Is Ian Wright right? Are Arsenal doomed?

Do we agree with Ian Wright?

He makes a couple of valid points…

From the Sun

MY old Arsenal team-mate David Rocastle would be turning in his grave right now if he looked at what is happening with the Gunners.

Rocky’s life was tragically cut short when in its prime.

But I’d like to think I was the same as him with regard to how much passion and pride we showed when the name Arsenal was mentioned.

Yet I have to admit, I am worried. Worried about the present, worried about the future and worried about the direction in which Arsenal appear to be heading.

I am constantly asking myself if Arsenal are now seen as just a stepping stone for wannabe great players and no longer the place where world-class stars are happy to see out their careers.

Dutch master Dennis Bergkamp was a footballing genius who packed up football when Arsenal let him go at the ripe old age of 37.

I was desperate to finish my own career in that red shirt but, for one reason or another, I was moved on.

Bergkamp was the catalyst for so many good things at Arsenal.

His immense presence helped to attract the likes of Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Freddie Ljungberg, Robert Pires — the list is endless.

Who can fill that role now? Who is the magnet to attract the best? Maybe Cesc Fabregas but, as good as he is, the young Spaniard is still learning his trade.

Meanwhile, the Gunners seem unable to hang on to even squad players, with Mathieu Flamini switching to AC Milan and Alex Hleb going to Barcelona.

If any Arsenal fan told me they expected the club to finish in the top four this season, I reckon they would be optimistic rather than realistic.

They would be talking with their heart and not their head.

I just hope they are not losing their heads in the boardroom, as normally the people upstairs get it right. But, with all the unrest we have been hearing about, maybe that’s not the case.

It’s been suggested to me that manager Arsene Wenger is now toeing the line — that he’s a board man.

But that will never be the case as he cares intently about the team and what he can bring to it with his own skill. I’d imagine the board are scared about losing him too!

Yet Arsene has not been the busiest in the summer, which seems a bit strange as Arsenal don’t make idle boasts — especially about money.

So when you read that they have £70million or so to spend, you know it’s for real. But their transfer dealings have been overshadowed by Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

United have shown resilience by fighting tooth and nail to keep Cristiano Ronaldo.

And though Dimitar Berbatov may not arrive, United signalled their intent with their audacious bid for the Tottenham star.

Liverpool are refusing to stand still and have flexed their muscles in the transfer market with Spurs striker Robbie Keane.

Chelsea have landed Deco and Jose Bosingwa and are on a high-profile tour of the Far East and Russia.

Everyone knows the foundations at Arsenal ARE strong but everything else looks a bit shaky.

Emmanuel Adebayor answered all questions last season but even he appears to be trying to get away.

Top-class players are bought not only for what they bring to the team but for the ‘wow’ factor too.

You want to give fans a sense of anticipation for the upcoming season, a feeling that they can’t wait for the first ball to be kicked.

I’ll have to be brutal here and say that I sadly don’t feel that way about Arsenal with the new campaign just about to start

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72 Responses to Is Ian Wright right? Are Arsenal doomed?

  1. tiny says:


  2. thegoonerforum says:

    Tiny, That Arsenal board would never sack Wenger. He makes them rich : )

  3. Frank says:

    Frankly we are no worse off than last season so chill mate.

    Before a season start you always go through every emotion from despair to anticipation but if anything, last season showed that we can never rule out this team. We´re not inferior to the other big clubs but the playes need to show a winning mentality, because ability-wise they showed last season that they have it within them to win the league…

    As for Wright I´m very dissapointed with what he said and especially the part about Rocky and although he´ll always be one of my favourite players, his comments often leave you bewildered as to how he truly feels about the club. He´s ever the pessimist sbout Arsenal and we have enough of those around and you´d think the old guard would understand what the club is trying to do but only the money spent after a transfer window will do in the so called experts view.

  4. phil says:

    Wenger will resign or retire first before Arsenal ever fires him. Thats the measure of the man and his standing with the club. The one implication of another few winless seasons is Arsenal will lose “star players” who started early with Arsenal. Cesc will definitely be looking elsewhere to win trophies. So will RvP. And by then, players like Walcott, Ramsey and Wilshere could be distracted by other more successful clubs. It does not augur well for Arsenal if this comes true.

