Whats Our Best Striker Partnership?

We have been lucky at Arsenal over the years and seen some great striker partnerships, Bergkamp and Henry, Smith and Wright, Hartson and Kiwomya… Some need work on the training ground some just had the natural talent. A striker partnership can work in many ways. The big man who is good in the air next to the pacey little guy with an eye for goal. Or the talented player who drops off deep and links the play for his partner to finish. And of course there are players who can not play with each over. Herny did not like playing with Reyes, Bergkamp could not play with Kanu….Kaba Diawara could not play with any player in an Arsenal shirt.

Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger said that squad is now fully stocked with strikers. We seem to be blessed with talent in that department but what is the best partnership we have at the club and who should start the season?

For a lot of people that will be a simply answer with Adebayor and Van Persie. But we now have a few options to look at. Nicklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela seem to have a very good understanding and the big man little man pairing seems a match made in heaven. But we also have Eduardo coming back this season. Were would he fit in? 

After watching the Nicklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela partnership last night I personally would not be to worried if Arsenal decided to cash in on Adebayor as the future looks very bright. But if Adebayor stays then he now has to look over his shoulder as we have fantastic strength in depth and after a impressive per season for both Nicklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela a starting place for Adebayor next season may not be guaranteed.

Its a nice headache for Manager Wenger and its going to be very difficult keeping them all happy and giving them playing time. In Adebayor Van Persin Eduardo Bendtner and Vela we now have FIVE talented strikers who can all walk into most premier league teams. And Walcott can also play as a striker but I feel his best position is now on the flanks.

The attacking future sure looks bright for Arsenal and we seem to have a wealth of talent to pick from.

My question to you is “whats our best partnership”

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56 Responses to Whats Our Best Striker Partnership?

  1. Eddie Mcginty says:

    Vela Walcott 🙂

  2. Alexandar says:


  3. Richard Varnham says:

    I used to watch Bendtner a few years ago. He had a similar happy partnership with Lupoli, and the Benntner Lupoli partnership was extremely profitable in terms of goals. It’s possible he needs a nippy player of this type to spark off.

  4. Andy says:

    Radford Kennedy

  5. Erichero says:

    We need the following qualities:
    – one to play the aerial role
    – one to lead the line, scrap with the defenders and run for the balls over the top
    – one to scrap around the edges and pick up the loose stuff
    – one to play in a strong runner

    Adebayor is strong in the air and runs hard, all day long. In addition, since we’ve talked about experience, he has comparatively more and has a growing track record.

    I personally feel that RVP hasn’t had a long enough run to prove himself over a stretch. Eduardo however was remarkably consistent over the stretch that he played and fulfills the “scrapper” role.

    I would have Adebayor and Eduardo, which was the combination we had when we were doing well. Bendtner and RVP can come on depending on what kind of change we need. Where to squeeze in Vela? Well that’s a good kind of problem to have!

  6. Ramsri says:

    Nicki b and v. persie; anybody but that useless, greedy Togalese twat

  7. adam m8 says:

    bendtner van persie. i challenge any1 to prove ade is better thn bendtner. lets break it down:

    does ade have first touch? NO. technique? NO. can he finish? NO. does he work hard? NO offside trap? USELESS. football brain? NO. scored 30 goals because his teammates like cesc are so good.

    does any1 disagree? please let me know.

  8. Martin Higham says:

    Vela Van Persie Bendtner prefer this till Eduardo is fit then we see

  9. El Tel says:

    Its very early to say which partnership will work best but Vela/Bendtner seems very good in pre season and I would definetely bin Ade and use the dosh to get a DM

  10. jrock says:

    nikki and vela(van)

  11. Sarumoh Gybolar says:

    i want Adebayour and Van Persie + Bendtner and Eduardo.in the Carling Cup give me Walcott and Vela.

