it is one that a majority of people may not agree with.

  22. arranblonde says:

    can’t believe ‘ole red nose is earning the same as Hughes and Keene. seems questionable to me

  23. Young Guns says:

    He is well worth every penny of it. I don’t know any other First-Team Manager doing that much for the academy as well.

  24. Tom says:

    Guys do u know how mutch do i get a year? 18k so am i a slave or GONALDO?

  25. tuna says:

    If he was paid £10m a year that would be a bargain. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to Arsenal football club.

  26. dynamix says:

    Hancock ,Luiz Felipe Scolari has signed a contract for £22million over four years, Jose Mourinho takes home £7million a year at Inter Milan.

    Nick, Juande Ramos Signed a four-year deal, which will reportedly be worth over 6 million euros a year

    so how come Wenger is the highest paid Premiership manger??

  27. Harry Barracuda says:

    This story is bollocks unless you can substantiate it.

  28. Paulie says:

    This is just another example of what happens at Arsenal. We have a manager who wins fuck all and is constantly popping his head up in every arena with a view on anything and everything and has his nose stuck in everything except what hes paid to do. The mans a genius of bullshit and spin, if you dont believe that then just look at the number of posts saying he deserves this obscene money. What the fuck does he do anymore apart from show up for every photo oppertunity going. This is a man who wont pay top class players the going rate but the greedy c. un t can pay himself obscene money, even more than cU.nt Ferguson who makes Wenger look like the joker he is when comparing trophies and honours. How long is it since we’ve heard of the so called genius being linked with another big club? Cant remember can you, nah thought not as the big clubs expect their managers to actually win and not make the hungry greedy board even more money. A lot of you will say that Arsene makes a profit. Well I say f,u,ck profit. When did we become a club whos fans ambitions consist of finishing fourth and make a profit. I lament for the days when it was all about the football and about winning. Those days dissapeared a few years ago when Arse.hole Wenger decided to take the money and become a greedy and jion our grabbing lying leeches that are the board.

  29. thegoonerforum says:

    dynamix, Them figures are based on last season.

  30. Arab Soul says:

    4.5 Millions !!??

    What a bargin!!!

    Double it to 9 and Still others around the world of clubs & national teams will find it good bargin.

    When you have Arsene then 1+1= 11

    Well, when it comes to making money, i find Arsene quite amazingly stupid. This guy can buy Leeds United and turn it to one of the top clubs in 3 years. He can make it and he can be richer.

    4.5 a year !!! ???

  31. jrock says:

    Who is this paulie ….you are MANU FAN…….IF ARSENE gets £4.5 he does it.I could even give him more!!

  32. wandarah says:

    hi paulie,

    i was wondering you are actually a retard, or if you just play one on the internet.


  33. Stynet says:

    Wenger has transformed Arsenal beyond recognition. If ever a manager deserved his salary it is him.

    Your comment about selling club only exposes that you understand ABSOLUTELY nothing about the economics of football.

  34. bob says:

    is Paulie a Sp**s fan?

  35. Steve says:

    Paulie obviously knows nothing about Arsenal Football Club.

    a) Manager who wins fuck all? More trophies than any other Arsenal manager in history.
    b) What the fuck does he do apart from photo ops? Buys, develops, improves and sells (at a profit) players. Gets his teams playing amazing football- that is no coincidence and it is the result of blood and sweat on the training ground. Plans the training ground at Colney. Plans the Emirates Stadium. Need I go on?
    c) Wenger has more trophies than Fergie in his first 11 years.
    d) Barca, Real, Milan and Bayern as well as the French and German national teams have all offered Arsene the job at one point or another.
    e) You lament the days when it was about winning and football? When was this glorious period? The 30s? 1950-89 we were never consistent with our trohpies. There were huge gaps between cup wins. And no one who knows anything about Arsenal Football Club will say there was a lot of ‘football’ during that 40 year period.
    f) Arsene taking the money? You obviously have no idea who George Graham is do you? THAT is taking money. By the way, he was a double winning player and double title winning manager- saving you time from searching wikipedia.
    g) The Arsenal don’t pay dividends so the board get absolutely fuck all.

    If you dont know anything about Arsenal, why comment? Your idiotic ramblings have forced me to show you up and now you look like a knob.

  36. g0on3r says:

    what??? only because wenger earned 4.5m doesn’t mean arsenal have to be selling club. even if arsene wenger work for free, those 4.5m cannot buy a superstar and won’t even able to pay wages adebayor demand. clearly this writer is a big joker and terrible at math.

  37. LEON says:

    i never read susgh crap in my life he has earned every penny,not just for the titles but the whole training and health fitness of players,the youth sytsem that he brought to arsenal is on par with ajax,his ability to spot talent plus the huge scouting network he has brought in, i hope he stays at arsenal for life,who get arsenal going to replace him

  38. AusGunner says:

    “I lament for the days when it was all about the football and about winning.”

    … The 30s?

  39. Trew -AFC says:

    He is a great manager, he deserves a great wage.

  40. mick says:

    dude where the hell do u get ur info from.. get ur facts right.. ferguson is the highest paid manager in english football and soon scolari will be.. and if flamini is demanding 5.5 million a year for the manager of the team to get 3-5 million a year sounds reasonable.. do u know anything.. 4.5 mil a year in wages to managers does not make a difference in the transfer market.. get serious dude!!! get ur facts right!! ur lucky i dint wipe ur face off this article with vile language!! mofo!!

