The Faith is Back

New signing Samir Nasri rocks his Arsenal kit.

by Zickar

Now that Wenger has signed Nasri its safe to say that some mouths have been shushed.

For the last two seasons, Wenger has been criticized and it seems he became an easier target with every lie he told, or every truth he said with a sincere heart that turned out to be a lie.

Even though the disappointments on the pitch have been countless, and even though there has been numerous chances wasted to win something, the biggest frustration for me was in the fact for almost two straight seasons we were unable to sign a hot prospect.

It felt kinda sad to see that players like Modric would go to Tottenham rather than come to us (No offense to any Tottenham fans). It felt kinda bad that we were bullied out every transfer race by clubs like Real and Milan and Inter bulking up and inflating the prices of players. for once it felt good to sign a player from under everyone’s nose, It felt kind of nice to see that there is some reason in tis worls and some players would rather come for a 13 Mil to a team with class that will help them and improve their game rather than go to another club for double the price to stay on the bench.

Nasri’s signing was the first time Wenger had promised anything in the transfer window and delivered, Its the first time it looked like he was listening to the fans, he signed a player every Arsenal fan wanted instead of a 15 year old wonder kid. It finally meant that the trust is back and I can finally trust Wenger again, because its really bad when you can’t trust your own manager. If you can’t trust your own manager then who are you gonna trust

Flamini’s departure was the last straw, Wenger had promised us he was staying and I hung on to his word and refused to beleive he was gone till a week or so later until it was old news, For me that was the first time I really stopped beleiving in Wenger, and when he said Nasri is coming I didn’t beleive him, I Though it was just another one of his lies.

Now that Ramsi has signed I have enough faith back in Wenger to actually beleive he will keep Ade and Hleb and I beleive so much in him that I’m sure now he can get every player he wants if he wants to

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21 Responses to The Faith is Back

  1. ross says:

    I think you’re talking out your arse. Wenger never purposely lied to fans or anybody else. He’s not interested in whether people are getting annoyed or anxious and certainly isn’t going to lie to satisfy people. You have proven how much of an idiot you are by saying you believe Wenger will keep Hleb and Adebayor at Arsenal. If you knew anything you would know that now that the two players have expressed their wish to leave, they will. Wenger is not a manager who keeps players at a club if they want to leave. He realises that it just doesn’t work. If you were a true gooner you also wouldn’t want Hleb and Ade to stay because the disloyalty they have shown is not wanted by Arsenal fans. Every other forum/blog says get rid of the two of them because they generally know what they are talking about. You obviously don’t so please stop writing on The Arsenal

  2. Henry says:


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy


    RVP Fabregas Nasri Arshavin


    Sub: Fabianski, Song,Senderos, Rosicky, Vela,Walcott, Bendtner, Eduardo

  3. Effin ada!

    How old are you?


    Aw diddums Wenger didnt sign the big name player you wanted and your ManU mates were ripping the piss, boo hoo! Wenger said Flamini would stay and he didnt, he lied, boo fucking hoo!

    Seriously, this is the 2nd piece of shit article on this site running.

    What kind of whiny assed twat Gooner are you?


  4. Jack says:

    this is probably the worst blog comment and site I’ve ever seen

  5. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    Modric went to sp*rs because we didnt want him… we have looked at him previously but no very seriously… dont get sucked into the usual tiny tots propaganda of every single on of their signings “choosing” them over us… not at all the case … ever… are they even in Uefa Cup football? I have no idea as I cant see that far down the table

    wrap your mythmaking around this son… and then reconsider how we get ‘bullied’

  6. Brad says:

    Don’t really agree with ths=is blog to be honest. He never once promied us Nasri and he also never said Flamini, he said he would stay if it was for footballing reasons ather than just money.

    Plus ade and Hleb can and most probably will leave.

    Far from the best blog i’ve read!

  7. Seb says:

    Hleb is gone! We need to sign a DM and a CB, is there any chance of this happening ?

  8. Arsenal Grouch says:

    How fickle.

  9. Paul says:

    So all of a sudden you’re back in the Wenger camp?? Fuck off you fickle prick …. this is the worst site around. You slag AW off with all your might when it was common knowledge that Nasri (Not Ramsi you thick fuck) had signed, yet it took the official word for you to relent.

    We don’t want your sort associsated with our club.

  10. Richard says:

    We are not keeping hleb! they have already said he is going to go!

    And although i would like ade to stay it doesnt look like the most positive thing at the moment!

    And thirdly! Nasri isnt really the signing every arsenal fan wanted! they more wanted a 26-28 year old with proven world class talent on the big stage!

