Arsenal vs Sevilla (Player Ratings)

Triplec’s Player Ratings:

Fabianski: 9 This was his best game in an Arsenal shirt. He had great distribution, great at taking one crosses and made save after save. The goal could not be blamed on him. If it wasn’t for Fabianski we could have lost 5-1.

Hoyte: 5 Poor positioning, poor passing, poor link up, poor crossing

Djourou: 7.5 Great game. Him and Phil really anchored the defense well and delt with tons of Sevila attacks. Djourou made some important blocks and tackles

Senderos: 7.5 Very good game from Phil. Made good tackles, good passing and a great understanding with Fabianski. His positioning was mostly good.

Gibbs: 6 Good in the first half, could have done better int he second. Poor marking in the Sevilla goal.

Wilshere: 6 Not his best game but he showed hustle and made some good tackles. Passing was a bit off.

Randall: 4 He was horrible. Horrible passing, Horrible tackling and very poor in possession. He should have been called for the penalty, which was a woeful tackle and his header was a poor decision and was lucky to not be an own goal

Ramsey: 5.5 Worst game yet for Ramsey. He could hold onto the ball, his passing was very off and his marking was poor. He looked better once Denilson came in the match but over all it was not his best.

Thomas: 5 Might as well not have been on the pitch. He was invisible

Vela: 7.5 Made some great runs and gave the Sevilla defense problems when we had possession. He goal was a touch of class.

Bendtner: 6.5 Decent game from Nick. He had a good shot and some good passing pick outs but he made soome poor decisions late in the game like not passing to an open Ramsey on the edge of the area.


Denilson: 7 good in the pass and good in possession. His tackles could have been better but his most notable contribution was the fact that once he came in we were able to touch the ball once again.

Sagna: 7 Made a very, very good tackle in the box to stop what could have been another goal.

Walcott: Not on long enough to judge

My Man Of The Match: Without a doubt FABIANSKI

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15 Responses to Arsenal vs Sevilla (Player Ratings)

  1. gunner says:

    good ratings bt at least Randall was involved. Ramsey was nowhere to be seen. Dint know Fabniaski could play like that, hope he keeps it up.

  2. gazzap says:

    the midfield could not get hold of the ball and were physically dominated. Ramsey could not work with Randall next to him , he needed at least a denilson or a cesc to be able to make a mark. without a midfield arsenal were unable to keep pressure off the defence who actually played pretty well. the strikers were helping out at the back in the end such was the pressure.

  3. Carlos says:

    Ratings and explanations are spot on. Let’s hope Boro come in and take Hoyte off our hands. Can’t understand how he’s lasted so long at the emirates anyway??!!

  4. scottpuffin says:

    I thought Bendtner looked better than Vela.

    Hoyte does not deserve a 5/10 – he was soooooo bad. 3/10 at the very best.

  5. gt says:

    Only saw the last 20 mins but Sevilla was all over Arsenal… the youngsters were totally outclassed. Our squad is dangerously thin.

  6. smudger says:

    Lots of talk about the Arsenal squad being paper thin and what not, but these guys (on the whole) were fringe squad players. Ramsey, Vela, Bendtner, Senderos, Djourou, Wilshere – these are the lads that on the whole will play a minimal part this coming season. Jay Thomas, Gibbs, Randall, Hoyte will not feature AT ALL. And these guys still held La Liga contenders Sevilla to a 1-1 draw (somehow). Not a bad achievement, and good to see that Djourou, Senderos and Fabianski can do the business at the back with solid performances from the center halfs, and a cracking performance from Fabianski.

    This game was just a chance for Wenger to see how the young lads were progressing whilst making sure none of the first team got injured ahead of the Twente game. So keep it in perspective rather than listening to idiot punditry.

  7. al says:

    Good ratings. Whenever the midfield managed to get the ball back, they gave it away, or they gave it to Bendtner and he gave it away. Whenever Vela got it he did something with it but it was like there was a hole in the midfield until Denilson came on (he’s not good enough yet, though).

    Fabianski was very solid, hopefully he can overtake Almunia in a year or so. Senderos and Djourou usually play well together – they understand each other, just like Senderos-Toure understand each other (going 10 games without conceding in the Champions League). Gallas is the best central defender at the club but he has no understanding with any of the others (eg. Senderos needs someone to clean up after him as he attacks the high balls).

    Overall, it’s positive because AW now HAS to buy a Defensive Midfielder and he can’t make any excuses – Diaby is not defensive and is always injured, Song is away again. What happens if Denilson gets injured? Randall? no no no… buy Frings for a year or two or Veloso or Barry or Cana or somebody!

  8. Stu says:

    Fabianski is shere class. His decision making was immence. he instilled confidence into his center-halves. Djourou and senderous are a far better partnership than toure and gallas.

  9. callygooner says:

    Good ratings except kind to Gibbs who was ,albeit out of position, so outclassed as to be embarrssing.

    Dont acccept that Denilson is anywhere near ready to match the likes of Mikhel or Anderson. So thats where we need to spend big. Love Diaby ,but its true he cant make three games on the trot, and he lacks the discipline for defensive midfield.

    Very good point that Sendeross & Djouro play well as a pair, but the latter is also injury prone

  10. Arsenal123 says:

    Leave off Ramsay, because he is only 17 and he will have games like this, he was pretty goood against inter so lets judge him in like 2 or three years when he will be ready for the prem. Glad 2 see senderos playing ok, maybe now some other team will buy him + Eboue (although he was on eof the best players against Ajax).

    need to buy another DMC, someone who can get up and down the pitch like Viera.

  11. izham says:

    fabianski had a great game, made all the important saves and ooze confidence to his 2 centre back…
    thomas is not ready for the first team, didn’t know how to attack and defend..
    personally shocked to see senderos having a good game, maybe it was because he was made captain…
    djourou was confident and had good understanding with senderos
    hoyte was disappointing through out..didn’t close down the player running into the channel..
    gibbs was at fault for the goal however played an average game for his standard..
    ramsey had a poor game, constantly giving away possesion when he has the ball..only one significant contribution that is the defence splitting pass to bendtner in the 1st half…
    randall didn’t even know that he was playing, mostly annonymous…
    wilshere did try and credit to him for holding his own, he’s still a young lad…
    vela took that goal really well, reminds me of eduardo..very left footed and hard to take him down..
    bendtner had an average game, full of running and helping out his defence..needs to link up better and make the right decision..

  12. useroz says:

    first set of ratings and commetns that reflect what actually happened, instead of some which tend to glorify the players however young they might be… good work

    hoyte should be moved on; thomas got to stay back and come good quick; randall is fast becoming a nobody; rest of the kids could be just an off day and hope they learn to be more consistent

    as well, wenger should now know how thin and shallow our squad really is… and that’s not even a Sevilla first team… come on, sign several quality players, and be quick

  13. james says:

    think carlos vela can bee as good as fernando torres

  14. Johnmac says:

    Thought Ramsey had a shocker easily our worst player followed by Hoyte. The only plus out of this game was Vela he looks a class prospect who i hope gets some games early on as from the matches in pre-season he looks better than both Walcott and Eboue.

  15. darren says:

    stu are u fukin serious,u clearly dont have a clue about football

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