  5. Arsedoctor says:

    Utter rubbish, and if you have ever listened to wright’s radio show you will know there is plenty more where that came from.

    Arsenal finished 4pts off the champions last season. They should have won the league with three key players out injured for virtually the whole season. How would Chelsea have fared without Drogba, Man U without Rooney or Liverpool without Torres.

    Wenger needs to strengthen certain areas of the squad but we are still a mile ahead of the other 16 teams in the division and hopefully if Rosicky and Van Persie have an injury free season and with improvement to the other young players, I expect Arsenal to challenge again for the title. I am really excited for the new season. I am excited by what Theo will do, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri, Adebayor, Eduardo for a full season, not to mention how Ramsey will come on, and Carlos Vela. Ian Wright is talking mostly rubbish as usual but Arsenal need a few more bodies and Wenger recognises that, the team is getting better every year. Prepare to eat your words all you doubters.

  6. gaya says:

    it is easy to say we need to spend. like every other person we dont know exaclty what is happening behind the scene.
    We where told we had to move to a bigger stadium to compete with other big clubs and am sure we all agree but what we have failed to realise is we dont just move house and start to compete but we also have a massive debt to clear.
    does that affect the playing side of things? i dont know and i doubt if we are being told the truth at times.
    one thing i know is that Arsene will not buy big so we can forget that another thing i know is that if it hurts us as fans that we are not wining things am sure it hurts the manager as well because he cant have turned into a fool over night and if he has a way of doing things then let him get on with it while we sharpen are knives towards the end of the season to slaughter somebody.
    As for Ian wright, i dont know where his coming from

  7. gooney says:

    Ian Wright is full of shit with his analysis .. he is basically bitter that wenger did not allow him finish his career at arsenal .. he is not really a gooner, just joining the arsenal-bashing rounds in pretence .. if he were a gooner, he would not have adviced his son to go to chelsea .. he is a closet CSKA-London fan just having a dig at arsenal .. dont you know its the arsenal bashing season in england ? .. always is .. the refs will take over once the EPL matches start ..

  8. geez says:

    I dont know who is holding back on the spending, AW or the board, but I do know that for all the great up and coming players we have, we still need a couple of world class players to lift the team, the club and the fans into mega status, that is how near I think we are to becoming the most famous footballing team in the world.
    So, for the sake of The Team, The Club and THE FANS, SPLASH OUT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE !!
    We have some of the worlds best up and coming players, we have the worlds best manager, don’t waste this opportunity, PLEASE !!!
    We need, no, we (the team, the manager, the fans) DESERVE football immortality…
    or are we to become just another bottom half team, another spurs ???

  9. Jim - London says:

    I agree with Ian Wright.
    Our players need to show more committment to the club and stop looking for pastures which are perceived as greener.

  10. corkgooner says:

    I lost all respect for Wrighty when he said God is english very bushesqe

  11. Azza says:

    Love the guy but he knows fuck all about football and he should keep his opinions to himself on us.


  12. Arsenal1Again says:

    When was the last time Ian Wright said anything positive about Arsenal. It wasn’t long ago when he was saying Thierry Henry should leave Arsenal.

    Ian Wright is a sad bitter twat who is jealous of players today who’ve earnt 3 times more than he did in a fraction of the time. He’s remembered as much for his Gob to ref’s and the subsequent bookings as he is for the goals.

    The Gob still aint shut. Ian, shut up FFS!

  13. Richard Large says:

    This article seems as if it was written a year ago.. yet we finished 4 points off top spot and have team of players that the majority of will improve.. If Flamini and Hleb were really that indispensible they would have been offered better deals like Henry before.. I cant see us finishing outside the top 4.. Ian Wright does talk some crap

  14. Steve says:

    Some Arsenal fans are so stupid it is unreal. Wenger doesnt make anyone rich in the boardroom- Arsenal dont pay dividends. Look it up on Wikipedia if you have no idea what that is.

