We need a director of football to help Wenger

Wenger said last night that he was “too busy to sign a new player”?

With the start of the season now only a few days away surly finding the right player should be a priority for the club.  Wenger has had all summer since Flamini left the club to find a replacement but has been busy working for French TV and now busy preparing the side for the CL game on Wednesday night.

But surly a club the size of Arsenal should have somebody to assist the manager with EVERYTHING inc transfer negotiations.

Do we need a Peter Kenyon or a Daniel Levy to help the manager with transfer deals? Then maybe Wenger can focus on “his job”

Managing director Keith Edelman resigned, David Dein gone, Both not replaced!! Whats going on at the club. Wenger said a long time ago that he would pick the person to take over from Dein. Dein left the club On the 18th April 2007 why has it taken so long to find a person to fill this role? Are the club trying to save money?

Surly the first team manger should be concentrating on tactics etc for the upcoming games, Wenger is now not only the manager of the team but everything from the accountant to the coach driver.

Why has the manager become bigger then the club? What is going to happen when Wenger decided to call it a day? The club rely to much on Wenger. He has become far to importance to the club.

But maybe this is what Wenger wants? But is it the best thing for the club?

Wenger is a great manager but he cant be expected to do everything, And to use wengers own words he is in danger of starting to look physically jaded.

Wenger must be allowed to do what he can do best and not the day to day running of a football club.

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15 Responses to We need a director of football to help Wenger

  1. anonymous says:


  2. MarkFlatts says:

    The amount of bloggers who pontificate about the state of Arsenal, both on and off the field, without any real knowledge of what’s going on. Do you really know what’s going on in the Arsenal boardroom, or whether or not Wenger is comfortable working without David Dein? Do you have regular chats with Peter Hill-Wood? I imagine not. Go back to playing Championship Manager.

  3. thegoonerforum says:

    Mark Flatts, Maybe the club should be so good as to come out and tell the fans whats going on. Wenger himself said he was going to pick the person to replace Dein.

  4. LB says:

    Why should the club explain anything when there clearly is no crisis and nothing to explain? I doubt Wenger would have time to be signing anyone right now even if DD was still there because he would still have to get involved in the transfer himself at some point. Like MarkFlatts, I think there are too many Arsenal fans who act like they want to run the club. It’s ok to have an opinion but this is getting ridiculous now. And this stuff is on these blogs EVERY DAY! Are people bored with their lives?

  5. thegoonerforum says:

    Clearly no crisis? So wenger didnt say we are a selling club?
    Some might disagree about that

  6. justin says:

    We are NOT in crisis and never have been. Regarding the director of football position, we dont know if Wenger is more comfortable workin on his own or not but whatever it is, i believe that if he did need someone to help out he’d have gotten that person already. I personally would like to see some of the burden relieved off the gaffer but lets leave that to the board and trust they have made the right decisions.

  7. MarkFlatts says:

    What’s going on is that we finished very near the Premier League champions on a much smaller budget last season and almost won the league, but for some unlucky results and appalling injuries.

    As for a crisis ? You really think Arsenal are in crisis? This is ridiculous! Too many new fans who forget the bad old days of the 80s.

  8. Johnmac says:

    Exactly Mark!! Le Grove, ANR and many similar blogs spout complete rubbish and try to undermine our greatest ever manager at every opportunity. Some of these so-called fans should take a look down the road at Spurs and be extermely grateful for what Wenger has achieved.

  9. toure tribe underboss says:

    why should the club reveal their cards to the fans and every other club manager and chairman in football, wenger loves playing games with the press ,we dont have the financial clout to name names of targets and allert the big money spenders across europe ,we have to move in silence

  10. toure tribe underboss says:

    plus if wenger was really too busy surely he should have not been working for castrol during the euros and should have been handling business ,wenger is playing games ,he knows who he wants and he is probably negotiating right now, if the price is too high or none of the deals come off if there are any we will never know ! a true thief in the night is our mr wenger , like a ninja lol

  11. toure tribe underboss says:

    lol a selling club,he is telling them what they want to hear , it makes no difference what is said in the press , selling clubs sell their best players, arsenal kept their best players this year ,cesc and ade ,kolo and cliche ,sagna and bentley ,they are all there ! the only players that get sold are the ones past their best ,henry vieira ,they were not the future! ok hleb left big deal he was never gonna win us nothing anyway! dont confuse him with limpar or merson!

  12. toure tribe underboss says:

    iv never seen a player sold against his will at arsenal maybe since vieira and every year before that he was asking to leave then changing his mind when madrids wage packet was less than his arsenal deal! arsenal are definantly not a selling club ,although arsenal will not pay a player to turn old and grey gracefully like pires ! that was a mistake!

  13. Mr_AwesomePants says:

    The reason AW says things like this is because he guards his information very very carefully. He’s an economist and he knows that information is key to any market. If people know (a) who he is after and (b) that he is even in the market for players then he will either lose players he wants or get ripped off paying for them.

    This is why Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea all pay stupid prices for players. It’s not because they are rich (why would rich people throw away money if they don’t have to?), it’s because they can’t/don’t protect information about their demands.

  14. toure tribe underboss says:

    i said bentley lol i meant bendtner

  15. Cage says:

    I dont know what’s going on in the head of y’all arsenal fans, but i think y’all aint need to wake up. Arsene is lost and confused and really needs some pressure. Using Eboue in RM again despite all the feedback from fans? Talking about bringing just one player in, when arsenal clearly needs at least two (CB and DM). At least two guys! This is no joke..what the f**k is the problem? Money? Why has this guy refused to learn from mistakes? Same weakness with long balls into the box from last season’s defence were obvious in the pre-season, especially against Ajax You fans have got to wake up and smell the roast. Arsene knows…NOT! The man is clearly clueless at this point. More obsessed about making teenage boys into stars and giving them the opportunity he feels he never had than winning anything at this point! I for one am plain fed up!

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