Wenger only has himself to blame for this mess.

Arsenal go into the Uefa Champions League third qualifying round match vs FC Twente with only 17 years old Newcomer Aaron Ramsey and Denilson as there only recognised Central midfield players. And with Kolo Toure and Philippe Senderos missing Johan Djourou steps up to partner William Gallas at Center Back.

Not an ideal team for this huge game but this situation is of the managements making, He has had all summer to sort things out replacements for players who have moved on.


It shows how weak our squad is with a couple of injuries and we are in exactly the same boat if not worse then last season.

Wenger should have sorted this out a long long time ago. If we lose this qualifier tonight Wenger has to take the blame.

No doubt most of you are now going to abuse me for questioning Wenger but its true and you know it.


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62 Responses to Wenger only has himself to blame for this mess.

  1. ewan says:

    You are totally right. I am so upset.

  2. jrock says:

    What mess? We haven’t lost a real game yet. If we do lose today or on saturday, then criticize him. Until that happens, stop being a shook sucker.

  3. Baby GUN says:

    he has to mad to not buy at least one more midfielder.
    the season could be worse than the last

  4. Gavaldinho says:

    Come on Twente, Lets all hope McLaren can make up for his failures as England manager and do Europe a favour by booting you scumbags outta the CL!

  5. mjc says:

    There’ve been a lot of false armageddons at the Emirates in the last couple of years, so you might just want to consider waiting until after the game to slit your wrists….

  6. Snoop says:

    Boo hoo.

  7. Marco says:

    I’m not going to take you out but what do you suggest he should have done? Bought another midfielder? And what if he too got injured? Buy another one? Now you probably gonna reply that all of them getting injured at the same time is unlikely. . .But at present we have 9 injured players. We buy more and end up having them all back and we have an unhappy dressing room with more ‘Diarra’s’ doing the rounds? Why is everyone so up in arms over tonight before the game has even kicked off? If we lose then tomorrow give Wenger wrap but if not then are you all going to apologise and eat your words?

  8. twotouchmiracle says:

    cannot wait for tonights result so whinqers like yourself can f*&k off

  9. Lewyd24 says:

    Wenger underestimates injuries. He always says if we buy players & if there are no injuries then wat do we do with all the players. Thats how he thinks but the way the game is these days & with the amount of football being played there will always be injuries. He is a professor of football & its dissapoints me he cant figure this out.

  10. Easy Attila,

    The only people who will be giving you stick are the ‘Wenger Knows mob’. I actually said on my site I’m trying to be positive, however I did have this to say in my comments bit:

    I didn’t want to get all doom and gloom about our team and trying to remain positive but it’s one hell of a gamble by Wenger not to bring in any midfield experience so far. We need someone with Premier League experience – hopefully the boys (and lets face it, they are just that BOYS) can prove me wrong.

    Without sounding negative Le Gaffer said he was going to bring in 2 or 3 players to bolster the squad and that was BEFORE Flamini, Hleb and Gilberto left. So IMO we’re still as Le Gaffer would say ‘a little short’ in midfield. We lost out last season due to injuries and experience and this season we’re a lot worst off in terms of that vital ingredient ‘experience’. However I hope not buying anyone yet is not going to smack Wenger in the face – he trusts his young team but we’ll all see how it turns out tonight.

    IMO we need a direct replacement for Flamini which would allow The Cesc to do what he does best. Denilson is too similar and Ramsey at 17 years old is still too young unless he turns out to be superhuman and some sort of prodigy.

  11. francis says:

    Wenger is tire. he need to go and same one came in.

  12. phil says:

    I agree with you! Shocking situation we find ourselves in. Wenger needs to take a look at himself and realise we need a bigger squad to compete. We can wave goodbye to fourth!

    We should still get through this qualifier over two legs but heading into the season with a depleted small squad we will struggle! And anyone who says we wont is way too optimistic.