  41. cheeky-gooner says:

    you are talking non-sense.
    not only is that not true,i will ask the board to pay him more if we can afford it.
    and rather he had it than the idiotic board least we all know that the profits made are a result of his hardwork.

  42. seb says:

    Paulie you are clearly a retard who follows football in the red tops. Arsenal under Wenger have not won ‘fuck all’ as you so charmingly put it, and I doubt very much whether Wenger determines his own salary. I imagine his vast income might have something to do with the board being determined to keep hold of a manager with a proven track record of a) producing consistently excellent football teams, b) more silverware than any other manager at this club has won, and c) making Arsenal one of only two Premiership clubs to make a net profit from transfers over the last 5 years.

    We don’t have the money to go buying several £20-25m players every summer, why do people think we could have?!

    And finally if you had a memory that extended back beyond 1997 which you clearly don’t, you might remember 5 or 6 years of turgid insipid crap between Graham and Wenger, some of which I had the debatable pleasure of witnessing with my own eyes. Even under Graham we were not exactly free flowing were we, so to talk about the days when it was ‘all about the football’, sorry mate if you can’t see the chasm of quality between pre- and post-Wenger’s arrival, you have clearly had your head stuck up your Sky Sports arse for too long.

  43. rizal says:

    Where do you get those info, because fergie earn more then 3 Mill

  44. Paulie says:

    This has to be undoubtedly the blog with the stupidest readers. Ive a good mind not to post here again. Truth is Arsehole Wenger has had his day. Like all great managers time catches up with them all in the end. I use the word manager in conjunction with Wenger but truth is hes a great coach but a hopeless manager and always has been as can be seen by his laughable attempts to keep disipline among his players and his total inability to attract top class experienced players. Its laughable the way some of you clowns claim “we play the best football”. Fuck that I say, last season we scored fewer goals than utd and conceded the most goals of all the top 4. Furthermore we choked everytime the pressure came on and had to listen to an endless barrage of predictible bullshit excuses from Wenger. The man has a fucking excuse for everything blaming everything and everyone except the real reason which is himself. The mans lost it and has finally decided to take the money for an easy job where hes never expected to win anything anymore and can live off past glories. he hasnt got it anymore, hes a joke, past it. The real reason he dont buy quality nowadays is that when his team of chokers fuck up again then he has to accept responsibility. The fact that hes milking this club of obscene money doesnt suprise me in the least, hes a greedy self obsessed obnoxious deluded twat and the sooner some of you wake up and realise that then the sooner we can kick this guy out and get our club back. Thankfully the tide is begining to turn at last and more and more of us are begining to see through Arsene Wengers greed lies and endless bullshit excuses. His time is fast approaching and then we can get back to winning. Fuck off Wenger you greedy sod. Thanks for reading.

  45. john says:

    i think Wenger has it writen in his contract that he’s the highest paid person at the club as he insists that for him to maintain respect amongst the squad he must be paid the most. it makes sense to me, the boss should be the best paid

  46. topgooner says:

    Where’s Martin O’Neill? He deserves a lot more than the vast majority of managers on there. In my opinion, he’s one of the top managers in the Premiership.

  47. Arranblonde says:

    @ Paulie … “This has to be undoubtedly the blog with the stupidest readers. Ive a good mind not to post here again.”

    go for it fella.

    I’ve read some crap in my time but your 2 posts win. By a big margin.

  48. Arab Soul says:

    @ baulie.. you don’t need to write that much to show how an idiot you really are!!!

  49. paulie fan says:

    Nice post Arab Soul. You must however try harder with the english lessons.
    I also agree with Aranblonde, there is some crap on here but every now and then people like Paulie come along and tell it like it is, bests posts by a mile Paulie, I couldnt have put it any better. Keep up the good work bud, Wenger out greedy con man cunt.

  50. Raz says:

    Seb, you’re a knob if you think we don’t have the money. We’re the thrid richest club in the world. The difference is that we choose to pay off our stadium and clear the debt quicker. Now if that’s for the good of the club or to increase the value of the shares, well that’s a different matter.

    Btw, we have not become a selling club because of Wenger’s salary as it’s only around 4% of our outgoings when it comes to wages.

  51. mattzyzy says:

    Paulie , you are totally deluded of some sort or anti-Wenger ? Even you some of your facts are wrong …..

    -ops , why am I read Paulie posts ? I dont want to be the stupid reader like you said Paulie……

  52. Nui says:

    Wheres you fucking source? List sources you fucking twat instead of making shit up

  53. Paulie says:

    Question : Mattzyzy and Nui, Dumb and Dumber. Forgetting about the commical names, which one is dumb and which one is dumber.
    PS. Remember only one of these clowns can be Dumber.
    Please post answers below.

  54. sean says:

    i think arsene wenger is a fantastic coach and should be given more cause he deserve it.chelsea fans can keep on hating,they can have adebayor for 2 euros if they like.

  55. leke fasasi says:

    This man deserves it
    He makes too much GBP for arsenal than any manager does
    Despite arsenal poor purse poor activity in the transfer market since opening emirate stadium he still very consistent.

  56. janker says:

    how do they normally rank them?to my own view,sir alex surpose to be earning more than wenger because he earns trophy last year more than wenger

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