Overrated Kids fail to shine again in 1-1 draw


After a poor performance at the week end away to Barnet, The world class Arsenal kids again failed to shine vs a Hungarian pub side that looked more like a bunch of Sunday league rugby players.Its seems that Wenger and many fans have put a lot of faith in the young players at Arsenal. Some who IMO have been over hyped and given unfair titles as “The next big thing in world football” Why is it ever time a young player comes to Arsenal we hype them up to be the dogs bollocks when in fact they are just average. The Hoyte brothers Randall Denilson Vela, So many people think they are going to be our savers, They are so over hyped its untrue. People keep on saying we have the best bunch of kids in England but IMO 90% of them are overrated and wont make it in the top league in England.

People might say ” its only a friendly  and means nothing ” But they do mean something. Its the perfect time for them young players to show what they can do. Its a perfect time to push for a first team place and to grab the managers attention.

If they cant shine in games like a friendly vs a pub side then what chance will they If I was one of those youngsters playing today I would have ran my f**king socks off and put in 1000% effort.Some of these youngsters should be brought down to earth, they think they are the business already.

You could see that Francois Coquelin that has only joined Arsenal had more desire then the whole of the rest put together.

Randall and Lansbury walk around the pitch with there Gucci haircuts thinking they are the dogs bollocks and cant even pass the ball 5 yards.

We need to stop over hyping them kids and expecting to much from them.

With regards to the match it showed that we need new players. Wenger tried the Hoyte brothers at center back and if I am honest they proclaimer brothers could have done a better job. Then Wenger moved Sagna and Clichy to center back for the 2nd half? (Weird)

Wenger now has to see that we need players and he needs to pull his finger out and start spending the wonger.

Apart from that Wilshere looks a really class player, How long till we loan him out to Birmingham before selling him for £500k?

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  4. Bone says:

    Let’s slate Vela for not being tremendous in his first 45 with new teammates!

  5. marcus says:

    Sounds like you wrote this before the match and didn’t even watch the game.

  6. thegoonerforum says:

    Bone, People go on about Vela being a huge star next season without even seeing him play. The point I am trying to make is that people expect to much from the kids

  7. Rich says:

    Agree completely that Coquelin looked the business when he came on, as much more his attitude as the technicality of his getting stuck in. Agree too that Wilshire looked good, and that Randall in particular looked AWFUL – looked far too casual like he was only interesting in a high profile bit of eye catching magic, rather than working flat out for the team. Appalling.
    However I thought Vela looked very good. Positive and busy. Great goal from Bendtner and Walcott too.

  8. Steve says:

    What a bellend. What you didnt see was the training Wenger puts through the ‘kids’ who havent even fully grown yet. The lads were knackered- simple as. And who gives a toss about pre season friendly results? Are the Kaiser Chiefs really as good as the European and English champions? What a stupid pointless post

  9. northbanklegend says:

    That’s a bit strong, the players who failed to shine were Bendtner and Hoyte, look at Randall, Ramsey and Wilshere played really well.

  10. harrison says:

    what are you going on about do you have a clue what you are talking about

  11. marcus says:

    “The point I am trying to make is that people expect to much from the kids”

    And you expect nothing from them, you’re just ready to pounce and trash them after 2 casual little games. did you even SEE Coquelin, the player the news sites are praising?

  12. Gooner says:

    no no no! Rubbish article!!! Vela is not overrated, first time playing with Arsenal eammates, give him a break. I admit some of the kids are hopeless, who actually has faith in the Hoyte brothers. But some are looking really good, Wilshere, Barazite and Nordveit (spelling?) to name a few so just show some patience

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  15. thegoonerforum says:

    @ Steve
    “The lads were knackered”

    Is this due to the long hard season thats just ended?

  16. Bone says:

    I agree, we do expect much from them, and some of them will make it.

    Look at Toure, Fabregas, Clichy, Eboue, vPersie, Bendtner, etc. They to started at Arsenal as youngsters.

    And some will fail, like Graham Barrett, Lupoli, Pennant (?), etc.