    To feel comfortable going into the season i would like to see 2 new signings by the end of august but as we are all well aware the chances of that are minimal. We’ll only see one!

  13. Scotty says:

    Completely agree. The squad is far too thin / small and, for the first time in a long time, there is general unease amongst us Arsenal fans regarding the upcoming season.

    A couple more signings are essential ans would resolve this issue but will this happen? It is ridiculous that a club of Arsenal stature should be in this position.

    I just hope that Wenger brings in at least 1 more EXPERIENCED player – if not 2. If this was to be the case then I would have the utmost confidence in the squad but, as it is, I just cannot see us competing for silverware this season. It hurts to write this but thats just how one is feeling at this moment in time…

  14. GoonerGeoff says:

    I don’t believe its all Wengers fault.
    Its obvious we have severe financial problems and cannot afford to compete in the transfer market.
    The situation is very serious and unless some new money comes into the club we will be struggling to remain in the top four let alone challenge for major honours.
    If we fail to qualify for the group stage of the CL it will be a disaster

  15. Baby GUN says:

    other clubs have worse debts than us. but they at least keep their players.
    my prediction is that Wenger will have to leave after this season so that the club can move on. i don’t see any trophy for arsenal this season.
    let’s be realistic. the only reason we lost last season was due to experience. now we have even less experience with flamini and hleb not adequately replaced.
    i love the man but the club is bigger than him. he puts his philosophies before the success of the club

  16. William Kizito says:

    It seems Wenger has run out of ideas. You are right, its wenger to blame.

  17. Andrew says:

    I agree, we have had the whole summer and longer to re-inforce the midfield, if Wenger had spent more time sorting the squad out rather than wasting time commentating on Euro 2008 then we might have not missed out on players that could have helped us! Anyone can see given our awful showing against Seville that the 2nd string are 2-3 years away from being a second string. We have consistantly lost 2-3 first team members every year since the invincibles, it is not possible in todays market to replace say Overmars with Pires, Vieira with Fabregas, you HAVE to spend big

  18. Simon P says:

    Moan moan moan – blame blame blame – kinda weird – maybe as a supporter you should wait for things to actually go wrong before sticking the boot in – maybe if we lose to Twente to it’s a “mess”. Can I ask if we win tonight – Does “Wenger only has himself to blame for this mess”?

  19. Baby GUN says:

    the point the writer is making is not about beating or losing to twente. we will beat twente no matter what. but what he is looking at is the season at large. wih so many injury prone players, does arsenal has enough players to compete?

    we dont need a kaka or messi, but at least two more players who can help fill the void created by injuries. two more players depending on experience could change arsenal dramatically.
    keep the young players but for now add experience and later replace them with the young players.

  20. wengers son says:

    well…i can just laugh at u attila, u gotta understand we dont have a couple of players, we have a squad whats out…dont blame le boss here, we have a stromg squad and the boyd will prove you wrong…AND PLEASE STOP WITH THE CRISIS WORD

  21. TD says:

    Decent post. In my opinion there is not too much that needs to be done. I rate Djourou at CB and will be interested to see how he develops there if given the chance.

    Our first few games give us the possibility of grinding out results with a weakened team and with one more signing ideally a CB/DM, which Wenger might make will stand us in fairly good stead for the 1st half of the season at least.

    My worry is that we will again drop off towards the end of the campaign, as fatigue and (injuries) take their toll.

  22. Andrew says:

    I don’t think we are sticking the boot in, we are all genuinely worried for our clubs future as a top 3 team, we don’t want to be battling for a top 4 place with Spu*s. Does anyone remember the last time Wenger went out and spent £20mil+ in a summer? It was the summer we got Sol Campbell and we started a 2-3 year cycle where we were on the brink of winning anything and everything, we HAVE to do this again to get us back and try and streamline the really top notch youngsters to suppliment these additions

  23. Michael Pittordis says:

    Im looking forward to tonights game so that negative doubters like most of you on here can shut your mouths and eat lots of humble pie.
    Arsene has brought us this far and we have an excellent future, as well as a big chance to win things this season.
    I am confident of this because we had the same crap being spread last year when Henry left, and look how well we done. Ok, we didnt win anything but we weren’t far off at all. Arsene will bring in 1 or 2 experienced players, he simply has to, but until then, keep the faith and get behind the team tonight…because we will win!!!