    The board only get cash if they sell their shares and the current board are fighting tooth and nail to keep them despite huge offers from the Russian. If you dont know what you’re talking about, then dont say it.

    Wrighty doesnt know what he’s on about either I’m afraid. How does the signing of an ageing superstar and an untested right back ‘flexing’ muscles? If anything you could say that they lost a key player in Makalele (even though we all know he is past his best but what Im saying is it could be looked at this way) and their vice captain and most reliable player has had his head turned by a last 16 Champions League team.

    United havent signed anyone, and his justification is, quite frankly, ridiculous. We could declare that we tried to sign Messi but Barca wont sell- then we will be on par with United’s transfer activity.

    Liverpool have signed Keane for big money but their league position and points tally dictated that they HAD to. I think Gooners are forgetting too quickly that we were top for 6 months and were only 4 points off the best team in Europe last season. If injuries hadnt taken their toll (not niggly normal injuries, Eduardo/Rosicky/RVP BIG injuries) we could have taken the title.

    Please stop giving credence to sensationalist red top articles, have some perspective and chill the fuck out. tiny, the situation at Arsenal Football Club isnt so bad that you needed to write everything in capitals.

  15. Mfundo says:

    Ian is Wright! We fell short last season, the winners and runners up have strengthened. I have no nighmares about loosing both Hleb and Flam. With them we needed reinforcements, finishers, without them we need a little more. Wenger spoke of buying proven FA players? Sadly, we love this team, we see the writting but still hope. Guess thats the Game…

  16. Chrissie Greeno says:

    No he’s a twat.

  17. chengiskhan says:

    Wenger is absolutely the most brilliant manager when it comes to balancing the future and the present. No other manager could match what he has done and continues to do given his resource constraints. Not Ferguson, not Mourinho, not Scolari, not anyone.

    So he has chosen to build on youth and has developed an entire infrastructure dedicated to capitalizing on the immense value for money of players who have big talent but not big names. Leveraging that program, he has managed to contend for the EPL title and lose out by a cat’s whisker. And we think he should spend 70 million pounds for the mere possibility that we may add to our prior points tally?


  18. james says:

    wenger is starting to really piss me off In my opinion we need a new player in every position apart from left and right back
    we have needed a new goal keeper since David seam left
    for me almunia is no way near good enough we need a new centre back i think we can get a better centre back then gallas and some one in there right mind i dream of seeing micheal Richard’s and kolo toure as a paring we also need 2 proper wingers in the team which we haven’t got one silly wenger prefers to play players out of there natural
    position we need a centre midfielder its been three years and we haven’t replaced viera which i don’t know why its tooken wenger this long to realise that. i think that is key for this season that centre midfield position its very important we bring in the right player.i would love a world class striker at the club but a reliable one not some one that needs 5 chances to score like adebayor we haven’t replace the great thierry Henry yet

  19. Goonbrother says:

    Do we all fekin forget the fact tht we were wa milimetres awayfrom winning the premier league and tht we had an amazin run in the C/L…do we all forget tht there were 4 plyers with the winning succes of the league…do we all forget tht all that these players can do is get better…yes we lost two key players…there choice there loss…one place is replaced with the other place having 4 or 5 youths banging on the door for tht spot…arsenaaalllll!!!!!!!!

  20. phil molloy says:

    Grow up Ian, you didn’t want to play for arsenal because you were not number one anymore, I can remember you saying live on sky you wanted to leave. Arsenal are bigger than any player, bigger than you, bigger than Anelka, bigger than Vieira, bigger than Henry, bigger than Cesc and even bigger than Arsene. We all want to win every trophy but dignity means so much more than three points.

  21. james says:


  22. Phil Cowie says:

    well he was right to send Shauny to the Chavs wasn’t he!!! No, ok, how about Liverpool winning the EPL last year……..wait……, that didn’t happen (not even close) either. He may be the reason i became a gooner, but his surname is patently ironic.

  23. Emma-gunner nigeria says:

    He has a point just as every body had last season. Wenger has a way of proving doubters wrong on the pitch. Wait and see. We might not have the best of names but the players are amazing. If the foundation is strong no better architect than arsene.