    But give them more time to prove themselves than 45 minutes.

    That being said, I do agree with you regarding Lansbury and Randall, they were awful.

  17. I! says:

    You are a fucking IDIOT, I regret coming to this rubbish blog of yours…. Can’t you give them a little praise? BASTARD!!!

  18. ..... says:

    what a stupid f**king post. clearly no knowledge of the arsenal ‘kids’ development and how good they are. Basing analysis on the first 2 friendly games…pathetic. To say a player like vela is over hyped and probably wont make it in the english top flight?? Hes started his country’s, Mexico if you didnt know, last 7 games scoring in the last 3, he is rated as one of their most important players now, the just sacked manager claimed if vela had played in all the qualifiers they would be heading to the next world cup. He is one of the brightest talents in world football, real madrid tried to buy him last jan…but of course you know better than everyone else cos he was average in his first game for arsenal against some hungarian team…idiot.

  19. Brian Hall says:

    Think before you type.

  20. I! says:

    You are not even the best in what you, so why condemning others? MAN UTD drew their match with KC and nobody complained… MORON!!!

  21. Mr Young Gun says:

    That’s a bit harsh. The aim of pre-season is really just to get back to 100% fitness. Performance is not as vital. And if is it is senior players like Sagna, Clichy, Aluminia etc that do need to buckle up. As for the rest such as Vela, he needs time to settle. It is highly unfair to expect him to do wonders in his first pre-season. You are right about certain players not taking this as an opportunity. I agree that we looked disjointed. But you have to understand it might take time to get back into rhythm of things. No one is match fit or sharp yet. This makes the difference in being able to put in big performances when the competition period arrives. This is the period where all the rustyness and little mistakes can be released. A lack lustre pre-season doesn’t mean the team will fail. Last year I recalled we had a good pre-season but won nothing at all.

  22. theidiotforum says:

    No its due to the fact they’ve just come back from their holidays and are working their socks off!

    Why do you need a forum when all you know about football could fit nicely on the back of a postage stamp?

  23. upyercockersombero says:

    What goonerforum meant to say is that his blog is a useless waste of valuable web space.

    if it wasn’t for newsnow no one would know about this benchmark in literary diarrhoea.

    so while everyone is entitled to an opinion it is also worth noting some people opinions are based on ignorance

  24. Joseph says:

    Hi mate. First arrange your structure of the English language before attempting to write an article. Second try to learn and read a game before you comment about one. Third there is something which is called the learning curve and in a learning curve commiting mistakes is important to learn how to deal with them and in that way you become better.

  25. andrew says:

    silly post written by a silly and sad person, the aim is to get match fitness you silly person. The kids over the weekend in the second half were brilliant, you need your thick head examined.

  26. marcus says:

    Exactly how many pre-season games have you watched before? Did you watch the first 2 pre-season games last season or the season before? You sound like a football newbie.

  27. Gray says:

    its friggin preseason they are playing for fitness not results, in a unfamiliar team with players out of position. you cannot and should not judge them on a preseason friendly after they have only been back in training for a month. arsenal fans need to lighten up and get behind the team and stop tearing strips of them at every opportunity! prick

  28. j says:

    go fuck ur self u call ur self a gooner? fuck u bitch ur just a little bitch go fuck ronaldo and those man u fans

  29. Fabregas' Dad says:

    The Hoyte brothers, Randall and Lansbury weren’t very impressive but it’s one game, Cesc wasn’t very impressive in the Euro final, does that mean he’s rubbish?

    Denilson and Vela played OK.

  30. steve says:

    Fuck me what a shit post clearly written by a twat.

    by your theory Henry would have been labelled shit and shown the door – remember he was terrible when he first joined. what did ever happen to him?

    you cock

  31. Steve says:

    I said they were knackered after their workouts in training – every one who knows anything about football knows that pre season training is the most gruelling time for a footballer

  32. Jog on! says:

    G man, stick to your day job!

  33. MDGooner says:

    One word – DICK

  34. L says:


    I think you are all dick heads, finally a blog that doesn’t have its head so far up Wenger’s arse and repeating the normal we fucking great crap.