  24. Clock End Gooner says:

    Usually, I would be on here calling everyone fucking cunts for doubting Wenger… but for once, I have to agree.

    How the fuck can we be in this situation BEFORE a ball has even been kicked?
    I said to my mate, when we were 2-0 down against Ajax the other day, we’ll win this game 3-2 and all the problems (Central backs & lack of a defensive midfielder) will be swept under the carpet… We win 3-2 and that’s that!

    Then Wenger says he’s TOO BUSY to buy anyone because he’s busy preparing for tonights match… ohh that’s alright then!

    Now, I have every confidence we’ll win tonight (just like against Ajax) and all the problems will be forgotten about, until we play a decent team and we get found out later on in the season, WHEN IT’S TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

    Please Wenger… get the cheque book out and spend some dough (not stupid amounts like some twats are asking for) on some cover (not star names)… then I will trust your judgment again… but until then, I can’t defend you anymore Arsene’! 😦

  25. bekim says:

    I personaly think that wenger is doing this in purposse so when he goes to coach france next year nobody cries after him.

  26. goonerdave says:

    Wenger has run out of idea, Wenger is to blame, should have bought premisership experience already, we can wave goodbye to fourth lala. Seems obvious that noone could have predicted we’d be missing 9 players for the first game of the season, thats unlucky, but by no means do we have a weak team. Wengers ideal is that when you have injuries in your squad, then you replace with young prospects, this is part of youth development, and god knows we spend enough on it that we have to give it a chance. Does anyone seriously doubt Denilson is a talented footballer? perhaps Ramsey? maybe Djorou? whats that, these are all blatantly taleneted players?

    As for the lack of signing players, as its been pointed out in more serious financial pieces lately, its all about what happens with the Highbury falts. If they go like they should then we will pretty soon have plenty of money to spend, should it be NEEDED (note needed, not just wanted by a few fickle souls with doubts about how good players from youth academy are). These blogs bore me so, the anti-Arsene brigade need to come on the web, because they can’t find like minded souls on planet earth, only through these dubious underworlds.

  27. Ro says:

    I agree it is Wenger’s the fault we are short of numbers. No doubt we have quality but we do not have depth. The replacements we have are not nearly as good as our first team. He has had ages to buy replacements. Even Spurs bought a substitute keeper yesterday. Why doesn’t Wenger just get some good subs in at least? Instead of relying on 16 and 17 year olds. He got (I would say bought but he was free) Bischoff who has been injured for the last two years and played 1 league game for Werder Bremen. Wenger just needs to invest in squad players that can do the job when “we have a big squad at home” injured.

  28. Gooner4ever says:

    Arsena is the best Manager in the World,but I think he has so much faith in his young squad.
    So don’t blame him for not signing another midfielder before to-day.He said he is going to,so please be patient and have faith.
    Lose to McLaren??What??I bet that is impossible,knowing the old fo.
    Twente 1 Arsenal 3

  29. Steve says:

    Jesus – nine injuries before the season even starts and before we have even lost a game and you write this shite. This is the same shite that was written last year before the season started and then when we surprised everybody all you pre season nay-sayers were jumpingh on the youth is best bandwagon.

    When are you retards going to realise that spending huge sums of money on overated players doesnt get trophies. We are in the middle of a global financial meltdown and money is tight and Wenger always buys at the end of the window when the prices drop. NOONE could have anticipated nine injuries pre-season.

    Still we can spend spend spend like the scum down the road and still win sod all and then do a Leeds and end up where they are if you like.