  24. critical says:

    A couple of points, I spent last summer reading the same words pundits like Wrighty were writing or broadcasting that Arsenal will not make it into the top 4 last season, not until we were running away with it at xmas. One reason we lost points after that was mainly injuries. We lost Eduardo, Van Persie, Rosicky…do not forget the referees were really a bit to blame if you review last season.

    This season: We have lost 2 first team regulars from last season: Hleb and Flamini. That is a shame, but are they irreplaceable? Look at the players who did not play last season and see their quality: Diaby, Denilson, plus two signings and one on the way(i hope so)…Now where is the glummy mood coming from: spending money never guarantees you success:team game does which is what we have. Otherwise Liverpool, Newcastle,Spurs will be winning the league every season…Now what is that I hear: Arsenal doo….what? Just joking.

  25. Gio says:

    He said exactly the same stuff last year. He has also predicted that Chelsea will do nothing under Scolari and a couple of seasons ago that his son should move to Chelsea rather than Arsenal because it would be a better club for him. He is strangely quiet on the matter of his other son and his latest escapades. Ian Wright hasn’t been right about much for a long time and I doubt that he is right about this either. Since he left Arsenal he has made a living in the media by slagging the club off. He was a great player but is now generally a twat but I suppose he has to write something and that’s how he supplements his income these days. He’s just not very bright.

  26. Tino says:

    where is all this going to end up? it does not bloody look good for real. we becoming a sinking ship!

  27. Ed says:

    Wright’s bitter that arsenal got rid of him when he dwindled (quote: “I was desperate to finish my own career in that red shirt but, for one reason or another, I was moved on.”) Just because he wore our shirt and was a legendary player for us doesn’t means he knows everything about The Arsenal of today: I remember at the start of last season he put the yung guns down as much as the rest of the pundits, and they were all very nearly made to eat their words…

  28. dan says:

    who knows what precisely is going on behind the scenes, but this is another sign that there’s work to be done on the recruitment side. i’m absolutely for the wage structure for the squad but for the right players it should not be as stringent, as for our ade, don’t get me started, he should sit the first three games. but the point is we have to be competitive to compete. ian spells it out very well, bergkamp became a gravitational force, a world class player with character and persona that attracted other stars. we do not have such a player, cesc too young just stop that, he’s good but has neither the maturity nor personality to attract other big names. it would appear that we have to take a page from the successful clubs of today. to compete we need to spend, not foolishly, not excessively, but targeted in such a way that we restore our credentials as a destination for the world’s great players and whose success attracts other players, young and mature, of the highest quality. arsene has spent big before, now i won’t pretend to know anything about afc’s true financial status given all the contradictory infromation out there, but considering the players who’ve exited this summer and the state of the current side we’re in need of a new bergkamp.

  29. Arsenal official number 1 hater says:

    Arsenal is a nasty club. The players are as good as what comes out off a dogs backside.They get paid so much to do somthing i could person after havin a brain operation. Wenger is a stingy old man and needs to wake up and smell the coffee. His team is full of loosers, He is a looser, a faliure, a disgrace to football.

  30. Wisp_Gooner says:

    I think we need to buy a world class ball winning defensive midfielder.. (Guess only Barry is being touted as available ~ maybe 3 or 4 million over what he is worth though)

    We also need a quality centre back and good replacement goalie to keep almunia on his toes.

    Alot of work to do with what will be a weaker starting team this season than last.. No Helb, Rosiky, Edu. Sami won’t be ready yet ~ Theo not learnt his trade as a winger or striker at this level getting there but not sure he will fast enough.

    Basically we need a few mature heads in there. imo thats why when Bergy, TH14, Pires, PV & Freddie where in the same team we were invincible and brought on the likes of Cesc and the younger generation.

    I wish Arsenal well this season and will get behind them but will be nervous as I don’t see our current crop of strikers staying focused for the long haul… I mean are top scorer whats to go and line his pockets.. up to him i guess but how focused will he be this year??

  31. Khaled says:

    I think arsene is very stubborn and would only do things his way. I feel he doesn’t like to deal with star players.