    I’m tired of you idiots that think we are going to win something without any experience, yeah sure in 5 years time we’ll win the fa cup and then you’ll all be saying that Wenger was right all along.

    Wake up and smell the rose, unless we buy some experience we wont win anything this season, and will be lucky if we manage to qualify for the champions league.

  35. David says:

    Great article. It was absolutely shocking. Ramsey for one should go, and I think it’s pretty clear Vela isn’t going to make it. When is Arsene going to realise that we have GOT to win pre-season, and play some proper experienced players. I’d say more, but I only started supporting arsenal 25 minutes ago.

  36. Alex F says:

    You’re blatentlly not an Arsenal fan, so why do you bother? You’re 15 and on school holidays? Get a life.

  37. RobM says:

    ‘People might say ” its only a friendly and means nothing ” But they do mean something. ‘

    What do friendlies mean then? Other than as an excuse for people like you to go off the deep end and lose all touch with reality, that is.

  38. Q says:

    Wow. talk about an overreaction!

    You do realize it was a pre-season friendly for our reserve side, right?

    That said, Ramsey and Wilshere continued showing real class, Coquelin was very impressive, Vela and Denilson had an OK game … the rest were disappointing.

    Making any conclusions based on today’s game is just beyond ridiculous.

  39. cescy says:

    give them a chance u mug

  40. TA6 says:

    One preseason friendly, and our entire bunch of kids being written off as “overrated”?

    with “fans” like that, who need scouts?

  41. thegoonerforum says:

    TWO TA6 (2) The game at Barnet was pretty crap also

  42. TA6 says:

    alright then, TWO preseason friendlies and our entire bunch of kids being written off as “overrated”?

    with “fans” like that, who needs scouts?

  43. piken79 says:

    after two weeks of training and far less than that for vela and some of guys they cant play the best football you want. lets see what happens in the emirates and the ajax cup. im sure you are just pissed cus wenger hasn’t bought the superstar you want but we will be one of the best teams come next season

  44. TT says:

    thegoonerforum – you are an idiot.

  45. omar says:

    i cant believe your actually criticizing the playes…. you think pre season games are easy? u should have seen man united struggle so badly against a south african team last week wtih rooney,tevez, giggs and every1. its only pre season and the results are not important at all at this stage. hopefully the guys are working hard these days to be ready for the emirates cup. it doesnt matter if theyre playin a pub team or a hungarian team, the bottom line is that wenger himself sid that its not time to judge players now…. lets wait till the emirates cup

  46. Goof says:


    I think you are all dick heads, finally a blog that doesn’t have its head so far up Wenger’s arse and repeating the normal we fucking great crap.

    I’m tired of you idiots that think we are going to win something without any experience, yeah sure in 5 years time we’ll win the fa cup and then you’ll all be saying that Wenger was right all along.

    Wake up and smell the rose, unless we buy some experience we wont win anything this season, and will be lucky if we manage to qualify for the champions league.”

    Why are there fans out there who care more about “being realistic” than actually “being realistic”?

    Your head is so far shoved up your own arse that you cannot comprehend that there may be a method to Wengers madness.

  47. TT says:

    as goof says, L, you are a cunt.

  48. al says:

    Randall and Lansbury and the two Hoytes were abyssmal. Lansbury might be alright with time but Randall was appalling. Traore isn’t good at anything – mirror image of Eboue.

    Denilson held the whole thing together with good positioning, tackling and passing. Coquelin showed a real interest in the game. Bendtner, Walcott and Wiltshire played well, as did Clichy and Sagna and the two keepers.

    The rest were as anonymous as the opposition. Long way to go, though.

  49. Mat says:

    Well hello Captain Buzzkill.
    let’s just pull out of the Premiership altogether this season because surely we’re all doomed.
    So much for showing patience with the young ones, one game and you’re ready to fire 90% of the academy. They ened to hone their skills and get their legs back after the off-season. Let’s not throw everyone under the train in july!

