Ajax vs Arsenal (Players Ratings)




Suarez 34, Huntelaar 36



Adebayor 66, 83,Bendtner 73

A good come back from the lads, Showed a good fighting spirit, A few notes from the game. Whats going on with Kolo Toures hair? And did Walcott and Van Persie have a little disagreement early in the 2nd half? Looked like RVP had a little snap at Theo and not passing the ball to him and Theo gave him some back. Thought Denilson played well tonight but Im not convinced with the CM partnership, Wenger needs to sign a hardnut to play next to Cesc…

TGF Playes Ratings

Almunia (6) Cant remember him making a single save in the 90mins, 2 shots on target, 2 goals.

Sagna (7) Played well, Solid and good going forward.

Clichy (7) See Above.

Gallas (6.5) A bit rocky

Toure (7.5) Good to see him back, Used his pace well at the back

Cesc (6.5) First game back and it showed

Denilson (7.5) Worked hard and set up the winner (MOTM)

Walcott (6.5) Showed good pace but need to give the ball more early

Eboue (7) Great cross for the first goal, But still wasteful at times

Van Persie (6) Didnt look match fit or sharp.

Adebayor (7) Missed 2 simply chances in the first half, Better 2nd and scored 2 out of 2 and set up the goal for Nic with a good cut back. Worked hard for the team.


Bendtner (6.5) One chance One goal.

Senderos ,Wilshere, Ramsey ( Only played a few mins at the end )

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47 Responses to Ajax vs Arsenal (Players Ratings)

  1. Mike says:

    How can u give Man of the match to Denilson?

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    It was easy Mike, He played better then most

  3. James says:

    Toure (7.5) Good to see him back, Used his pace well at the back

    What a crock of sh*t. One of the most overrated players in the squad… you people love him up too much. The first goal was his assist and the second goal he moved away from the shot! He was f*cking awful!

    But oh yeah… lets blame Gallas instead!

    You muppet.

  4. thegoonerforum says:

    Ok James lets replace him with Blunderos…

  5. Chris says:

    Surely MOTM should play better than all??!!!

  6. Goonerdude says:

    Denilson MOTM? you have got to be joking, he was woeful in the first half and only just made up for it in the second half, he is supposed to be our new DM and yet Fabregas defended more than him.

    Denilson is too similar to Cesc and this is why this partnership will never work, we need an animal in the centre who can anchor the midfield and tackle hard.

  7. Alex says:

    Denilson was outstanding! Eboue too!

  8. mula says:

    i think man of the match should be ade, i can’t beleieve they give eboue 7, he deserves to be substitutted.

  9. gunner says:

    Denilson was awful first half. nobody stood out, clichy was run rugged by Suarez, no defense. Toure was lost, Gallas too, Sagna was ok as usual. Cesc was average. Theo was in n out of the game (out mostly), RVP was ok, Eboue was surprisingly average. Ade should be man of the match as he was better than everybody, nice to see his hair back.

  10. smudger says:

    Didn’t think Toure was great/deserving of 7.5 but it was his first game back obviously so some rustyness is expected. 100% agree with Denilson, cracking performance from the lad. He suffered a pretty horrible looking cut to his thigh but battled on and did brilliantly for Adebayor’s second goal. A couple of very promising performances from Denilson lately. Not sure he complements Cesc, but there’s no doubt he can become a top player. Nice to see Eboue get a quality assist, if only he did that on a more regular basis.

  11. Mike says:

    i musta been watchin a different game. i was hoping we’d lose this game, so We Wenger can see the mess we have in hand for the coming season. We cant deal with set pieces or long balls. Gallas n Toure are to short. We lack a defender n a defensive midfielder.

    we obviously havent’t learnt anything from last season. We cannot keep chasing games, it is frustrating and tiring to the players n leads to more bookings and injuries. Need to sort it out now, or we never will. Kill our opponents off early

  12. Ro says:

    James u twat Toure is our best player and Gallas is our worst! Where was Gallas for the goals? He can’t even header the ball out of his area!! OK Touré did make a few mistakes but considering it was his first game back after contracting malaria he did well. I don’t agree with Denilson being man of the match though he was hardly in the game apart from the assist. He is clearly not good enough and I don’t know why Diaby isn’t playing instead or even Djourou who said he can play defensive mid and isn’t it worth trying him there?

  13. wrighty says:

    They were all sh*te today, wish we lost so Arsene could have learnt a lesson instead of coming up and saying his usual “it shows we had mental strength coming from behind crap” don’t get me wrong i love arsene but he needs to get a defender that can deal with long balls and a proper defensive mid asap. It’s so f**king obvious! he’s just too stubborn to admit it

  14. gt says:

    Everyone can smear Eboue as much as desired, but his crossing is somehow one of the best in the team…. he can be a decent player.

  15. Mike says:

    @ Wrighty

    i totally agree with you. I’m tired of the bulls**t talk from Mr Wenger about our mental strength off coming back to win a game. We need to be killing off games early and we can then relax.

    As we can see from the Juventus game, we cant always get our ways. If our opposition are good at defending, then they would try and get the first goal and defend.