  32. kiv says:

    I am eagerly anticipating the season’s kick off not for the ‘wow’ factor. But for the team’s good chance to silence all critics and cynics once and for all. We already gave them a semi wake up call last season.

    One name, Jack Wilshere.

  33. Emma-gunner nigeria says:

    Wright is a legend and should be able to speak to help instill confidence on d boys not demoralize them. If he is so passionate talk 2 the boss. If legends cant support who will. He might think he is realistic but it wont add positively.

  34. fowler says:

    shut up wrighty you aint even an arsenal fan,if you were you wouldnt have let your promising son got to chelsea and kill his career just for a bit more money that you didnt exactly dont matter if some greedy bastards want to leave arsenal like flamini and hleb because we replace them with younger,better and cheaper players eg nasri=10m to replace hleb 11.9m.

    the people who say that arsenal are stepping stone for bigger clubs are you can see man utd and totenham are struggling to keep hold of there players and also chelsea the richest club in the world are just about keeping hold of frank lampard

  35. Comical Arsene says:

    At last an Arsenal legend tells it like it is and is not licking Wengers ass. Wenger has made himself the highest paid manager in the premier league, he has without doubt become a board man and is now just living off past glories while milking us dry. The mans ego is too big to allow a player earn more than he actually does at Arsenal. Name me another big club where the fans still praise a manager whos won fuck all in 4 years. This guy has hillariously been refered to as a genius, dont make me fucking laugh, hes never retained the premiership and never won the champions league and hasnt the ability to attract top experienced talent to Arsenal, mabey thats because top players dont listen to bullshit. Wenger is the man with a million excuses and I for one have to switch off when this con man comes on tv now, because i just cant suffer his pathetic excuses anymore where he blames everyone and everything for his own failures. Yes Wenger is a genius, a genius of bullshit and spin and I fear his ego is so large that he has no intention of leaving untill hes squeezed a lot more out of us and theres zero chance of these leeches we call the board getting rid of him while hes making them a fortune by giving away our best players every year to the real big clubs. Im afraid we’re stuck with this has been greedy clown.

  36. Tarquin Viera says:

    I hate to say it but Ian has become a buffoon

  37. Amm says:

    Wel i agree with sum of the stuff bt dnt with other,in anycase we do NEEEEEEED few players in,nt alot tho so the young players can get thier chances,Yaya toure has 2 to the main target then d.silva,people talk about d.villa bt this guy has much more talent n bright future,hes also cheaper,then mayb a CB or an all around back up defender then we sorted.GEEEEEEEEEET in THER Fabryyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  38. hj says:

    ian wright is overreacting drama queen wanker

  39. Paul says:

    Absolute tripe – Wright will do anything for money. And all you fair weather fans, go support Chavski and watch Wright’s £21m(!!) son rot in the reserves. Then you will all be happy

  40. Redneck Boogie says:

    Van Der Sar – if he did not save that shot from Gilberto……
    Arsenal were one victory (vs ManUre) away from the title in 2008. That’s right WRIGHT, one victory. Not bad for a team in decline!

  41. jazz softie says:

    Yes indeed. That is true. Just a victory away.

    That is reassuring. Come on the ARSE!

  42. Thiis site is shiite says:


  43. tommy waa says:

    Van Der Sar – if he did not save that shot from Gilberto……
    Arsenal were one victory (vs ManUre) away from the title in 2008. That’s right WRIGHT, one victory. Not bad for a team in decline!

  44. Ant says:

    Spend Spend Spend , that’s all I hear. O.K lets entertain the idea. Say we go out and spend 20m, 30m or 40m on a couple of players. It does not guarantee that they will perform for us (remember Francis jeffers, reyes or wiltord) all big money and all ultimately failed to set the world alight.

    We got a stadium to pay for!!!!!!!!! lets not risk the survival of the entire club on big money signings which mean big money wages on employees who could careless and not guarantee trophies

    I remember when Europe was an aspiration not an expectation. look at what wenger has achieved with us. If that does not buy a little faith in him then there’s no hope for the rest of us.