  50. Dutch Master says:

    this guy didn’t watch the match!!!

    but THe hoyte brothers must never play in the center “EVER” again

  51. Danish Gooner says:

    He is right to his opinion……stop slacking the guy off !!!!!! This is not Pinochets Chile.I watched it too and as anyone can agree it was a piss poor performance but it is early days and there is much room for improvement.

  52. gaya says:

    hello thegoonerforum,
    if you can get this much stick in just one evening, how much the you think the players will cope with yours for the rest of the season if you expect the mto get off their bed and start playing good football? Maybe Arsene should have rafted in Eduardo as well, i guess that would have made you happy

  53. v_f says:

    I watched the game live, here are my thoughts on the players with ratings:

    Almunia – solid enough when he needed to be, couldn’t do much about the goal as the defense was caught out. 7

    Clichy – did great as captain, more of the same from last season, lots of good energy and determination with a few strong runs into the attacking third; could maybe improve his delivery and/or final decision making slightly, but a bit too early to judge. Looked surprisingly comfortable at centre-half too! 7.5

    Justin Hoyte – didn’t look too comfortable at centre-back, clearly not his best position, but he wasn’t helped by his brother. He looked more comfortable in the 2nd half when he was switched to right back. IMHO he could really use a loan spell with a mid-table premier league club, and if he isn’t good enough after that should be sold. 6

    Gavin Hoyte – didn’t look too comfortable, but it must be kept in mind that he is very young; Wenger himself said that centre-backs come into their prime at around 28, judging from that, he has quite some time to go, and could yet prove good in the future. 5

    Sagna – I personally think he was one of the best players on the pitch, always comfortable in possession, great positioning and tackling, and supported the attacks very well. Looked very comfortable at centre-back as well. 8.5

    Wilshere – Looked a class above everyone else on the field, which is amazing considering he was atleast 3 years younger than everyone else. Incredible ball control, silky running, great passing…he really has all the makings to become an absolute legend in the future. He just needs to get some experience in the reserves/carling cup/on loan in the next 2 or 3 seasons and what a player we will have on our hands! 8

    Denilson – Much improved performance from Barnet. He looked solid in possession and teamed up reasonable well with Ramsey. Got better as the game wore on, before he probably became too exhausted and anonymous for the last minutes on the pitch 7.5

    Ramsey – Solid partnership with Denilson, didn’t quite hit the heights he did against Barnet but he does have fantastic awareness and a magnificent passing range. 7.5

    Walcott – Very lively, getting into the groove of things; much better performance than Barnet, and an exceptionally well-taken and instinctive goal. Expect big things from him this season. 8

    Bentdner – A million miles improved from his Barnet performance, made some strong runs into the channels, his ball control was coming back, some decent crosses. Exceptionally good control for the assist to Walcott. 7.5

    Vela – Has only been training for a very short time with the rest of the squad and that showed at times early on as he was on a different wavelength, but you could tell the kind of class he has and what kind of player he can become. Great ball control, has a great turn of pace and will be interesting to see how he does over the rest of the preseason. 7


    Mannone – didn’t have much to do, but what he did do he did comfortably. 7

    Mark Randall – played in the centre of the park. Has this aura around him that makes it seem like he’s not really trying too hard and everything looks really easy for him. It may be a little bit of arrogance but I think its just his style. He looks like he may have a great passing range and shot when he’s fully fit – bu the did look very rusty (completely understandable as its his first game back). He did have a lot of the ball but most of his passes and shots were overhit. It would be interesting to see how he does over the rest of preseason. 6

    Henri Lansbury – Was quite anonymous and didn’t have much of the ball. When he did have it, didn’t do much of note. Clearly not in the swing of things yet. 5.5

    Armand Traore – Not as good as clichy was in the first half at full back, but solid enough at the back, and did try and get forward when he could, though the delivery sometimes could have been better. Not a bad outing overall though. 7

    Francis Coquelin – As has been mentioned, made a difference when he came on. His anticipation of the ball and tackling are fantastic, he’s clearly a natural at it. His attitude also seems great. His ball control, passing and shooting have room for improvement, but I’m sure that will come over time in training with us. Will be knocking on the door hard in around 2 seasons. 8

    Jay Simpson – Unfortunately didn’t get much service at all, because when he came on the midfield were struggling to get back a foothold in the game. He did make some intelligent runs and put in some great effort, but wasn’t his day. 7

  54. Gooner says:

    You cock sucking spud!

