Gökhan Inler could be the missing part of the jigsaw for Arsenal

The search for the midfield enforcer could soon be over as Arsenal step up the interest in highly-rated Swiss youngster Gökhan Inler.

The 24-year-old midfielder is one of the few Swiss players to impress at the European Champions and is believed to have a release fee of around £8million.

Liverpool had previously been linked with the player but boss Rafael Benitez has since turned his attention to Gareth Barry.

Arsenal are now in the race to sign Inlet from under the noses of Newcastle,The Toon are fuming as they thought they had a deal in the bag but now Wenger has shown an interest the deal has been set back.

Inler’s agent has been in talks with Newcastle for over a fortnight. But now Arsenal have come in the deal will hinge on who offers the best terms.

Inler who currently plays for serie A side Udinese comes very highly rated and has made a name for himself as being a hard man in midfield, Ive seen him play a number of times and he has impressed me with his work rate and his aggressive style. Inler also has a powerful long range shot with ether foot but is best know for his aggressive style of play, 

Could be just the man to sit and hold the Arsenal midfield allowing the likes of Cesc and Nasri to express themselves as Inler sits back and gets suck in, IMO he is the missing part of the jigsaw.

Some stats

Full name Gökhan Masera Inler
Date of birth June 27, 1984 (1984-06-27) (age 24)
Place of birth    Olten, Switzerland
Height 1.82 m (5 ft 11+12 in)


Years Club App (Gls)*
FC Basel
FC Aarau
FC Zurich
Udinese Calcio
00 0(0)
025 0(3)
052 0(3)
032 0(2)
National team2
2008– Switzerland 015 0(1)

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22 Responses to Gökhan Inler could be the missing part of the jigsaw for Arsenal

  1. Steve says:

    Dont think he has good enough feet to play for Arsenal. Not sure about his technique or passing range and he would need to adapt to the league. I think for core spinal positions, we need Premiership experience.

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    Never gonna happen.

  3. patiencegoes alongway says:

    why not?
    Flamini was not even rated before he started playing in the first few prem games last season.Anything is better than the position we were in before flaminis step up

  4. goonerguy says:

    i say give alex song a chance as he was really good at the end of last season and should get the chance to prove himself when he returns from the olympics

  5. limited cesc says:

    hes simply not good enough plus we need a bigger presence in midfield

  6. mike says:

    I don’t know if this has already been mentioned but….

    check out Inler on wikipedia, apparently he has agreed to sign for us.

  7. natsteel says:

    I confess I’ve only see Inler in the Euros (since Serie A bores the f&*k out of me) but I thought he looked good. The fact that he’d need a transition period would worry me a bit. I wouldn’t mind Barry necessarily but not for what Villa are asking and if Inler is the other option, I’d be happy with that. You can have Inler and Denilson push each other to make the spot their own. The kid looks pretty tough and seems to have a decent shot though he was skying them for the Swiss pretty regularly.

  8. Mr. T says:

    Not good enough?? AHH HAHAHAAA! I would prefer Yaya over Inler…but to say he’s not good enough?? HAHAHAHA!

  9. HILTON says:

    We need to sign Da la red/ Velose, Wenger need to spent BIG TIME … HILTON CAPE TOWN

  10. el-b-sure says:

    a quick question, can’t we the fans of arsenal raise money to buy a player for ourselves. if the club claims they are cash strapped or dont want to admit it, i believe we can come up with something if all the fans around the world can pay atleast 2 pounds. believe me if we should do that and have a petition signed by almost all the fans am sure we can get someone good for ourselves. i really dont know if this makes sense or it hold any water but i believe we need re-inforcements. at the cb, mf and cf, we need experience. we have good potential in the reserve but a mixture of the two would be perfect. pls reply mail article on the possibility of this. from where i come from arsenal has the heighest number of supporters which is well over 10million. pls lets work out something to save ourselves from another “nearly a good season”

  11. newby says:

    patiencegoes alongway b4 flamini stepped up we had Gilberto, he was playing as Captain and scored quite a few important goals whilst being one og our best players so why is anything better than b4 Flamini steppped up?

  12. cripz mc gooner says:

    i agree wiv gunner guy song and diaby denilson are all capable i think we just need a one more body it dosnt av to b the main man we already have good player we wil win sumet this season for sure

  13. LOL says:

    LOL @ people saying he’s not good enough, and that he’s not a bit enough presence. You quite clearly have not seen this guy play, if you think he doesn’t have a physical presence…

  14. meow says:

    he is bloody good those who say no, havnt watched him play much

  15. arden says:

    I haven’t seen much of him but by his discription he’s perfect. We already have pleanty of skillfull technical players but I think for this position we need a tough player who isn’t afraid to get stuck in, like Inlet. With Flamini gone we lack a phisical presence and he could fill the void. That’s why I can’t understand ‘limited cesc’s’ comments

  16. rick says:

    song will play at centerback next season, wenger made this very clear very early.
    think song is better suited for that position cuz he hasnt very fast feet and that is vital for a midfielder.

  17. russ says:

    i say buy a cb – or play song, senderos, djourou with gallas – and move the legend that is kolo toure up to DM to tear into people.

  18. Abbott says:

    HAHA el-b-sure… u funny guy.

    Get veloso in i rekon

  19. Tunde says:

    Why the obsession about ‘spending big’, it should be about spending well regardless of the amount spent, I want him to buy a good quality player in the midfield as well as CB…….the amount of money is not the issue. It seems to me that some fans are just so obsessed with big amount of money! Would you be happy for him to spend ‘big money’ just for the fun of it?

  20. juanelcanario says:

    watch, this video is better

  21. juanelcanario says:


  22. who's ronaldo? says:

    inler is hard and i have no boubts about his physical presence and tackling ability but he cant pass vry wel!

    We shud sign yaya or veloso bye…….

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