  45. Lettraggad says:

    Why does Ian keep pretendiing his an Arsenalfan?? Not one positive word has come out of his mouth since Wenger got rid of him his been preaching doom a long tme now kinda wishful thinkin… Start mouthing about instead Chelsea Ian ..after all you recommended them for your son so that shows were your allegiance is now. Ian was probably the main reason I started following Arsenal but the hero aura is tarnished now.

  46. Lettraggad says:

    same post as above but readable. … Why does Ian keep pretending his an Arsenalfan?? Not one positive word has come out of his mouth since Wenger got rid of him his been preaching doom a long tme now kinda wishful thinking … Start mouthing about Chelsea instead Ian ..after all you recommended them for your son so that shows were your allegiance is now. Ian was probably the main reason I started following Arsenal but the hero aura is tarnished now.

  47. keith says:

    Sack the board bring in the Russian

  48. keith says:

    Bring back David dein

  49. Roj says:

    Can’t believe what I’m hearing with wright. No actually i can he has previous and he has a show. antagonising and pissing people off is a sure fire way to get people to light up his switchboard.

    so called gooner his halo is falling as fast as is his legendary status. he’s started to irritate me. Can’t he ever be constructive in his criticism?

    Let’s splash cash for the sake of it – why not – the scousers do it and they are no further forward than we are.

    benitez spunks 30 mill in off season in the last couple of years – and done what. Liverpool are a cup team period.

    Yep we want new players but when has wenger ever bought the player everyone has been after? there you go. Adebayor and flamini weren’t first choice before last season and hleb for all his skill couldn’t score more goals in 3 years than pires did in 3 months.

    hopefully diaby will get a go but yes we do need cover.

    The thing is when Henry left how negative were the press and in particular Wright about how we’d perform? tossers.
    wenger and co must be working behind the scenes on transfers etc.. not all of them come off.

    Wrighty is fast becoming as intolerable as terry christian who is in dire need of a slap.

    I don’t give a toss about a disloyal talkshite like wrighty.

    I’m a gooner and I’ll remain a gooner no matter what the coming and goings are.

  50. Roj says:

    Can’t believe what I’m hearing with wright. No actually i can he has previous and he has a show. antagonising and pissing people off is a sure fire way to get people to light up his switchboard. i can’t be arsed to be arsed!

    so called gooner his halo is falling as fast as is his legendary status. he’s started to irritate me. Can’t he ever be constructive in his criticism?

    Let’s splash cash for the sake of it – why not – the scousers do it and they are no further forward than we are.

    benitez spunks 30 mill in off season in the last couple of years – and done what. Liverpool are a cup team period.

    Yep we want new players but when has wenger ever bought the player everyone has been after? there you go. Adebayor and flamini weren’t first choice before last season and hleb for all his skill couldn’t score more goals in 3 years than pires did in 3 months.

    hopefully diaby will get a go but yes we do need cover.

    The thing is when Henry left how negative were the press and in particular Wright about how we’d perform? tossers.
    wenger and co must be working behind the scenes on transfers etc.. not all of them come off.

    Wrighty is fast becoming as intolerable as terry christian who is in dire need of a slap.

    I don’t give a toss about a disloyal talkshite like wrighty.

    I’m a gooner and I’ll remain a gooner no matter what the coming and goings are.

  51. Johnnybergkamp says:

    James, are you retarded?

  52. toure tribe underboss says:

    ian wright spouts utter crap,this is the man who dragged shaun wright philips out of the arsenal medical room up the road to stamford bridge too see how money they werer offering,keep it real people,he’s a legend but not the wisest man,he worries about arsenal he needs to worry about himself an gladiators or they might sack him too

  53. goonermichael says:

    All the great players he mentioned weren’t considered great when they came to Arseanal. They became great AT Arsenal. I was going to write something but I can’t be bothered this is such a load of shit.

  54. Asyd says:

    chill the fucking out mates, and oh on the flip side Jack Wilshere is 10x better than his son. SURE we lost Hleb, flamini (two regulars), and we’ve got in Vela, Nasri and Ramsey….that makes it 3 possible regulars for 2………and there is more to come, probably from the reserves….wilshere, fran, randall, gibbs or outside……..bischoff, barry, alonso…….fuck off Wrighty

  55. dudu says:

    RVP and Eduardo are like two new signings and when Rosicky comes back we will be stronger than we were in the middle of last season. Throw in Nasri, Vela and the ever-improving Cesc and i know i’m not along in saying i AM looking forward to next season.