  55. John McCall says:

    “Wenger tried the Hoyte brothers at center back and if I am honest they proclaimer brothers could have done a better job.”

    If I were to be honest I would hope that if were to write on a pointless blog, I would hope to be able to spell words as complicated as “the” correctly. Mind you – it’s fairly clear not much thought goes into this utter piece of tripe.

    PS It’s C-E-N-T-R-E by the way

  56. cesc la vie says:

    What a pointless post. I agree with many of the sentiments echoed above. Have a look at the Pat Rice interview on Arsenal TV and you’ll see that 1. The players had been worked very hard in an extended training session this morning 2. No-one is going into full blooded tackles and risking their seasons. 3. The Emirates Cup and then the Amsterdam Tournament will be when the team begins to take shape, and compete at close to match fitness, not before then.

    justin Hoyte ain’t good enough, Gavin is better IMHO and I’ve watched him quite a lot. I would be more worried about some lack of sharpness from Bendtner/Walcott than attacking our kids. I personally don’t think Randall is good enough, but Lansbury is class. Ramsey is a future great and Vela will take 6 months to bed in. Forget your opinion, everyones differ, but your complete lack of knowledge about what you purport to write about is a tad embarrassing, no?

  57. pezzer says:

    What is the point of this post?

    Are you that ignorant….We played without Toure,Gallas,Fabregas,Rosicky,Nasri,Ramsey(2nd half),Adeboyor,Van Persie,Eduardo,Diaby,Eboue,Merida,Senderous, Song, Djorou….Which other team in World football could put out a team and still play refreshing football without all of the ABOVE…Yes it wasnt great..but its irrelevant…..Its all about 16th August till the end of May…

    We will Add a Centre Midfielder and possibly another Defender and we will be better than last season…GROW UP and get behind the team!!!!



  58. Sandy says:

    Absolute tripe… “Kids fail again” Wasn’t it the kids that turned the Barnet game around?

    Moron… you obviously not much more than a kid yourself!!

  59. Paul says:


  60. Leebo says:


  61. Manuel says:

    obviously cant write anything that criticises the author as they won’t allow my previous post to be shown.

    so now i’d like to say that this is the most magnificent, brilliantly written blog EVER in the history of blogs EVER.

    this article ranks up there as one of the top pieces of written english ever in the history of the universe.

    well done goonerforum. you are amazing.

    is that ok?

  62. Abz says:

    Ha ha! A lot of overreaction to the overreaction.

    While I dont agree with the tone of the article, I have to agree and say I wasn’t entirely impressed with what I saw tonight. Kids or not, if we’re touting our boys as potential future world beaters, performances against such mediocre opposition (including one of the worst goalkeepers I’ve ever seen!) need to be much better.

    We barely tested their keeper and our final ball was all to often abysmal.

    Agree that the likes of Landsbury and Randell should be really going all out to impress in games like this. These two are supposedly the closest from the reserves to making the first team. Not on the evidence of this evening.

    I think we’re all expecting an improvement.

    Justin Hoyte however is shocking!

  63. Derek says:

    What a clown you are.The players had trained before the game,so perhaps the reason they didn’t run their socks off is because they already had done that in training.You may be correct in that the players will not all make it but you are also probably one of the “FANS” who want more home grown players in the team.

  64. Jack says:

    Your a mug bruv.
    Call yourself an arsenal supporter, some of these players are 17 etc. just cos they can play football doesn’t mean they dont have nerves and stuff.
    say all this after you go watch the reserves and under 18’s every week at the underhill and maybe i will agree.

  65. adfsdfasdf says:

    this article is piss.