    Why dont you gits just get behind your team instead of writing your doom and gloom bollocks. Believe it or not this is not Championship Manager 2008 and there are no cheats you can type in to win the game

  30. AvP says:

    fuck you, we haven’t even lost the game yet, let them play first before you write them off

  31. Gooner says:

    come tonight if we lose or draw everyone will be calling for wengers head….and dare i say it some will even suggest he’s past it! however if we win then there will be headlines like ‘superkids’ or articles boasting about the young array of talent we have……i think you have to give arsene the credit…he knows let him deal with it!!

  32. andy b says:

    I can’t remember a season i’ve felt less optimistic about our chances since of winning anything & after such a lean spell, that’s a worry

    i’m not saying for one minute that george graham achieved the same heights as wenger has, but he never had such a long spell at the club without a trophy

    either the club comes clean & tells us outright that there isn’t any money to spend or wenger admits that he wants the glory of winning on the cheap with kids

    this experiment would not be tolerated at any other club & it’s time the club realised that you can’t keep charging the fans the highest prices in the league if the ambition is no longer there to compete for the big prizes

    the idea that we can wait & wait for more & more years to reap the rewards is bollocks – there’s no way that fabregas, van persie etc. will stay to be part of a long-term project – they want success now not maybe next year or next decade

  33. Hitman says:

    Wenger will NOT sign anymore players before August deadline. Greatest ever Arsenal Manager without doubt! But he is showing this Stubborn big headed french side where he thinks he can buy players on the cheap (u19’s)and turn into Superstars as he has done previously, but with todays market u pay 4 what u get (ie: experience prem quailty). He will go with youth and promoting within the squad. Also Wenger seems to think he knows better than all the other managers when it comes to signings. NO MORE SIGNINGS ARSENAL TO FINISH 4TH. QF Champs League, Out FA 5th Rd , Carling Cup Semi Mystic predictions.

  34. Hitman says:

    Also still ranting, know this arguement is a bit old, but last Jan 08 transfer window, if Wenger Signed Anelka , Woodgate who both wanted to come to us we would have won the premier league again, another example of Stubborn Wenger.

  35. king gooner says:


  36. dan says:

    this season could be the last season for arsenal in the top four. I’ve been an arsenal fan for last 8 yrs nd now i think gunners have become too small a team to be counted.

  37. bade the gooner says:

    I think yr right in away, Arsen surely the best manager we’ve ever gut, but his problem somtimes is that he’s so romantic in the football wise, & he’s going after his strict priciples more than he should’ve. its really like Jan transfer market last seoson. all the world were talking about arsenal needing to inralge the squad exept Arsen & it costed us heavelly & he admitted that later on. i hope the situation now will open his eyes not to make the same mistake again & to bring another midfielder & centre back. As for Twentte i’m worried a bit but i trust the team. go on gunners

  38. Alzation says:

    It’s Arsene’s fault for us not winning a competitive match for 3 months.

    While, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs haven’t lost a single competitive match since May, what has Arsene been doing?

    If we don’t win tonight, he has to go! No one should expect to keep their job with that run of form.

  39. ghost says:

    don’t be such loosers.A footballer is a footballer nothing else.why conside before the fight.Wenger is right.you don’t just buy for the sake of buying.A lot o teams in the league spend more than Arsenal every season but they end up below Arsenal.it shows that no matter how much you spend you don’t necessarily win the league.Chelsea spent £31m on Sheva with all this so called experience he has what has it come too?there are a lot of examples to give but its not really worth it.YEE OF LITTLE FAITH.GOONERS WILL BE ALRIGHT THIS SEASON STARTING FROM TONIGHT.

  40. Judith L says:

    Yes, we should have brought in some defenders, because we are dire need, Sendros is less than useless and if Toure is injured as he is already, then we are in the mire, but Wenger, as much as I admire what he’s done for the club, persists in going for midfielders, so unless we can convert a midfielder or two then we’re up the creek without a paddle.