    We are not the best at opening up a defensive team, we are always tryna pass the ball around them and never tryna shoot, so opposition (weaker or defensive team) would always sit back and defend to frustrate us, so they can counter attack.

  16. gunner90 says:

    I just hope the rumours about buying Inler are true – the defence were exposed far too much because there was no one in midfield breaking up Attacks from Ajax. Denilson is not the answer – Dialby could be but seems prone to injuries. I hope he gives Ponderous and Djourou a run out tomorrow – at least they are better at dealing with high balls and crosses. Wenger looked annoyed with the defence in the 1st half but he is to blame for not buying a decent stopper this summer.

  17. WengersBackPass says:

    MOTM Denilsen. Deffo.

    It shows our mental strength to come from behind like that.

    We’re ready for the Prem and don’t need further signings. I can smell the success already on 4 fronts and Weng has done it again.

  18. Man United Killa says:

    Denilson was the MOTM..no jokes…for those of u playa haters..he is only 20 give him a break..afterall,the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement

  19. madmax says:

    @ Wengerbackpass

    you are obviously deluded n naive to think we could win the league with the current team we have. we need 2 more signings at least,

    A DF & DM

  20. Faisal Ali says:

    i dont know if your serious but i completely agree u said it all!!
    and as for the match i think we did really well considering arguebly our two best players (toure, fabregas) have no match fitness in them the grew well throughout the game. denilson did what i hope he does all season, he ran around, made tackles, got bruises, and still attacked well!!
    our most consistent preformer in the pre season so far and deserves to start the season. i for one am very happy with our team so far! i must admit an extra midfielder however might make the work easier but i would like to see denilson and fabregas gel together or even diaby as the two can be a formiddle partnership down the middle!!
    as for a new centre back no way!!
    senderos ( no matter how many of you disagree ) is still young and as wenger says, ”defenders tend to peak after 26′ and i think he’ll have learnt from his mistakes and be a good defender in the future, even djourou is looking as an alright cover for the starting two, who in my opinion are one of the best partnerships in the league!! they CAN header the ball out and they can out pace any strikers so they can afford to push up!! great defence great midfield and great strikers…..im looking forward to it!!’

  21. Lewis says:

    You lot must be deluded thinking that we are ready for the prem. Just like Mike said, we need an animal, make it two wild animals in defence and midfield. Kolo and Willy are good individual players but are not good as partners. Rio and Vidic, Terry and Ricardo any body. Its going to be the same old story every season. Remember Tony Adams people.

  22. Sam says:

    I don’t think Arsene is willing to spend more than 8M on Inler.

    He’ll reserve that position for Song.

  23. piken79 says:

    without a world class defensive mid-fielder and a central defender we are doom to finish 3rd again. we will score great goals but we can not defend for sh*t. we have spend only 17M (Ramsey 5M , 12M for nasri…rest were free) on transfer fees so far..we got 12m for helb, 1M for gilberto and at least 7M for maumba & bentley combine..so in effect wenger hasn’t spend any of his actual transfer budget. a team is made to win, sign someone who can win trophies..we’re getting tired of the damn kids!!! cheklsea buys robinho and we buy coqulin!!??? WTF

  24. Me says:

    I agree with james. we cant have people like toure at the back messing about. play senderos who can head the ball clear. job done.

  25. TrueGooner says:

    We need a very good defender or tall DM. This game show our problems from last season. Arsene we really need a very good defender. I don’t care if we win the per or not we still need a defender. I say it again We need a tall strong no nosense CB or DM. I am tipping Chealse for big things this season.

  26. cc says:




  27. Kev says:

    Tough DM, tall CB, blah blah. Bunch of sheep.

    If only we had a tall CB to head Huntelaar’s shot out of the bottom corner.

    Let’s buy Wheater and defend as well as Mboro.

  28. XP says:

    ya, toure was poor yesterday…his ratings should be 6 only

  29. aaarsenal says:

    and you all call your self Arsenal supporters !!!!!!!!!! the editor was merely trying to give a round up of the performance. some may agree, others may not, but we have to respect his point of view. i myself may not totaly agree with his ratings, but i can understand what may have led him to give the above ratings. some may give assists higher rating( if there was no assist, then there would be no goal… logic !!!?) some may give goal scorers hiher rating. some may give movement on the pitch higher rating(which matters alot by the way….. and which by the way some of you dont understand the reason behind playing eboue more than walcott) p.s spot on walcott (too much possesion) considering all factors, i would rate the above ratings at 90% right……. remember i said considering all ALL FACTORS, cause am sure to most of you, the difference between football and rugby is the shape of the ball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. d.j says:

    what the heck? are you kidding me the man of the match was Ade all the way. What game was you watching?

  31. Munzz says:

    Well said ro… Diaby would work well in center/defensive mid just behind cesc… B4 he broke his leg he was playing well in those positions

  32. Astamaan says:

    LETS BUY A CENTRAL DEFENDER???????????????