  66. dan says:

    what a giant knob of goat shit you are! i seem to remember similar pant wetting dummy spitting and toy throwing from many of your ilk at this exact time last year when we lost 1- 0 to an austrian team whose best player was old enough to be my dad, then we went on to challenge in the 2 main tournaments not to mention the rest of the pre season in which we beat the italian champions plus psg lazio and ajax.

    heres a clue as to why the players look rusty you dimwit, firstly this is the first football 90% of them have played in 2 months or more, sagna amongst others is just coming back from injury, lansbury hasnt had a proper run of games in 6 months as hes just recovered from GLANDULAR FEVER, and you wonder why he hasnt got the legs to run for ages!

    second, the reason for out of position players / experiments is that all in full internationals involved in the euros or world cup qualifiers have only been back in training a day or 2 and werent ready to play, the manager has already said that these first 3 games are warmups and pre season only gets properly underway with the games against stuttgart madrid etc do you see liverpool man u etc fans crying their eyes out because they lost or drew games in the first weeks of pre season!? thank god the people in charge arent so stupid,
    ”allo, peter, its arsene, i just phoned to say, weve got to sell the entire reserves and most of the youth team, they didnt look up for it against that hungarian team, we need a new youth set up in place in time for the game against burgen land XI on monday, hey while your at it best get another set lined up incase the new lot dont work out against that mighty austrian select!”


  67. dan says:

    also as the one above said it wasbasically last years reserve side that single handedly won the barnet game in the second half, know why?

    theyddone an extra week or so light training beforehand and were that bit fitter, i also think youll find that the hungarian season is already well under way as was the austrian one this time last year, hence theyre team while no where near as skilled are al match fit and firing

  68. Doublegooner says:

    Bottom line is we need experienced players, if we’re to compete. problem is the pots pretty much dry.

  69. […] Overrated Kids fail to shine again in 1-1 draw   [image] After a poor performance at the week end away to Barnet, The world class Arsenal kids again failed to shine […] […]

  70. biyi says:

    this is the grossiest tart shite ive seen in ages.somebody should shoot this guy b4 he kills us all with his pathetic stories.im sure hes an agent for one of those low-life clubs,say chealshit,whorespur,manure or those fuckin terrorist,outlawed,cant- get -shirt -endosement ,arsenal-rejects
    -buying- barca

  71. telboygoon says:

    some of these players have huge potential (wilshere/nordveit/ramsay/barazite) but we are desperately short of top class 1st team players compared to chelsea and manure ,
    wenger said himself last season “we need more experience” then sold 4 experienced players and brought in 3 untested, very inexperienced players under 21?????
    and now says we need only one signing!
    you work it out!!!

  72. Freddie says:

    everyone who use foul and abusive language in their comments is a cnut
    And what you phuckwits don’t seem to realize is that these are the most important games of the seaon for the wannabes – this will be the most time they spend under the gaze of AW before they go back to the reserves for another year. These fringe players are trying their best and it’s completely obvious that the ramsey and wilshere are the cream of the crop. And around here that’s usually as far as it goes

  73. spike says:

    G Man

    Does the G stand for Gimp?

    You really are a clueless twat. Stay away from football and Arsenal in particular.

    You obviously havent grasped the fundamentals of a PRE-SEASON.

    It aint about performances at this stage, it is about fitness.

    This site is fast becoming the effin worst hair trigger bag o shite media fed glory hunters paradise cuntfest out there.

    Fuck off cuntbucket

  74. Harry Barracuda says:


  75. Harry Barracuda says:


  76. Nui says:

    lol @ troll post. Arsenal troll forum, you should rename the site

  77. graham latter says:

    the only thing thats overated is ur idiotic blogs u silly spurs fan go get a job u useless spud.

  78. A says:

    I bet your happy with all these hits you are getting for this disgusting “article” Shame on you.

  79. wondrinfree says:

    You sound if you have swollowed the media hype yourself and are feeling disapointed that they weren’t playing like the first team do in full flow. I largely disagree with much of your assessment of the players, but much has already been said so I won’t repeat.

    If anything Mark Randell looked like he was trying too hard. This affected his decision making which seemed desperate. Too often he went for the glory shot when there were better placed players around him. This is probably because he knows that this is his last year to prove himself before the chop.

