Where We Blew It

Owen Hargreaves Ends Arsenal’s Title Bid

Contrary to popular belief, the game at St. Andrews isn’t where we blew our title chances last season. We finished 3rd in the Premiership with only 3 losses, which is less than eventual champions Manchester United. We could also blame it of the run of draws in the latter part of the season but that also isn’t the case as we will see later.

No, we blew our title chances against our direct title rivals where we registered a solitary win against Chelsea. Three draws and two losses made sure that the title wouldn’t come to the Emirates. Six points is a meager tally when we compare it to United’s 13 points. So how would the table have looked had we beaten United at Old Trafford?

1. Arsenal 86pts
2. Chelsea 85pts
3. Manchester United 84pts

Some of you might ask “what about the 2006/2007 season when we did a double over them?”

True we did do a double over them, but lets be honest we were never really in contention for the Premiership that season.

Even last season when Manchester City did a double over United, it didn’t matter because Man City was never title contenders.

So whilst we can afford one or two losses against non-title contenders like the one against Boro last season, one thing we must improve on is the tally of points against our title rivals and grinding out the desired results. Only then, do we stand a realistic chance of bringing home the title as Champions of England!


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8 Responses to Where We Blew It

  1. Steve says:

    Dont agree at all. You can lose ALL your direct confrontations with rivals if you win against the lesser sides. 2 draws against Birmingham, a draw and loss against Middlesboro and draws to the likes of Wigan and Villa is where we lost the title. The only good thing about wins against the top 4 is the psychological advantage and bragging rights – but the psychological effects can be minimum as we showed when we bounced back from the 5-1 and 4-0 losses.

  2. Yes, if we’d held onto the lead we would have won it!

  3. alanc says:

    to right and what pissed me of that day was the winning free kick was NOT A FREE KICK there was and still has not been a replay of the so called foul by gilberto on evra this in a stadium with about 26 cameras!!! how do you work that out yet when one of our players touches a oposition player we get 20 replays and one other faact is that cunt howard web he has given 4 pens against us in the last season and half what a prick!! and it was guess who in carling cup final v chelsea yes web!! and the united game above he gave a doubtfull pen and a non free kick yes ronaldo pulled bentdners shirt in the box and he handled the ball too yet no pen

  4. Fabregas' Dad says:

    What’s worse is that we dominated that game and Evra dived for the free kick they scored the winner from.

    Still the refereeing decisions or injuries to Rosicky, van Persie and Eduardo (3 of our 4 biggest goalscorers) didn’t help either.

  5. Paul N says:

    New season now! this has been exhausted already.

    Come on dude!

  6. Danish Gooner says:

    We lost it because because we were mentally weak and kept failing to score from our million and one chances you will see the same this year.

  7. GoonerJay says:

    Quite agree – this is crucial and this is also where I see us having trouble this time. We have no chance of matching the strength of Chelsea in Midfield and ManU at the back- A fit Rosicky and RVP are musts.

  8. bijok says:

    yeah..come on…let start a new one…

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