  11. Funky Kolo says:

    You’re an idiot Zickar…
    Why bother to even post such a ridiculous and childish bit of drivel?

    And just exactly what “lies” did Wenger tell?

    As for this – “Now that Ramsi has signed I have enough faith back in Wenger to actually beleive he will keep Ade and Hleb and I beleive so much in him that I’m sure now he can get every player he wants if he wants to” – Jeez!!! How old are you – 10 maybe?

    If you want my advice – go support spurs, if I had my way, I wouldn’t let you into The Grove.

  12. This is truely a very poorly written piece. Poor logic, coupled with unwarrented dissatisfaction, dissapointment and disloyalty, towards the greatest manager Arsenal has ever had, from someone who call themselves a Gooner is very sad to see. However, unlike others I will not discourage you from writing blogs again. Perhaps this is your first venture into the world of submitting an opinion online. Perhaps you will learn quickly from your errors. Perhaps you will write something better in the future. I hope so!!!! I freely and willingly open and read many blogs on many Arsenal sites so I can hardly blame you for wasting my time with poor writing when I was not being forced to read this crap!!!

  13. nucks says:

    I’ve never lost faith in Arsene. We only lost out on silverware because of injuries and the Eduardo incident. If Ronaldo had missed three months then utd would have won nothing. Same for Lampard or Terry. That’s not a whine about having bad luck, it’s just a fact about how tight the top three were last year. Spurs spend shit loads in the transfer market and win a Disney cup that will keep them happy for another ten years. Arsene does things his own way and I know we have the quality to win the leauge or Champions league this season. Luck will make the difference.

  14. Post Script……….Faith is blind……….So are you!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Adam says:

    Please, oh please close this site. This man is so obviously a Spurs supporter. His knowledge and understanding of AFC shows as much. Modric went to Spurs because they were the only club willing to gamble such a sum on such a physically weak individual. Join with me Arsenal fans and urge this fool to close this site once and for all. Its very existence is an insult. He’ll very likely come out this evening and say that he didn’t mean any of it and just wrote it to get a reaction, just like earlier in the week. The man is an imbecile. Make him go away!

  16. Paulie says:

    Good post. Except Im amazed that anyone takes Wenger seriously anymore. Its true hes a liar. Hes decided to milk Arsenal dry these last few years and is imune from riducule due to his past sucesses. Asif the constant bullshit moaning and excuses for his failure were not enough, now this guy has become the new comical Ali due to his outlandish and incredilous predictions. Cast your mind back to last season, remember genius Arsene said we would win every fucking trophy going, end of the day we won fuck all again. Im glad this site pionts out the obvious about how much of a joke Wenger has become but if I have one fault its the amount of tosser “Arsene knows” brigade members that come on here with no other purpose than to try and defend the indefensible which is cunt Wenger. I wouldnt mind if these morons could put up an argument or be in any way original but no, no chance, they just bore us all with no other argument except Arsehole Wenger won things years ago so he owns our club and has the right to experiment and milk us dry for the next 20 years. Its obvious however that these are all johnny come lately fans who have no idea how sucessfull we were before this greedy bastard Wenger came along. They dont realise that Arsenal were winners long before this mercenery came along, long before they or Wenger ever heard of the club, and one last piont, we will still be Arsenal long after wenger and his band of prick fans have fucked off. Im afraid Arsene will probably collect a lot more millions before he does finally fuck off.

  17. Nui says:

    Boo fucking hoo! I don’t believe in Wenger. He stole my teddy bear! Look mommy, Uncle Arsene stole my teddy bear! How fucking pathetic are these so called Arsenal fans each one with his/her own blog pretending that other people give a shit.

  18. Gio says:

    Hey Paulie, I’ve got just four words for you. Spelling and grammar checker. Oh, and please go back to the Spurs sites where you are a regular if slightly deranged poster.In fact I have two more words for you. Mental health.

  19. Mr Young Gun says:

    I had a feeling we would sign Nasri. It was just a matter of when. I still think there is a 50/50 chance we will sign a DM with Flamini going and Gilerto’s future unsure. Diaby should be given a shot along Cesc. I still think we won’t buy a CB though (hope I am wrong).

  20. Paulie says:

    Nice post Nui, very informative and relevant, do you have a special needs teacher son to help you?

  21. Nui says:

    @ Paulie: Don’t take it personally. Lmao. I was pissed off coz I think all these blogs are what’s contributing to the general doom and gloom among the Arse fans these days. So stop with the nonsensical articles and write some shit which makes sense.

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