    Bendtner and Walcott looked as if they enjoyed playing together and started to get an apreciation of where each other were and with a little more sharpness could be a good partnership.

    The team on the whole looked largely like a bunch of talented individuals who needed to spend time together (Vela especially).

    I reccomend they go off somewhere and practice with some meaningless friendly matches, oh wait …..

  80. dan says:

    I know ppl would come straight onto thewebsites and start slating the young players if we played badly and didnt win. At the end of the day its about fitness at the start of the season. Some players played better than others. But you cant really judge these players at all, till we play in the emirates cup the 1st proper games that mean anything and when there fitness is alot better. if any get a game they can play with the 1st team and see how they cope then. Only 2/3 of these young players will be part of the 1st team. Some will go on loan, some sold others stay in the youth/back up team. Stop slating the players and get behind them a pointless article slating them now. Who do ppl think will make it this season anyway. I think Only mayb Merdia, Traore, Barazite and Possible Gibbs. That is aprt from the players we brought in dis summer. Bad News about toure with song away aswell.

  81. Simmo says:

    I’m sorry but this is a dreadful blog entry. It’s an EARLY pre-season friendly. It’s meant to build fitness, not prove anything. And you say our youngsters are over hyped, then finish the article by claiming Wilshire looks class. He’s only just signed his first contract…get real mate!

  82. smudger says:

    Absolutely spot on! The fact we didn’t win 9-0 shows that this whole team of players are absolutely rubbish. Vela has been given more than enough chances to shine at Arsenal, he failed to score a hattrick in 45mins yesterday, it’s time we moved him on.

    On a slightly less sarcastic note, it’s pretty ridiculous that you’re slating the team for average performances in the first two games of pre-season. Did you not listen to Wenger? These are warm-up games. These are also young players getting valuable experience against bigger players.

    Whilst I wouldn’t disagree there were some disappointing performances, and I would agree with your summarising of Randall and Lansbury, you can’t judge these players on 2 games. Not to mention the majority of these players will be reserve/youth players next season.

    So calm down, put your toys back in your pram, and stop writing drivel slagging off players you’ve only seen play once or twice.

  83. Yomi says:

    This guy sucks a big deal. What does he have to say about Man U the English and European Champion who where held down by South African Kazier Chiefs , an African which doesnt seem to be as strong as any recorgnised European team .Please sit your sorry ass down and sleep if you’ve nothing to say .

  84. Adam says:

    i liked the bit about loaning and then selling wilshere to birmingham for 500k… very true of arsenal. i think we should of held on to players longer before letting them go, for example, bentley, upson, pennant, stu taylor, sidwell.
    i’m not saying this players would be starters for arsenal, but a squad with these players is better than no squad at all.

  85. BigTone6 says:

    if you were tryin to provoke a reaction you have done extremely well

    if you were tryin to write a credible article you spectacularily failed, you show a masive lack of football knowledge, i question if you have ever kicked a ball in your life !

    or you are a 7 year old man united fan usin your daddys pc for the first time,

    or you just enjoy bein sworn at !!

    one way or the other you are a fool

  86. TheNuts says:

    Why are there so many replies, which are distasteful, incompetent and so basic they seem to have been written by cavemen? Are you a REAL Aresnal fan because you can say a swear word when someone says something that you might not agree with. Raise your standards guys. Represent the club in a manner that defines Arsenal fans. Make us proud lads.
    If you are proud of Arsenal team, act like it.

    adfsdfasdf, Leebo, Paul: Find another team, like a local pub team or read a book on conversation and social skills.

    dan: if you are going to write something, don’t start with the most ignorant English language. It really shows the level of your intelligence.

  87. Clock End Gooner says:

    I wouldn’t even waste my energy getting angry at this post, because it’s pretty obvious that this piece was written by someone who hasn’t got a fucking clue about Football (let alone Arsenal).

    How can you judge the club & our players on a pre-season friendly?
    If that’s the case, then Aston Villa are going to get relegated next season, because they lost to Lincoln City the other day.