  56. james says:

    i want to see more of Barazite quality player

  57. ghost says:

    ian is living in the dark years.forgive doesn’t necessarily mean that if you where good at plying football you know everything about football.if you think you are better than Wenger then why don’t you apply for his job and show us your skill.the reason why you left the BBC is because your analysis was a joke.this job requires people with the know how and i am afraid you are not one of them

  58. Mark Limerick Barry says:

    Arsenal have quality maybe not quantity but quality, I was thinking to myself has Alex fergie or Rafa or even the fagot one ever bought a young player and they turned out world-class,

    fergie- Ronaldo ya, Cantona-he was old and a good player when united bought him

    Rafa-None Torres was and is a super player


    I have every fate in Arsene even if he bought a 10 year old Chernobyl child i trust his judgement fuck knows look where it got us so far

    Now to my point I personally think the club has the 70 mil to spend but why buy a dog to catch a mouse when you can but a cat.

    P.S i think it is a master stroke saying where a selling club makes everybody think were broke less likely to pay over the odds for a player

  59. Steve T says:

    Wrighty has fallen for the tabloid panic that seems to be sweeping football. What is the point in bringing in all of these top class youngsters if they are never to be given the chance? Arsene knows what he is doing. Let him get on with it.

    As has been poinetd out by several on here, we were only 4 points off top spot last season. With players back from injury and a few that bit older and wiser then who knows?

    As for players leaving, one big thing has chganged since Wrighty’s day. We rarely sign older players. Consequently players can be at the club 8 or 9 years and then move on. It is not about having to sell. If they have stayed loyal for that period and have started to push on then I do not see a problem. If we buy players in their mid 20’s and they stay for that amount of time then they are effectively ending their playing days with us.

    Stop panicing everyone and that includes you Wrighty. Arsene knows………….

  60. d.j says:

    JUST SHUT UP AND PLAY BALL, talk that bull when you can back it up.

  61. John says:

    Ian Wright is nothing but another explayer turned pundit who doesn’t actually follow the game but merely repeates the same crap everyother idiot know nothing pundit says. That being said our board is what is killing this club as they only care about maximizing profit, for them finishing fourth is good enough because all they want is the CL money. United didn’t win it last year, Arsenal choked it away because we lacked a veteran hard man in the back and until they sell the club to Ushmanov, they will never have the cash to buy one.

  62. Martin says:


    The Arsenal Supporters trust reported that Ken Friar confirmed Keith Edelman’s earlier announcemnet that the Arsenal Board ARE considering taking dividends starting in 2010

  63. kixzon says:

    All 20 teams spend big bucks but in the end there’s only 1 champion. If you were to own Arsenal 100%, how would you control your cashflow, your expenses?

    To be truthful, there can be only be 1 champion & if you think that MU is too strong for this season, would you wanna throw your hard earned cash to topple them? I think this responsibilities lies with Chelsea with its bottomless pits. Arsenal would go bankrupt going this route.

    Those experts comments from ex players, fans etc sometimes doesn’t make good business sense.
    Don’t you think Wenger & those in the board want to win something?
    Given limited resources, do you think it’s viable?

    All the fans have is their ego when being teased by their counterparts & rival fans but do they know that short term pain is long term gain?

    I genuinely hope they do cos that’s the sad part of life. Just keep supporting the team come what may.
    Just don’t forget Wenger is an economist & many in the board are businessmen. They know what they are doing.

  64. Steve D says:


    I’m beginning to think there is some sort of conspiracy out there to destablise Arsenal. Someone, somewhere has noticed that Le Boss’s plan is coming to fruition and in a few years time when the likes of Jack Wilshire et al break into the team, we will have a team of young talented players brought up the Wenger-way since their age was measured in single digits. What’s more is the core will be British and therefroe much less likely to be poached by non-EPL teams.