  12. Al says:

    Hate to say it but

    Adebayor Eduardo

  13. james says:

    for start u guys haven’t got a clue saw u guys would leave out van persie and put bendtner i cant believe what i am reading i know bendtner is on fire at the moment but come on man. anyways my dream striker paring would be carlos vela and robin van persie i think they will rip teams apart.
    vela looks quality he looks a very clever striker and very quick call me mad but i see a bit of Fernando Torres in him as for adebayor wenger please drop him for me i think hes shit i cant see him having the same season as last one
    we have to drop him in my opinion

  14. Lurking Gun says:

    adam, how can you say addy can’t finish when he’s got 30+ goals over the season… doesn’t make sense!! He was 2nd in hte league… rubbish to say he can’t finish. Also, to say he doesn’t work hard either is total tosh…. he doesn’t stop running the whole game.

    You lot know how the media twist whatever the players say… can’t believe addy is getting all this abuse. Its no different to PV a few yrs ago over the course of several seasons… each yr he was off to spain, don’t remember him getting this much crap. Same could be said for TH over the off seasons in the last 4-5yrs.

    Can’t believe so many Arsenal fans actually believe the crap in the papers… :-/

  15. Lurking Gun says:

    “You lot know how the media twist whatever the players say”

    they don’t even have to say it all at the same time… how many times have we seen quotes put together from snippets of old interviews… bizzare!!

  16. wayne says:

    van persie and eduardo, if either can stay fit. rvp can make things happen and eduardo is a lethal finisher.

  17. top says:

    Can adebayor play with anyone?

  18. top says:

    adam m8, I agree with you on this.

  19. van Persie and Eduardo.

    I cannot wait!

  20. adam m8 says:

    cheers top, finally a knowledgeable fan. no1 has answered my questions yet.

  21. Tristan says:

    Im well pleased Vela has had a good start and I think Nik B is proving to be a quality player. My favourite partnership would be Van Persie/Eduardo when both fit. I think you could also play:
    Or replace RVP with Nik B when hes injured! I know for sure, Adebuymore has no first touch and is an average finnisher and I hope we get some money for him before all the other teams realise.
    P.S. Jay Simpson looks to be strong with really good movement.

  22. d.j says:

    Nicky B and Carlos Vela has a natural connection, also Van Persie plays well with Nick too.

  23. egberongbe taofeek says:

    i will prefer vela & bendtner in the front, then van persie on the left wing then walcot or ebuoe on the right. then in the mid-field let have cesc and nasir or diaby.

    or the coach should try vela and adebayo in other match and let see the out come. the coach can also try vela n van persie. but i believe that bendtner is improving now

  24. jimmy says:

    ade cant create a fing! plays with his back to goal 30 yards out! stupid! he isnt good at all! has no trace of a football brain. cant control a ball! adam m8, hit the nail on the head son!

  25. Mkdr says:

    i would say if eduardo makes the fully recovery expected then him and adebayor are probably the best partnership

    although we have never tried rvp and eduardo in a run of games, that would be intresting

    i also believe the vela and bendtner partnership is looking promising.

  26. GunnerX says:

    Maybe Ade cannot play with anyone, but he plays the lone striker role better that most. Personally I would prefer Bendtner and RVP, however Vela looks like he could push on and become a lethal finisher as well. When Eduardo returns we will possess one of the most potent strike force in the Pl. I just hope we sign an experienced and tall CB, then we just might be ready.

  27. Martin says:

    The partnership between vela and bendtner is very good and there is alot of room for improvement.

    i agreed with some of the comments about adebayor because that guy simply got no touch,no football brain,shooting lousy and always offside.I really hope wenger will sell him.

  28. Keeno says:

    Adebayor n Vela. Adebayor is pacy and good in the air, while vela is pacy and good on the ground, what else do you need.

  29. Sam says:

    Ade and Van Persie is still first choice for me.Reasons
    2)link up well
    3)uniqueness of their game style
    Ade-strong,athletic,tall,lanky,good header,lead the line well,fight for every ball,moderate finisher(one thing arsenal fans doesn’t see is this guy can improve in composure in front of goal),team play(not individual like C.Ronaldo)but he must prove himself that he has his heart at the club after all this speculation
    Van- smart,composed,free kick specialist,vision,eye for a passing,high tempo,great dribbler,fast but needs to prove his fitness if not use him for limited games(25-30 league games) because he is rare talent
    If the above limitation prohibit the partnership use Bendther and Vela because they offer similar threat but less tested will wait and see.