    Run along & play Championship Manager, who ever wrote this! I’m sure you can get the players to win every single game for the next 1000 years, on that!


  88. eduardo...o says:

    poor,poor effort, not so much the “kids” perhaps it is you who should try harder, dick ‘ead

  89. Goonergav says:

    what a joke mate.

    A pointless, unfounded post!

    Typical of the over-negativity people are showing when they should be supporting the team

  90. No 65 says:

    I won’t be suprised if Wilshere gets promoted into the first team bench this season. This guy is phenomenal. Reminds me of an in-form Joe cole and damien duff combined.

  91. tkn says:

    you’re a complete tool mate. what a joke of a site for publishing this shite.

  92. LondonGooner says:

    The author is an idiot and should go and support chelsea. Ill eductaed, ignorant and no clue about football, actuall scrap that, you are perfect for an internet blog, as they are generally shyte!!!!!!!!!!!


  93. Gooner says:

    its a pre season u retardddddddddd ….go do sumthin betta wit ur tym….and dnt giv up ur day job m8!!

  94. garthster says:

    what a load of rubbish,you should get a job…

  95. chris says:

    Few weeks together and you expect them to show like they have played together forever? They need time.. Badly written article…Just 2 pre-season games to judge the players?

  96. Craig says:

    What a twat… i bet your a spurs fan really, complaining about Vela when he clearly looked quite comfortable getting into good areas in his first 45 mins of football for Arsenal!

    Should be banned from anything Arsenal

  97. James says:


  98. Urafukwit says:

    WTF are you on about you sad cunt. It was a fucking pre-season shakedown.

    Go and follow Chelski you JCL

  99. mikeygooner says:

    What the hell is this post about? Rubbishing n undermining the team even b4 an official ball (EPL, CL…) has been kicked or r u a spurs fan in disguise? Disgusting post.

  100. Austingunner says:

    uhhmmmm THAT’S why they call it practice…get a clue

  101. Freddie says:

    Hi reader! if you’re looking for a quick summary of the comments above….

    Most posters thought the article was well thought out and agree with the main points. To a fault, the comments were reasoned, thoughtful and incisive.

    Overall, the debate serves as a beacon of intelligent football debate which sets us gooners apart.

  102. Leonardgooner says:

    You are a total knob. Not only are you a total knob, but you are an illiterate total knob. See these things here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they are called commas. Get back to school and learn how to use them retard. Can’t believe what a total cock end you are. Get a life !

  103. lennox says:

    fairplay mate hit the nail on the head ,us arsenal fans are dreamers we dont have no money to bring players in full stop thats y we rate the kids thats all we can do ,fab ,rvp clichy will be next out the door there fucking the club up fizman is a greedy tight cunt sell the club to the fat russian maybe we can be true contenders???????????????????????????????????????????????

  104. Dave says:

    What kind of Arsenal fan are you? You’re a fucking moron, who has probably followed the arsenal since we became invincible. Go back to supporting man u, you muppet!!

  105. Patrick says:

    This is probably the most pathetic, flawed piece of drivel i have ever seen written about Arsenal (and there is some sh*t written). The kids are over-rated? How? You seen them play until yesterday? No, me neither – stop reading blogs and actually look at players before making comment.

    Vela – waste of money, 45 minutes into his Arsenal career?? It took Bergkamp 10 games to score his first f&cking goal! Was he a waste of money? What about Henry? He couldn’t hit a barn door when he joined. Another total waste of money clearly. Oh no, try the best ever Arsenal player…thats more like it..





  106. Barry says:


  107. jeffers says:

    i am sure i have posted here before complaining about your clueless mumblings. you have sucessfully reminded me that if this site was a paper i wouldn’t even wipe my arse with it.

  108. […] post by AFP and software by Elliott Back Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where […]

  109. TheNuts says:

    Thank you Freddie. Finally, a true Aresnal fan in spirit and intelligence.

  110. EMIFARTES says:


  111. MU%L says:

    Did Wenger get these two from the jungle? I knew he has connections down there.

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