Diarra,Flamini and Gilberto ALL allowed to leave? So who is our holding midfielder?

3 Defensive midfielders allowed to leave the club in the last 6 months, Lets hope Arsene has something up his sleeve as this now leaves us short of players in this key department. As i said a few days ago I would like Diaby to get a chance in the middle, But we still need cover and going into the season with only Cesc, Denilson Song and Diaby plus the addition of Ramsey our Midfield is lacking experience.We seem to be blessed with Attacking midfielder at the club but not that many who are willing to do the donkey work.

Diarra must be kicking himself knowing that if he was still at the club he would now be a one of the first names on the team sheet.

So who might Arsene sign as our new holding midfielder?

Yaya Toure ( Would be perfect )

Xabi Alonso ( is more of a Deep-lying playmaker then holding midfielder )

Gareth Barry ( I would not pay £18m plus £80k a week for Barry )

All linked with a move to Arsenal plus the unknown Amaury Bischoff, But Personally I would love Wenger to go out and sign Daniele De Rossi.

We need a tough tackling ball winner next to Cesc in midfield and Wenger would need to address this if we stand a chance of winning anything this forthcoming season.

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14 Responses to Diarra,Flamini and Gilberto ALL allowed to leave? So who is our holding midfielder?

  1. Diaby has the ability and potential to be a great central midfielder. People forget that Vieira was only 21 when he joined us and nobody questioned his ability.

  2. c0mm0n says:

    Diaby is NOT a defensive midfielder and has yet to play in the center of the park ; i’d really like to see him become Cesc’s direct alternative.

  3. lloydie says:

    I am a passionate supporter of the club and Arsene, who together have presided over a glorious period. I have been going to every home game and at least 50 % of away games for nearly quarter of a century, so I’ve earnt my right to express an opinion. Despite being blessed with pretty football to watch, there is no substitute for winning. To be honest we are a long way short of what is required. Arsenal fans pay considerably more to follow their team week in week out – our season tickets prices are by far the most expensive and the cost of buying anything turgid to eat or drink at games makes Harry’s Bar look sensible value!
    It was clear that we had to keep our best and most experienced players (Lehmann apart) and purchase at least two or three top quality seasoned performers to be in with a shout this season. What have we done? Sold Gilberto (Brazil captain), Hleb (entering his prime), Diarra (potentially world class), and lost Flamini for nothing. Adebayor could yet leave. We all criticise him for wanting more money, but put yourself in his shoes. If another firm in your sector offered you substantially more and your current employer was selling off the the Picassos every summer, what would you do? Who can we replace him with? Villa I promise is another Fernando Morientes waiting to happen. Eto is trouble and past his best, while the likes of Aguero are out of our price range. Adebayor is 24 and going to be better than Drogba is now. Selling him will be a huge mistake. Accepting that we have handled this situation poorly and giving him a raise to at least 60k per week is the minimum we should do. We must do this an bring in two more top additions or face it, we might as well say goodbye to Cesc for next summer right now.
    We pay more and don’t complain, we are patient and much less fickle than most big team fans, so I feel the wool is being pulled over our eyes while an Old Etonian and a diamond dealer get rich. I’m not asking for absurd signings, but keeping your best players and bringing in another couple of excellent signings is the least we deserve! If the current board have got their sums wrong and as a result we are not as flush as we thought we would be, then they should do the honourable thing and step aside for Stan or Usmanov. Afterall Man Utd and Chelsea don’t seem to be doing too badly.

  4. Yaya Toure?

    Clueless fantasy managers with out a clue effin going on about a player who is more pedestrian than Gilberto.

  5. Vieira was 19 fella weren’t he?

  6. Alonso can play the DM role, him and cesc would be a pretty sharp partnership, Alonso is tough in the tacle, but they wouldnt be the biggest of CMs would they?

    Although barry is way too over priced, I think he’s a great shout.

    And I’m sure O’Neill would rather sell to us than the scousers.

    £10 mill & Justin.

  7. Paulie says:

    Fucking hell, you would not pay 18 million for Barry. For fuck sake whats wrong with our fans. Why have they got a problem with paying the going rate for players. Makes me fucking laugh to see such shit, you’d think you were paying the money out of your own pockets. What fucking difference is it to you if we pay the going rate, has Wengers meaness washed off on you. While other teams pay the going rate we continue to search for bargain basement players. Lets not forget that Wenger is not too slow in paying himself the highest wages in the premier league despite winning fuck all in 4 years and let us not forget that this crowd of vultures and leeches we call the board are not too slow in milking us with the highest ticket prices in the premiership. Yes it never ceases to amaze me at the bullshit we have to constantly read from tosser fans who delight in the fact that we dont pay for top players what other big clubs do. Anyone would think that the money we milk of our loyal fans would be paid straight into their accounts. Fucking hillarious the mentality of these cunts, what must be going through their tiny minds.

  8. Jonesy says:

    Cunt off. Wenger knows.

  9. Paul says:

    Diaby,he played largely on the left in Rosiky’s absence but he is a central midfielder,admittedly more offensive than Patrick Vieira,he will adjust his game to compliment Cesc.Dont forget he has come back from a seroius injury and slowly brought into the 1st team,if Wenger partners him in the midfield then its because they have seen it in trainingHe has beeen at Arsenal couple of seasons and would have worked an understanding with the players.On occasions i have seen him play,he is good in the air,tough tackling(a little overzealous) good engine and passer,plus he can strike a ball,saw him score against Derby,bullet.I think he should be given a chance over any rumoured signings,we also have Denilson if neither cement the postion i am sure Wenger will buy in Jan.Right now its silly season for prices and Wenger will be aware of that.

  10. robert says:

    I think that nigel de jong from HSV would be perfect….

  11. Gary Braham says:

    I have always thought Diaby could be just like Vieira so i would love to see him in the centre of midfield alongside Cesc. I would like to sign Arshavin or Barry just to make sure we don’t fell short if we get hit with injuries and suspensions like last season.

  12. Rick says:

    Xabi is a good player but I dont see him at Arsenal, and IMO he wouldnt play fot any other team than Liverpool in England. Barry would be perfect and Yaya I believe is good as well but not really an option since Barca has not shown any desire to get rid of the player, best sign is, Barca bought Hleb without sugesting any exchange.
    Adebayor, I am afraid, will stay due to his high price so we wont have that much money to spend. A low price (or even for free) player might end up being the most probably scenario.

  13. James says:

    Diaby is too lazy to play as a defensive midfielder. He’d have to double his work rate and tackle a lot more effectively – his tackling is bad, he usually gets sent off.

  14. nikpol says:

    hi, this is my comment

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