    I predict that the decade commencing 2010 will see Arsenal dominate like Leeds in the 70’s, Liverpool in the 80’s and ManU in the 90’s. I am really excited about this season and think we’ll do very well and even if we don’t, I’ll never stop supporting Arsenal and I can’t ever see a situation where I woud want AW to move on.

    There have been some very measured comments on this blog but as usual there are so many ‘plastics’ now supporting the club that we have to put up with more and more of their moronic rants.

  65. Jacob says:

    Oh please , since when has Wenger let Arsenal down? , He knows exactly what hes doing . The only reason he is prepared to let Adebeyor / flamini / Hleb go and not spend much money in the transfer window is because he trusts in the ability of the youngsters coming through. Arsenal will finish in the top 2 , no doubt about it

  66. Kenechi Uzo says:

    The most frustrating thing about Arsenal and Wenger is that we are basically two players away from dominance, but for some reason, they have so far refused to buy. I want to believe there is some thing going on back stage, because this team is at the cusp of greatness, and just needs the right players to compliment what we already have, and it will not cost too much either to get. We will be in serious trouble if we fail to win any trophy this season, this team will definately disintegrate and we may lose Wenger too. We need an experienced DM to compliment our young players like Song and Denilson. Daiby is not a DM, he is an attacking midfielder, and it will be a mistake to try to make him into what he is not. We need to sort our defence, by leting senderos leave and replace him with a player like zapata of Udinese, or Naldo from Werder Bremen. We all should remember that every time Arsenal have won the league, we have won with solid defence. There’s no way we are going to win any thing with this defence.

  67. HK Chap says:

    Although i love the guy for what he achieved for the club, you’ve gotta admit, Mr Wright isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. We all know that 70m quid is not available to spend on players so how can he believe that is the case?

  68. GunnerPete says:

    Wrighty is a real good Gooner because he is always a pesimist. That dont mean he is ever correct. In fact he rarely is, but he means what he says.


  69. motorhead says:

    i respect wright but i think hes being too pessimistic… i believe that the gunners can really win the epl this season even if really wenger has not brought enough players

  70. Dingus says:

    I’ve a few comments that i need to get off my chest, regarding the general criticism of Arsene(al)’s spending policy and a certain Alexander Hleb, whom as an Arsenal fan we’ve all partly loved and partly tolerated: the boy wasn’t so tyalkative whhen people were defending him for his obvious weaknesses in his previous seasons… now he seems to find it almost a full time job to run his previous club into the ground, while not yet proving himself within his new environment, and forgetting that not not a great deal of teams identified him as a worthwhile prospect before his first decent season at the Emirates. We could all comment on how little Arsene likes to spend, but I see that as a positive, remember CHELSEA’S RETURN ON THE FORTUNES THEY’VE SPENT, AND THE DAMAGE THE HAVE DOPNE TO THE TRANSFER MARKET. And to be fair, why are they so confident that a Russian orphan with a vaguely dubious history is going to hang on in there… he does it for his ego, not for the good of football, when he’s bored, who’s to say what will grasp his attention next… another sport, or another club… let’s face it, he’s forced his own hand in the UK… give me a wise man who’s proved himself with a team of players who he adopted from previous mangements and a degree in Economics over some flash bloke with loads of spare cash and a profile to raise.

  71. Dingus says:

    Answer to Ian Wright’s remarks… no, he’s a lovable, average TV pundit, and an amazing goalscorer and fighter for the cause, but he sent his own son to Chelsea… I can’t wait till Abramavitch realises just how suspect the UK economy is, compared with much of Europe and pulls his rubles out… another fine mess…

  72. Comical Arsene says:

    Wright is an Arsenal legend. You guys are a bunch of internet geeks with fuck all else to do except moan on here endlessly, no fucking lives. Its amazing you nerdy bastards have the balls to question an Arsenal legend like Ian. What the fuck would you tosspots know, I bet most of you never even kicked a football seeing as your a bunch of nerds who probably never knew anything of Arsenal pre Wenger. The older fans agree 100% with Wrighty, the rest of you tosspots havent a clue so shut the fuck up.

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