  41. Romford Pele says:

    Every season the doom-mongers fret we won’t make the CL main draw, and every year we do. The squad is think due to the injuries but we’ll do it, and when the players are back and we’ve added the experienced mid AW has already said he’s after, we’ll be fine.

    whoever said ‘im already upset’ earlier on this board is a twat.

  42. tuna says:

    Flamini told Arsenal that he was leaving months ago. It is patently absurd that at the start of the new season we have no holding player. This should have been sorted ages ago. David Dein has still not been replaced its too much for AW to do on his own.

  43. Kenechi Uzo says:

    AW is a victim of his own success, the club has grown so much that the expectation is just too much. Arsenal are happy to charge a lot of money from their fans to watch their team play, the fans also have the right to question the direction the club is going. It is not a blasphemy to question Wenger’s transfer policy, actually it shows that the fans really care about their club. I don’t understand why it should take this long for Wenger to add to his team, everyone knows where we are lacking and what needs to be done, if there’s no money, they should say so, we want a team that can compete with the best in the EPL, but unfortunately our team is not ready. We faded last season because of lack of depth, the players were visibly tired, injuries and suspensions are part of the modern game, and to succeed, you have to plan for the worse which Wenger doesn’t understand. I hope we get through Twente and West Brom but a lot more has to be done, and soon too.

  44. brian (SG) says:

    come on people, dont forget its MR WENGER whom has brought us so far. He gave us pretty and exciting football to cheer about. So lets not criticise him for his decision making. Its him that brought us to where we are now. Appreciate it…

  45. O says:

    Even if Arsenal hammer fc twente . It does not change the fact that Arsenals squad is not big . experienced enough to challenge for the Title. If they are not careful they could end up finishing 5th. Wenger is a great manager and has worked wonders. But playing in the league cup, f.a cup, europe and the weekly prem games with this young inexperienced squad is playing with fire big time. – non arsenal fan.

  46. John says:

    I absolutely agree with you… I think Wenger should move on … and when he leaves Arsenal will find their true level… beneath Spurs!

  47. fanner says:

    I will still support Wenger for what he is.. afterall it was him that caught my attention and supported Arsenal since he arrived at Highbury. From Singapore.

  48. JC says:

    All you supporters who are saying we havent lost a game yet so stop moaning and sticking the boot into the gaffer, you also seem to forget that we also havent won nothing in ages too, so if your happy about not winning anything year after year go and support Fulham.
    Is the sole aim of this great football club just to balance books and create nice patterns around the pitch with our pass and go football or is it to win trophies like Utd Chelsea and Liverpool?
    As much as i think of le boss, im afraid he looks like he has run out of ideas, whats happened to strengthening from the back? we have an average keeper who dosent really earn us any points over the season, and two CBacks that dont compliment each other!
    What happened to the experience Wenger was going to sign, well if you call Ramsey and Nasri experience then that was just a lie to appease the fans. SIGN SOMEONE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

  49. chengiskhan says:

    One thing I do wonder is… if we manage to finish top 2 this year, will all this “Wenger-has-lost-the-plot” noise go away?

  50. Alan says:

    I’m f*ckin gobsmacked that he hasn’t paid big for a centre half. We are clueless at centerback

  51. GunsRBlazin says:

    Well, well!!!
    Do you now “blame” Wenger for a 2-0 win or does he blame himself……..for getting it right AGAIN!!!!!
    call your self fans????????????????????

  52. thegoonerforum says:

    GunsRBlazin, was you happy with the way the team played? Didnt you think we were maybe alittle bit lucky?

    I thought we were very poor

  53. Alzation says:

    JC, do you think 3 years is a long time without a trophy? if so, you need some perspective.

    In the last 20 years, we have won 5 league championships, 5 FA Cups, 1 European Cup Winners Cup and a League Cup.