    Like who exactly, you bunch of know it alls?
    Who just so happens to be for sale at the moment who is better than the guys we have. You all seem to know so much, fact is we have a good team and our central midfield (another supposed problem area) is about as good as you can get. I think everyone seems to think like Real Madrid and lets just buy players who cost a shitload, a big ego and call them experienced shall we.

    Get over it, we got the players, they just got to do their job.

  33. Mike says:

    We are short 1 player, and it’s NOT a CM or DM, it’s a CB.

    Unfortunately AW doesn’t seem to be able to make the hard choice and split Kolo and Billy, and he will probably persist with trying Senderos out as 3rd choice instead of Djourou.

    We are going to leak goals again, and it’s going to cost us.

  34. chico says:

    Denilson played well in the first half as well. Everybody seem to have been influenced by the biased comments of Mr Wilkins that apparently Denilson had a bad first half & that Ajax dominated the first half…
    Mr Wenger get your cheque book out & sign a good centre half & a strong physical defensive midfielder

  35. clockendjim says:

    Its no good being so great going forward if our defence are going to panick every time a high ball is lofted in and we give away more easy goals.
    Toure was not good last night but give him some slack as it was his first game back after malaria. Gallas is the obvious problem, he was hopeless last night and if Wenger does nothing about it, then we will win zilch this season. Toure has always been at his best with a dominant partner like Campbell alongside him – that’s what we desperatley need now.

  36. djalmina says:

    I agreee, Denilson was MOM. We were quality!!!!! Nice post goonerforum, I would’ve given Eboue a higher rating!

  37. stevus says:

    So easy to see that Gallas switched off for the 1st goal and was out of position for the 2nd, partly because he feels the need to fill the DM void but also because he has a tendency to ball watch. Don’t blame Kolo – that’s just silly!

  38. Maxwell says:

    Hey Gunners ,

    Our only problem is that we are all coaches , let the Prof do the job. Denilson can partner Cesc , even Flamster took some time to be what he was. The team is good we need no more signing ! We played well and the comeback was amazing only that our second goal was not a goal

    Maxwell, Nbi Kenya

  39. jazbo says:

    What a bunch of moaning supporters we have, we won!! end of story, this is a pre season match give the guys a break!!!!
    Some Arsenal supporters are a bunch of moaning gits, never happy unless your having a fucking moan!!

  40. robert says:

    How can you not give motm to adebayor???? 2 goals and 1 assist speaks for it self doesnt it, even though he missed some stupid chanses….

  41. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Adebayor scored two and assisted one, how can he not be MOTM? (yes he missed some easy chances but at least he got into positions to score unlike everyone else)

    And I hate to say it but Toure was awful, nowhere near one of the best players on the pitch. The first goal he didn’t head the ball far enough (and had a misunderstanding with Sagna) and he should’ve blocked the second. Gallas was pretty bad as well and Clichy was not solid in defence, Suarez got the better of him almost every time he came forward.

  42. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Adebayor scored two and assisted one, how can he not be MOTM? (granted he missed some easy chances but he was easily our biggest threat)

    Toure was awful and at fault for both goals, Gallas was poor as well and Clichy was not solid in defence.

  43. scottpuffin says:

    Please everybody stop talking about Diaby being the answer to the defensive midfield position, the guy is useless and needs to be as far away from our goal as possible. Gives the ball away all the time, and has no idea what he is doing.

    I actually thought Sagna was MOTM.

  44. El Tel says:

    Kolo must go, i am not a fan of Gallas but he has to cover Kolo who is so over rated by us gooners it is untrue. We also need a keeper as this clown has no presence at all. Any shot on target results in a goal and usually a TV dive to make it look good. There was a 3rd goal that he casually watched roll in which thankfully was offside.
    So we need a keeper, a giant CB and DM and the Hunter.

    apart from this we have an outstanding team.

  45. Johnmac says:

    Cant believe you gave Toure such a high rating as he was at fault for both their goals + his constant hoofing the ball was a disgrace. Gallas constantly gets the blamed by arsenal fans just because he is an ex chelsea player. Gallas is a brilliant central defender as he has shown throughout his career and he deserves a better partner than either Toure or Senderos.

  46. Cage says:

    I think Ade is underrated with Arsenal fans and that was the main reason why he wanted to leave. In a game of very little to cheer about, how can arsenal fans not vote Ade MOTM, despite scoring 2 and assisting 1. I feel that because nobody stood out, Ade should automatically be given MOTM for winning the game, if nothing else. If Cesc, RVP or Walcott did what Ade did, they would have been MOTM. What a shame!

  47. Steve says:

    Spot on Cage! Walcott and Cesc scored 6.5 for running around clueless, Toure scored 7.5 for some shaky defensive performance; and Ade scored 7.0 for 2 goals and an assist which helped us win the match.

    How ridiculous! Plus Arsenal fans were annoyed that Ade wanted a pay rise after scoring 30+ goals last season. This guy was earning 35k a week for f**k sake! Now RVP wants to discuss a pay rise and Arsenal fans say nothing. Despite the fact that he has been injured for 2 years and not added any real value to the club! Ridiculous indeed

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