  30. Ramsri says:

    Adebayor and v. Persie don’t link up well, Adebayor’s quality pass to Robin last night was the first time I’ve seen Ade put RVP into a scoring position. Ade should be used when we need to play 1 forward, and he shouldn’t get 1 pound more than he’s currently on. If Bendtner was first choice this year he would have a higher goals/assists total than Ade had last year.

  31. mccoy says:

    adam,agree wit u.ade is only strng and a good header.others-0.others are better.bendtner has fantastic first touch n ball control.rvp,walcott n vela- fantastic dribblers,quik feet.who is ade.although can be managed.

  32. james says:

    who whould like to see carlos vela and robin van persie
    as a paring it would have every thing

  33. adam m8 says:

    i dont mean to cause a stir up about ade. im just giving my opinion. to me, bendtner has outstanding attributes for his age, hes strong and powerful but also has a tidy touch and first class technique. he also isn’t fazed by anything. ade thinks hes the bollocks. hes not. simple.

  34. fowler says:

    im a massive arsenal fan but i dont care who plays up front as long as it is not that stupid fucking greedy togolese wanker!!!!!

  35. rwanda says:

    vela and bendtner

  36. marcus says:

    Hi guys, myself and a good mate are going down to London shortly for the first time and we are going to try and catch our first Arsenal game. We are going to stay close to the Emirates and just like to enquire if any of you guys know anything about the gay scene around that area. Id be gratefull if you could recomend some cool gay bars and clubs or indeed if anyone would like to meet up please let us know. Thanks guys, long live Arsene Wenger.

  37. Fabo says:

    Bendtner and Van P we now play with a target man which will be Bendtner or Ade and one other out of Van P, Eduardo and Vela. Eduardo is unavailble and Vela is not yet in Van P’s class.

  38. fizzy says:

    i finkk dat

    vela and bendtner

    and adebayor an r.v.p

  39. Erik says:

    I’d say it would depend on the team we are playing against and what type of defenders they have.

    Not to mention that Bendtner is the only striker Vela has played with (I beleive), who is to say he wont be striking a good relationship with the rest of them?

    Going by last season I’d say Eduardo Adebayor, easy…

    Based on pre-season, I’d say Vela and Bentner, no question.

  40. Amm says:

    I knw most of gooner fans out ther lik bedtnr more than ade,bt guys u have to be honest with urself,ade does give top defenders hard time noooo way bendtr can do that,i mean take the game v milan rememba the hard time he gave Nesta(Best def in the world by milllllllllllleeez even knw i hate milan) n kaladze who gd aswell,thats y they are after him.i lik bendtr more bt hes stil nt ready 4 the chaleng yet mayb nxt year.
    here iz arsenal UNSTOPABLE team!!!

    Sanga Gallas Toure Clincy
    Rosicky Fabryyyy Song Vela
    v.persie Ade

    subs:wallcot,fabianski,bendtnr,Eboue,And a BIIIIg CB we still waitn 4!!!!!
    *n had to go 4 song coz AW wont buy 2 plyrz i think, so a CB is more important without a doubt.

  41. […] Whats Our Best Striker Partnership? [image] We have been lucky at Arsenal over the years and seen some great striker partnerships, Bergkamp and Henry, […] […]

  42. gazza says:

    for a start adebayor wont score 30 again this year…he only got that meny last year cos boss was forced to play him all the time co of injuries to other strikers…he cant play wit anyone else so that means he likes to play with himself…that makes him a wanker…and he proved that with his wage demand .sell him and some one else ..PLEASE….best pairing ..dont know ,vela as only played against poor teams and will van persieever play 3 games on the trot with out being injured,eduardo was starting to look good but will his foot ever be the same. so the answer is SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY ….PLEASE

  43. charlie says:

    Last season when the tesm needs a change of tempo,whether we were one nil up, or when the result were going against us, we did not have the subs to do it. This time around I feelwe have the personnel to change the tempo, especially when we need to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Walcott could be used to lock down the opposing team when we are ahead; when the opposition put more men forward to try to get a result.
    Brentner and Vela could be thrown into the mix when our forwards are firing blanks.
    Ramsey could be used in the centre when needed to counter a defensive midfeild formation. Also, we have the wide players to stretch a five men midfield.
    Couple with this, there will be seven outfield players on the bench. The choice widens.
    Overall, the team despite all the misgivings looks good. Only a strong CB will be required. But who?????

  44. Gooni says:

    RVP with either Vela/Bendtner/Eduardo

  45. Galvin says:

    eduardo and RVP, with Vela and Walcott flying down the flanks. Mouth watering

  46. Galvin says:

    ade only works as a lone striker, his passing atrocious

  47. Killer says:

    Ade and RVP

    BUT my midfield would look as such
    Walcott — Cesc —– Rosicy —- Vela

  48. Anonymous says:

    i dont think we should be too critical of ade just because of his arrogant and self-absorbed comments.
    He did terrificly well for us last year and his finishing wasnt as bad when compared to oher prolific strikers
    However it is true he struggle to play in a partnership. It is interesting he hasnt been tried with vela, who played very well with another big man bendtner.
    I also think walcott and ade could play well together in time
    One more point: although i think vela and bendtner will be brilliant players, dont look too much into one much as a definitive solution to a strike partnership.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Our biggest strength is our diversity
    Tall and skillful – bendtner, ade(sorta)
    left footers – dudu, vela and rvp
    right footers, bendtner, ade, walcott
    quick – vela, walcott
    free kicks – van persie, (is vela any good?)

  50. fred says:

    i dont see why ade is so fucked up he scored 30goals
    and he will not go so what is the point
    o ye the best
    left: richt:
    1.adebayor 1.v.persie
    2.vela 2.bendtner
    3eduardo 3.simpson

    3 for every place:p

  51. ahmed musteev says:

    any result oriented combination. we need a trophy this comming season.

  52. John W says:

    There wont be any problem motivating them. Why, because in some games, we will be playing four stikers. How? Ade and Van P in the middle, Edouardo left midfield and Walcott on the right.
    Now, with than firepower, no team this season will have it easy with us. I only wish we sign an experienced DM player.

  53. gerald says:

    i think the nikki b,vela and van persie combination is lethal adebayor should start struggling for the number nine position.

  54. Aidan says:

    Yeah he’s a cunt and all but Ade is the best striker at the club. If van Persie can stay fit the two could be the most feared partnership in the league.

    If Ade eats some humble pie and puts the hard yards in whilst training and when on the pitch then I have no qualms with him staying at the club.

  55. JK echeverri says:

    It all depends:
    – lone striker: ade
    – velocity: vela + v. persie
    – power + velocity: bendtner + v persie
    – partnership: vela + bendtner (less experienced)
    – experience: ade + v. persie

  56. Mr Young Gun says:

    I believe some Arsenal fans are being unfair to Ade here. When will we learn that the media will pick at any quoate to sell papers? This is what the English papers want. For goodness sake they hate us enough without us turning against our own players. And I don’t appreciate fans on here calling him a ‘Togolese twat’ it sounds racist. Something I would never expect form our fans when you look at the teams we field. Very disappointed indeed! It’s funny how it’s the same fans that were singing his name when he was scoring in every game. And I bet if got back to scoring like that again you’d all shut your traps with a quickness. Honestly, where else do you see 30 goals from if it wasn’t for Ade? Can you put your hand on the heart and expect the midfielders to chip in with 30 between them? Can expect V.Persie to fit long enough to score 30? You all know the answer to that my friends. Now back to the intial question…

    It’s a tricky one:

    But I really liked the Ade/Eduardo combination last season
    Realistically you must go for experience with Ade/V.Persie because we are lacking experience as it is.

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