    In that time, only Manchester United have won more, Liverpool have won just one League Championship, Chelsea just two, Spuds just two League Cups in total, oh and Fulham have won nothing.

    And if you want Wenger out because he’s run out of ideas, why not suggest a replacement?

    Be careful what you wish for.

  54. JC says:

    GunsRBlazin, if you think that was a good performance then you dont know jack about football pal, yes im glad we won, but let me just say its a good job we drew Twente tonight any decent team would have ripped ours to pieces!

  55. Michael Pittordis says:

    We done well last night, all things considered, especially as we managed to WIN without playing well, which is something we have been moaning about as Arsenal supporters for a while. Gallas and Adebayor stepped up and helped to cement the result. Ramsay and Denilson battled to get a hold of the midfield play and Djourou played well too. There are definate positives to take from this result and its proof that its not all doom and gloom as the majority of people on this blog have been suggesting. Hopefully, Wenger can now take a couple of days to focus on signing one or two experienced players and get a successful season started!
    Piss off all you haters!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on you Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Fabregas' Dad says:

    So we win and even if we were poor (with 9 injured players) we still won and yet you’re persistently criticizing Wenger.

    IF and WHEN we start losing, you’re free to say what you want.

  57. JC says:

    Alzation, i never once said that i wanted the greatest manager in our history to leave, what i am saying is that we are not moving forward at this moment in time, partly due to the aquisitions of the man at the helm of the majority of the decisions taken by our club.
    How about, considering we pay the most prices for tickets in the world, being truthful to the people who pay the wages! Have we got money to spend in the transfer market or havent we, the board says we have, the manager says we havent, tell us the truth.
    Why wont he strengthen the team? will we never again purchase another Bergkamp? I started going to highbury in 1970 and i have never felt so unoptimistic of our chances like i do this season.
    What makes me laugh is he says that we have a weakened team at the moment because of injuries, what makes everybody so sure that the players who will rejoin the squad will stay injury free for the rest of the season! or are we due a few more embarrasing defeats from the mancs and the other lot from down the road this season aswell!

  58. BILL GrEGORY says:

    To all the doomsayers and JC. I have been a supporter since 1947 and have looked forward to each and every season even though I migrated to Australia in 1965. Are you really Arsenal supporters !! so unoptimistic before the season even starts. Real supporters go to enjoy the game for what it is, see the great and outstanding players of the game in both teams playing, and you can imagine the great players I have seen. As an Arsenal supporter, does it send a chill up your spine when you walk up the road to Highbury as it was then, or the Emirates, feel the pleasure, joy and hope that the Arsenal win, then the discussions after the game of the why’s, when and why did’nt they do this that or the other. Arsene is the best Manager we have ever had, I know we have had other managers who have made Arsenal what it is today, but Wenger will make us even greater. So called supporters keep talking about experience which lost us everything last year, but it was’nt lack of experience, it was the number of injuries. After seeing the Eduardo tackle last season, how many of you who actualy have played football thought twice after that about going in for a hard tackle. That tackle, together with other injuries to key players in the second half of the season is what lost us the title, not lack of experience. Again, to all you doomsayers, please get a life, Arsenal will do very well this season, trust me. Enjoy what you see each and every game, discuss, savour and remember it and continue to support Arsene and the team.

  59. BILL GrEGORY says:

    P.S. Win, lose or draw, at my age, I still can’t wait for tonights game to start.

  60. […] Wenger only has himself to blame for this mess. Arsenal go into the Uefa Champions League third qualifying round match vs FC Twente with only 17 years old Newcomer […] […]

  61. […] Wenger only has himself to blame for this mess. Arsenal go into the Uefa Champions League third qualifying round match vs FC Twente with only 17 years old Newcomer […] […]

  62. […] Wenger only has himself to blame for this mess. Arsenal go into the Uefa Champions League third qualifying round match vs FC Twente with only 17 years old Newcomer […] […]

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